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Top Beehive Quotes

Beehive Quotes By Stacy Morris

It always felt as though there were a shaken beehive living in my chest. I could never rest. — Stacy Morris

Beehive Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Don't run away from the gains because it comes with pains. If you ever love to go for the sweet honey, be ready to be stung by a busy bee! Go for it anyway! — Israelmore Ayivor

Beehive Quotes By Leonard Cohen

It's like a bear stumbling into a beehive or a honey cache: I'm stumbling right into it and getting stuck, and it's delicious and it's horrible and I'm in it and it's not very graceful and it's very awkward and it's very painful and yet there's something inevitable about it. — Leonard Cohen

Beehive Quotes By Dale Carnegie

If You Want to Gather Honey, Don't Kick Over the BeehiveDale Carnegie

Beehive Quotes By Ivan Doig

People always want to use this damn place, they need a room to hold this meeting or that, you'd think a library was a big beehive. Myself, I don't see why they can't just check out a couple of books and go home and read. But no, they bunch up and want to cram in here and talk the ears off one another half the night. — Ivan Doig

Beehive Quotes By Terrence Howard

When you hear buzz around the beehive, you know they're making honey in there. — Terrence Howard

Beehive Quotes By Marion Zimmer Bradley

The friendship of a Comyn lord is as the sweetness of a beehive: it bears a deadly sting! — Marion Zimmer Bradley

Beehive Quotes By Kevin Kelly

There is no "I" for a person, for a beehive, for a corporation, for an animal, for a nation, for any living thing. The "I" of a vivisystem is a ghost, an ephemeral shroud. — Kevin Kelly

Beehive Quotes By Adriana Trigiani

The grandeur of the opera house thrilled Laura too. It took thousand of employees to keep such a vast place running. There were hundreds of artists involved behind the scenes - stagehands, electricians, set builders, property masters, costumers, dressers, wigmakers, and milliners.
There is a beehive under every pot of honey on the island of Manhattan, thought Enza. — Adriana Trigiani

Beehive Quotes By O. Henry

There'll never be a perfect breakfast eaten until some man grows arms long enough to stretch down to New Orleans for his coffee & over to Norfolk for his rolls, & reaches up to Vermont & digs a slice of butter out of a spring-house, & then turns over a beehive close to a white clover patch out in Indiana for the rest. Then he'd come pretty close to making a meal on the amber that the gods eat on Mount Olympia. — O. Henry

Beehive Quotes By Neil Pasricha

I will raise you like my own," I promised the tiny basil pot that day. "I will give you sunlight, I will give you water, I will give you love."
"I will eat your limbs," my girlfriend helpfully added rubbing her belly and licking her lips like a grizzly bear gazing up at a sticky beehive in a tall pine tree. — Neil Pasricha

Beehive Quotes By Ian Fleming

There was no sign of life round the domed emplacement of the Moonraker, and the concrete, already beginning to shimmer in the early morning sun, stretched emptily away towards Deal. It looked like a newly laid aerodome or rather, he thought, with its three disparate concrete 'things', the beehive dome,the flat-iron blast-wall, and the distant cube of the firing point, each casting black pools of shadow towards him in the early sun, like a Dali desert landscape in which three objets trouves reposed at carefully calculated random. — Ian Fleming

Beehive Quotes By John Connolly

So what you gonna do?"

"Push a stick into the beehive and rustle up some bees. The Larousses are hosting a party today. I think we should avail ourselves of their hospitality."

"We got an invite?"

"Has not having one ever stopped us before?"

"No, but sometimes I just like to be invited to shit, you know what I'm sayin', instead of havin' to bust in, get threatened, irritate the nice white folks, put the fear of the black man on them."

He paused, seemed to think for a while about what he had just said, then brightened.

"Sounds good, doesn't it?" I said.

