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Bb Quotes By Chris Kyle

I began teaching my son how to shoot when he was two, starting with the basics of a BB rifle. My theory is that kids get into trouble because of curiosity - if you don't satisfy it, you're asking for big problems. If you inform them and carefully instruct them on safety when they're young, you avoid a lot of the trouble. My son has learned to respect weapons. I've always told him, if you want to use a gun, come get me. There's nothing I like better than shooting. — Chris Kyle

Bb Quotes By Ray Davies

Those three chords were part of my life - G, F, Bb - yeh, it is, it is, and I can't help noticing it. But there have been other things nearly as close to it which people haven't noticed, other things we have done. — Ray Davies

Bb Quotes By NisiOisiN

To hell with Kira.
What matters to me is L.
L — NisiOisiN

Bb Quotes By Lyle Lovett

Every afternoon, I was in the pasture with cattle or fishing and shooting my BB gun. That kind of freedom allows imagination to develop. — Lyle Lovett

Bb Quotes By Demetri Martin

A squirrel is the same as a can, when there's a bb gun in my hand. Can't you see that I am just a man? With distinctions ... and comparisons. — Demetri Martin

Bb Quotes By Terry Spear

My brothers and I love A Christmas Story. It reminds us of ourselves when we were that age."
"Your father didn't want to give you a BB shotgun because you might shoot your eye out? — Terry Spear

Bb Quotes By George MacDonald

The greatest forces lie in the region of the uncomprehended. — George MacDonald

Bb Quotes By Mitch Hedberg

You should never tell someone they have a nice dimple, because maybe they were shot in the face with a BB gun. — Mitch Hedberg

Bb Quotes By Thom Yorke

I see fat kids on the street all the time and I give them free radiohead t-shirts with bullseyes on them. Later when I see them wearing the t-shirts I shoot at them with bb guns while riding a very large dog and singing kicking squealing gucci little piggy over and over — Thom Yorke

Bb Quotes By Ralph Vaughan Williams

No, it's a Bb. It looks wrong and it sounds wrong, but it's right. — Ralph Vaughan Williams

Bb Quotes By B.B. King

I guess you can look at me, and tell I'm the old man. My name is BB King. — B.B. King

Bb Quotes By Bethany Mota

BB cream is my lifesaver! It's so light on my skin, plus it protects and gives me coverage at the same time. My favorites are from Maybelline and Smashbox. — Bethany Mota

Bb Quotes By Bart King

One morning after waking up on his 10th birthday, Timmy told his mom, "I had a dream that you gave me a BB gun for my birthday. What do you think that dream means?" "You'll know what it means tonight," Timmy's mom said with an encouraging smile. That night, after the birthday cake, Timmy's mom came in with a long narrow package and gave it to her son. Timmy tore the box open. Finally I get a BB gun, he thought. But he thought wrong. The box was empty except for a book called The Meaning of Dreams. — Bart King

Bb Quotes By Steen Langstrup

You know what, BB? We've got dark spots on our souls. We have to live with that. War is not about doing what's right. War's about surviving."

Verner aka 'Jens'
in the novel 'The Informer' by Steen Langstrup — Steen Langstrup

Bb Quotes By Stevie Wonder

One of many joyful moments with BB King was him letting me play 'Lucille.'
... The thrill will never be gone ... — Stevie Wonder

Bb Quotes By Joy Williams

The Lord was living with a great colony of bats in a cave. Two boys with BB guns found the cave and killed many of the bats outright, leaving many more to die of their injuries. The boys didn't see the Lord. He didn't make His presence known to them. On the other hand, the Lord was very fond of the bats but had done nothing to save them. He was becoming harder and harder to comprehend. He liked to hang with the animals, everyone knew that, the whales and bears, the elephants and bighorn sheep and wolves. They were rather wishing He wasn't so partial to their company. Hang more in the world of men, they begged Him. But the Lord said He was lonely there. — Joy Williams

Bb Quotes By Donald Dunn

When I heard BB King's 'Sweet Sixteen,' I knew I wanted to play bass because that was the thing that made that record: the bass player. — Donald Dunn

