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Bad Habit Quotes By Brian Tracy

Good habits are hard to develop but easy to live with; bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with. The habits you have and the habits that have you will determine almost everything you achieve or fail to achieve. — Brian Tracy

Bad Habit Quotes By Roshon Fegan

Most people have a blank slate and can start from nothing. But for me, I had to break a bad habit that I've been doing all of my life, which is freestyle hip-hop. — Roshon Fegan

Bad Habit Quotes By John Dillinger

I don't drink much and I smoke very little. I guess my only bad habit is robbing banks. Now you see, fellas, I ain't such a bad guy at heart. — John Dillinger

Bad Habit Quotes By Pablo Picasso

I paint the way someone bites his fingernails; for me, painting is a bad habit because I don't know nor can I do anything else. — Pablo Picasso

Bad Habit Quotes By Raymond Chandler

I have a bad habit of starting a book and reading just far enough to make sure I want to read it and look forward to reading and then putting it to one side while I break the ice on a couple more. In that way, when I feel dull and depressed which is too often, I know I have something to read late at night when I do most of it and not that horrid blank feeling of not having anybody to talk to or listen to. — Raymond Chandler

Bad Habit Quotes By Neil Gaiman

No sleep?" asked Shadow, smiling. "I don't sleep. It's overrated. A bad habit I do my best to avoid - in company, wherever possible, and the young lady may go off the boil if I don't get back to her. — Neil Gaiman

Bad Habit Quotes By Michael Marshall Smith

All non-smokers seem to live in the belief that smokers have wandered naively through life, bereft of the knowledge that their habit is extremely bad for them. — Michael Marshall Smith

Bad Habit Quotes By Will Cuppy

Queen Elizabeth was rather a flirt all her life. She finally developed a bad habit of boxing her partners' ears and shouting "god's death, I'll have thy head!" This discouraged some of her more sensitive partners, — Will Cuppy

Bad Habit Quotes By Charles Darwin

The traveler may feel assured, he will meet with no difficulties or dangers, excepting in rare cases, nearly so bad as he beforehand anticipates. In a moral point of view, the effect ought to be, to teach him good-humored patience, freedom from selfishness, the habit of acting for himself, and of making the best of every occurrence. — Charles Darwin

Bad Habit Quotes By Theodore Roszak

It may, after all, be the bad habit of creative talents to invest themselves in pathological extremes that yield remarkable insights but no durable way of life for those who cannot translate their psychic wounds into significant art or thought. — Theodore Roszak

Bad Habit Quotes By Michelle Hodkin

That mouth. Smoking was a bad habit, yes. But he looked so good doing it. — Michelle Hodkin

Bad Habit Quotes By Thomas B. Macaulay

No war ought ever to be undertaken but under circumstances which render all intercourse of courtesy between the combatants impossible. It is a bad thing that men should hate each other; but it is far worse that they should contract the habit of cutting one another's throats without hatred. War is never lenient but where it is wanton; when men are compelled to fight in self-defence, they must hate and avenge: this may be bad; but it is human nature. — Thomas B. Macaulay

Bad Habit Quotes By Rick Warren

If you're losing the battle against a persistent bad habit, an addiction, or a temptation, and you're stuck in a repeating cycle of good intention-failure-guilt, you will not get better on your own! You need the help of other people. Some temptations are only overcome with the help of a partner who prays for you, encourages you, and holds you accountable. — Rick Warren

Bad Habit Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Cakes have such a terrible habit of turning out bad, just when you especially want them to be good! — L.M. Montgomery

Bad Habit Quotes By Hiram Crespo

Ingratitude is a bad habit by which we needlessly punish ourselves. When we no longer have the things we enjoy, we miss them and long for the past, long for what is not there, long to escape. Being always mindfully unhappy and mindlessly happy is not a prudent way to live. The Epicurean must train himself to be mindfully happy. — Hiram Crespo

Bad Habit Quotes By Douglas Preston

It's a very bad habit, but one I find hard to break. — Douglas Preston

Bad Habit Quotes By Gabrielle Zevin

But I wondered if all this kissing was a bad habit with him and me. The thing we did with our mouths instead of talking. — Gabrielle Zevin