"Real good," he agreed. — John Connolly

Beehive Quotes By Norman Mailer

But when the call came from Shirley Pedler to help in organizing the Utah Coalition Against the Death Penalty, she knew she would go out in the world again with her freaky blond hair, blond to everyone's disbelief - at the age of fifty-four, go out in her denims and chin-length-hanging-down-straight vanilla hair to that Salt Lake world where nobody would ever make the mistake of thinking she was a native Utah lady inasmuch as Utah was the Beehive State. The girls went big for vertical hair-dos, pure monuments to shellac. — Norman Mailer

Beehive Quotes By Gustave Flaubert

She remembered the summer evenings all full of sunshine. The colts neighed when any one passed by, and galloped, galloped. Under her window there was a beehive, and sometimes the bees wheeling round in the light struck against her window like rebounding balls of gold. — Gustave Flaubert

Beehive Quotes By Rahul Gandhi

China is referred to as the 'dragon' and India as an 'elephant'. But we are not an elephant, we are a 'beehive'. — Rahul Gandhi

Beehive Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

I can hear. Hear them. It. Don't you hear? It was a struggle to speak, to form coherent thoughts. The call here was different; not the beehive sound of Craigh na Dun, but a hum like the vibration of the air following the striking of a great bell. I could feel it ringing in the long bones of my arms, echoing through pectoral girdle and spine. Jamie — Diana Gabaldon

Beehive Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Every ant knows the formula of its ant-hill,
every bee knows the formula of its beehive.
They know it in their own way, not in our way.
Only humankind does not know its own formula. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Beehive Quotes By Rob Sheffield

You can't beat the beehive for glam punkette attitude. — Rob Sheffield

Beehive Quotes By Adriana Trigiani

There is a beehive under every pot of honey on the island of Manhattan, — Adriana Trigiani

Beehive Quotes By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I would not have put it this way in those days, but because I was born a woman, I could never become an adult. I would always be a minor, my decisions made for me. I would always be
a unit in a vast beehive. I might have a decent life, but I would be dependent - always - on someone treating me well.
I knew that another kind of life was possible. I had read about it, and now I could see it, smell it in the air around me: the kind of life I had always wanted, with a real education, a real job, a real marriage. I wanted to make my own decisions. I wanted to become a person, an individual, with a life of my own. — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Beehive Quotes By Narendra Modi

Their thought is India is a beehive (Madhumakhi Ka Chhata) but our thought is India is our Mother (Maata). Their thought is poverty is a state of mind, our thought is that the poor are manifestation of Almighty. Their thought is to divide and rule, our thought is to integrate and do development. Their soch is Vanshvaad, our soch is Rashtravaad. They say Rajneeti is everything, we say Rashtraneeti is everything. Your thought is to save the chair, our thought is to save the nation. — Narendra Modi

Beehive Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge. We are perpetually on the way thither, being by nature winged insects and honey gatherers of the mind. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Beehive Quotes By Jonathan Lethem

The tragedy of being old is you can no longer apply whats taken you so long to learn (Kissing The Beehive) — Jonathan Lethem

Beehive Quotes By Munia Khan

It is the honey which makes us cruel enough to ignore the death of a bee — Munia Khan

Beehive Quotes By Jack White

Amy Winehouse: Did she invent white soul? Wearing a beehive? No. But she did something brand new and fresh, altogether as a package, and you see who's in her wake, from the Duffys to the Lana Del Reys ... Adele selling 20 million records? That would not have happened if Amy Winehouse was alive. — Jack White

Beehive Quotes By Jerry Springer

I opposed the war in Iraq because I did not believe it was in our national security interest, and I still don't. What we [America] did was akin to taking a baseball bat to a beehive. Our primary security threat right now is terrorism
and by doing what we did in Iraq, we've managed to alienate a good part of the world and most of the allies whose intelligence and other help we need to combat and defeat terrorism. — Jerry Springer

Beehive Quotes By Antonio Machado

I dreamt
marvellous error!
that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures. — Antonio Machado