Bb Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

When Christian pushes into the brick wall of the building catty-corner to the rear of BB&B - first left on the Dark Zone side - and disappears, I melt down in a fit of the giggles. I toss a rock at the spot where he vanished. It bounces off the brick and clatters to the cobblestone. I'm feeling twenty shades of Harry Potter's train station, especially when he pokes his head out of the wall and says impatiently, Come on, lass. This is hardly my favorite place to be. — Karen Marie Moning

Bb Quotes By Paul Weller

No one told Miles Davis or BB King to pack it in. John Lee Hooker played literally up to the day he died. Why should pop musicians be any different? — Paul Weller

Bb Quotes By Karen Traviss

Oh, I'm coming too." BB rotated and moved in Naomi's direction. "A fragment of me will remain here to pilot the ship, but I'll transfer to the Mjolnir. We've never done this for real before, by the way. Have we, Naomi?" "Why now?" "Why not? I know I'm not your dedicated AI, but I can do anything Cortana can." Mal picked up a little rivalry there. He'd have to ask about Cortana later. — Karen Traviss

Bb Quotes By Leah Rae Miller

It was like the kid was getting a BB gun for Christmas when you walked in there. — Leah Rae Miller

Bb Quotes By Robert P. Jones

When Franklin Graham recently called for a boycott of gay-friendly companies on his Facebook page, it quickly became apparent that to follow through on his own initiative, he'd need to delete his Facebook account (he didn't), stop using any Microsoft software, and shut down all Apple devices. When he publicly moved the bank accounts of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to BB&T Bank in protest of a Wells Fargo ad featuring a lesbian couple and their daughter, it generated this Miami Herald headline: "Billy Graham Group Moving Money to BB&T, Sponsor of Miami Beach Gay Pride Fundraiser."110 — Robert P. Jones

Bb Quotes By Philip Kerr

I used to play quite a good lead guitar, R&B style. Clapton and BB King are heroes. — Philip Kerr

Bb Quotes By Karen Traviss

BB didn't say a word. Maybe integrating into Naomi's systems had shut him up for once. Mal decided to keep a watchful eye on the relationship. Everyone was getting on fine: better than fine, in fact, a really close-knit and easy-going team. The last thing they needed was a Spartan saddled with an AI she didn't want. But that wasn't a problem he could solve, given that they were the two most advanced and expensive pieces of defense technology the UNSC had ever produced. They were stuck with each other. — Karen Traviss

Bb Quotes By NisiOisiN

Two weird people sitting weirdly explaining weird bits of deduction was, Misora worried, a scene of overwhelming weirdosity.
(pg. 87, DEATHNOTE: Another Note, The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases) — NisiOisiN

Bb Quotes By William Sadler

I think I spent my whole childhood diving out of haylofts with my BB gun and coming out shooting. — William Sadler

Bb Quotes By Patricia Cornwell

*Gone are the days of Benton's childhood, when his sticky fingers dung through caramel-glazed popcorn and peanuts for treasure, such as a plastic whistle or BB game or, best of all, the magic decoding ring that little Benton wore on his index finger, pretending it empowered him to know wgat people thought, what they would do and which monster he would defeat on his next secret mission.
*The toy surprises inside are games printed on folded white paper, cheap as hell, and require the IF of a pigeon. — Patricia Cornwell

Bb Quotes By David Jeremiah

If you have a steel ball, solid steel, the size of this earth, 25,000 miles in circumference, and every one million years a little sparrow would be released to land on that ball to sharpen his beak and fly away only to come back another million years later and begin again, by the time he would have worn that ball down to the size of a BB, eternity would have just begun. — David Jeremiah

Bb Quotes By Steen Langstrup

What is the name of the woman on the telephone?"
"Alis K."
"Is that her real name?"

