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Top Barlestone Quotes

Barlestone Quotes By Erica Cameron

Hey, hold up!" I drop the pickax to the ground and jog after K.T. I pull a roundish piece of amethyst about half the size of my palm out of my pocket and hold it out. "Would you give this to her?"
K.T. tilts her head to the side as she takes the stone and examines it. "Pretty. Is it amethyst?"
"Why don't you give it to her yourself?"
I shove my hands in my pockets and shrug. There's no answer I can give that wouldn't either sound crazy or be an outright lie. K.T. smiles and slips the stone into her pocket.
"All right, Romeo. I'll go see if I can get Juliet to come to the ball tonight."
K.T. winks and walks around to the front of the house. — Erica Cameron

Barlestone Quotes By Bill Parcells

I like linebackers. I collect 'em. You can't have too many good ones. — Bill Parcells

Barlestone Quotes By Lucinda John

it. I didn't expect Stacks to come for me as hard as he did and because I underestimated him, my baby mama and sister were both dead, and my son was in foster care. — Lucinda John

Barlestone Quotes By Rollo May

The poet, like the lover, is a menace on the assembly line. — Rollo May

Barlestone Quotes By Thich Nhat Hanh

We must lead all beings to the shore of awakening, but, after these beings have become liberated, we do not, in truth, think that a single being has been liberated. — Thich Nhat Hanh

Barlestone Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

You're not a tree. So move; make something happen. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Barlestone Quotes By Chris Kraus

Katherine, who tried so hard in London to be best friends with Virginia Woolf, who hated her, because Katherine was the kind of naif-imbecile that the literary men adored and championed at her expense. — Chris Kraus

Barlestone Quotes By Ellery Queen

It was wrong. It was like arresting the gun for murder. — Ellery Queen

Barlestone Quotes By C.S. Lewis

An Ulster Scot may come to disbelieve in God, but not to wear his weekday clothes on the Sabbath. — C.S. Lewis

Barlestone Quotes By Laura Lippman

Things have happened - so fast. Ten days ago, we didn't even know Rudy was sleeping rough again." "Isn't that a British term?" "It is." Mrs. Drysdale is allowed to speak to this at least. "But Rudy liked it. He said it was more like the way he lived. He wasn't homeless. Our door was always open to him. Always. — Laura Lippman

Barlestone Quotes By Charles R. Morris

We were suddenly getting big, with burgeoning capabilities on all sides, but very clumsy, knew we were on some kind of ride, and things changing fast, but with very little idea of what was going on. — Charles R. Morris

Barlestone Quotes By Louise Brown

It took a brave editor in the U.S. to sign a contract for Dancing Girls, and without her belief in the book, I'm not sure it would ever have found its way into print. — Louise Brown