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Top Barbed Wire Fence Quotes

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By John Boyne

There was a huge wire fence that ran along the length of the house and turned in at the top, extending further along in either direction, further than she could possibly see. The fence was very high, higher even than the house they were standing in, and there were huge wooden posts, like telegraph poles, dotted along it, holding it up. At the top of the fence enormous bales of barbed wire were tangled in spirals, and Gretel felt an unexpected pain inside her as she looked at the sharp spikes sticking out all the way round it. — John Boyne

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Sophia Loren

A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view. — Sophia Loren

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Donna Tartt

Basketball courts ringed with barbed-wire fence. — Donna Tartt

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Helen Keeble

I ran straight into the wooden fence at the foot of the field.
I was lucky that it had been a rail fence, rather than a barbed wire, or I would have shredded myself into vampire linguine. — Helen Keeble

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By John J. Asher

prickly pears from behind a barbed-wire fence. Faded lettering on the sign, designed as a lasso that had at one — John J. Asher

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Tim Gilmore

Behind a barbed-wire fence, a dirt road disappears into the distance in the pine trees and corners. Lost, dead roads, no ends or remaining purposes, power lines now dead and sagging and forgotten, grown high in weeds and young trees. The trees have entirely encased a speed limit sign, strange sight, nothing so pointless as a speed limit sign in the midst of dense woods, pointless and beautifully so. — Tim Gilmore

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By C.S. Lewis

But, of course, what mattered most of all was my deep-seated hatred of authority, my monstrous individualism, my lawlessness. No word in my vocabulary expressed deeper hatred than the word INTERFERENCE. But Christianity placed at the centre what then seemed to me a transcendental Interferer. If its picture were true then no sort of 'treaty with reality' could ever be possible. There was no region even in the innermost depth of one's soul (nay, there least of all) which one could surround with a barbed wire fence and guard with a notice No Admittance. And that was what I wanted; some area, however small, of which I could say to all other beings, 'This is my business and mine only. — C.S. Lewis

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Foxy Brown

I devoted my career to building an affinity with my fans who have supported me unflinchingly and no barbed wire fence or prison wall will stop that. — Foxy Brown

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Phillip Noyce

A collection of huts surrounded by a barbed wire fence, and in the huts lived 500 of the original inhabitants of our area. And so it went with many country towns around Australia. — Phillip Noyce

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Rick Bass

The heart of it all is mystery, and science is at best only the peripheral trappings to that mystery
a ragged barbed-wire fence through which mystery travels, back and forth, unencumbered by anything so frail as man's knowledge. — Rick Bass

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Harry Crews

I first became fascinated with the Sears catalogue because all the people in its pages were perfect. Nearly everybody I knew had something missing, a finger cut off, a toe split, an ear half-chewed away, an eye clouded with blindness from a glancing fence staple. And if they didn't have something missing, they were carrying scars from barbed wire, or knives, or fishhooks. But the people in the catalogue had no such hurts. They were not only whole, had all their arms and legs and eyes on their unscarred bodies, but they were also beautiful. — Harry Crews

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By David Crowe

I read about a guy in Michigan this winter who was cruising along on his snow mobile. "Whoo hoo!" Didn't see a barbed wire fence. FOOM
cut his head right off. And I'll be honest with you, my first thought was ... That's how I want to go. Having the time of your life, "whoo hoo!" FOOM. I want the last thought in my head to be, 'Hey, check out that headless snow mobile driver. He's got a jacket just like mine.' — David Crowe

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Anne Marie Novark

nub. Tori nearly came unglued and started rocking and trembling so hard, the bed shook beneath her. The fleeting caress of Sam's tongue stretched her body taut, stringing her nerve endings tighter than a barbed-wire fence. "Sam . . . please . . . I need . . . " "I know, babe. I know what you need." "I need it now . . . Please!" Tori thought she'd die if Sam didn't touch her again. She lifted her butt and felt his hands clamp around her hips, and then that wonderful magic feeling of his tongue on her flesh sent her soaring into a maelstrom of sensations too powerful to resist. Sam held on to Tori as he laved her with his tongue, milking her orgasm for several moments before finally moving — Anne Marie Novark

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Colleen Houck

How could I remain unyielding? His words penetrated the flimsy barriers I'd set up around my heart. I'd meant to set up a barbed wire fence, but the barbs ended up being covered with marshmallows. He slipped through my defenses easily. He touched his forehead to my hand, and my marshmallow heart melted. — Colleen Houck

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

Do you know what a free mind is? Have you ever observed your own mind? It is not free, is it? You are always watching to see what your friends say about you. Your mind is like a house enclosed by a fence or by barbed wire. In that state no new thing can take place. A new thing can happen only when there is no fear. And it is extremely difficult for the mind to be free of fear, because that implies being really free of the desire to imitate, to follow, free of the desire to amass wealth or to conform to a tradition - which does not mean that you do something outrageous. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Jennifer Armintrout

One minute she acts like she wants to be with me and I'm the one rejecting her. The next, she's got this barbed wire fence and barking dogs around her, like I can't even ask her the simplest questions." "And here I was assuming you didn't care about her." Stabbing his fingers through his hair, he groaned, "I don't!" "And you make it perfectly clear." Men. Idiots. — Jennifer Armintrout

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Pete Wentz

This is how your heart gets
snagged, like a balloon on a barbed-wire fence, this is where pieces of you get torn away. — Pete Wentz

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Ray Lyman Wilbur

It is common talk that every individual is entitled to economic security. The only animals and birds I know that have economic security are those that have been domesticated
and the economic security they have is controlled by the barbed-wire fence, the butcher's knife and the desire of others. They are milked, skinned, egged or eaten up by their protectors. — Ray Lyman Wilbur

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Charles Lindbergh

Possibly everyone will travel by air in another fifty years. I'm not sure I like the idea of millions of planes flying around overhead. I love the sky's unbroken solitude. I don't like to think of it cluttered up by aircraft, as roads are cluttered up by cars. I feel like the western pioneer when he saw barbed-wire fence lines encroaching on his open plains. The success of his venture brought the end of the life he loved. — Charles Lindbergh

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Emmanuel Carrere

Later bad things will be said about Stalin; he'll be called a tyrant and his reign of terror will be denounced. But for the people of Eduard's generation he will remain the supreme leader of the people of the Union at the most tragic moment in their history; the man who defeated the Nazis and proved himself capable of a sacrifice worthy of the ancient Romans: the Germans had captured his son, Lieutenant Yakov Dzhugashvili, while the Russians had captured Field Marshal Paulus, one of the top military leaders of the Reich, at Stalingrad. When the German High Command proposed an exchange, Stalin responded with disdain that he didn't exchange field marshals for simple lieutenants. Yakov committed suicide by throwing himself on the electrified barbed wire fence of his prison camp. * — Emmanuel Carrere

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By S.J. Kincaid

That missleproof glass might as well have been electrified fence and barbed wire. No one could fashion a prison so perfect, so complete, as the one the masters of humanity had created for themselves. — S.J. Kincaid

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Joey Adams

A bikini is like a barbed-wire fence. It protects the property without obstructing the view. — Joey Adams

Barbed Wire Fence Quotes By Brendan

I believe a young player will run through a barbed wire fence for you. An older player looks for a hole in the fence. — Brendan