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Top Appreciate Your Job Quotes

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Dee Snider

I've produced things myself, I was like telling the producers how to do the show. They really didn't appreciate that, they just wanted a dumb rocker on the show and they got some guy telling them how to do their job. So being too smart can get in the way. — Dee Snider

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Felicia Day

People don't appreciate that when you're on the Internet, it's a 24/7 job. Even if you're not releasing episodes, your show is living and breathing on the Internet because there's a community around it. Ninety percent of the work is after the web series is shot, and you have to constantly maintain your community, because it's all you have. — Felicia Day

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By David Tennant

I often stop when I'm doing something, in the middle of rehearsals or some other job, and I try to take a minute to think Okay, this might be as good as it gets, so drink it in, appreciate it now. So far, I've been lucky because another job has always come along to equal the last. — David Tennant

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Mel Brooks

I have been lucky that some critics joined the mob in loving something I've done, or in appreciating it. I've been lucky. But most of the critics don't like what the people like. I think they have a very strange job, and they are meant to criticize. — Mel Brooks

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Anonymous

It's not other people's job to make you happy and fulfilled; it's yours. It's important to always be nice and respectful of others, but it's even more important to be nice and respectful toward yourself. You have to live with yourself the rest of your life, so stop being so hard on yourself. Focus on your strengths and lead by example. You are special and unique in every way. And if other people don't appreciate you for who you are, it's their loss. Remember, there are some people who don't even like chocolate cake! — Anonymous

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Scott Douglas

There's something deep in the heart of every person that wants
to protect culture. The only thing about my pending career that
was changed because of 9/11 was that I began to see it was the community,
not the librarian, that was important to the library. Librarians
were only as important as the community they inspired. If I
was going to continue with this career, my job wouldn't be to protect
information, it would be to bring the community together and
inspire them to appreciate everything a library stands for. — Scott Douglas

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Alice Englert

I'm attracted to directors in general because I appreciate the work and the job they have to do. I watched the post-production, I watched the pre-production ... post-production is something that I'm very interested in and I did spend a lot of time in editing rooms when I was young pretending to be sick. — Alice Englert

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Nolan Ryan

And to play as long as I did and to have a family you have to be very blessed and I was with my wife Ruth. Ruth, I appreciate the job you did, and my three fine children, Reid, Reese, and Wendy. — Nolan Ryan

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Bruce Beckham

I began to appreciate that the job of an amateur sleuth was not quite so straightforward as they make out in the whodunits. — Bruce Beckham

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Jalen Rose

I remember an incident overseas about five years ago where a player punched a referee and knocked him cold. I don't think anything like that will ever happen in the NBA. Emotions run rampant. The games are so intense, and the stakes are so high. (But) At the end of the day, players and coaches really respect officials and really appreciate that they try to do a good job. — Jalen Rose

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Kevin Nealon

A whole generation of people that didn't know me from 'SNL' recognize me from 'Weeds' now. People recognize me once in a while and appreciate the work. It gets a little embarrassing but it's good. If you work as an accountant, you don't have people coming up to you in the streets saying, 'Hey, great job on tax statements!' — Kevin Nealon

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Orlando Bloom

I mean, I have a great job. I get to dress up and become somebody else, especially when it's someone like Legolas, who's this super-cool kind of otherworldly elf. It's, like, I'm lucky, man, so why would I not appreciate that? — Orlando Bloom

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

If you appreciate your life, if you appreciate your job, if you appreciate yourself, if you appreciate your surroundings-poor or rich, whatever they are-you are divine. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Cameron Diaz

I'm honestly so grateful to have a job when I get a job, I'm always amazed - I just appreciate what I have when I get it. — Cameron Diaz

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Kate White

If a job opens up that she could "sell" you for, tell her, "You've been such a valuable resource for me. I would really appreciate having your help on something. There's a terrific position open at Company A, and I'm hoping you would be able to advocate on my behalf." Don't be shy about also asking a sponsor, "Do you know anyone I could talk to? — Kate White

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Edward Norton

I had a huge advantage with Edward Norton because he's directed a movie before, so one thing he appreciates is how hard my job is, he's very sensitive to that. We actually ended up finishing "Leaves of Grass" a day early. — Edward Norton

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Cush Jumbo

I'm very grateful for the way things have panned out. If I hadn't had a struggle at the start, I wouldn't be able to appreciate every single day in this job. Whether you love or hate a job, you can't waste the chance to do something with it. — Cush Jumbo

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Nick Kroll

I feel incredibly lucky at this moment in my career to get paid to do basically exactly what I always wanted to do. I appreciate that in general. But you know, like any job, a job is a job, and there are days that are going to be boring, or you have a boss you don't like, or people you work with. — Nick Kroll

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Paula Patton

I really appreciate and respect the audience. People pay their hard-earned money to go watch you, so I feel like it's my job to give 100,000% of myself to what I'm doing. — Paula Patton

