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Bastard Man Quotes By Richard Wright

Nigger, you sure ought to be glad it was us you talked to that way. You're a lucky bastard, 'cause if you'd said that to some other white man, you might've been a dead nigger now." I was learning rapidly how to watch white people, to observe their every move, every fleeting expression, how to interpret what was said and what left unsaid. Late one Saturday night I made some deliveries in a white neighborhood. I was pedaling my bicycle back to the store as fast as I could when a police car, swerving toward me, jammed me into the curbing. "Get down, nigger, and put up your hands!" they ordered. I did. They climbed out of the car, guns drawn, faces set, and advanced slowly. "Keep still!" they ordered. I reached my hands higher. They searched my pockets and packages. They seemed dissatisfied when they could find nothing incriminating. Finally, one of them said: "Boy, tell your boss not to send you out in white neighborhoods at this time of — Richard Wright

Bastard Man Quotes By Nevada Barr

The shame attached to rape was men's shame, shame they were too weak to carry: that their gender could do this, that they could do it, that they wanted to do it, that they could not protect their wives and sisters and daughters from it, that they could not stop it. That a thing they believed to be solely theirs could be taken by another man. That, should a child be born, the cuckold would be left to raise another man's bastard. — Nevada Barr

Bastard Man Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

Soft citizens of the American democracy learned to kick a man below the belt and make the bastard scream. — Kurt Vonnegut

Bastard Man Quotes By James Lee Burke

But no one could say he hadn't gotten even. He could not count the field women whom he had sexually degraded and demoralized and in whom he had left his seed so their bastard children would be a daily visual reminder of what a plantation white man could do to a plantation black woman whenever he wanted, nor could he count the black men whom he had made fear his blackjack as they would fear Satan himself, making each of them a lifetime enemy of all white people. — James Lee Burke

Bastard Man Quotes By George R R Martin

You are a free man now, and Ygritte is a free woman. What dishonor if you lay together?"
"I might get her with child."
"Aye, I'd hope so. A strong son or a lively laughing girl kissed by fire, and where's the harm in that?"
Words failed him for a moment. "The boy ... the child would be a bastard."
"Are bastards weaker than other children? More sickly, more like to fail?"
"No, but-"
"You are bastard born yourself. And if Ygritte does not want a chile, she will go to some woods witch and drink a cup o' moon tea. You do not come in to it, once the seed is planted."
I will not father a bastard. — George R R Martin

Bastard Man Quotes By Hermann Hesse

That is why each of us has to find out for himself what is permitted and what is forbidden
forbidden for him. It's possible for one never to transgress a single law and still be a bastard. And vise versa. Actually it's only a question of convenience. Those who are too lazy and comfortable to think for themselves and be their own judges obey the laws. Others sense their own laws within them; things are forbidden to them that every honorable man will do any day in the year and other things are allowed to them that are generally despised. Each person must stand on his own feet. — Hermann Hesse

Bastard Man Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

I daresay that's a better-looking man there. A cleverer man.' He ran one hand through his short dark hair, frowning at his reflection. 'Not sure if I trust that bastard, though. — Joe Abercrombie

Bastard Man Quotes By Nicole Williams

You know what else women like?" I didn't pause for an answer because I guessed he didn't have a clue. "A man who's humble."
He fought a smile and leaned back in his chair... "No, they like to think they do, but they don't." His head shook authoritatively. "They like cocky the bastard who goes after what he wants and doesn't take no for an answer. — Nicole Williams

Bastard Man Quotes By Jodi Picoult

The old man was cranky, bitter bastard, but it's the thorn in your side that leaves the biggest hole. — Jodi Picoult

Bastard Man Quotes By Edward Abbey

The dead man's nephew, excused from this duty, walks far ahead out of earshot. We are free as we go stumbling and sweating along to say exactly what we please, without fear of offending. "Heavy son of a bitch. ... " "All blown up like he is, you'd think he'd float like a balloon." "Let's just hope he don't explode." "He won't. We let the gas out." "What about lunch?" somebody asks; "I'm hungry." "Eat this." "Why'd the bastard have to go so far from the road?" "There's something leaking out that zipper." "Never mind, let's try to get in step here," the sheriff says. "Goddamnit, Floyd, you got big feet." "Are we going in the right direction?" "I wonder if the old fart would walk part way if we let him out of that bag?" "He won't even say thank you for the ride." "Well I hope this learned him a lesson, goddamn him. I guess he'll stay put after this. ... " Thus we meditate upon the stranger's death. — Edward Abbey

Bastard Man Quotes By Victoria Roberts

The front of the man's kilt suddenly became very wet and Ian's eyes widened in surprise.
"Did he jsut piss in a Munro kilt?"
Ruairi smiled. "I think he did."
"The bastard has nay respect. — Victoria Roberts

