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Top Backhanded Love Quotes

Backhanded Love Quotes By John Goode

I even went to the source of all wisdom, I went and knelt at the great Queen of Drag's feet and asked her how to find love.
She backhanded me in between verses of Whitney Houston and told me if she knew, why in fuck would she be here ? — John Goode

Backhanded Love Quotes By Rachel E. Carter

I wonder if you have ever given someone a compliment that wasn't a backhanded insult.

I prefer not to, it gives people an unsettling impression of self-importance. — Rachel E. Carter

Backhanded Love Quotes By R.J. Larson

Kien, talking with Akabe, caught Ela's glance and grinned, luring her thoughts toward him. Gorgeous man! How dare he distract her?
Akabe turned and saw what-or rather who-had distracted Kien mid-sentence. He should have known. And he understood. If Caitria had cast him such a loving smile, Akabe would have abandoned this impromptu conference altogether. But Caitria petted Issa, ignoring everyone else. Therefore...
Akabe backhanded Kien's shoulder. "Stop flirting with your wife and pay attention!"
Kien shot him a mock-threatening look. "I am your servant, sir."
A headstrong and unexpected servant, Akabe agreed silently. But most welcome. — R.J. Larson