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Top Azzinaros Quotes

Azzinaros Quotes By Peter Singer

Philosophy is not politics, and we do our best, within our all-too-human limitations, to seek the truth, not to score points against opponents. There is little satisfaction in gaining an easy triumph over a weak opponent while ignoring better arguments against your views. — Peter Singer

Azzinaros Quotes By Frank Moore Colby

I know of no more disagreeable situation than to be left feeling generally angry without anybody in particular to be angry at. — Frank Moore Colby

Azzinaros Quotes By Victor Hugo

Have no fear of robbers or murderers. They are external dangers, petty dangers. We should fear ourselves. Prejudices are the real robbers; vices the real murderers. The great dangers are within us. Why worry about what threatens our heads or our purses? Let us think instead of what threatens our souls. — Victor Hugo

Azzinaros Quotes By David McCullough

Boston Latin School. — David McCullough

Azzinaros Quotes By Bill Watterson

Van Gogh would've sold more than one painting if he'd put tigers in them. — Bill Watterson

Azzinaros Quotes By Brad Pitt

Democracy doesn't work unless the public is informed. — Brad Pitt

Azzinaros Quotes By Roger Zelazny

Before you are fully aware of anything else, you are aware whether you are awakening in your own bed. — Roger Zelazny

Azzinaros Quotes By Rebecca West

Sentences were used by man before words and still come with the readiness of instinct to his lips. They, and not words, are the foundations of all language ... Your cat has no words, but it has considerable feeling for the architecture of the sentence in relation to the problem of expressing climax. — Rebecca West

Azzinaros Quotes By Galway Kinnell

You live
under the Sign
of the Bear, who flounders through chaos
in his starry blubber:
poor fool,
poor forked branch
of applewood, you will feel all your bones break
over the holy waters you will never drink. — Galway Kinnell