Bastard Man Quotes By Leslea Tash

Never heard you talk about a man this way. Usually you rattle off their attributes like you're fixing to fricassee the poor sons of bitches. God help the poor bastard you ever fall in love with. — Leslea Tash

Bastard Man Quotes By Orson Scott Card

Well, I'm your man. I'm the bloody bastard you wanted when you had me spawned. I'm your tool, and what difference does it make if I hate the part of me that you most need? What difference does it make that when the little serpents killed me in the game, I agreed with them, and was glad. — Orson Scott Card

Bastard Man Quotes By Pamela Clare

I've got no tolerance for a man who hurts women. Every man on this planet owes his life to a woman. I hope they catch the bastard and hang him by his nuts. — Pamela Clare

Bastard Man Quotes By Shana Abe

You're naught but a human man. You couldn't possibly understand."
He lifted a brow, still smiling. "Liar."
"Coward," he said softly, and she jerked back.
"Undoubtedly true." He made a short bow. — Shana Abe

Bastard Man Quotes By Sherman Alexie

But none of them laughed as hard about my beautiful brain as I knew my father would have. I miss him, the drunk bastard. I would always feel closest to the man who had most disappointed me. — Sherman Alexie

Bastard Man Quotes By Toni Morrison

Mrs. Breedlove considered herself an upright and Christian woman, burdened with a no-count man, whom God wanted her to punish. (Cholly was beyond redemption, of course, and redemption was hardly the point - Mrs. Breedlove was not interested in Christ the Redeemer, but rather Christ the Judge.) Often she could be heard discoursing with Jesus about Cholly, pleading with Him to help her "strike the bastard down from his pea-knuckle of pride." And once when a drunken gesture catapulted Cholly into the red-hot stove, she screamed, "Get him, Jesus! Get him!" If Cholly had stopped drinking, she would have never forgiven Jesus. — Toni Morrison

Bastard Man Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Why are you being such a baby over this? I'm the one who was kept cloistered. (Livia)
Because my mother and sister are sacred beings, unsullied by the hands of a man, and if you tell me differently, especially where Zarina is concerned, I swear to God, I'm donning my assassin's uniform and gutting whatever bastard touched her. (Adron) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bastard Man Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

What's the plan now, then?' 'Plans have a habit o' falling apart when you lean on 'em,' said Lamb. 'We'll just have to think up another.' The Kantic cracked a bastard of a frown. 'I do not like a man who breaks an agreement.' 'Try and push me off a cliff.' Lamb gave Jubair a flat stare. 'We can find out who God likes best.' Jubair pressed one fingertip against his lips and considered that for a long, silent moment. Then he shrugged. 'I prefer not to trouble God with every little thing. — Joe Abercrombie

Bastard Man Quotes By Amber M. Kestner

She struggled against him and then kicked him with her knee, right between his legs. He won't be treating her like this. Bastard. There was a fury inside her, that made her disliking of guys even bigger.
He stumbled back, his hand loosening his trip. His face is twisted in pain, and he was completely out of the breath. Angel felt satisfaction. He deserved that.
"How about this, you ignorant asshole! Keep your hands off of me and leave me alone!" she spat at his face. She barely held back, to not kick him again. — Amber M. Kestner

Bastard Man Quotes By Sahar Abdulaziz

From a short distance, the few attending mourners under the blue tarp looked on silently as each ritualistic movement necessary to properly complete the last rites of the dead were respectively adhered to. Not surprisingly, only the constant raindrops marred the utter silence of the occasion, and
not a single teardrop fell. Not a whimper or a shudder. Not for this man. Not today. Not ever again. It took all Skye had not to walk over to the hole, lift up her skirt, and piss on the man who had repeatedly raped her as a child. Good riddance, you nasty bastard. Now you are in God's hands. Have fun with that, you piece of garbage. — Sahar Abdulaziz

Bastard Man Quotes By Stephen Richards

I wanted to go in one direction, but my father forced me to follow his direction, and, somehow, he won. In one of these compelling situations, he wanted me to join the police force, but he had previously said that I didn't have the bastard brains to pass my driving test. What a contradiction of terms? — Stephen Richards

Bastard Man Quotes By Max Hastings

Even after years of war, some men retained scruples about licensed
homicide. [ ... ] Lieutenant Peter Downward commanded the sniper
platoon of 13 Para. He had never himself killed a man with a rifle,
but one day he found himself peering at a German helmet just visible
at the corner of an air-raid shelter
an enemy sniper.
I had his head spot in the middle of my telescopic sight, my safety
catch was off, but I simply couldn't press the trigger. I suddenly
realised that I had a young man's life in my hands, and for the cost
of one round, about twopence, I could wipe out eighteen or nineteen
years of human life. My dithering deliberations were brought back to
earth with a bump as Kirkbride suddenly shouted: 'Go on, sir. Shoot
the bastard! He's going to fire again.' I pulled the trigger and saw
the helmet jerk back. I had obviously got him, and felt completely
drained ... What had I done? — Max Hastings

