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Top Athletes And Coaches Quotes

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Charles R. Sledge Jr.

Athletes are born winners, there not born loosers, and the sooner you understand this, the faster you can take on a winning attitude and become sucessful in life. — Charles R. Sledge Jr.

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Ralph Nader

The common belief that coaches must be abusive to be successful is a myth. Research shows that if you find a task fun, you'll perform better. If more coaches took ... a Golden Rule approach to coaching, treating their players the way they themselves would like to be treated, fewer athletes would drop out of sports in their teens, and more athletes at every level would be happier and more satisfied. — Ralph Nader

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Dominique Moceanu

We need to educate our elite coaches more and have a better approach to teaching the athletes about how to be healthy rather than berate them, humiliate them, use tactics that could scar them for life. — Dominique Moceanu

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Gordie Gillespie

Great coaches are great humanitarians. They really care for the athlete as people first and athletes second. This is paramount in gaining respect. — Gordie Gillespie

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Nick Saban

The thing that concerns me the most is when I hear that people are making a lot of money a lot of ways except for the athletes, whether it's on the bowl games, the TV contracts, the conferences, the schools, the coaches, however you want to say it. — Nick Saban

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By John Kessel

Never underestimate your players; they can do it with enough game-like practice. Coaches must put more emphasis in practice and in life on making student-athletes aware of what they could or can do, rather than what they couldn't or presently can't do. The focus must be on solutions, not problems; what is wanted, not what is feared. — John Kessel

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Rick Pitino

I never thought that shoes would be the reason that you recruit players, but it's a factor. I think we need to get the shoe companies out of the lives of the athletes. I think we need to get it back to where parents and coaches have more of a say than peripheral people, but that's easier said than done. — Rick Pitino

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Linford Christie

We have got to go out there and deliver, go on the streets and find athletes, improve facilities around the country and find coaches. We have got to go out there and search for a star. — Linford Christie

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Bill Walsh

One of the common traits of outstanding performers-coaches, athletes, managers, sales representatives, executives, and others who face a daily up/down, win/lose accounting system-is that a rejection, that is, defeat, is quickly forgotten, replaced eagerly by pursuit of a new order, client, or opponent. — Bill Walsh

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By John Roderick

My job is to teach them to believe they could perform better than they realize. Great coaches teach athletes to go beyond the barriers. — John Roderick

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Mark Rippetoe

Mediocre athletes that tried like hell to get good are the best coaches. — Mark Rippetoe

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By John Williams

Some kids, for some reason, it just doesn't click in the classroom as they need it to. We have college coaches talk to them, former high school athletes, motivational speakers, teachers, principals. — John Williams

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Tom Udall

Athletes, coaches and parents today are increasingly aware of the danger of concussion, and this awareness influences decisions about buying new and reconditioned football helmets. — Tom Udall

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Rick Pitino

Coaches are bridge builders. It's our job to build a bridge for our athletes to cross over. — Rick Pitino

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Abhishek Ratna

Best coaches never tell their athletes that they are wrong.They rather focus on creating awareness. — Abhishek Ratna

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Bill Walton

I hate to say anything that may hurt UCLA, but I can't be quiet when I see what the NCAA is doing to Jerry Tarkanian only because he has a reputation for giving a second chance to many black athletes other coaches have branded as troublemakers. The NCAA is working night and day trying to get Jerry, but no one from the NCAA ever questioned me during my four years at UCLA! — Bill Walton

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Katie Heaney

I didn't know it yet, but he would become one of our high school's super-athletes. There were hints of athletic (and, presumably, sexual) prowess there. For one, boys as ridiculously Abercrombie- esque good-looking as he was are always sports stars throughout high school. It is a rule, a self- fulfilling prophecy. It seems as if, sometime during elementary school, coaches make note of the little boys with the most classic bone structure and the best height projections and kidnap them, training them under cover of night. Not all of them will make it in college ball (that's what people call it, right?) because by the time they're all seniors, many of them will have been riding more on the sportsman-like nature of their faces than their actual abilities. But until that day, coaches will keep putting them on the field in the most prominent and visually appealing positions because they just kind of look like that's where they should be. At least I'm pretty sure that is what's going on. — Katie Heaney

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Mia Hamm

Somewhere behind the athlete you've become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back ... play for her. — Mia Hamm

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Arthur Lydiard

My most frequent admonition to athletes and coaches is: train, do not strain. — Arthur Lydiard

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Phillip Shriver

I believe that coaches and athletes should realize that the athletic department field, court or diamond can be made an extension of the classroom, a place where you and your teammates are learning more than just how to prepare to win. The field, the court, and the diamond should be places where athletes are constantly learning about the game in which they participate, about their coaches and teammates, and perhaps most importantly, about themselves. — Phillip Shriver

Athletes And Coaches Quotes By Fritz Crisler

Tradition is something you can't bottle.You can't buy it at the corner store.But it is there to sustain you when you need it most.I've called upon it time and time again.And so have countless other Michigan athletes and coaches.There is nothing like it.I hope it never dies. — Fritz Crisler