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Top Baldis Basics Quotes

Baldis Basics Quotes By Eric Hoffer

Perhaps our originality manifests itself most strikingly in what we do with that which we did not originate. To discover something wholly new can be a matter of chance, of idle tinkering, or even of the chronic dissatisfaction of the untalented. — Eric Hoffer

Baldis Basics Quotes By Simon Rich

"It's not just about Jen," he said. "It's about the entire romantic system. Ninety-nine percent of men are in love with the top one percent of women. And yet they often refuse to date us. It's a complete injustice. — Simon Rich

Baldis Basics Quotes By Maz Jobrani

When I told my parents I wanted to be an actor, my mom was, like, 'I think I heard you say lawyer.' — Maz Jobrani

Baldis Basics Quotes By Gabriel Basso

I got lost one time for a couple hours. It was pretty bad. I got lost in a creek, and I couldn't find my way back. The cops even had to come. — Gabriel Basso

Baldis Basics Quotes By Jay Griffiths

Clearly, many branches of science need an exquisite precision of timekeeping and the infinitesimal decimals of calibration, so space launches, for example, are not scheduled for leap-second dates. But society as a whole neither needs that obsessive time measurement nor is well served by it. — Jay Griffiths

Baldis Basics Quotes By Dean Koontz

And if words existed before matter of any kind, before suns and worlds and seas and human beings and fortune-tellers ... well, then an alphabet must have existed even earlier, so that words could be formed. Therefore letters are more fundamental and powerful than anything else a diviner could use to force the secrets of the universe into view. — Dean Koontz

Baldis Basics Quotes By Ika Natassa

Romance is good, you know — Ika Natassa