Bastard Man Quotes By Steve McHugh

You interrogated a man at Hades's compound a year ago. I heard what you did to him. I can't have dead prisoners here; we have to be better than that." "I didn't kill him," I objected, remembering the murderous bastard who'd tried to kill Hades before he'd been caught. Unfortunately we hadn't stopped him from killing his own wife and children. "You took his hands. You know he killed himself in our jail?" "Yeah, well, I'm not going to kill anyone. Just talk. They wanted to kill me back in Southampton, now they want to take me to talk. I'd like to know why. And I heard your prisoner died by getting into a fight with another prisoner." "He walked up to a cave troll and kicked him. The troll tore his head off and threw it fifty feet away. What would you call that?" "Suicide by troll. That's new. — Steve McHugh

Bastard Man Quotes By George R R Martin

Theon swept his cloak off its peg and over his shoulders. "Fathers are like that," he admitted as he pinned the folds with a silver clasp. "Tell him he should be pleased. As many times as I've fucked you, you're likely with child. It's not every man who has the honor of raising a king's bastard. — George R R Martin

Bastard Man Quotes By Stephen Richards

He caught me neat, right on the fucking face and I took one step back and thought, you're not getting away with that you bastard! I was punching the piss out of him, he kept going down, but I didn't kick him, he'd had enough. I didn't put the boot in to a man older than myself. But this confrontation was out of the blue, out of the fucking blue. That's what I had to face. — Stephen Richards

Bastard Man Quotes By Ash Gray

The man's mouth fell open in shock and hurt. He slowly shook his head. "So the stories are true. You really are a brat! You smug bastard. You need someone to throw you over a knee --!"
"How dare you!" Mycaela snarled. He lifted his hand to strike the man and couldn't believe it when the juggler caught his wrist, holding it aloft. They glared at each other, and Mycaela felt small, like a twig caught in the branches of a tree. But now he was forced to really look at the juggler, whose brown muscular chest was in his face, and he grew distracted. The man was wearing nothing except a pair of very colorful, very tight leggings. They clung to his bulge and his buttocks, and he was built like a stallion, lean and taunt and powerful. Mycaela bit his lip, willing himself not to awaken and silently cursing himself for smoking a drug that was sometimes used as an aphrodisiac. — Ash Gray

Bastard Man Quotes By A.E. Via

Green's mouth was too full to smile and too full to respond. He was ready to go lower but he wanted to make this good. He rose up and straddled Ruxs' legs, flipping him over. Green slapped that sexy ass hard, the sharp sound loud in the dark room. "Bastard," Ruxs murmured. Green started at the base of Ruxs' neck, his tongue being led by the long spine, as he licked his way down, around the valleys and curves of his back. Never had Green seen a man with a hotter body than Ruxs'. When he got to the top of his ass, Green gripped Ruxs' hip and dove in. Just wetting him, priming him. Ruxs face was pressed into the bedding, muffling his cries. Green wanted to hear how he was making Ruxs feel. Green — A.E. Via

Bastard Man Quotes By D.H. Sidebottom

I plotted his death. I planned it for weeks. I mapped out exactly how to kill a man. A bastard. A cunt. I wanted to watch the blood drain from him. I wanted to hear his final breath leave his body. I wanted to watch him writhe in agony underneath me. And I wanted his screams to be the very thing that allowed me peace at night. — D.H. Sidebottom

Bastard Man Quotes By Lisa Shearin

This is as good a place as any for you to locate the bastard," Tam said.
"Bastard? I thought you said you never met Rache."
"I haven't. He hurt you, he's hunting Chigaru, therefore he's a bastard. The goblin language has much more accurate terms, but that one will do for now."
"Do you mean jak'aprit?" Vegard asked helpfully.
Tam inhaled with intense satisfaction. "The very word. Well done, Vegard."
The big Guardian grinned. "I believe in knowing how to insult a man in every language. — Lisa Shearin

Bastard Man Quotes By Billie Joe Armstrong

I think it's your own choice if you turn from an angry young man to a bitter, old bastard. — Billie Joe Armstrong

Bastard Man Quotes By George R R Martin

Tell him he should be pleased. As many times as I've fucked you, you're likely with child. It's not every man who has the honor of raising a king's bastard. She looked at him stupidly, so he left her there. — George R R Martin

Bastard Man Quotes By Julie James

The bastard - no other name was necessary, from now on the man formerly known as J.D. would simply be called The Bastard, The Prick, or The Shithead. — Julie James

