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Attributes Quotes By Rene Descartes

It is to the body alone that we should attribute everything that can be observed in us to oppose our reason. — Rene Descartes

Attributes Quotes By Martin Zweig

Patience is one of the most valuable attributes in investing. — Martin Zweig

Attributes Quotes By Marcel Proust

Recalling, some time later, what I had felt at the time, I distinguished the impression of having been held for a moment in her mouth, myself, naked, without any of the social attributes which belonged equally to her other playmates and, when she used my surname, to my parents, accessories of which her lips - by the effort she made, a little after her father's manner, to articulate the words to which she wished to give a special emphasis - had the air of stripping, of divesting me, like the skin from a fruit of which one can swallow only the pulp, while her glance, adapting itself to the same new degree of intimacy as her speech, fell on me also more directly and testified to the consciousness, the pleasure, even the gratitude that it felt by accompanying itself with a smile. — Marcel Proust

Attributes Quotes By Gregory Palamas

Mary properly bore the name of Virgin, and possessed to the full all the attributes of purity. She was a virgin in both body and soul, and kept all the powers of her soul and her bodily senses far above any defilement. This she did authoritatively, steadfastly, decisively and altogether inviolably at all times, as a closed gate preserves the treasure within, and a sealed book keeps hidden from sight what is written inside. The Scriptures say of her, 'This is the sealed book' (cf. Rev. 5:1-6:1; Dan. 12:4) and 'this gate shall be shut, and no man shall enter by it' (Ezek. 44:2). — Gregory Palamas

Attributes Quotes By Chris Evans

I think diamonds represent luxury, indulgence, and class. So any time you can incorporate a gift that is synonymous with all those attributes, you know the other person will love it. I would challenge someone to find something that better represents Valentine's Day more than diamonds! — Chris Evans

Attributes Quotes By J. N. HALM

One plus one makes two but two monologues do not make a dialogue. Of all the traits, characteristics, attributes and habits of today's customers, the one that has serious consequences for businesses is this - today's customer does not want to be just spoken to. She wants to be engaged in a dialogue. Today's consumer expects to be part of the conversation about the product and/or service on offer. Today's customer does not want to be fed with advertisements. Collaboration is what excites today's customer. — J. N. HALM

Attributes Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Even with all its positive attributes, capitalism in its imperialistic form is the most treacherous system mankind ever devised. It is driven by a selfishness that has an almost religious underlining to it. — Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Attributes Quotes By Nehemiah Adams

Though, in debating with regard to theories, it be lawful to say whether this or that is consistent with the Divine attributes, yet, when we find that God has actually done any thing, all question about its justice, wisdom, and benevolence, is forever out of place. — Nehemiah Adams

Attributes Quotes By Wayne Koestenbaum

I mention Jackie mostly because I want to be assured that I inhabit the same universe as other people; that I am not alone on a distant shore. Jackie glues me to this world - most effectively when I can find a way to mention her name or her attributes, when I can find a pretext, however frail, to introduce her into a conversation, even at the risk of non sequitur, bathos, or incoherence. — Wayne Koestenbaum

Attributes Quotes By Frank Luntz

There are certain aspects, and there are - there are 15 attributes of winners and winning slogans. "Which side are you on" sounds divisive, that you're on one side or the other, at a time when we actually want universality. We want unanimity. — Frank Luntz

Attributes Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

If Satan should ever replace God he would find it necessary to assume the attributes of Divinity. — Robert A. Heinlein

Attributes Quotes By Peggy Post

A self-confident person isn't boastful or pushy but is secure with herself in a way that inspires confidence in others. She values herself regardless of her physical attributes or individual talents, understanding that honor and character are what really matter. — Peggy Post

Attributes Quotes By Margaret Cho

Whenever anyone has called me a bitch, I have taken it as a compliment. To me, a bitch is assertive, unapologetic, demanding, intimidating, intelligent, fiercely protective, in control - all very positive attributes. But it's not supposed to be a compliment, because there's that stupid double standard: When men are aggressive and dominant, they are admired, but when a woman possesses those same qualities, she is dismissed and called a bitch.
These days, I strive to be a bitch, because not being one sucks. Not being a bitch means not having your voice heard. Not being a bitch means you agree with all the bullshit. Not being a bitch means you don't appreciate all the other bitches who have come before you. Not being a bitch means since Eve ate that apple, we will forever have to pay for her bitchiness with complacence, obedience, acceptance, closed eyes, and open legs. — Margaret Cho

Attributes Quotes By T.I.

