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Top Artificial Selection Quotes

Artificial Selection Quotes By Daniel Cloud

What may be less familiar is the idea that the evolution of the conventions of our language might involve what Charles Darwin called "artificial selection. — Daniel Cloud

Artificial Selection Quotes By Anonymous

Incidental by-products of alterations in other traits? Belyaev strongly leaned toward the latter view, because of a phenomenon known as "pleiotropy": a single gene affecting multiple traits. Pleiotropy means that selection - whether natural or artificial - for one trait can affect many others. This is why evolutionary biologists make a distinction between selection for and selection of.9 — Anonymous

Artificial Selection Quotes By Paul Feyerabend

Everywhere science is enriched by unscientific methods and unscientific results, ... the separation of science and non-science is not only artificial but also detrimental to the advancement of knowledge. If we want to understand nature, if we want to master our physical surroundings, then we must use all ideas, all methods, and not just a small selection of them. — Paul Feyerabend

Artificial Selection Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Artificial selection turned the wolf into the shepherd, and the wild grasses into wheat and corn. In fact, almost every plant and animal that we eat today was bred from a wild, less edible ancestor. If artificial selection can work such profound changes in only ten or fifteen thousand years, what can natural selection do operating over billions of years? The answer is all the beauty and diversity of life. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Artificial Selection Quotes By Richard Dawkins

There is a definite set of biomorphs, each permanently sitting in its own unique place in a mathematical space. It is permanently sitting there in the sense that, if only you knew its genetic formula, you could instantly find it; moreover, its neighbours in this special kind of space are the biomorphs that differ from it by only one gene. [W]hen you first evolve a new creature by artificial selection in [a] computer model, it feels like a creative process. So it is, indeed. But what you are really doing is finding the creature, for it is, in a mathematical sense, already sitting in its own place in the genetic space of Biomorph Land. — Richard Dawkins

Artificial Selection Quotes By Carl Sagan

If artificial selection can make such major changes in so short a period of time, what must natural selection, working over billions of years, be capable of? The answer is all the beauty and diversity of the biological world. Evolution is a fact, not a theory. — Carl Sagan

Artificial Selection Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

There are no wild, seedless watermelons. There's no wild cows ... You list all the fruit, and all the vegetables, and ask yourself, is there a wild counterpart to this? If there is, it's not as large, it's not as sweet, it's not as juicy, and it has way more seeds in it. We have systematically genetically modified all the foods, the vegetables and animals that we have eaten ever since we cultivated them. It's called artificial selection. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Artificial Selection Quotes By Anonymous

One of the more interesting stories in pig evolution during domestication concerns the culture-specific nature of this artificial selection, most notably the black coloration characteristic of Chinese breeds. — Anonymous

Artificial Selection Quotes By Theodosius Dobzhansky

Natural selection must be replaced by eugenical artificial selection. This idea constitutes the sound core of eugenics, the applied science of human betterment. — Theodosius Dobzhansky

Artificial Selection Quotes By Carl Sagan

This process is called artificial selection. In the case of the Heike crab it was effected more or less unconsciously by the fishermen, and certainly without any serious contemplation by the crabs. But humans have deliberately selected which plants and animals shall live and which shall die for thousands of years. — Carl Sagan

Artificial Selection Quotes By Charles Darwin

Slow though the process of selection may be, if feeble man can do much by his power of artificial selection, I can see no limit to the amount of change to the beauty and infinite complexity of the coadaptations between all organic beings, one with another and with their physical conditions of life, which may be effected in the long course of time by nature's power of selection. — Charles Darwin

Artificial Selection Quotes By Michael Pollan

Darwin called such a process artificial, as opposed to natural, selection, but from the flower's point of view, this is a distinction without a difference: individual plants in which a trait desired by either bees or Turks occurred wound up with more offspring. — Michael Pollan