Bad Habit Quotes By Lisa Wingate

God is a good horseman. He waits while we circle the fences of our lives - whatever they are, whether it be a bad childhood, or a destructive habit, family problems, an addiction, a personal tragedy, an inability to forgive someone else or to allow ourselves to ask forgiveness, or believe we deserve it. The Good Horseman waits, and each time we turn and look at Him, He stretches out His hand, slow and quiet, until finally, sooner or later, we reach for it, and we come to the center with Him, and find that peace was waiting there all along. — Lisa Wingate

Bad Habit Quotes By Justin Deeley

I'm a procrastinator. That's a pretty bad habit. — Justin Deeley

Bad Habit Quotes By Thomas Browne

Age doth not rectify, but incurvate our natures, turning bad dispositions into worser habits. — Thomas Browne

Bad Habit Quotes By Leo Aikman

The best way to break a bad habit is to drop it. — Leo Aikman

Bad Habit Quotes By Scott Westerfeld

You'd think that in a fight, NOT MOVING would be a bad habit! — Scott Westerfeld

Bad Habit Quotes By A.W. Tozer

Frankly, I am quite tired of those who tout Christianity as a way to stop smoking or drinking or break wild habits of the world. Is that all Christianity is, to keep us from some bad habit? Of course, regeneration will clean us up, and the new birth will make a man right. If that is what Christianity is all about, what about the person whose life is not that bad? The purpose of God in redemption is to restore us again to the divine imperative of worship. We were created to worship, but sin destroyed that ability. Jesus Christ, on the cross, redeemed us and brought us back to the place where we now can worship and have fellowship with God Almighty. My clean life is a by-product of my conversion. My life may have pointed out to me that I needed a drastic change, but that is not the purpose for which I was converted. The essence of conversion is to bring me into a right relationship with God and have fellowship with Him. — A.W. Tozer

Bad Habit Quotes By Teresa Of Avila

For the devil does not allow a single bad habit to disappear and the very weakness of our mortal nature destroys the virtues in us. — Teresa Of Avila

Bad Habit Quotes By Haruki Murakami

fleas are like a bad habit - awfully hard to get rid of once you get them — Haruki Murakami

Bad Habit Quotes By Mignon McLaughlin

In any family, measles are less contagious than bad habits. — Mignon McLaughlin

Bad Habit Quotes By Tim McCarver

Good habits are as easy to form as bad ones. — Tim McCarver

Bad Habit Quotes By Joan Ambu

I can't prevent you from becoming what you want, but I refuse to nurture a bad habit. — Joan Ambu

Bad Habit Quotes By Norman Vincent Peale

To cure worry, spend fifteen minutes daily filling your mind full of God. Worry is just a very bad mental habit. You can change any habit with God's help. — Norman Vincent Peale

Bad Habit Quotes By Kelly Rowan

I have a shoe habit. If I'm in New York, it's a problem because I'm walking and I have access to more stores. In L.A., it's not as bad. — Kelly Rowan

Bad Habit Quotes By George Orwell

By 'nationalism' I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions and tens of millions of people can be confidently labeled 'good' or 'bad' ... By 'patriotism' I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. — George Orwell

Bad Habit Quotes By Kin Hubbard

Every once in a while someone without a single bad habit gets caught. — Kin Hubbard

Bad Habit Quotes By Mark Batterson

Nine times out of ten, failure is resorting to Plan B when Plan A gets too risky, too costly, or too difficult. That's why most people are living their Plan B. They didn't burn the ships. Plan A people don't have a Plan B...

There are moments in life when we need to burn the ships to our past. We do so by making a defining decision that will eliminate the possibility of sailing back to the old world we left behind. You burn the ships named Past Failure and Past Success. You burn the ship named Bad Habit. You burn the ship named Regret. You burn the ship named Guilt. You burn the ship named My Old Way of Life. — Mark Batterson

Bad Habit Quotes By Eric Kripke

I have a bad habit, in the shows that I run, of killing off the people that I love. — Eric Kripke

Bad Habit Quotes By Henry Adams

The habit of doubt; of distrusting his own judgment and of totally rejecting the judgment of the world; the tendency to regard every question as open; the hesitation to act except as a choice of evils; the shirking of responsibility; the love of line, form, quality; the horror of ennui; the passion for companionship and the antipathy to society
all these are well-known qualities of New England character in no way peculiar to individuals but in this instance they seemed to be stimulated by the fever, and Henry Adams could never make up his mind whether, on the whole, the change of character was morbid or healthy, good or bad for his purpose. — Henry Adams