I want to do things that shock people. I think that persona attributes more to the roles that other people may consider me for, rather than the ones I consider for myself. — T.I.

Attributes Quotes By Lewis Carroll

Can a Thing exist without any Attributes belonging to it? — Lewis Carroll

Attributes Quotes By Daniel L. Akin

When we approach theology as facts to look at, it is easy to allow certain theological debates to replace Scripture as our primary theological subject matter. These debates - such as the categorization of God's attributes, the nature of predestination, the age of the earth, and the continuation of certain spiritual gifts - are not unimportant issues, and sometimes the church must return to them for extended theological reflection. However, the church's mission is derailed when theology becomes little more than a discipline helping people know what to believe about these particular issues. These debates are necessary to the task of theology, but they are not primary. The primary role of theology is to cultivate in us a love for and knowledge of — Daniel L. Akin

Attributes Quotes By Don Paterson

Lakoff's idea is that most of our thought is guided by underlying conceptual mappings between two domains that share some content, that overlap in the sets of their attributes ... Contrary to the assertions of Lakoff and some of the cognitive metaphor theorists, people can read through to an underlying mapping, but only when the surface metaphor is new to them. — Don Paterson

Attributes Quotes By Jeffrey Frank

In 1959, Vice-President Nixon, speaking to members of California's Commonwealth Club, was asked if he'd like to see the parties undergo an ideological realignment - the sort that has since taken place - and he replied, "I think it would be a great tragedy ... if we had our two major political parties divide on what we would call a conservative-liberal line." He continued, "I think one of the attributes of our political system has been that we have avoided generally violent swings in Administrations from one extreme to the other. And the reason we have avoided that is that in both parties there has been room for a broad spectrum of opinion." Therefore, "when your Administrations come to power, they will represent the whole people rather than just one segment of the people. — Jeffrey Frank

Attributes Quotes By Douglas MacArthur

Apart from an innate grasp of tactical concepts, a great coach must possess the essentials attributes of leadership which mold men into a cohesive, fighting team with an invincible will to victory. — Douglas MacArthur

Attributes Quotes By Sylvia Earle

The best scientists and explorers have the attributes of kids! They ask question and have a sense of wonder. They have curiosity. 'Who, what, where, why, when, and how!' They never stop asking questions, and I never stop asking questions, just like a five year old. — Sylvia Earle

Attributes Quotes By Baruch Spinoza

God and all attributes of God are eternal. — Baruch Spinoza

Attributes Quotes By Robert D. Brinsmead

The Bible in itself is not the Word of God. The Word of God is a person. Neither does the Bible have life, power or light in itself any more than did the Jewish Torach. These attributes may be ascribed to the Bible only by virtue of its relationship to Him who is Word, Life, Power and Light. Life is not in the book, as the Pharisees supposed, but only in the Man of the book . — Robert D. Brinsmead

Attributes Quotes By Matt Tong

It's frustrating that people attribute something to certain songs and that's not what they're about at all. — Matt Tong

Attributes Quotes By James F. Cooper

How easy it is for generous sentiments, high courtesy, and chivalrous courage to lose their influence beneath the chilling blight of selfishness, and to exhibit to the world a man who was great in all the minor attributes of character, but who was found wanting when it became necessary to prove how much principle is superior to policy. — James F. Cooper

