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Top Bardic Quotes

Bardic Quotes By Lin Yutang

All men and women have passions, natural desires and noble ambitions, and also a conscience; they have sex, hunger, fear, anger, and are subject to sickness, pain, suffering and death. Culture consists of bringing about the expression of these passions and desires in harmony. — Lin Yutang

Bardic Quotes By Kim Tae-yeon

Never do things that you will regret later. — Kim Tae-yeon

Bardic Quotes By E.K. Johnston

Most postmodernists blame the decline of the dracono-bardic tradition on the sudden and soaring popularity of the Beatles. — E.K. Johnston

Bardic Quotes By James Fenton

Some of my educated Filipino friends were aspiring poets, but their aspirations were all in the direction of the United States. They had no desire to learn from the bardic tradition that continued in the barrios. Their ideal would have been to write something that would get them to Iowa, where they would study creative writing. — James Fenton

Bardic Quotes By Ithell Colquhoun

The Bardic robe..disguises imperfections of figure: round shoulders, bosoms of unmodish size or shape...too-insistent buttocks, knock knees and bandy legs, all are mitigated in the merciful folds of the robe...but whatever the type of robe --soutane, sari, academic gown or Bardic wrap -- its effect is often destroyed by disillusioning shoes. — Ithell Colquhoun

Bardic Quotes By Arthur Herman

The cattle raid, the creach, was not only a test of leadership and honor, celebrated in bardic song. It also paid a tidy profit, when the clan could charge ransom to return the stolen cattle. The term in Scots was blackmail - mail being the word for "rent" or "tribute," and black the typical color of the Highlander's cattle. Blackmail determined the rhythm of life in many parts of the Highlands. Some observers estimated that at any given moment the average chief had half his warriors out stealing his neighbor's cattle, and the other half out recovering the cattle his neighbors had stolen from him. — Arthur Herman

Bardic Quotes By Hakim Bey

IN PERSIA I SAW that poetry is meant to be set to music & chanted or sung
for one reason alone
because it works.
A right combination of image & tune plunges the audience into a hal (something between emotional/aesthetic mood & trance of hyperawareness), outbursts of weeping, fits of dancing
measurable physical response to art. For us the link between poetry & body died with the bardic era
we read under the influence of a cartesian anaesthetic gas. — Hakim Bey

Bardic Quotes By Anthony Robbins

Three decisions that we all control each moment of our lives: what to focus on, what things mean, and what to do in spite of the challenges that may appear to limit us. — Anthony Robbins

Bardic Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

May God bless all mankind. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Bardic Quotes By Terri Garey

Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused,'" Gabriel quoted. "One of the unrecorded Beatitudes. — Terri Garey

Bardic Quotes By Geena Davis

My scripts are always filled with notes. I like to just analyze everything from the point of view of the whole picture, of the movie, my whole picture. — Geena Davis

Bardic Quotes By Tanya Huff

Bardic oaths weren't made to Shkoder, they were just made. — Tanya Huff

Bardic Quotes By Cat Johnson

A vicious circle, this thing with Zane. It was like she was living in two worlds' simultaneously; that of a teenage girl and that of a woman. — Cat Johnson