Bad Habit Quotes By Stephen Guise

As I age, I realize that now is yesterday's later, and that later is a bad plan. — Stephen Guise

Bad Habit Quotes By Douglas Merrill

A habit is good if it helps you achieve your goal; it is bad if it hinders your achievement. — Douglas Merrill

Bad Habit Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Mankind has one great habit, a bad habit: To create rules on behalf of God! Unless A God appears on the sky and says 'Here are the rules,' do not take any rule serious! Remember that in this universe, there is no port that you can take refuge apart from the reason and the science! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Bad Habit Quotes By Neil Strauss

But who are we, really? Just a bundle of good genes and bad genes mixed with good habits and bad habits. And since there's no gene for coolness or confidence, then being uncool and unconfident are just bad habits, which can be changed with enough guidance and will power. — Neil Strauss

Bad Habit Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Make a habit to remember God in your perfectly beautiful days, because in bad days even atheists do remember Him! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Bad Habit Quotes By Nicola Sturgeon

Twitter's probably my bad habit. — Nicola Sturgeon

Bad Habit Quotes By C.S. Lewis

The desire for bad art is the desire bred of habit: like the smoker's desire for tobacco, more marked by the extreme malaise of denial than by any very strong delight in fruition. — C.S. Lewis

Bad Habit Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I'm all tangled up in these dratted - " she hesitated, wondering what to call the elaborate wooden curls and twists carved into the back of the settee. " - swirladingles," she finished. "Acanthus scrolls," the man said at the same time. A second passed before he asked blankly, "What did you call them?" "Never mind," Pandora said with chagrin. "I have a bad habit of making up words, and I'm not supposed to say them in public." "Why not?" "People might think I'm eccentric. — Lisa Kleypas

Bad Habit Quotes By Katrina Kaif

When you're walking at the airport, you're expected to smile at people because they know you ... I find that tough. I'm only trying to protect myself. So I don't take my eyes off the floor. People can take that as attitude. But it's actually shyness. Yes, it is a bad habit. But it's a defense mechanism. — Katrina Kaif

Bad Habit Quotes By Chila Woychik

I have a bad habit of dropping verbal pellets to get a reaction, like Ursula LeGuin's "A novelist's business is lying" (that particular one got a lot of attention on Facebook), or, "Why is it that Christians hate the word 'sex'? — Chila Woychik

Bad Habit Quotes By Joseph Albo

In the killing of animals there is cruelty, rage, and the accustoming of oneself to the bad habit of shedding innocent blood. — Joseph Albo

Bad Habit Quotes By Rob Brezsny

Obsessing on evil is boring. Rousing fear is a hackneyed shtick. Wallowing is despair is a bad habit. Indulging in cynicism is akin to committing a copycat crime. — Rob Brezsny

Bad Habit Quotes By James S.A. Corey

But always there was the voice at the back of his head telling him that by joining the Rebellion he'd become less of a rebel than he'd ever been. Flying off to assault yet another impossibly well-defended Imperial stronghold. It was getting to be a bad habit. — James S.A. Corey

Bad Habit Quotes By Champ Bailey

You got to be real with yourself and not just let yourself pass on things that tend to become a bad habit. Make sure you stay on top of practicing well and preparing the way you always do. — Champ Bailey

Bad Habit Quotes By Carol Leifer

You can never go wrong betting on Americans' bad eating habits. So I've made a ton investing in all fast food chains, while at the same time investing in Dockers, spandex, Spanx, and sweatpants. Basically, anything with an elastic waistband is a goldmine. — Carol Leifer

Bad Habit Quotes By Amy Tan

Each person is made of five different elements, she told me.
Too much fire and you had a bad temper. That was like my father, whom my mother always critized for his cigarette habit and who always shouted back that she should feel guilty that he didn't let my mother speak her mind.
Too little wood and you bent too quickly to listen to other people's ideas, unable to stand on your own. This was like my Auntie An-mei.
Too much water and you flowed in too many different directions. like myself. — Amy Tan

Bad Habit Quotes By Emily Maroutian

As we grow older we let go a little at a time: a bad memory, a negative habit, a toxic friend. Bit by bit we shed what no longer serves us until we reveal who we are underneath it all. We soon discover that even though we gave up many things, there is no feeling of loss. What we have gained in return is far more valuable. — Emily Maroutian

Bad Habit Quotes By Trishna Damodar

When you want to quit a 'bad habit, think about what 'good' it's doing in your life. — Trishna Damodar