Attributes Quotes By Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Even though fathers, grandparents, siblings, memories of ancestors are important agents of socialization, our society focuses on the attributes and characteristics of mothers and teachers and gives them the ultimate responsibility for the child's life chances. — Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Attributes Quotes By Gavin De Becker

Randomness and lack of warning are the attributes of human violence we fear most, but you now know that human violence is rarely random and rarely without warning. — Gavin De Becker

Attributes Quotes By Timothy Leary

Recite to yourself some of the traditional attributes of the word 'spiritual': mythic, magical, ethereal, incorporeal, intangible, nonmaterial, disembodied, ideal, platonic. Is that not a definition of the electronic-digital? — Timothy Leary

Attributes Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

One will seldom go wrong if one attributes extreme actions to vanity, average ones to habit, and pretty ones to fear. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Attributes Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

The first sign of love is when love asks nothing, [when it] gives everything. This is the real spiritual worship, the worship through love. Whether God is merciful is no longer questioned. He is God; He is my love. Whether God is omnipotent and almighty, limited or unlimited, is no longer questioned. If He distributes good, all right; if He brings evil, what does it matter? All other attributes vanish except that one-infinite love. — Swami Vivekananda

Attributes Quotes By Anne Rice

In a daze, I saw him stretch out his arms to me. It struck me that never in all my life had I beheld anyone quite as beautiful as he was, and it was not merely the sum of his physical attributes, it was the pure serenity, the essence that I perceived with my innermost soul. A lovely euphoria came over me as he spoke. — Anne Rice

Attributes Quotes By David Platt

I wonder sometimes, though, if we intentionally or just unknowingly mask the beauty of God in the gospel by minimizing his various attributes. — David Platt

Attributes Quotes By Frederick Lenz

The Tibetan Buddhist realization is that mind does not have any particular qualities or attributes of its own. It's clear - clear light. — Frederick Lenz

Attributes Quotes By Aristotle.

But a man's best friend is the one who not only wishes him well but wishes it for his own sake (even though nobody will ever know it): and this condition is best fulfilled by his attitude towards himself - and similarly with all the other attributes that go to define a friend. For we have said before that all friendly feelings for others are extensions of a man's feelings for himself. — Aristotle.

Attributes Quotes By Nicholas A. Christakis

Social media and the Internet haven't changed our capacity for social interaction any more than the Internet has changed our ability to be in love or our basic propensity to violence, because those are such fundamental human attributes. — Nicholas A. Christakis

Attributes Quotes By Marcelle Hinkson

Intelligence is a mere means of building ones focus,it's knowledge,wisdom and understanding that is the factor that attributes to one achieving ones position in society to gain ones place to be a leader and a guide — Marcelle Hinkson

Attributes Quotes By Frank Herbert

The Reverend Mother must combine the seductive wiles of a courtesan with the untouchable majesty of a virgin goddess, holding these attributes in tension so long as the powers of her youth endure. For when youth and beauty have gone, she will find that the place-between, once occupied by tension, has become a wellspring of cunning and resourcefulness. — Frank Herbert

Attributes Quotes By Lupe Fiasco

If you feel comfortable, and you feel happy, and successful at your job, then that's success. You define that as success, then that's success. Success is not a general thing. It's a personal thing. It's a personal attribute. — Lupe Fiasco

Attributes Quotes By Yotam Ottolenghi

Just-poached vegetables show off their natural attributes and taste fresh and light in a way you never get with roasting or frying. — Yotam Ottolenghi

Attributes Quotes By Edward R. Tufte

What about confusing clutter? Information overload? Doesn't data have to be "boiled down" and "simplified"? These common questions miss the point, for the quantity of detail is an issue completely separate from the difficulty of reading. Clutter and confusion are failures of design, not attributes of information. — Edward R. Tufte

Attributes Quotes By Pierre Lemaitre

An aging beau. He has probably tried to screw half his staff and doubtless attributes to his charm the few successes that are simply statistical anomalies. — Pierre Lemaitre

Attributes Quotes By James Fallows

No real-world human being brings to the U.S. presidency the range of attributes necessary for full success in the job. — James Fallows