Bastard Man Quotes By Kim Newman

Moriarty smiled his adder's smile.
And I relaxed. I knew. My destiny and his wound together. It was a sensation I'd never got before upon meeting a man. When I'd had it from women, the upshot ranged from disappointment to attempted murder. Understand me, Professor James Moriarty was a hateful man, the most hateful, hateable, creature I have ever known, not excluding Sir Augustus and Kali's Kitten and the Abominable Bloody Snow-Bastard and the Reverend Henry James Prince. He was something man-shaped that had crawled out from under a rock and moved into the manor house. But, at that moment, I was his, and I remain his forever. If I am remembered, it will be because I knew him. From that day on, he was my father, my commanding officer, my heathen idol, my fortune and terror and rapture. — Kim Newman

Bastard Man Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

Oh my God! Stop eating that!"
"Your trail mix tastes funny," Trevor said with a cringe.
"That wasn't trail mix, you bastard! That was potpourri!"
"Well, that explains a lot," he said, giving her a sheepish smile as he returned the large wooden bowl back to the side table. She didn't need to look to know that he'd already eaten half the bowl of potpourri. She didn't even bother asking him what the hell was wrong with him since she knew the answer.
The man was a Bradford.
Enough said. — R.L. Mathewson

Bastard Man Quotes By Elle Kennedy

You're such a bastard," she sighed.
He chuckled. "Are you really insulting the man who just gave you an orgasm? — Elle Kennedy

Bastard Man Quotes By Jonathan Goldstein

Reggie made him feel like he was nine years old and out for dinner with his family at the Ponderosa Steak House and he had run into his French teacher and his mother invited her to dine with him.
Reggie made him feel like he was sitting in a public bathroom stall and someone had come into the bathroom and began singing a song about what a stinky bastard he was while he was in there sweating it out.
Reggie made him feel like someone had taken the red Tonka fire engine he had always wanted and painfully corkscrewed it down the front of his jeans.
Reggie made him feel like the ice cream man had just rolled by and all his dead grandparents were mooning him out the truck window. — Jonathan Goldstein

Bastard Man Quotes By Stanislaw Lem

Yes, it's comforting to know, when you think about it, that only man can be a bastard — Stanislaw Lem

Bastard Man Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

No one knew who he was. No one knew where he came from. He'd become Kaz Brekker, cripple and confidence man, bastard of the Barrel. The — Leigh Bardugo

Bastard Man Quotes By Anne Stuart

She could feel the hot tears pouring down her face, and she pressed it against the stone. MacGowan, you stupid bastard, she thought. Why did you have to go and get yourself killed? I care about you.
Care about you. Stupid phrase. She knew the truth, and right then the least she could do for the man who'd died protecting her was to admit it. She was stupidly, idiotically in love with him. He didn't deserve it, she was smart enough to know better, but all the rationalization in the world didn't help. It simply was. — Anne Stuart

Bastard Man Quotes By William T. Prince

A man was dead, and that is no small matter. Regardless of circumstances, no matter the justification, anyone who can cause the death of another human being and not feel some ambivalence about it is one sick bastard. Normal, compassionate people just can't feel good about killing and dying, even when killing and dying are necessary. — William T. Prince

Bastard Man Quotes By Stephen King

A man who loves money is a bastard, someone to be hated. A man who can't take care of it is a fool. You don't hate him, but you got to pity him. — Stephen King

Bastard Man Quotes By Ed Chatterton

Frank, hunched against a bastard wind knifing in off the Irish Sea, isn't sure at first where the sound is coming from. It's barely light and a soft insistent hiss sits below the whining gale, like white-noise feedback at song's end. He leans a little closer and realises the source is sand rattling against the charred skin stretched tom-tom tight across the dead man's face. — Ed Chatterton

Bastard Man Quotes By Lisa N. Paul

she deserves a man who will love her entirely, a man who will put her needs first. Someone that will wake up each morning knowing he is one lucky bastard because she is tucked in at his side and that same someone will show her how important she is to him each night as he lies down next to her in bed. Every hour in between waking up and going to sleep she should know that she is loved. There should never ever be a question or doubt in her mind that she is worth loving. — Lisa N. Paul

Bastard Man Quotes By Debra Anastasia

One of the dirt bags laughed and mimicked Mouse's high voice. "Beckett, you're stupider than I thought if you hire this bastard."
He grabbed the asshole by the throat. "Don't make that mistake again, fuckbag."
Beckett lifted an eyebrow at the man in Mouse's grasp. "Last time you'll make fun of his voice, huh? — Debra Anastasia

Bastard Man Quotes By Stephen Richards

There was just one cheeky bastard in the club that night and it started World War Three. There was a bloodbath down there, they all got locked up, and the police dogs didn't need feeding for a week after that. — Stephen Richards

