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Be Nice Anyway Quotes By David Knopfler

I work in the margins. The margins are where you'll find the nice people. You'll find real friends. You'll find honesty. You'll find integrity. You'll find relationships that will last you for a lifetime and will be there to support you in the bad times, which are the only relationships that matter anyway. Relationships that are all about power and money aren't worth having. — David Knopfler

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By B. J. Porter

When Scott and I started, every time we performed we wrote a whole new bit. We didn't know this wasn't the way things were done because we were just starting. But we needed the new material anyway. And it's nice, every time that Matt Besser does the show he does a whole new bit. And it's nice to offer up a place where people can be that experimental while offering some solid, proven comedy as well. — B. J. Porter

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Rachel Vincent

Take a nice, long look at your future, reaper. You'll soon be burning as fuel for hundreds of tiny fires."
Tod laughed out loud. "If that's your way of saying I'm hot, rest assured, I already know." He spread his arms, inviting Avari and his monstrous court to look him over. "But I'm going to have to keep lighting up the room with my dazzling personality, because you couldn't scrape enough fat off me to fill even one of your sick-ass human candles. And, based on the crowd behind you, I'm guessing most of your friends look better in the dark anyway. — Rachel Vincent

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Peter Jurasik

We were just a gaggle of kids, and everybody played together and had a good time. You know how kids can be completely horrible - abusive but fun. But anyway, it was a nice childhood. — Peter Jurasik

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Frank McCourt

I told her tea bags were just a convenience for people with busy lives and she said no one is so busy they can't take time to make a decent cup of tea and if you are that busy you don't deserve a decent cup of tea for what is it all about anyway? Are we put into this world to be busy or to chat over a nice cup of tea? — Frank McCourt

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Terry Wogan

There's nothing to be said for being famous. It's a pain. You can't be rude to people - it's inexcusable not to be nice. Anyway, it's not in my nature. I was trained to be nice. — Terry Wogan

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Jennifer Niesslein

You cannot expect life to go wonderfully. Terrible things might not be happening now...but they will. Probably to you. Your job is to accept that and live a nice life anyway. — Jennifer Niesslein

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Ringo Starr

I'm not the creative one. I know that. If Rory Storm hadn't come along ... and then The Beatles ... I would have continued running around in teddyboy gangs. Today, well ... I'd probably be a laborer. I'm glad I'm not, of course. It'll be nice to be part of history ... some sort of history anyway. What I'd like to be is in school history books and be read by kids. — Ringo Starr

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Terry Pratchett

You know what?' said Vimes aloud. 'This is going to be the world's first democratically killed dragon. One man, one stab.'
Then you've got to stop them. You can't let them kill it!' said Lady Ramkin.
Vimes blinked at her.
Pardon?' he said.
It's wounded!'
Lady, that was the intention, wasn't it? Anyway, it's only stunned,' said Vimes.
I mean you can't let them kill it like this,' said Lady Ramkin insistently. 'Poor thing!'
What do you want to do, then?' demanded Vimes, his temper unravelling. 'Give it a strengthening dose of tar oil and a nice comfy basket in front of the stove?'
It's butchery!'
Suits me fine!'
But it's a dragon! It's just doing what a dragon does! It never would have come here if people had left it alone!'
Vimes thought: it was about to eat her, and she can still think like this. He hesitated. Perhaps that did give you the right to an opinion ... — Terry Pratchett

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

What happened in his village that Artemis doesn't want Zarek to know about? (Astrid)
I don't know. She's all paranoid all the time anyway. Afraid akri is going to leave and not come back, which I keep telling him to do. But does he listen? No. 'She's not your concern, Simi. You don't understand, Simi.' I understand, all right. I understand the bitch-goddess needs the Simi to barbecue her until she learns to be nice to people. I think she'd be rather attractive on fire. I could make her look like that old sea hag or something. (Simi) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Christopher Meloni

It's just nice to work hard and be rewarded, which is having lots of people watch. And the icing on the cake is for me is to be able to walk around with pride, feeling that the product you put out is worthy of being watched. But honestly, it's not a big deal. I don't put too much stock in fame or celebrity anyway. I don't put it in the 'important' box. — Christopher Meloni