Attributes Quotes By Samuel Beckett

Memory and Habit are attributes of the Time cancer. They control the most simple Proustian episode, and an understanding of their mechanism must precede any particular analysis of their application. — Samuel Beckett

Attributes Quotes By Dennis Altman

Both the Moral Majority, who are recycling medieval language to explain AIDS, and those ultra-leftists who attribute AIDS to some sort of conspiracy, have a clearly political analysis of the epidemic. But even if one attributes its cause to a microorganism rather than the wrath of God, or the workings of the CIA, it is clear that the way in which AIDS has been perceived, conceptualized, imagined, researched and financed makes this the most political of diseases. — Dennis Altman

Attributes Quotes By R.A. Salvatore

Courage in battle and courage in personal and emotional matters are often two separate attributes, and an abundance of one does not necessarily translate into an ample amount of the other. — R.A. Salvatore

Attributes Quotes By Shomprakash Sinha Roy

Here's the thing - in this damned century, you'll meet a lot of people who do a lot of things. What's funny is the fact that the most desirable attributes of these people are nothing but developed and cultured thoughts. And these things come naturally to people who shine bright. The other guys just try to ape these thoughts, in an embarrassing attempt to recreate some of that magic. Sadly,- what looks beautiful as a natural quotient can be extremely funny and disgusting when replicated manually. Stop replicating feelings; else you'll turn into one of those duplicate personalities. They're wannabes. You don't have to become one! — Shomprakash Sinha Roy

Attributes Quotes By David Harvey

Empiricism assumes that objects can be understood independendy of observing subjects. Truth is therefore assumed to lie in a world external to the observer whose job is to record and faithfully reflect the attributes of objects. This logical empiricism is a pragmatic version of that scientific method which goes under the name of 'logical positivism', and is founded in a particular and very strict view of language and meaning. — David Harvey

Attributes Quotes By Pablo Casals

The miracle of Bach has not appeared in any other art. To strip human nature until its divine attributes are made clear, to inform ordinary activities with spiritual fervour, to give wings of eternity to that which is most ephemeral; to make divine things human and human things divine; such is Bach, the greatest and purest moment in music of all time. — Pablo Casals

Attributes Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

If we like a person, all his attributes will manifest within us. If we like a pickpocket, even his attributes will manifest within us. — Dada Bhagwan

Attributes Quotes By James Morgan Pryse

It is also the irrational instinct of religionism, the vague yearning for something to worship - a reflection or shadow of the true devotional principle - which prompts men to project a subjective image of the lower, personal mind, and to endow it with human attributes, and then to claim to receive "revelations" from it; and this - the image of the Beast, or unspiritual mind, - is their anthropomorphic God, a fabulous monster the worship of which has ever prompted men to fanaticism and persecution, and has inflicted untold misery and dread upon the masses of mankind, as well as physical torture and death in hideous forms upon the many martyrs who have refused to bend the knee to this Gorgonean phantom of the beast-mind of man. Truly, where the worshipers of this image of the Beast predominate, the man whose brow and hand are unbranded by this superstition, who neither thinks nor acts in accordance with it, suffers ostracism if not virulent persecution. — James Morgan Pryse

Attributes Quotes By Yukio Mishima

In general, things that were endowed with life did not, like the Golden Temple, have the rigid quality of existing once and for all. Human beings were merely allotted one part of nature's various attributes and, by an effective method of substitution, they diffused that part and made it multiply. — Yukio Mishima

Attributes Quotes By Kami Garcia

Lena was going down the list of John's attributes in her mind, a list I was hoping wasn't too long. "He could see and hear and smell things I couldn't."
Link inhaled deeply, then coughed. "Dude, you really need a shower. — Kami Garcia

Attributes Quotes By Michael Ignatieff

Nationalism is a distorting mirror in which believers see their simple ethnic, religious, or territorial attributes transformed into glorious attributes and qualities. — Michael Ignatieff