Bastard Man Quotes By Katie MacAlister

The thought struck me, as I went about my daily ablutions, that Elliot had awfully nice hair for a man who'd take someone else's ticket. It wasn't long, but had a small curl to it that made you think about running your fingers through it. "Not that I have any intention of doing so ," I told my reflection in the steam mirror. "Even if I was looking for a man, and I'm certainly not that stupid, he would be off the table. He's friend to a rat bastard." It was just a shame, too. How many bona fide lords does a girl meet? And how many of them have BBC voices, and nice faces, and curly hair that looks soft and silky and utterly gropeworthy? — Katie MacAlister

Bastard Man Quotes By V. Theia

He wasn't good. He was a goddamn cruel bastard. — V. Theia

Bastard Man Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Zoe gave him a look that was difficult to interpret. Eventually she asked, "What makes you sure I couldn't handle you?"
She didn't know what she was asking for, from a man who couldn't remember what it was like to be innocent. Lightly gripping her hair, Alex forced her face close to his. The blond curls danced around his fingers and tickled the backs of his hands. " I 'm a bastard in bed, Zoe," he said quietly. " I 'm selfish and mean as the devil. I have to have all the control. And I 'm ... not nice — Lisa Kleypas

Bastard Man Quotes By George R R Martin

Tyrion Lannister had claimed that most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it, but Jon was done with denials. He was who he was; Jon Snow, bastard and oathbreaker, motherless, friendless, and damned. For the rest of his life-however long that might be-he would be condemned to be an outsider, the silent man standing in the shadows who dares not speak his true name. — George R R Martin

Bastard Man Quotes By Christina Lauren

Julia", I answered breathlessly.
"Chloe, are you in the bathroom fucking that nice slice of man cake?"
"I'll be there in a second, okay?" I ended the call and shoved the phone back into my bag. I looked up at him, feeling my rational side return after the small interruption. "I should go."
"Look, I-" He was cut off as my phone rang again. I answered without bothering to look at the screen.
"God, Julia! I'm not in here fucking the piece of man cake!"
"Chloe?" Joel's confused voice sounded through the phone.
"Oh ... hi." Shit. This could not be happening to me. — Christina Lauren

Bastard Man Quotes By Stephen Richards

I waltzed into the hall with my escort of five screws like some rapper with his well-paid entourage. A fiendish looking, little bastard with blonde hair and a crooked nose came up to me and said, 'Okay, Holland, welcome to Shotts. Welcome to the man-eater! — Stephen Richards

Bastard Man Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Oh, very simple," Derek jeered. "It doesn't matter that I was born a bastard. She deserves nothing better than a man with a false name, fine clothes, and a sham accent. It's not important that I have no family and no religion. I don't believe in sacred causes, or honor, or unselfish motives. I can't be innocent enough for her. I never was. But why should that matter to her? — Lisa Kleypas

Bastard Man Quotes By John Scalzi

The man reached into his coat and pulled out a wallet containing an ID card. "Agent Dwight, FBI. Miss Baker, I need you to come with me. You're in danger here."
"In danger?" Robin said. "In danger from what?"
"Not from what. From who," Agent Dwight said, and glanced over at Creek. "You're in danger from him. He's going to kill you, Miss Baker. At least he is going to try."
Robin turned to Creek. "You bastard," she said. "You never said anything about killing me when we made the date."
John Scalzi

Bastard Man Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Oh, good grief," said Vimes. "Look, it's quite simple, man. I was expected to go "At last, alcohol!", and chugalug the lot without thinking. Then some respectable pillars of the community" - he removed the cigar from his mouth and spat - "were going to find me, in your presence, too - which was a nice touch - with the evidence of my crime neatly hidden but not so well hidden that they couldn't find it." He shook his head sadly. "The trouble is, you know, that once the taste's got you it never lets go."
"But you've been very good, sir," said Carrot. "I've not seen you touch a drop for -"
"Oh, that," said Vimes. "I was talking about policing, not alcohol. There's lots of people will help you with the alcohol business, but there's no one out there arranging little meetings where you can stand up and say, "My name is Sam and I'm a really suspicious bastard. — Terry Pratchett

Bastard Man Quotes By Cassandra Clare

With a shrug and a blink, the policeman moved past Will, shaking his head and muttering something under his breath about swearing off the gin before he truly started seeing things. Will stepped aside to let the man pass, then raised his voice to a shout: James Carstairs! Jem! Where are you, you disloyal bastard? — Cassandra Clare

Bastard Man Quotes By Richard Price

I love Israel, I go back all the time. I just love New York a little more. My workers are Arabs, my best friend is a black man from Alabama, my girlfriend's a Puerto Rican, and my landlord is a half-Jew bastard. You know what I did this morning? I read in the paper yesterday that the circus is setting up in the Madison Square Garden, they said the elephants would be walking through the Holland Tunnel at dawn. I'm a photographer a little too, you know? So I get up at five o'clock, bike over to the tunnel, and wait. It turns out the paper got it wrong, they came through the Lincoln, but still, you know? This is a hell of a place. — Richard Price

