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Top Arranged Marriage Love Quotes

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Katlyn Charlesworth

Jemma, I know that we have known each other for only a few short weeks, but I feel as if I have known you all my life. This courtship may have been arranged at the beginning, but my love for you is truer than ever. So, I ask you, my love, as a man would rightly ask the woman he wishes to be his wife, if you will marry me. Don't say yes because of the original arrangement, say yes because you want to. I will love you forever Jemma Girard, and I would never force you to stay in an arrangement you did not want. If you wish it, we can eliminate the plans of marriage. I stood there in a breathless shock, staring at this wonderful and handsome young man who loved me enough to let me go. — Katlyn Charlesworth

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Thanks to arranged marriages: There are countless women who have never been their husband's girlfriend. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Maggie O'Farrell

Gretta sits herself down at the table. Robert has arranged everything she needs: a plate, a knife, a bowl with a spoon, a pat of butter, a jar of jam. It is in such small acts of kindness that people know they are loved. — Maggie O'Farrell

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Kiersten White

There's a word for the first blush of youthful love free of desire. For longing to be with someone so much you would rather throw yourself to the tides than be without them. For the stale but steady relationship between faithful members of an arranged marriage. For how to feel about someone you thought was everything but ended up never feeling the same way about you. For the poison left over when you love someone and it ends so badly you cannot release the feelings. For the love between a mother and her children, a father and his children, a grandmother and her progeny, the love between two dear friends, the love that is the first building block of a lifelong affair. There's even a word for a love so devastating nothing before or after is ever seen the same. — Kiersten White

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Felix Alexander

I do not care about power and wealth, father. I want to marry for love."

"You want to marry for love?" The elder Valentino scoffed. "Que mierda. Marrying for love is like adding extra picante to your meal. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but your stomach will curse you for it with ulcers in the end. — Felix Alexander

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Nayomi Munaweera

There is silence and then the familiar smack of Beatrice Muriel's palm against her forehead. "A love marriage," she says. In her opinion, love marriages border on the indecent. They signify a breakdown of propriety, a giving in to the base instincts exhibited by the lower castes and foreigners. — Nayomi Munaweera

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Shikha Kaul

Every author should have fallen in love at least once...and I am not talking about arranged marriage loveShikha Kaul

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Kay Honeyman

Had my father loved my mother? He never spoke of her. I always imagined a traditional marriage between them--one built with the strong bones of respect, but stripped of the soft skin of love. — Kay Honeyman

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Padma Lakshmi

Love and passion begat marriage in my world. Yet in my grandparents' world, marriage began with practicality. My grandfather told me proudly of that day he first met my grandmother. He interviewed her, posing little riddles to test her common sense. "Supposing you have to take the children to school and you're late and it's supposed to rain," he said. "Would you take a taxi or a bus?" My grandmother said, "Well, first I'd take an umbrella." Ice cream in Central Park, this was not. — Padma Lakshmi

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Stephanie Witter

Mark my words, Lila. You'll be mine in all ways you can imagine. — Stephanie Witter

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Vivek Shanbhag

That single moment's intensity hasn't been matched in my life before or since. A woman I didn't know had chosen to accept me, in body and mind. Perhaps it is this instant that forms the basis of traditional marriage - a complete stranger is suddenly mine. And then, I am hers, too; I must offer her my all. I want her to wield her power over me as an acknowledgment of my love. The rush of those feelings all at once is too much to describe. Language communicates in terms of what is already known; it chokes up when asked to deal with the entirely unprecedented. — Vivek Shanbhag

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Ruth Ahmed

I couldn't help but think of Al's pre-ordained betrothal to Billo and of how hard the match-makers had worked to find the girl beautiful enough to match this extraordinary man - this extraordinary man of mine. — Ruth Ahmed

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

I would separate marriages into rational and irrational and I would included both love and arranged marriages as irrational marriage.
Rational marriage for me is when you can really understand by mind not by heart. — M.F. Moonzajer

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Fay Weldon

Ask any woman in an arranged marriage. Love is the least stressful way out. — Fay Weldon

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Terrence Rafferty

What you discover on your own is always more exciting than what someone else discovers for you - it's like the marriage between romantic love and an arranged marriage. — Terrence Rafferty

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Rajneesh

But I am all for love, and I am against marriage, particularly the arranged kind, because the arranged marriage gives you satisfaction. And love? - love can never satisfy you. It gives you more and more thirst for a better and better love, it makes you more and more long for it, it gives you tremendous discontentment. And that discontent is the beginning of the search for God. When love fails many times, you start looking for a new kind of lover, a new kind of love, a new quality of love. That love affair is prayer, meditation, sannyas. — Rajneesh

Arranged Marriage Love Quotes By Eloisa James

Then he just blurted it out, with no preparation. 'The truth of it is that whether your mother arranged our marriage, or whether it was all an illusion, I must be horribly obtuse, because I can't talk myself out of being in love with you. — Eloisa James