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Bear Hugs Quotes By John Flanagan

There was a roar of delight from the forward bench, and then the bearlike figure of Nils Ropehander came lumbering down the deck, bellowing congratulations.
"What's that? The General? Engaged? Well General, here's my hand in congratulations!"
The expression here's my hand turned out to be a loose one. Nils scooped Horace up in a massive bear hug of delight. The hug, unlike the expression, was not a loose one. When he released Horace, the young groom-to-be crumpled, moaning breathlessly, to the deck. — John Flanagan

Bear Hugs Quotes By Gilbert Melendez

The Russians are a little stronger, but they excel at the basics. Lock the hands, bear hugs, takedowns, riding are all strong points for them, whereas Americans tend to have more finesse and take more risks. They might let you up in order to hit something else, and that's completely different from the Russian approach. — Gilbert Melendez

Bear Hugs Quotes By Lisa Wingate

She bear-hugged me in a way that performed some sort of chiropractic miracle, because when she set me down, the tightness in my back was gone and I was an inch taller. — Lisa Wingate

Bear Hugs Quotes By Stephanie Perkins

Josh bear-hugs St Clair. "I'm sorry you're off the market."
"Don't tell Anna, but I bought one for you, too," St Clair says. — Stephanie Perkins

Bear Hugs Quotes By Cary Elwes

It should be noted that all hugs from Rob are bear hugs. — Cary Elwes

Bear Hugs Quotes By Talia

I had no clue; you can achieve all that, with one hug. But hey, I am Kay Kay! The first super hero koala bear and I give the best hugs! — Talia

Bear Hugs Quotes By Kaley Cuoco

James Garner was a gift to our business and an example of honesty and pure class. It was an honor to have worked beside him and receive his bear hugs every day. — Kaley Cuoco

Bear Hugs Quotes By Bear Grylls

I miss him still today: his long, whiskery eyebrows, his huge hands and hugs, his warmth, his prayers, his stories, but above all his shining example of how to live and how to die. — Bear Grylls

Bear Hugs Quotes By Lily Morton

It's okay babe," I say softly, and he immediately relaxes and hugs me tight in a crushing hold.
"Thank god," he mutters. "I couldn't bear it if we destroyed us Mabes. I don't know what I'd do without you."
I make myself move back slightly. "I'm sure you'd manage," I try to say lightly, and he grimaces.
"I wouldn't," he says thickly. "You're everything to me. — Lily Morton