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Beginning Is The Hardest Part Quotes & Sayings

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Beginning Is The Hardest Part Quotes By Fredric Brown

There are no rules. You can write a story, if you wish, with no conflict, no suspense, no beginning, middle or end. Of course, you have to be regarded as a genius to get away with it, and that's the hardest part - convincing everybody you're a genius. — Fredric Brown

Beginning Is The Hardest Part Quotes By Kami Garcia

The beginning of a book is always the hardest part for me. I'm a Chapter 3 kind of writer, which means I naturally start at Chapter 3. — Kami Garcia

Beginning Is The Hardest Part Quotes By T.C. Boyle

The hardest part is always the middle of anything because at that point, on some unconscious level, you have to figure out what it's about and why you're doing it and what it means. You don't know that in the beginning. — T.C. Boyle

Beginning Is The Hardest Part Quotes By Sarah Dessen

I listened for the voice I knew so well, the one I always heard at the beginning.
Good girl, Macy! You're doing great! You know the first steps are the hardest part!
They were. Sometimes I felt so out of sync, it was all could do not to quit after a few strides. But I kept on, as I did now. I had to, to get to the next part, this part, where I finally caught up with Wes, my shadow aligning itself with his, an dhe turned to look at me, pushing his hair our of his eyes. — Sarah Dessen

Beginning Is The Hardest Part Quotes By Tobias Lindholm

Everybody can write a beginning and an ending, but to actually define that middle point where everything will go from professional to person, where everything will change, is always the hardest part, because it can very easily be too constructed, too artificial. — Tobias Lindholm