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Top Bad Grandpa Quotes

Bad Grandpa Quotes By Wilson Rawls

What are all those people doing under the trees?" I asked. "Those are students," Grandpa said. "They're probably studying their lessons. They have their classes inside those buildings." "That wouldn't be a bad place to go to school," I said. "Instead of having to stay in the schoolhouse to study, you could just go outside and sit under a tree. I think I'd like that." "I hope I live to see the day when you go to college here," Grandpa said. "Do you think you'd like it? — Wilson Rawls

Bad Grandpa Quotes By Curtis Jackson

My grandparents went through a bad experience themselves; they invested money in a church and got burned - the pastor had his own agenda - and my grandfather lost interest in the church after that. That was when I had the option to not go. 'Grandpa ain't going; I'm gonna stay with Grandpa.' — Curtis Jackson

Bad Grandpa Quotes By Kristen Proby

Grandpa says we're bad for his high pressure," Josie informs her mother with a serious face. "He says we'll give him vagina," Maddie joins in and I snort before catching the laugh that wants to come out of me. "Angina," he corrects them and rolls his eyes. "You'll give me angina." "That's what I said," Maddie counters. — Kristen Proby

Bad Grandpa Quotes By Chris Fabry

Gerald's arm rose and fell the same way to any song he led, no matter the time signature. He had a nasal twang when he spoke and sang, like a younger Grandpa Jones, but his pitch wasn't bad and he seemed to enjoy song-leading. His job was to get everybody started at the same place and everybody stopped when the song was over, but whatever happened in the middle was up to God and the congregation. — Chris Fabry

Bad Grandpa Quotes By Sakura Tsukuba

There's nothing wrong with seeing. If you see a "bad future", just change it, is all. Things'll turn out okay, as long as you don't give up! — Sakura Tsukuba

Bad Grandpa Quotes By George S. Kaufman

Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Penny, why don't you write a play about Ism-Mania?
Penny Sycamore: Ism-Mania?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Yeah, sure, you know, Communism, Faschism, Voodoo-ism, everybody's got an -ism these days.
Penny Sycamore: Oh
Penny Sycamore: I thought it was some kind of itch or something.
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Well, it's just as catching. When things go a little bad nowadays, you go out, get yourself an -ism and you're in business. — George S. Kaufman

Bad Grandpa Quotes By Savo Heleta

The story Grandpa told us helped me realize that people cannot be divided into groups by ethnicity, religion, or any other feature, only into groups of good, bad, and indifferent people. — Savo Heleta