Bad Habit Quotes By Alain Wertheimer

We have a bad habit of not being able to do things cheap. — Alain Wertheimer

Bad Habit Quotes By Swami Satchidananda

If you do not pour water on your plant, what will happen? It will slowly wither and die. Our habits will also slowly wither and die away if we do not give them an opportunity to manifest. You need not fight to stop a habit. Just don't give it an opportunity to repeat itself. (67) — Swami Satchidananda

Bad Habit Quotes By Daniele Lanzarotta

I'm starting to think that you have a really bad habit of trying to save me."
She turns shy and looks down. "You are worth saving. — Daniele Lanzarotta

Bad Habit Quotes By Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

The outside world is just a bad habit of the so-called nervous system. — Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

Bad Habit Quotes By Victoria Schwab

I wish you wouldn't indulge him," said the Prince Regent, whose name was also George (Kell found the Grey London habit of sons taking father's name both redundant and confusing) with a dismissive wave of his hand. "It gets his spirits up."
"Is that a bad thing?" asked Kell.
"For him, yes. He'll be in a frenzy later. Dancing on the tables talking of magic and other Londons. What trick did you do for him this time? Convince him he could fly?"
Kell had only made that mistake once. — Victoria Schwab

Bad Habit Quotes By Lev Grossman

A novel with a bad middle is a bad book. A bad ending is something I've just gotten in the habit of forgiving. — Lev Grossman

Bad Habit Quotes By Elbert Hubbard

This bad habit of fault-finding, criticizing and complaining is a tool that grows keener by constant use, and there is grave danger that he who at first is only a moderate kicker may develop into a chronic knocker, and the knife he has sharpened will sever his head. Hooker — Elbert Hubbard

Bad Habit Quotes By John McWhorter

It would be good if teachers could genuinely understand that black English is not mistakes, it's just different English, and that what you want to do is add an additional dialect to black students' repertoire rather than teaching them out of what's thought of as a bad habit, like sloppy posture or chewing with your mouth open. — John McWhorter

Bad Habit Quotes By Alexandra Bracken

I flick my turn signal on out of dumb habit, and because the end of the world's no excuse for bad driving manners. — Alexandra Bracken

Bad Habit Quotes By Evelyn E. Smith

It is easier to learn a bad habit than to break one. It is easier to break a good habit than to learn one. — Evelyn E. Smith

Bad Habit Quotes By Susan Orlean

I finally overcame my phobia, and now I approach flying with a sort of studied boredom - a learned habit, thanks to my learn-to-fly-calmly training - but like all former flying phobics, I retain a weird and feverish fascination with aviation news, especially bad news. — Susan Orlean

Bad Habit Quotes By Jack Canfield

Good or bad, habits always deliver results. — Jack Canfield

Bad Habit Quotes By Neal Shusterman

My father has the irritating habit of saying the same thing whenever something bad happens. "This, too, shall pass," he says. What annoys me is that he's always right about it. What annoys me even more is that he always reminds me later when it does pass, as a smug "I told you so."

He doesn't say it to me anymore because Mom told him it was trite. Maybe it is, but I find that I say it to myself now. No matter how bad I'm feeling, I make myself say it, even if I'm not ready to believe it. This, too, shall pass. It's amazing how little things like that can make a big difference. — Neal Shusterman

Bad Habit Quotes By Benson Henderson

I don't think it's illegal. I don't think it's against the rules. It's as dangerous for me to have a toothpick in your mouth as it is to have a 200-pound man punch me in the face hard or try to kick me in the face. I'm more worried about that, to be honest. I don't have any superstitions. I won world titles with a toothpick. I defended it without a toothpick. It all depends. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I don't. It's a bad habit. I know I shouldn't do it, but it's fine. — Benson Henderson

Bad Habit Quotes By Aishabella Sheikh

You really have a bad habit of falling," he remarked.
Falling for you, Amarissa thought. — Aishabella Sheikh

Bad Habit Quotes By Seneca The Younger

Upon occasion we should go as far as intoxication ... Drink washes cares away, stirs the mind from its lowest depths ... But in liberty moderation is wholesome, and so it is in wine ... We ought not indulge too often, for fear the mind contract a bad habit, yet it is right to draw it toward elation and release and to banish dull sobriety for a little. — Seneca The Younger