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Holly Hunter

In some ways, it would be nice to stay younger, but I feel pretty happy about growing older ... Personally, I don't have a lot of the regular hand-ups with getting older that some people do. I've never tried to disguise my age. People find out anyway. — Holly Hunter

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

True love was forever lost. The prince was never coming back to kiss me awake from my enchanted sleep. I was not a princess, after all. So what was the fairy-tale protocol for other kisses? The mundane kind that didn't break any spells?
Maybe it would be easy - like holding his hand or having his arms around me. Maybe it would feel nice. Maybe it wouldn't fell like a betrayal. Besides, who was I betraying, anyway? Just myself. — Stephenie Meyer

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Kameron Hurley

I spent a great deal of my ilfe trying to be quiet and nice and not piss anyone off. I was misereable. It served no purpose. And they still came for me. It made me even easier to dismiss, to overlook, to assume I was just somebody else everybody could roll over and spout off ridiculously sexist, racist crap without dissent.
But nodding and smiling gets old. It makes it easier for people to box you up and ship you off, I'm only really alive when I'm pissing people off anyway — Kameron Hurley

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Melissa Jensen

"Ahem. I know you hate Mondays, madam, but you picked the absolutely wrong one to play hooky. Or be sick. Yes, I suppose it's vaguely possible that you are actually sick. Anyway, here we are at lunch, Sadie and I, witnessing total social disorder. Your friend Alexander Bainbridge is sitting at the usual table, but facing the room. Amanda Alstead is sitting at Table One. Or, should I say,sitting more or less on a Phillite senior boy, whose name is unimportant, at Table One. A very nice young lady at the next table over-you know, the one who writes about Mr. Darcy-has just informeed us that Amanda dumpled Alex over the break. On Thanksgiving Day,no less. By e-mail. No telling how much truth is there, but a lot more than a kernal, I would say. We have a large, seven-dollar bag o' movie popcorn here. Thought you'd like to know. Call me. — Melissa Jensen

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Ted Allen

Well, we don't take money from people and then show the product. It has to be a product that we like anyway, and that's true for all five of us, which is one of the really nice things about the way we make the show. — Ted Allen

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By James S.A. Corey

We don't want to get in a gunfight," Holden warned Amos as they began moving again. "Yeah," Amos said. "But if we're in one anyway, it'll be nice to have guns. — James S.A. Corey

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Charlie Lovett

Anyway, a man who buys a woman a book this nice is looking to be more than just an acquaintance. — Charlie Lovett

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Denise Getson

I want to be done with tears, and the day is too beautiful for them anyway. Nevertheless, I consider my tears for a moment, the idea of them, a link to the earth's ancient origins. I'm comforted by the notion that I carry a bit of the sea within myself wherever I go. It's nice to think that water is not such an exotic thing after all. — Denise Getson

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Katharine Hepburn

If it interests you, they don't have to pay you. It's a fascinating business anyway-it's very nice to be paid-but when you do thrilling material, it's like buying a piece of furniture that's really good. — Katharine Hepburn

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Patrick Ness

In some ways. I always feel between worlds, between cultures, and I think that's not necessarily a bad place for a writer to be. Writers are kind of on the fringe anyway, observing, writing things down. I'm still mostly American, but it's a nice tension. — Patrick Ness

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Muriel Barbery

If you dread tomorrow it's because you don't know how to build the present, and when you don't know how to build the present, you tell yourself you can deal with it tomorrow, and it's a lost cause anyway because tomorrow always ends up being today don't you see ... We have to live with the certainty that we'll get old and that it won't look nice or be good or feel happy. And tell ourselves that it's now that matters: to build something now at any price using all our strength. Always remember that there's a retirement home waiting somewhere and so we have to surpass ourselves every day, make every day undying. Climb our own personal Everest and do it in such a way that every step is a little bit of eternity. That's what the future is for: to build the present with real plans made by living people. — Muriel Barbery