Bastard Man Quotes By E.L. James

Anastasia." He answers immediately, his voice warm and caressing. How is it that this man can make me melt over the phone?
"Christian, Jack has asked me to get his lunch."
"Lazy bastard," Christian gripes. — E.L. James

Bastard Man Quotes By Ralph Ellison

I can hear you say, "What a horrible, irresponsible bastard!" And you're right. I leap to agree with you. I am one of the most irresponsible beings that ever lived. Irresponsibility is part of my invisibility; any way you face it, it is a denial. But to whom can I be responsible, and why should I be, when you refuse to see me? And wait until I reveal how truly irresponsible I am. Responsibility rests upon recognition, and recognition is a form of agreement. — Ralph Ellison

Bastard Man Quotes By Christine Feehan

Zev nodded. He smiled up at Tatijana as she came to his side. "It's good to see you," he greeted her. "Thanks for saving us out there."
She smiled back at him and sank down into the grass, taking his arm to inspect the damage. "It's getting to be a habit. We can't have anyone killing you, Zev. My sister wouldn't be too pleased. She's hoping to get another dance with you sometime."
"She probably doesn't remember my name," Zev said. "But it's kind of you to say so."
Tatijana laughed. "Silly man. Your name is probably the only one she does remember. She's not very social."
Fen gave a small derisive snort. "The lengths you go to, getting yourself hurt just for a little female sympathy. You know, Tatijana, he really is far faster than he lets on and he could have prevented the knife from slicing him open. He was just hoping your sister would show up and kiss it all better."
Zev sent him a warning glare. "I'm still armed to the teeth, you bastard. — Christine Feehan

Bastard Man Quotes By Abigail Roux

Walk it off, man" he suggested with a smirk as he began leading him by the elbow out of the chaos of the stacks and toward the hallway.
"Bastard, " Zane hissed.[]You'd probably say that if I lost a leg."
"Nah," Ty scoffed as they got out into the hall. []"I'd probably say hop it off," he corrected with a barely restrained snicker. — Abigail Roux

Bastard Man Quotes By John Steinbeck

Lennie rolled off the bunk and stood up, and the two of them started for the door. Just as they reached it, Curley bounced in.
"You seen a girl around here?" he demanded angrily.
George said coldly, "'Bout half an hour ago maybe."
"Well, what the hell was she doin'?"
George stood still, watching the angry little man. He said insultingly, "She said
she was lookin' for you."
Curley seemed really to see George for the first time. His eyes flashed over George, took in his height, measured his reach, looked at his trim middle. "Well, which way'd she go?" he demanded at last.
"I dunno," said George. "I didn't watch her go."
Curley scowled at him, and turning, hurried out the door.
George said, "Ya know, Lennie, I'm scared I'm gonna tangle with that bastard myself. I hate his guts. Jesus Christ! Come on. There won't be a damn thing left to eat. — John Steinbeck

Bastard Man Quotes By Daniel Keyes

For one moment I had a cold feeling he was watching. Over the arm of the couch, I caught a glimpse of his face staring back at me through the dark beyond the window - where just a few minutes earlier I had been crouching. A switch of perception, and I was out on the fire escape again, watching a man and a woman inside, making love on the couch. ... I thought to myself, go ahead, you poor bastard - watch. I don't give a damn anymore. — Daniel Keyes

Bastard Man Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

There was no part of him that was not broken, that had not healed wrong, and there was no part of him that was not stronger for having been broken. No one knew who he was. No one knew where he came from. He'd become Kaz Brekker, cripple and confidence man, bastard of the Barrel.
The gloves were his one concession to weakness. Since that night among the bodies and the swim from the Reaper's Barge, he had not been able to bear the feeling of skin against skin. It was excruciating to him, revolting. It was the only piece of his past that he could not forge into something dangerous. — Leigh Bardugo

Bastard Man Quotes By Craig Stone

Blobfish, the guy who snapped a hamsters neck, myself, the homeless guy who has never thrown a punch (but has killed a fox) and Dickface, the man obsessed with trees and touching himself in public, follow an arrogant midget into the home of a pale creature I am certain will kill us all, to save the life of an ungrateful bastard parrot called Madness.
The temperature drops further.
A cold night for heroes. — Craig Stone

Bastard Man Quotes By Monica McCarty

You're a hard man to love, Lachlan MacRuairi, but I do belive I'm up to the challenge."
"We'll probably argue."
"Aye, it seems likely."
"I have a bit of a temper when I get angry."
"I have noticed," she said wryly.
"I can be a mean bastard. I"ll probably say something to hurt you."
She laughed. "Are you trying to scare me off?"
He gave her a rueful smile. " Maybe."
"Well, stop - it isn't going to work. I'm quite aware of your faults."
He frowned. "I didn't say they were faults. — Monica McCarty

