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Top Bad Doings Quotes

Bad Doings Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

If you want to know the real reasons behind that attitude, think of the thought behind that attitude — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Bad Doings Quotes By Orson Welles

You know what I did this morning? I played the voice of a toy. Some terrible robot toys from Japan that changed from one thing to another. The Japanese have funded a full-length animated cartoon about the doings of these toys, which is all bad outer-space stuff. I play a planet. I menace somebody called Something-or-other. Then I'm destroyed. My plan to destroy Whoever-it-is is thwarted and I tear myself apart on the screen. — Orson Welles

Bad Doings Quotes By C.J. Cherryh

He had read about evil in Efanor's little book, and how it permeated the doings of Men, but he had never foud such doings evil, rather good and bad ... but none without self-interest, none he could not understand even in terms of his own will to have his way. — C.J. Cherryh

Bad Doings Quotes By Tom Verlaine

I don't want any production credit. I think producers are overrated. They're for people who, first of all, don't know anything about music or arranging and have no ear for their own doings. They can't tell a good solo from a bad solo, stuff like that. — Tom Verlaine