Bad Habit Quotes By Peter Kreeft

A habit is a stable disposition to act in a certain way, good or evil. Virtues are good habits; vices are bad habits. — Peter Kreeft

Bad Habit Quotes By Alain De Botton

At the heart of the pain created by sexual rejection is our habit of interpreting it as a moral judgement, when it might more accurately be categorized as a mere accident. We can start to break free from this torture by recognizing that the evenings that don't work out are really just a minor species of bad luck. The — Alain De Botton

Bad Habit Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

Death," he had said on another occasion, "seems to be merely a bad habit, which nature is at present powerless to overcome. — Vladimir Nabokov

Bad Habit Quotes By Oscar Wilde

The truth is a thing I get id of as soon as possible! Bad habit, by the way. Makes one very unpopular at the club... with the older members. They call it being conceited. Perhaps it is. — Oscar Wilde

Bad Habit Quotes By Barack Obama

As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol. — Barack Obama

Bad Habit Quotes By Cal Newport

As the author Tim Ferriss once wrote: "Develop the habit of letting small bad things happen. If you don't, you'll never find time for the life-changing big things. — Cal Newport

Bad Habit Quotes By Andrew Bogut

We have a high ceiling. We're still young. We're still learning coach's system and we're still learning how to play hard every night. I think that's been a bad habit of ours the last few years. It's a habit that's hard to shake, too. I think if we keep pushing, we'll be alright this season. — Andrew Bogut

Bad Habit Quotes By Sam Snead

No matter what happens - never give up a hole ... In tossing in your cards after a bad beginning you also undermine your whole game, because to quit between tee and green is more habit-forming than drinking a highball before breakfast. — Sam Snead

Bad Habit Quotes By Greg Child

Maybe Himalayan climbing is just a bad habit, like smoking, of which one says with cavalier abandon, must give this up some day, before it kills me. — Greg Child

Bad Habit Quotes By Ashleigh Brilliant

I'll give up my bad habits as soon as equally satisfying good habits become available. — Ashleigh Brilliant

Bad Habit Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

We sometimes disputed, and very fond we were of argument, and very desirous of confuting one another, which disputatious turn, by the way, is apt to become a very bad habit, making people often extremely disagreeable in company by the contradiction that is necessary to bring it into practice; and thence, besides souring and spoiling the conversation, is productive of disgusts and, perhaps enmities where you may have occasion for friendship. I had caught it by reading my father's books of dispute about religion. Persons of good sense, I have since observed, seldom fall into it, except lawyers, university men, and men of all sorts that have been bred at Edinborough. — Benjamin Franklin

Bad Habit Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

Have you ever tried to quit a bad habit, one that has come to define you? To cease using a substance--any substance--that you not only need but enjoy? To stop yourself from lighting up that cigarette? It's going to kill you, but hey, you're going to die someday anyway, why not die happy, why not die buzzed, why not die satisfied? Why not die sooner, with fewer regrets, than later? — Ellen Hopkins

Bad Habit Quotes By Dan Simmons

There were strict laws protecting card privacy but laws had a bad habit of being ignored or abrogated when societal push came to totalitarian shove. — Dan Simmons

Bad Habit Quotes By Masaaki Hatsumi

You must throw away your bad habits to get good. — Masaaki Hatsumi

Bad Habit Quotes By Joe J. Christensen

You can have a similar experience in your own life. You can change, even if you consider yourself a "night person" ... Almost any habit-good or bad-can be set in about twenty-one days. With firm resolve, we can make the needed changes in our lives. — Joe J. Christensen

Bad Habit Quotes By Marina Abramovic

I hate repetition. Even when I am home and have to buy milk, I go a different way each time to avoid having a habit of anything. Habits are really bad. So to me it is really important to live in what I call the spaces in-between. Bus stations, trains, taxis or waiting rooms in airports are the best places because you are open to destiny, you are open to everything and anything can happen. — Marina Abramovic

Bad Habit Quotes By Wes Montgomery

It's impossible for me to feel like there's only one way to do a thing. There's nothing wrong with having one way of doing it, but I think it's a bad habit. I believe in range. Like, there's a lot of tunes that I play all the time-sometimes I hear 'em in a different register. And if you don't have complete freedom, or you won't let yourself get away from that one straight line, oh, my goodness, that's too horrible to even think about. — Wes Montgomery

Bad Habit Quotes By Hosea Ballou

A single bad habit will mar an otherwise faultless character, as an ink-drop soileth the pure white page. — Hosea Ballou