Attributes Quotes By Krista Ritchie

If someone asked me to name the first two attributes of Ryke Meadows, aggressive wouldn't even be on the list. In the heart of his soul lies kindness, wrapped tightly in selflessness that shows in almost every action. — Krista Ritchie

Attributes Quotes By Peter F. Drucker

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. — Peter F. Drucker

Attributes Quotes By Nicola Sturgeon

One of the attributes Glasgow is best known for all over the world is the friendliness of her people. — Nicola Sturgeon

Attributes Quotes By John Avanzini

Why do you need to know that? Because until you know that Jesus was prosperous, you won't be either. You may have His kindness, you may have His gentleness, you may have all His other attributes, but you'll never have His prosperity. — John Avanzini

Attributes Quotes By Ross Parmenter

In remaking the world in the likeness of a steam-heated, air-conditioned metropolis of apartment buildings we have violated one of our essential attributes-our kinship with nature. — Ross Parmenter

Attributes Quotes By Daniel McHugh

A man without equals is a dangerous man indeed. He must exercise the most difficult of attributes, restraint. — Daniel McHugh

Attributes Quotes By Tessa Dare

She'd always envied beautiful women. Not solely for the beauty itself but because when attributes were parceled out by whatever deity assigned them, beauty seemed to come tethered to confidence. She craved that more than anything. — Tessa Dare

Attributes Quotes By Gena Showalter

What makes big boobs and perkiness so attractive to boys? I mean, really. Two round, mounds of fat and a fake smile. Yeah, winning attributes. — Gena Showalter

Attributes Quotes By Rene Dubos

Clearly, health and disease cannot be defined merely in terms of anatomical, physiological, or mental attributes. Their real measure is the ability of the individual to function in a manner acceptable to himself and to the group of which he is a part. — Rene Dubos

Attributes Quotes By Michael Gove

Boris Johnson is a man of great attributes and great qualities. — Michael Gove

Attributes Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes

Among the attributes of God, although they are equal, mercy shines with even more brilliance than justice. — Miguel De Cervantes

Attributes Quotes By Lee Ellis

Voters - here's the real challenge: we don't need empty promises made by politicians whose only goal in life is to get elected or re-elected. We need leaders with attributes that qualify them to lead us through the difficult challenges we're facing. — Lee Ellis

Attributes Quotes By Swami Paramananda

There are certain things that have universal attributes, like music. Something of greater magnitude is conveyed by them. They connect us with the universal storehouse of life and knowledge. — Swami Paramananda

Attributes Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

The only universal attribute of scientific statements resides in their potential fallibility. If a claim cannot be disproven, it does not belong to the enterprise of science. — Stephen Jay Gould

Attributes Quotes By Aviva Chomsky

Like other discriminatory legislation in our country's history, immigration laws define and differentiate legal status on the basis of arbitrary attributes. Immigration laws create unequal rights. People who break immigration laws don't cause harm or even potential harm (unlike, for example, drunk driving, which creates the potential for harm even if no accident occurs). Rather, people who break immigration laws do things that are perfectly legal for others, but denied to them
like crossing a border or, even more commonly, simply exist. — Aviva Chomsky

Attributes Quotes By Brian D'Ambrosio

She lives in a town of sorry history,
indifferent to ethical perspectives,
apathetic to female attributes,
cargo and trunk liners,
spilled oil in the garage,
telephone poles shaped like liquor bottles,
sustaining burly weather,
cardiac distressing cold,
tobacco and mortality,
lying face-up on the bar's concrete floor,
no one can waste a life
faster than a Montana redneck. — Brian D'Ambrosio

Attributes Quotes By Yves Behar

I think every business, really, has a unique reason for being, unique assets, unique attributes, a unique history. And that can be turned into a very attractive design story, essentially, that consumers can relate to. — Yves Behar

Attributes Quotes By Oswald Chambers

The reason some of us are such poor specimens of Christianity is because we have no Almighty Christ. We have Christian attributes and experiences, but there is no abandonment to Jesus Christ. — Oswald Chambers