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Barbara Casey

Look, Charlie," said Vince leaning back in his chair. "It's real simple. We will be four people
two men and two women
I figure it's better to have two women instead of three men and one woman so she'll have someone she can confide in and all. Women need that kind of thing. Anyway, we'll be four people
equal partners. We'll be an alliance. We'll be just like family. And we'll help take care of one another. We'll have a nice home, each with our own private bedroom and bathroom, and a nice yard with flowers."
"And maybe a vegetable garden," added Charlie.
"That's it," grinned Vince. — Barbara Casey

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Neil Gaiman

It's still National Library Week. You should be especially nice to a librarian today, or tomorrow. Sometime this week, anyway. Probably the librarians would like tea. Or chocolates. Or a reliable source of funding. — Neil Gaiman

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Nick Hornby

Anyway, who lives a rich and beautiful life that I know? It's no longer possible, surely, for anyone who works for a living, or lives in a city, or shops in a supermarket, or watches TV, or reads a newspaper, or drives a car, or eats frozen pizzas. A nice life, possibly, with a huge slice of luck and a little spare cash. And maybe even a good life if ... Well, let's not go into all that. But rich and beautiful lives seem to be a discontinued line. — Nick Hornby

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Iris Apfel

Coco Chanel once said that what makes a woman look old is trying desperately to look young. Why should one be ashamed to be 84? Why do you have to say that you're 52? Nobody's going to believe you anyway, so why be such a fool? It's nice that you got to be so old. It's a blessing. — Iris Apfel

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Elizabeth Hunter

Don't find a nice guy. You'd get bored, and he wouldn't know what to do with you. So ... yeah, be pissed at me if you want, but you
you're one-of-a-kind ... " He paused, unsure of what he was really trying to say. "So just find a guy that gets that, you know?" He rolled his eyes at the longest voicemail in history. "Or just ignore me, because it's none of my business, anyway. — Elizabeth Hunter

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Kirsty Moseley

So anyway, change of subject; why would your parents name you Rosie if your surname was Right? I mean, that's just a little cruel," I asked, pretending to be serious.

She looked at me as if I'd lost the plot a little. "I'm not Rosie Right, I'm Rosie York."

I recoiled, faking shock. "Seriously? Damn it, I could have sworn you were Miss Right."

She rolled her eyes as she got it. "Nice. Didn't see that one coming so good job."

"You like that? I made that up on the spot, just for you. — Kirsty Moseley

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Ricky Gervais

You won't burn in hell. But be nice anyway. — Ricky Gervais

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Jill Williamson

And love does not mean to be nice to their faces and judge them behind their backs or point out how we think they are evil and dangerous. It means to love them unconditionally. To accept them how they are and treat them no differently than we'd treat our own children." Eliza wrinkled her nose. "It's not so easy to love people who hate you." "No, I guess not. But we're supposed to do it anyway. — Jill Williamson

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

It must be lovely to be grown up, Marilla, when just being treated as if you were is so nice ... Well, anyway, when I grow up, I'm always going to talk to little girls as if they were, too, and I'll never laugh when they use big words. — L.M. Montgomery

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Reza Rusandi

It's hurtful somehow to admit this thing and anyway that doesn't mean i'm losing my faith in this beautiful world. But these days now is the time where people have become so much more-excuse me-shallow. When all of the fancy things and outer beauty are demanded, and those who are lost enough to chase and manage to get those things, they will happen to get very nice response from social and able to expand their images and get famous and be seen as someone who has value. Meanwhile those who could see deeper and their souls are insecure of this mad world, they will have smaller space in width but they will dig deeper and deeper into their self, making space in height, finding the true meaning of their souls, the true essential unshakable truth that's beyond the fragile material worldly things. — Reza Rusandi

Be Nice Anyway Quotes By Sarah-Kate Lynch

She was a great wife ... and a wonderful mother, a good daughter, a devoted sister and a truly nice person, which doesn't sound like much but it was one of her ambitions, to be a nice person, and she really got there, I think. She was always there. Or close, anyway.
Of course, she did spend her first thrity-nine years worrying too much and waiting for rotten things to happen to her. Then when they did, and some of the things were obviously, really, truly rotten, she realised she could have a lot more fun not waiting for them.
So you know what she did then? She just stopped seeing the rot. — Sarah-Kate Lynch