Conversation between 'BB' and his wife Grete
The Informer — Steen Langstrup

Bb Quotes By Laini Taylor

So violent. You want to mug and tase everybody these days."
"I do," Zuzana agreed. "I swear I hate more poeple every day. Everyone annoys me. If I'm like this now, what am I going to be like when I'm old?"
"You'll be the mean old biddy who fires a BB gun at kids from her balcony."
"Nah. BBs just rile 'em up. More like a crossbow. Or a bazooka. — Laini Taylor

Bb Quotes By Jose N. Harris

The secret to life is to be a balloon
And fly.
Fly very high
Out of the range of needles and pins
Out of the range of BB guns rifles
Fly very very high, my Friends
And never stop soaring — Jose N. Harris

Bb Quotes By David Edwards

I knew BB King when he first started out. — David Edwards

Bb Quotes By B.B. King

'She's Dynamite' was a 100 years ago, and I recorded that song because the company thought that it was a great song and it was hot. That was the beginning of rock n' roll, and I guess they thought it would be a BB King version of rock n' roll. — B.B. King

Bb Quotes By Steen Langstrup

We saved the lives of a whole family that night. Children, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, all sailed to safety in Sweden inside a little fisherman's boat."

Johannes aka 'BB'
The Informer by Steen Langstrup — Steen Langstrup

Bb Quotes By Carlos Santana

No one's better than me. I'm not better than anyone. Whether it's Eric Clapton or BB King we look straight at each other. And that keeps it real. — Carlos Santana

Bb Quotes By Ted Nugent

Without question, the Red Ryder BB gun is the most important gun in the history of American weaponry. — Ted Nugent

Bb Quotes By Eric Clapton

In terms of scale or stature, I believe that if Robert Johnson was reincarnated, he is probably BB King. Maybe it would be worth investigating the appropriate dates to see if this is even a remote possibility. — Eric Clapton

Bb Quotes By Angus Young

I love the music from Nat King Cole, BB King, Albert King ... When I think of it, I wouldn't mind being renamed Angus King. — Angus Young

Bb Quotes By Mitch Hedberg

I want to rob a bank with a BB gun. "Give me all your money or I will give you a dimple! I will be rich, you will be cute. We both win." — Mitch Hedberg

Bb Quotes By Lindsey Vonn

Olay BB Cream is a lifesaver, and I wear it every day while I train and compete. Twenty-four-hour hydration and sheer color helps me look flawless even when faced with that unforgiving Jumbotron! — Lindsey Vonn

Bb Quotes By Steen Langstrup

They died. Along with three other men who had joined our group. We were betrayed. The porter had told his girlfriend about the operation. They'd only just met each other. Jens shot her a week later."

Johannes aka 'BB'
The Informer — Steen Langstrup

Bb Quotes By Karen Traviss

We don't do psyop. We've never worked with Spartans before. And we're definitely not trained for this spook stuff. But how hard can it be? They were ODSTs. They could do anything. It was all about the right attitude - a commando's state of mind. "Hi, BB," Mal said. "Take us to Hinge-head World, then. — Karen Traviss

Bb Quotes By Rodney Dangerfield

For Christmas one year I bought my son a BB gun. He bought me a t-shirt with a bulls eye on the back. — Rodney Dangerfield

Bb Quotes By Jools Holland

I learned from Van Morrison and BB King that the first take is the best. It's about capturing a moment. It's the same as love's first kiss. If you try to do it again, it doesn't work so well. — Jools Holland

Bb Quotes By Marina Keegan

Each word that she left behind is precious, including the simple three I rediscovered a few days after Marina's memorial service. Her long-forgotten note, scrawled with a dry-erase marker on the back of a BB&N book slip and left on my desk when she was visiting from college, simply read, "Marina was here!" Marina was here. Yes, she was, in so many ways. And with an exclamation point. My hope is that through this book and Marina's many legacies, we may all still hear her and be inspired by how she used her fleeting time to be passionately, vibrantly, fully here. - Beth McNamara August 2014 — Marina Keegan

Bb Quotes By Peter Heller

What I can play is blues. She was never that into blues. I can salve with Lightning and Cotton, BB and Clapton and Stevie Ray. I can blast Son Seals singing Dear Son until the coyotes in the creek raise up a sympathetic sky ripping interpretation of the harmonica solo. Piercing howls and yelps. Sounds like it's killing them and also like they love it. Which when you get right down to it is the blues. — Peter Heller