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Denzel Washington

Every day, sincerely and without phoniness, Lou demonstrated by his actions how very vital it is - more than anything else - to understand and appreciate the people who work with you ... Do your job well, but always remember that the people you work with are your most valuable asset. Embrace them. Honor them. Respect them" (206) - "Prescriptions for Success" by John Schuerholz — Denzel Washington

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Karen Kingsbury

Helping me. It's a full-time job, and I am grateful for your concern for my reader friends. Of course, thanks to my daughter and sons, who pull together - bringing me iced green tea and understanding my sometimes crazy schedule. I love that you know you're still first, before any deadline. Thank you to my mom, Anne Kingsbury, and to my sisters, Tricia and Sue. Mom, you are amazing as my assistant - working day and night sorting through the mail from my readers. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know. Traveling together these past years for Extraordinary Women and Women of Joy events has given us times that we will always treasure. Now we will be at Women — Karen Kingsbury

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Cath Crowley

I wake on the fiction couch deeply hungover, my head cracking, with Rachel telling me to get up. She's holding my eyelids open like she used to do in high school when we'd stayed up all night talking and then slept through the morning alarm. 'Get. Up. Henry.'

'What time is it? I ask, batting off her hands.

'It's eleven. The shop's been open for an hour. There are customers asking for books I can't find. George is yelling at a guy called Martin Gamble who's here to help me create the database. And as a separate issue, Amy's waiting in the reading garden.'

'Amy's here?' I sit up and mess my hair around. 'How do I look?'

'I decline to answer on the grounds that technically you're my boss and I don't want to start my new job by insulting you.'

'Thank you,' I say. 'I appreciate that. — Cath Crowley

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Emma Stone

I'm actively working hard on learning to appreciate yourself no matter what. If what someone else says can easily derail you, it means your sense of self isn't that firmly established in the first place. It's an inside job. You're beautiful and worthy and totally unique. People insult each other based on their own insecurities - even though it may feel personal, it really never is. Really. Seriously. — Emma Stone

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Eric Zorn

If you're a fan of American roots music, you won't want to miss 'Awake My Soul
The Story of the Sacred Harp.' Filmmakers Matt and Erica Hinton have done a fine job capturing the history, sound and spirit of this unusual but compelling art form that, trust me, you don't have to be religious to appreciate. — Eric Zorn

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Steven Pinker

My worst boss was a departmental chair who never learned to appreciate new developments in the field. He had contempt for students and younger researchers, and he saw the job of running the department as a nuisance. — Steven Pinker

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Viggo Mortensen

I think it's my job to like any character I play - to understand and appreciate a character, to look at the world as much as possible from their point of view. I don't look at it just technically: learn the lines, figure out what gestures I want to bring and play, and that's it. I like to learn as much as I can about the person, and see what happens. — Viggo Mortensen

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By R. Austin Freeman

I ventured to remark that it did not look a very secure method of
building, upon which Bundy turned his eyeglass on me and smiled

"My dear Doctor," said he, "you don't appear to appreciate the subtlety
of the method. The purpose of these activities is to create employment.
That has been clearly stated by the town council. But if you want to
create employment you build a wall that will tumble down and give
somebody else the job of putting it up again. — R. Austin Freeman

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Adam Baldwin

What I try to do is to appreciate every job I have while I'm working on it. — Adam Baldwin

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Natalie Portman

I don't have a normal job, so I really appreciate having friends who are writers and artists. It's fun to have a group of people you can call in the middle of the day to go for a hike. — Natalie Portman

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Howard Schultz And Dori Jones Yang

His latest job [My Dad] had been as a truck driver, picking up and delivering diapers. For months, he had complained bitterly about the odor and the mess, saying it was the worst job in the world. But now that he had lost it, he seemed to want it back. — Howard Schultz And Dori Jones Yang

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Cody Horn

I'm having fun playing with clothes now. I didn't used to appreciate the clothes as much when I was modeling. It was a job. — Cody Horn

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By David Neeleman

People do a better job if they respect the leader of the company. I learned that on my mission
the value of people and how to truly appreciate them, — David Neeleman

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Kate White

I love my job here. I appreciate all your support with my efforts, and it's been exciting to see the results. As you know, business is up twenty percent over last year at this time [hand her the memo sheet now]. I'd like you to consider changing my title to [fill in the blank] and taking my salary up to [fill in blank]. I'd really like to show you what I could do in this new role. — Kate White

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Michael Crichton

Even pure scientific discovery is an aggressive, penetrative act. It takes big equipment, and it literally changes the world afterward. Particle accelerators scar the land, and leave radioactive byproducts. Astronauts leave trash on the moon. There is always some proof that scientists were there, making their discoveries. Discovery is always a rape of the natural world. Always. "The scientists want it that way. They have to stick their instruments in. They have to leave their mark. They can't just watch. They can't just appreciate. They can't just fit into the natural order. They have to make something unnatural happen. That is the scientist's job, and now we have whole societies that try to be scientific." He sighed, — Michael Crichton

