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At Risk Students Quotes By Barbara Ehrenreich

When our children are old enough, and if we can afford to, we send them to college, where despite the recent proliferation of courses on 'happiness' and 'positive psychology,' the point is to acquire the skills not of positive thinking but of *critical* thinking, and critical thinking is inherently skeptical. The best students
and in good colleges, also the most successful
are the ones who raise sharp questions, even at the risk of making a professor momentarily uncomfortable. Whether the subject is literature or engineering, graduates should be capable of challenging authority figures, going against the views of their classmates, and defending novel points of view. — Barbara Ehrenreich

At Risk Students Quotes By Salman Khan

The danger of using assessments as reasons to filter out students, then, is that we may overlook or discourage those whose talents are of a different order - whose intelligence tends more to the oblique and the intuitive. At the very least, when we use testing to exclude, we run the risk of squelching creativity before it has a chance to develop. — Salman Khan

At Risk Students Quotes By Eric C. Sheninger

If schools continue to follow an outdated educational model focusing on preparation for an industrialized workforce, they run the risk of becoming irrelevant to our students and communities. — Eric C. Sheninger

At Risk Students Quotes By Anonymous

What it needed was a subtle but significant change in presentation. The students needed to know how to fit the tetanus stuff into their lives; the addition of the map and the times when the shots were available shifted the booklet from an abstract lesson in medical risk - a lesson no different from the countless other academic lessons they had received over their academic career - to a practical and personal piece of medical advice. And — Anonymous

At Risk Students Quotes By Rinker Buck

Few academics and high school history teachers want to risk their careers by suggesting to their students that the father of their country worked the same day job as Donald Trump. Washington was a land developer, often described as the richest of his generation. — Rinker Buck

At Risk Students Quotes By Drexel Deal

I will always respect Mr. Charles chuck Mackey for the way he dealt with me. His approach was not hostile, rather his approach was one, "Look here, I'm working with you, so I need you to work with me." He showed me first that he had my back, and it was easy for me to do the same for him.
Mr. Mackey was well known in the entire school as a no-nonsense but fair person. There are some school administrators that aren't intimidating at all, but with Mr. Mackey, it was totally different. When we saw him, even if we were not doing anything wrong and our uniform was intact, we still tend to avoid him by going in a different direction. His presence alone demanded that kind of respect. — Drexel Deal

At Risk Students Quotes By Jennifer Morse

We don't give federal grants to tobacco companies to teach students 'low-risk' forms of smoking on the grounds that 'kids are going to smoke anyway.' We shouldn't be giving federal grants to groups that sell contraception, to teach kids to use contraception. — Jennifer Morse

At Risk Students Quotes By Alan Dershowitz

Students throughout the totalitarian world risk life and limb for freedom of expression, many American college students are demanding that big brother restrict their freedom of speech on campus. This demand for enhanced censorship is not emanating only from the usual corner - the know-nothing fundamentalist right - it is coming from the radical, and increasingly not-so-radical left as well. — Alan Dershowitz

At Risk Students Quotes By Mark P. Whitaker

He began
to think, here, of local intellectuals such as the pulavar and of his friends
in the Readers' Circle, as keys to this side of the struggle. That is, he began
to argue that if one viewed such intellectuals as 'folk repositories' of local
knowledge, then it was obvious that they had a dual potential. Dual because,
on the one hand, such intellectuals could be (and mostly were) co-opted
by the hegemonic 'web' as teachers, graduate students, journalists, and so
forth, in which case they merely, 'organically,' reproduced the overmastering
'web'; yet, on the other hand, they could become (to their peril and inherent
risk) the central sources of inspiration and knowledge for the production
of a counter-hegemonic revolution. He began to imagine this duality as a
singular, existential choice open to such intellectuals, to all intellectuals, and
to himself. — Mark P. Whitaker

At Risk Students Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

If you go to an elite school where the other students in your class are all really brilliant, you run the risk of mistakenly believing yourself to not be a good student. — Malcolm Gladwell

At Risk Students Quotes By William H. Calvin

Carrying on as usual carries enormous risks, condemning today's students to a world of constant insecurity and frequent catastrophes. — William H. Calvin

At Risk Students Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

I strongly urge students to learn to take risks, to be bold, to let their genius convert that fear into power and brilliance. — Robert Kiyosaki

At Risk Students Quotes By Pankaj Ghemawat

Business schools are failing to teach the students about the risks of market failures. We need to include some material on market failures in the core of curriculum. — Pankaj Ghemawat

At Risk Students Quotes By Arne Duncan

At a time when going to college has never been more important, it's never been more expensive, and our nation's families haven't been in this kind of financial duress since the great depression. And so what we have is just sort of a miraculous opportunity simply by stopping the subsidy to banks when we already have the risk of loans. We can plow those savings into our students. And we can make college dramatically more affordable, tens of billions of dollars over the next decade. — Arne Duncan

At Risk Students Quotes By E.L. Konigsburg

By the time they get to 6th grade honor roll students won't risk making a mistake, and sometimes to be successful, you have to risk making mistakes. — E.L. Konigsburg

At Risk Students Quotes By Ace Antonio Hall

If you work around at-risk teen students, actually tell them you love them and have faith in their success. No one tells them that. No one. — Ace Antonio Hall

At Risk Students Quotes By Anonymous

But sitting out tests that have proven essential in lifting the achievement of at-risk students is shortsighted, if not selfish. — Anonymous

At Risk Students Quotes By Susan Cain

Usually they're carried away by people who are assertive and domineering. The risk with our students is that they're very good at getting their way. But that doesn't mean they're going the right way." If — Susan Cain

At Risk Students Quotes By Eric Foner

Look, Mrs. McGillicuddy, it's not my fault your son jumped out a dorm room window on Christmas eve. I've written over fifty books as a Columbia professor, all right? You don't do that by holding hands with every at-risk undergraduate who says he's homesick, or he's turning gay, or the dog ate his term paper. I write about Lincoln, and freedom, and great ideas. I don't always have time for students. It's like Dean Martin used to say: if you want to talk, go to a priest.
what's the gun for? — Eric Foner

At Risk Students Quotes By Dan Ariely

Moreover, grandmothers of students who aren't doing so well in class are at even higher risk - students who are failing are fifty times more likely to lose a grandmother compared with non-failing students. In a paper exploring this sad connection, Adam speculates that the phenomenon is due to intrafamilial dynamics, which is to say, students' grandmothers care so much about their grandchildren that they worry themselves to death over the outcome of exams. — Dan Ariely

At Risk Students Quotes By Starr Sackstein

It is essential that we develop a learning space where failure is positive, as it is a catalyst for growth and change. Students need to recognize that taking a risk and not succeeding does not mean they are failing: It means they need to try another way. After — Starr Sackstein

At Risk Students Quotes By Drexel Deal

My volcano of compress anger was about to erupt in school, and it would take more than five years for my molten lava to be brought under control, which was through the loss of my sight. However, shouldn't there be a way of detecting and reaching out to kids like me before there is a massive problem? Why wait until there is a devastating eruption before we intervene? — Drexel Deal

At Risk Students Quotes By Walter Munk

More and more students are playing it safe and not taking any risks. You might not succeed, but that's just part of the game. — Walter Munk

At Risk Students Quotes By Rinker Buck

Historians have long been squeamish about acknowledging that General Washington, like many of the American founders, was a voracious land speculator. Few academics and high school history teachers want to risk their careers by suggesting to their students that the father of their country worked the same day job as Donald Trump. — Rinker Buck