Beehive Quotes By Kevin Kelly

There is nothing to be found in a beehive that is not submerged in a bee. And yet you can search a bee forever with cyclotron and fluoroscope, and you will never find the hive. — Kevin Kelly

Beehive Quotes By George Saunders

I was a big and un-ironic fan of Dear Abby when I was a kid in Chicago. I think I sort of internalized her. So I have this inner Abby: cranky, proper, folksy yet scathing, with a beehive hairdo. But that's my issue. — George Saunders

Beehive Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

The workers of Europe ought to henceforth declare themselves as a class a human impossibility ... they ought to inaugurate within the European beehive an age of a great swarming-out such as has never been seen before — Friedrich Nietzsche

Beehive Quotes By Bee Wilson

How were they to square the tremendous wealth they accrued with their image of themselves as frugal and virtuous? Easy: just argue that commerce was itself virtuous. To be rich in corrupt old Europe must be a sign of droneishness; but to be rich in fresh young American was the fruit of hard work. The beehive provided Americans with the ideal image for their religion of work. — Bee Wilson

Beehive Quotes By Charles Darwin

Such simple instincts as bees making a beehive could be sufficient to overthrow my whole theory. — Charles Darwin

Beehive Quotes By Anonymous

So when you see an old lady wearing a beehive, it's because it's from a time when she was most happy. I think that's true about music as well. There is a period from 1986 to 1996 where it's impossible to articulate the impact that new music had on my life. There was so much stuff coming out during that time that I was obsessed with, like the Dead Kennedys and the Breeders. It isn't as simple as saying that's when I was happiest, but it was a time when music had an emotional impact on me. When I was putting up the 43 Folders site, I had The Meadowlands by The Wrens on repeat for over a week and it became like a good friend. — Anonymous

Beehive Quotes By Elvis Presley

You're just a natural beehive, filled with honey to the top. Well, I ain't greedy baby, all I want is all you got. — Elvis Presley

Beehive Quotes By Yuval Noah Harari

Homo Sapiens evolved to think of people as divided into us and them. 'Us' was the group immediately around you, whoever you were, and 'them' was everyone else. In fact, no social animal is ever guided by the interests of the entire species to which it belongs. No chimpanzee cares about the interests of the chimpanzee species, no snail will lift a tentacle for the global snail community, no lion alpha male makes a bid for becoming the king of all lions, and at the entrance of no beehive can one find the slogan: 'Worker bees of the world - unite! — Yuval Noah Harari

Beehive Quotes By Curtis Tyrone Jones

You can't rock the boat & act like you were just trying to put a baby to sleep. — Curtis Tyrone Jones

Beehive Quotes By Maxim Gorky

In recalling my childhood I like to picture myself as a beehive to which various simple obscure people brought the honey of their knowledge and thoughts on life, generously enriching my character with their own experience. Often this honey was dirty and bitter, but every scrap of knowledge was honey all the same. — Maxim Gorky

Beehive Quotes By Ilona Andrews

When in doubt, poke the beehive with a stick to see if anything interesting flies out.
I clapped my hands. 'I had no idea Pit teams had such pretty cheerleaders. Can you do it again, but with more spirit this time? — Ilona Andrews

Beehive Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through, when I am dead and gone that's what I want from you. The streets of heaven are gold and sunny, but I'll stick with my plot and a pot of honey. Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through. — Sue Monk Kidd

Beehive Quotes By Ernesto Che Guevara

I also know - and this won't alter the course of history or your personal view of me - that you will die with a clenched fist and a tense jaw, the epitome of hatred and struggle, because you are not a symbol (some inanimate example) but a genuine member of the society to be destroyed; the spirit of the beehive speaks through your mouth and motivates your actions. You are as useful as I am, but you are not aware of how useful your contribution is to the society that sacrifices you. — Ernesto Che Guevara