Bastard Man Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

What the hell, man?" Dawson exploded, hands flying up. "I was on level sixty-nine of Candy Crush, you bastard. Do you know how hard that - ? — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Bastard Man Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

Hey, those look good! Can I have one?" a man she'd seen hundreds of times around Jason's house asked, reaching out to take one.
"Back the fuck off! She brought them for me, you bastard!" Jason snapped. — R.L. Mathewson

Bastard Man Quotes By Stephen Richards

Now if you want to look to the medical profession for a true hard bastard, there is none harder, in my opinion, than the man I will now name. I mean, 99.9 per cent of doctors would want to protect their pension and keep in with the in-crowd, not, though, this man amongst men. The star witness against the screws from Barlinnie was Doctor Simon Danson. — Stephen Richards

Bastard Man Quotes By Sarah MacLean

Does it hurt?" Like a bastard. "Women are known for their ability to endure pain." "Mmm. And to think you are considered the weaker sex." She cut him a look. "A label no doubt assigned by a man who never witnessed a childbirth. — Sarah MacLean

Bastard Man Quotes By John Zakour

You bastard, stop that whistling and fight me like a man! — John Zakour

Bastard Man Quotes By George R R Martin

But they were all dead now, even Arya, everyone but her half-brother, Jon. Some nights she heard talk of him, in the taverns and brothels of the Ragman's Harbor. The Black Bastard of the wall, one man had called him. Even Jon would never know Blind Beth, i bet. That made her sad. — George R R Martin

Bastard Man Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

Jesus, you know I was walking back to the huddle and I looked over and, god damn, I almost flipped when I saw you and Davis standing together on the sideline. I thought, man, the world really is changing when you see a thing like that - Hunter Thompson and Al Davis - Christ, you know that's the first time I ever saw anybody with Davis during practice; the bastard's always alone out there, just pacing back and forth like a goddamn beast. ... — Hunter S. Thompson

Bastard Man Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

For a long time," he said at last, "when I was small, I pretended to myself that I was the bastard of some great man. All orphans do this, I think," he added dispassionately."It makes life easier to bear, to pretend that it will not always be as it is, that someone will come and restore you to your rightful place in the world."
He shrugged.
"Then I grew older, and knew that this was not true. No one would come to rescue me. But then-" he turned his head and gave Jamie a smile of surpassing sweetness.
"Then I grew older still, and discovered that after all, it was true. I am the son of a great man."
The hook touched Jamie's hand, hard and capable.
"I wish for nothing more. — Diana Gabaldon

Bastard Man Quotes By J.R. Ward

Man, it was a good thing he fought like a nasty bastard or he might have been taken for a nancy. — J.R. Ward

Bastard Man Quotes By Hugh M. Thomas

Stephen Morillo, one of the leading military historians of Anglo-Norman England, rejected the "great man" approach in his introduction to a series of extracts and articles on the Battle of Hastings. Noting that William had benefited from a contrary wind that delayed his attack until Harold Godwineson had been drawn north by a threat from a third claimant, Harald Hardrada of Norway, Morillo invoked the idea of chaos theory, which describes how small, even random, factors can sometimes have a huge effect on larger systems. Drawing on the quip of another scholar, John Gillingham, he wondered if William, who was sometimes called William the Bastard, due to his illegitimate birth, ought really to be known as William the Lucky Bastard.2 — Hugh M. Thomas

Bastard Man Quotes By Peter Heller

Sometimes I think that's all you need. A good man with a fishing tip, a wave. A woman once in a while. Some work to do that might mean something. A truck that runs, that some faceless bastard two hundred miles away can't turn off. It's not much, but plenty when you don't have any of it. — Peter Heller

Bastard Man Quotes By G.A. Aiken

Lorcan heard the moan of the soldier pinned to the floor beneath his boot. With a sneer, he pushed his foot down harder on his neck. The worthless little bastard had failed him. He'd come back without the bitch.
He glanced over his shoulder at his lieutenants. They watched him, trying their best to hide their fear. But he could smell it. He looked back at the lowering suns. "I want my sister." He growled the words low. "I want my sister!" He slammed his foot down, snapping the man's neck and crushing his jaw. "Now get out of my sight!"
He heard them run from the room.
They better run.
He would have his sister. He would see the bitch dead if he had to destroy half the world to get to her. — G.A. Aiken