Bad Habit Quotes By N. T. Wright

Part of the problem about authenticity is that virtues aren't the only things that are habit forming: the more someone behaves in a way that is damaging to self or to others, the more "natural" it will both seem and actually be. Spontaneity, left to itself, can begin by excusing bad behavior and end by congratulating vice. — N. T. Wright

Bad Habit Quotes By Zig Ziglar

Habits are funny things. What's funny, or rather tragic, is that bad habits are so predictable and avoidable. Despite this, there are people by the millions who insist on acquiring habits that are bad, expensive, and create problems. The habit they weren't going to get, got them! — Zig Ziglar

Bad Habit Quotes By Tana French

One of the reasons I love Murder is that victims are, as a general rule, dead ... I don't make a habit of sharing this, in case people take me fore a sicko or- worse-a wimp, but give me a dead child, any day, over a child sobbing his heart out while you make him tell you what the bad man did next. Dead victims don't show up outside HQ to beg for answers, you never have to nudge them into reliving every hideous moment, and you never have to worry, and you never have to worry about what it'll do to their lives if you fuck up. They stay put in the morgue, light-years beyond anything I can do right or wrong, and leave me free to focus on the people who sent them there. — Tana French

Bad Habit Quotes By Trenton Lee Stewart

Kate laid her hand against his cheek. "Why do you keep doing this? Why do you keep getting hurt?"
"Bad habit," Milligan mumbled. — Trenton Lee Stewart

Bad Habit Quotes By Lewis Mumford

Common sense was exactly what kingship, almost by definition, lacked: when the king's orders were executed no one dared to tell him honestly how they had turned out. With the absolute powers bestowed by kingship came an arrogance, a ruthlessness, an inflexibility, a habit of compulsion, an unwillingness to listen to reason, that no small community would have endured from any of its members-though the aggressive and humanly disagreeable qualities that make for such ambitious leadership might be found anywhere-as Margaret Mead discovered among the Mundugumor, whose leaders were known to the community as "really bad men," aggressive, gluttonous for power and prestige. — Lewis Mumford

Bad Habit Quotes By Jules Verne

Work, my boy! forget me for a few years; I'd only give you bad advice; don't mention our meeting to your uncle- it might do you harm; don't think about an old man who would be dead long since, were it not for his dear habit of coming here every day and finding his old friends on these shelves. — Jules Verne

Bad Habit Quotes By Margaret Atwood

What are we do to? The child sex trade is not for us: our children are unattractive and rude, and - due to the knowledge of our history - have a bad habit of mugging prospective customers and shoving them over cliffs. — Margaret Atwood

Bad Habit Quotes By Scott Westerfeld

You have a bad habit of listing anything that can go wrong, Volger."
"I have always considered that a good habit — Scott Westerfeld

Bad Habit Quotes By Steven Pinker

We live in an era of social science, and have become accustomed to understanding the social world in terms of "forces," "pressures," "processes," and "developments." It is easy to forget that those "forces" are statistical summaries of the deeds of millions of men and women who act on their beliefs in pursuit of their desires. The habit of submerging the individual into abstractions can lead not only to bad science (it's not as if the "social forces" obeyed Newton's laws) but to dehumanization. — Steven Pinker

Bad Habit Quotes By John Spence

Habits, good or bad, can always be traced back to your own thinking. — John Spence

Bad Habit Quotes By Aldous Huxley

Good Being is knowing who in fact we are; and in order to know who in fact we are, we must first know, moment by moment, who we think we are and what this bad habit of thought compels us to feel and do. A moment of clear and complete knowledge of what we think we are, but in fact are not, puts a stop, for a moment, to the Manichean charade. If we renew, until they become a continuity, these moments of the knowledge of what we are not, we may find ourselves, all of a sudden, knowing who in fact we are. — Aldous Huxley

Bad Habit Quotes By Oscar Wilde

As a rule, I think they are quite impossible. Geniuses talk so much, don't they? Such a bad habit! And they are always thinking about themselves, when I want them to be thinking about me. — Oscar Wilde

Bad Habit Quotes By Paramahansa Yogananda

Weaken a bad habit by avoiding everything that occasioned it or stimulated it, without concentrating upon it in your zeal to avoid it. Then divert your mind to some good habit and steadily cultivate it until it becomes a dependable part of you. — Paramahansa Yogananda