Attributes Quotes By Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Christlike attributes come into our lives as we exercise our agenncy righteously. — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Attributes Quotes By Richard Baxter

Paganism attributes the creation of the world to blind chance. — Richard Baxter

Attributes Quotes By Denise Coates

Focusing on a person's positive attributes is an incredible way to give love. — Denise Coates

Attributes Quotes By Jasper Fforde

The Fringes are the place of the slack-willed, slack-jawed and slack-hued, remarked Floyd Pinken, who could comfortably boast all three of those attributes, if truth be known. — Jasper Fforde

Attributes Quotes By George H. Smith

If a supernatural being is to be exempt from natural law, it cannot possess specific, determinate
characteristics. These attributes would impose limits and these limits would restrict the capacities
of this supernatural being. In this case, a supernatural being would be subject to the causal
relationships that mark natural existence, which would disqualify it as a god. Therefore, we must
somehow conceive of a being without a specific nature, a being that is indeterminate - a being, in
other words, that is nothing in particular. But these characteristics (or, more precisely, lack of
characteristics) are incompatible with the notion of existence itself. — George H. Smith

Attributes Quotes By Walter Darby Bannard

Conceptual art' is an oxymoron. Concepts are articulations of fact or supposition, not attributes of quality. — Walter Darby Bannard

Attributes Quotes By Emma Goldman

Society considers the sex experiences of a man as attributes of his general development, while similar experiences in the life of a woman are looked upon as a terrible calamity, a loss of honor and of all that is good and noble in a human being. This double standard of morality has played no little part in the creation and perpetuation of prostitution. It involves the keeping of the young in absolute ignorance on sex matters, which alleged "innocence," together with an overwrought and stifled sex nature, helps to bring about a state of affairs that our Puritans are so anxious to avoid or prevent. — Emma Goldman

Attributes Quotes By Mark Twain

Humor must be one of the chief attributes of God. Plants and animals that are distinctly humorous in form and characteristics are God's jokes. — Mark Twain

Attributes Quotes By Ibn Ata Allah

The gnosis of God is intermediate between immoderation, which is ascribing human characteristics to God, and negligence, which is denying any attributes to God ... The Truth lies in the balance between the two extremes. — Ibn Ata Allah

Attributes Quotes By Sam Storms

God has sovereignly pulled back the curtain on His glory. He has disclosed Himself on the platform of both creation and redemption that we might stand awestruck in His presence, beholding the sweet symmetry of His attributes, pondering the unfathomable depths of His greatness, baffled by the wisdom of His deeds and the limitless extent of His goodness. This is His beauty. — Sam Storms

Attributes Quotes By Edward Tufte

Confusion and clutter are failures of design, not attributes of information. And so the point is to find design strategies that reveal detail and complexity - rather than to fault the data for an excess of complication. Or, worse, to fault viewers for a lack of understanding. — Edward Tufte

Attributes Quotes By Joe Dempsie

When I was cast as Gendry, I didn't have any of the physical attributes the part required. I was astounded that I got the role, to be honest. — Joe Dempsie

Attributes Quotes By Aristotle.

Now he who exercises his reason and cultivates
it seems to be both in the best state of mind and most dear to the
gods. For if the gods have any care for human affairs, as they are
thought to have, it would be reasonable both that they should delight
in that which was best and most akin to them (i.e. reason) and that
they should reward those who love and honour this most, as caring
for the things that are dear to them and acting both rightly and nobly.
And that all these attributes belong most of all to the philosopher
is manifest. He, therefore, is the dearest to the gods. And he who
is that will presumably be also the happiest; so that in this way
too the philosopher will more than any other be happy. — Aristotle.

