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Art Saves Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Maybe it's the fact the most of the arts here are produced by world-weary and sophisticated older people and then consumed by younger people who not only consume art but study it for clues on how to be cool, hip - and keep in mind that, for kids and younger people, to be hip and cool is the same as to be admired and accepted and included and so Unalone. Forget so-called peer-pressure. It's more like peer-hunger. No? We enter a spiritual puberty where we snap to the fact that the great transcendant horror is loneliness, excluded encagement in the self. Once we've hit this age, we will now give or take anything, wear any mask, to fit, be part-of, not be Alone, we young. The U.S. arts are our guide to inclusion. A how-to. We are shown how to fashion masks of ennui and jaded irony at a young age where the face is fictile enough to assume the shape of whatever it wears. And then it's stuck there, the weary cynicism that saves us from gooey sentiment and unsophisticated naivete. — David Foster Wallace

Art Saves Quotes By Mya

Art is the more spiritual side of education that really does saves lives and makes amazing individuals. — Mya

Art Saves Quotes By Kevin Smith

Remember: It costs nothing to encourage an artist, and the potential benefits are staggering. A pat on the back to an artist now could one day result in your favorite film, or the cartoon you love to get stoned watching, or the song that saves your life. Discourage an artist, you get absolutely nothing in return, ever. — Kevin Smith

Art Saves Quotes By William James

Psychology saves us from mistakes. It makes us more clear as to what we are about. We gain confidence in respect to any method which we are using as soon as we believe that it has theory as well as practice at its back. — William James

Art Saves Quotes By Thomas Watson

"If you are loyal you are successful," ruminated the company paper at one time. "All useful work is raised to the plane of art when love for the task-loyalty-is fused with the effort. Loyalty is the great lubricant of life. It saves the wear and tear of making daily decisions as to what is best to do. The man who is loyal to his work is not wrung nor perplexed by doubts, he sticks to the ship, and if the ship founders he goes down like a hero with colors flying at the masthead and the band playing." — Thomas Watson

Art Saves Quotes By Sarah Cross

Art is magic, and art is powerful. Art saves lives- I really believe that. It gives us courage and compassion we might not have on our own. — Sarah Cross

Art Saves Quotes By Susan Stroman

I'm really happy when I'm immersed in the art of it all- immersed in the music, the dance, the visual. Tapping into joy- it saves you. — Susan Stroman

Art Saves Quotes By Art Hochberg

Sometimes instead of creating a scene it's better to quietly slip out of the scene, practically unseen. It saves a lot of drama, unless of course you're into more drama in your life, in which case, go ahead and make a scene, see what happens. — Art Hochberg