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Beer Fridge Quotes By Sloane Crosley

The first thing to understand is that being a vegetarian is actually a private matter. I'm still taken aback by the question " then what do you eat?" and am embarrassed as I struggle to produce the weeks food diary. Its not that I'm ashamed of what I eat, but its none of anyone's business. I imagine I would have a similar feeling counting up how many pairs of underwear I went thru in a week. The only reason opening someone's fridge is more socially acceptable than opening someone's medicine cabinet is that people keep beer in their fridge. — Sloane Crosley

Beer Fridge Quotes By Robyn Peterman

I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and slammed it shut. I shouldn't have come. I should have waited outside for Jack, told him my family had leprosy, and sent him on his merry way. After I boinked him in my new car. — Robyn Peterman

Beer Fridge Quotes By Justin Torres

This is your heritage,' he said, as if from this dance we could know about his own childhood, about the flavor and grit of tenement buildings in Spanish Harlem, and projects in Red Hook, and dance halls, and city parks, and about his own Paps, how he beat him, how he taught him to dance, as if we could hear Spanish in his movements, as if Puerto Rico was a man in a bathrobe, grabbing another beer from the fridge and raising it to drink, his head back, still dancing, still steeping and snapping perfectly in time. — Justin Torres

Beer Fridge Quotes By Forrest Griffin

Beer: All real men drink a specific brand of cheap beer. While I was growing up, my stepfather, who was the manliness man on the planet, drank Schlitz tall boys. There
was no room in the fridge, so he just left them on the counter and drank them warm. One day I asked him why he drank Schlitz, and he said, "It's only 3.1 cents per
ounce. Beer is an acquired taste, so you might as well acquire a taste for cheap beer." That's some manly shit. — Forrest Griffin

Beer Fridge Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Like any time I can get my beer without payin' for it." "Right, like you pay your tab," Krystal muttered loudly, crossing her arms on her ample bosom and rolling her eyes to the ceiling. Jim-Billy closed the door on the fridge (with a beer in his hand, incidentally), and turned to Krystal. "I do," he said. "Yeah, once a year," she shot back. "Well, I still do," Jim-Billy returned. "And you expect a discount," she retorted. "Anyone would, seein' as I order in bulk. — Kristen Ashley

Beer Fridge Quotes By Lauren Dane

Admirable? And she's related to Rey? How come he's such a weasel then?"
"There's a messed up weasel in every family. Look at you." Lex smirked at his brother as he heaved himself off the couch and headed down the hall to the kitchen. He bent to grab a beer from the fridge and tossed one to Cade.
"Ha ha, very funny. Call me Alpha when you say that," Cade growled. — Lauren Dane

Beer Fridge Quotes By Graham Coxon

It's mostly Mars Bars and peanuts and cheese and you go to the fridge and there's Red Bull and Beer. It's not like people are holding me down and pouring beer in my face. — Graham Coxon

Beer Fridge Quotes By N. T. Wright

Once again, just because I prefer Guinness to lemonade that doesn't mean I am not particular about the temperature at which the Guinness is served; and I believe Paul would have told Calvin to take his dark Irish beer out of the fridge, to let it come up to room temperature and taste its full flavour. — N. T. Wright

Beer Fridge Quotes By Stephen Cole

You need to cool it some, geek." said Motti. "Why not go to the fridge, open the door, and stand there for a minute? Then grab a beer from inside and bring it to me." Jonah smiled despite himself. "Good of you to think of my welfare like that. — Stephen Cole

Beer Fridge Quotes By J.R. Ward

There was a heavy, dark pause of vast significance.
Which Jim broke by flashing his hands and belting out, "Booga-wooga!"
At least Eddie laughed. Adrian flipped Jim the bird and headed to the fridge for another beer. — J.R. Ward

Beer Fridge Quotes By Craig Schaefer

Cook yourself some bacon or something." "Pfft. Rather have the beer." "Not while I'm standing here," I said. "You're underage." She puffed air up against her fallen bangs, making them flutter. "Aren't you, like, a thief or something?" "Or something, sometimes." "But you won't let me have a beer," she said. "Nope. A man's got to have standards." Melanie pulled a sealed package of turkey bacon out of the fridge and reached for a frying pan. "Ooh," she said sarcastically, "the code of the criminal underworld, just like in the movies. Like you won't shoot women or kids, right?" I shrugged. "I try not to shoot anybody if I can help it. If I'm put in a position where I have to, though, their gender or their age doesn't have a whole lot to do with it." "And let me guess, you never steal from your boss?" "Depends." "Depends?" she said. "On how much of an asshole he is." "That happen a lot?" "Working for assholes?" I said. "You have no idea." She laughed. — Craig Schaefer