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Chris Noth

As an actor you appreciate the security of a job. But I don't ever want to get too comfortable. — Chris Noth

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Michael Crichton

They have to leave their mark. They can't just watch. They can't just appreciate. They can't just fit into the natural order. They have to make something unnatural happen. That is the scientist's job, and now we have whole societies that try to be scientific ... We've had four hundred years of modern science, and we ought to know by now what it's good for, and what it's not good for. It's time for a change. — Michael Crichton

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Nico J. Genes

Who are you?" I asked.
"Are we playing that game again?" she asked me with a nice smile. "Lana, sorry to disappoint you, but I really am in a hurry, so I will have to take a rain check on this. We can play later this evening, if you don't mind!"
"What game? I really mean it, who are you and why am I here?" I must have looked like I had really freaked out, and for a moment, she looked at me seriously. But then, she gave me another nice smile and kissed me on my cheek and said "Really babe, as much as I appreciate your playful morning mood, I really don't have time now. I have a big job interview today, remember? — Nico J. Genes

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Meg Cabot

Look, Mr. uh, Wulf I appreciate your trying to warn me about this, Ireally do. But there's no such thing as vampires. They're made-up. We writers made them up. I'm sorry we did such a good job that we made the whole world paranoid, but it's true. They're fictional. Blame Bram Stoker. He started it. — Meg Cabot

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Mattias Klum

Thoughtfulness begins with seeing. My job as a photographer is to make that seeing easier. What we appreciate, what fascinates us, we will strive to preserve. — Mattias Klum

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By John McCain

I have had a strong and a long relationship on national security, I've been involved in every national crisis that this nation has faced since Beirut, I understand the issues, I understand and appreciate the enormity of the challenge we face from radical Islamic extremism. I am prepared. I am prepared. I need no on-the-job training. I wasn't a mayor for a short period of time. I wasn't a governor for a short period of time. — John McCain

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Michael Crichton

They have to stick their instruments in. They have to leave their mark. They can't just watch. They can't just appreciate. They can't just fit into the natural order. They have to make something unnatural happen. That is the scientist's job, — Michael Crichton

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Anthony Carmona

It is important that you appreciate that the workplace must be a place of empowerment, but the empowerment must not only be connected to the job that you do. — Anthony Carmona

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Enrico Colantoni

I really appreciate an actor who has paid their dues and who has learned hard knocks and has been rewarded in the end. I don't understand young actors who get off the turnip truck and land in Hollywood and get a great job. They do not realize how fortunate they are. — Enrico Colantoni

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Gucci Mane

I value my core fans I got from the hood. I think a lot of things might hit home with them, like problems with the law or how I talk about partying - all the different topics I cover when I do rap. But I also value my suburban fans who take a liking to my music and like the way I change cadences. I appreciate all of them cause both types of fans push me to record all the time, both push me to give my best when I do a show. Both push me to be the best rapper and not just do it as a hobby, but do it as a job and take it seriously and put pride in it. — Gucci Mane

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Oscar Wilde

The best way to appreciate your job is to, is here to stay. — Oscar Wilde

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By George Lakoff

Another argument: The rich are job creators. They are helping the poor. If their taxes are cut, they can create more jobs. Ah, facts again. The rich actually tend to keep their money by buying prime real estate, yachts, art, and the like - things that will appreciate in value without giving back much to the economy as a whole. Moreover, the rich don't just give jobs out of the goodness of their hearts. Look at economics from the perspective of work: Working people are profit-creators. The rich only create jobs when they can get employees who can create profit for them. The poor create profit for the rich. Conservatives — George Lakoff

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Well, that was fun," Grandpa said as he climbed to his feet. "Anyone dead?"
"Does my pride count?" Draulin asked, dusting herself off.
"I don't think so," Grandpa said. "I killed that years ago. Dif, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but shoving my grandson out of planes is usually my job. So next time, kindly refrain until I give the word."
"Sorry, sir," Dif said, looking abashed. — Brandon Sanderson

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Clive James

It would be a desirable and enviable existence just to earn a decent wage at a worthwhile job and spend all one's leisure hours improving one's aesthetic appreciation. There is so much to appreciate, and it is all available for peanuts. One can plausibly aspire to seeing, hearing and reading everything that matters. — Clive James

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Emilia Fox

I'm not very good at time off. I'm happier when I'm working. It's something to do with not knowing what the next job is, so you appreciate it while it's there. I thrive on it, actually. But now I do it to please myself. — Emilia Fox

Appreciate Your Job Quotes By Dorothy Parker

You don't want a general houseworker, do you? Or a traveling companion, quiet, refined, speaks fluent French entirely in the present tense? Or an assistant billiard-maker? Or a private librarian? Or a lady car-washer? Because if you do, I should appreciate your giving me a trial at the job. Any minute now, I am going to become one of the Great Unemployed. I am about to leave literature flat on its face. I don't want to review books any more. It cuts in too much on my reading. — Dorothy Parker