Bastard Man Quotes By Sebastien De Castell

However much this annoyed me, it is accepted practice for a duellist's supporters to cheer them on- in fact, i was entitled to similar outbursts from my own admirers.
'This Undriel fellow really is remarkably skilled,'Kest remarked.
Undriel. That was the bastard's name.
Brasti came to my defence, after a fashion. 'It's not Falcio's fault. He's getting old. And slow. Also, i think he might be getting fat. Just look at him- barely four months since he beat Shuran and already he's half the man he once was.'
Always nice to have friends nearby in troubled times, i thought, batting at Undriel's blade with a clumsy parry that was testament to my increasing exhaustion. — Sebastien De Castell

Bastard Man Quotes By K.J. Charles

It was hard to keep up the fight for the freedom of your fellow man when your fellow man was a bastard. — K.J. Charles

Bastard Man Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

While she watched them, she reviewed their conversation. "When he said 'Kyr,' did he mean Kyr Zemen, the prime commander of the League?" Maris drained his glass in a way that was more akin to his military training than to the fastidious man she knew him to be. "One and the same. Unfortunately. Bloody damn wanker bastard." The venom behind those words had to spring from a personal grudge between them. She'd never seen so much hatred from Maris before toward anyone. Not even her. "How do you know him?" she asked. "He's my oldest brother." That — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bastard Man Quotes By Stevie J. Cole

Deep down inside, I'm a selfish bastard, but I'm a selfish bastard that will love her in ways no other man ever will. She has been mine since that first day in English class, since the first time I kissed her and told her I loved her. And really, it's not my fault another man fell in love with the woman whose heart belongs to me. — Stevie J. Cole

Bastard Man Quotes By Britt Gettys

Cry for cut n stiches nt for bastard n bitches...
I may b slow walker but i never walk bachward
cowardly man bark loudest... — Britt Gettys

Bastard Man Quotes By Lisa Kessler

Thank you."

Okay, sincerity was not what I had come to expect from this man.

I shook it off. "It's easier for me to get information if you're alive."

The corner of his mouth twitched as he sat up. Jesus, abs like that should be illegal.

He caught his breath and shook his head. "Either way, I'm grateful." He glanced my way, his dark eyes full of secrets. "And for me, that doesn't happen very often."

I raised a brow. "You're usually an ungrateful bastard?"

"No." He chuckled, sucking in a pained breath before lifting his gaze to meet mine. "I rarely have anything to be thankful for. — Lisa Kessler

Bastard Man Quotes By Linda Howard

Faithfulness." She thought of her second fiance, the bastard. "Life's too short to waste it on someone you can't trust. You should be able to depend on the man you love not to lie to you or cheat on you. If you have that as a base, you can work on the other stuff. — Linda Howard

Bastard Man Quotes By Brad Vance

Brian, Roger thought with a crazy smile. You bastard. Go on and become a better man. You're halfway there already. I'll see you soon, dammit. — Brad Vance

Bastard Man Quotes By Christopher Moore

In another Christmas story, Dale Pearson, evil developer, self-absorbed woman hater, and seemingly unredeemable curmudgeon, might be visited in the night by a series of ghosts who, by showing him bleak visions of Christmas future, past, and present, would bring about in him a change to generosity, kindness, and a general warmth toward his fellow man. But this is not that kind of Christmas story, so here, in not too many pages, someone is going to dispatch the miserable son of a bitch with a shovel. That's the spirit of Christmas yet to come in these parts. Ho, ho, ho. — Christopher Moore

Bastard Man Quotes By Cherie Priest

Sure he's dead, and it's a good thing for us. It's hard to argue with a dead man. A dead man can't change his mind or make new rules, or behave like a bastard so no one will listen to him anymore. A dead man stays a saint. — Cherie Priest

Bastard Man Quotes By Andrea Speed

Did you kiss me?"
"What? Why would you think that?" His smirking face seemed to give nothing away.
"You bastard! Who cops a feel on an unconscious man?"
"Not me. I like my feelees conscious. — Andrea Speed

Bastard Man Quotes By George R R Martin

His companion was older, clean-shaved, with a lined ascetic face. His hair had been pulled back and tied in a knot behind his head. "Small men oft feel a need to prove their courage with unseemly boasts," he declared. "I doubt if he could kill a duck." Tyrion shrugged. "Fetch the duck." "If you insist." The rider glanced at his companion. The brawny man unsheathed a bastard sword. "I'm Duck, you mouthy little pisspot." Oh, gods be good. "I had a smaller duck in mind." The big man roared with laughter. "Did you hear, Haldon? He wants a smaller Duck! — George R R Martin

Bastard Man Quotes By Carmen Jenner

I want someone to need me, to depend on me. The arsehole, the bastard who's left a long string of whores broken in his wake without so much as a second thought. The piece-of-shit whose life was almost snuffed out by his father, who wakes every day and looks in the mirror with enough self-loathing to detonate Times Square, if only that shit was combustible. That pathetic excuse for a man wants to be worthy of someone. The question I need to figure out now is: why? — Carmen Jenner