Attributes Quotes By George Eliot

Great Love has many attributes, and shrines For varied worshippers, but his force divine Shows most its many-named fulness in the man Whose nature multitudinously mixed
Each ardent impulse grappling with a thought
Resists all easy gladness, all content Save mystic rapture, where the questioning soul Flooded with consciousness of good that is Finds life one bounteous answer. — George Eliot

Attributes Quotes By Laurent Blanc

Scholes is the best English player. Intelligence, technique, strength ... all the attributes are there. At Manchester United I saw what he could do on the training field. Phew! — Laurent Blanc

Attributes Quotes By Kabir

What is seen is not the Truth
What is cannot be said
Trust comes not without seeing
Nor understanding without words
The wise comprehends with knowledge
To the ignorant it is but a wonder
Some worship the formless God
Some worship his various forms
In what way He is beyond these attributes
Only the Knower knows
That music cannot be written
How can then be the notes
Say Kabir, awareness alone will overcome illusion. — Kabir

Attributes Quotes By James Ellroy

I always cringe when a male friend of mine, who's very fixated on women, puts "compatibility" at the top of his list of attributes that he would be looking for in a woman. I would replace compatibility with dialectic. — James Ellroy

Attributes Quotes By Rumi

God gave you life and bestowed upon you his attributes; eventually you will return to him. — Rumi

Attributes Quotes By Pharrell Williams

The odds are so stacked against you to have a music career in a place where there's virtually no music industry. So I always attribute it to God. — Pharrell Williams

Attributes Quotes By Bob Iger

People go to Disney because they know its brand attributes. We believe we have an opportunity to go with our content directly to consumers. — Bob Iger

Attributes Quotes By T. Coleman Andrews

The income tax is bad because it was conceived in class hatred, is an instrument of vengeance and plays right into the hands of the communists. It employs the vicious communist principle of taking from each according to his accumulation of the fruits of his labor and giving to others according to their needs, regardless of whether those needs are the result of indolence, or lack of pride, self-respect, personal dignity or other attributes of men. — T. Coleman Andrews

Attributes Quotes By David O. McKay

The first contributing factor to a happy home is the sublime virtue of loyalty, one of the noblest attributes of the human soul. — David O. McKay

Attributes Quotes By Timothy Dwight V

Angels are endowed with the noblest created Attributes. They are endowed with wonderful Power. This perfection of Angels is forcibly indicated by the fact that the name Power, or Might, is in several places given to them in the Gospel. No stronger testimony of their high possession of this attribute can be conveyed by a single word; for it is a direct declaration that their nature is power itself. — Timothy Dwight V

Attributes Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

If the man who observes the myriad stars, and considers that they and their innumerable satellites move in their serene dignity through the heavens, each swinging clear of the other's orbit-if, I say, the man who sees this cannot realise the Creator's attributes without the help of the book of Job, then his view of things is beyond my understanding. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Attributes Quotes By William Buckland

Shall it any longer be said that a science [geology], which unfolds such abundant evidence of the Being and Attributes of God, can reasonably be viewed in any other light than as the efficient Auxiliary and Handmaid of Religion? — William Buckland

Attributes Quotes By Neal A. Maxwell

C. S. Lewis pointed out that some people are angry with God for His not existing, and others for His existing but for failing to do as mortals would have Him do. Instead of such childishness, we are urged to know God and to learn of His attributes. — Neal A. Maxwell

Attributes Quotes By Heather Bresch

As a leader, these attributes - confidence, perseverance, work ethic and good sense - are all things I look for in people. I also try to lead by example and create an environment where good questions and good ideas can come from anyone. — Heather Bresch

Attributes Quotes By Eloisa James

It was a stupid thing to hold onto, but when one doesn't have much to celebrate in the way of physical attributes, ankles matter. — Eloisa James

Attributes Quotes By William Westney

Don't attribute mishaps to a lapse in concentration - if you missed the note you don't know it. — William Westney

Attributes Quotes By Martin Seligman

There are physical characteristics which are inherited. These include things like good looks, high intelligence, physical coordination. These attributes contribute to success in life, and success in life is a determinant of optimism. — Martin Seligman