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App A Throw Quotes By Colleen Hoover

I want you so, so bad and I swear, once you have sex with me you'll never hear from me again. I promise. — Colleen Hoover

App A Throw Quotes By Henry Ward Beecher

There can be no barrenness in full summer. The very sand will yield something. Rocks will have mosses, and every rift will have its wind-flower, and every crevice a leaf; while from the fertile soil will be reared a gorgeous troop of growths, that will carry their life in ten thousand forms, but all with praise to God. And so it is when the soul knows its summer. Love redeems its weakness, clothes its barrenness, enriches its poverty, and makes its very desert to bud and blossom as the rose. — Henry Ward Beecher

App A Throw Quotes By Ilona Andrews

I opened a writing app and began typing what I knew about Pierce.
Vain. Terminal fear of T-shirts or any other garment that would cover his pectorals.
Deadly. Doesn't hesitate to kill. Holding him at gunpoint would result in me being barbecued. Whee.
Likes burning things. Now here's an understatement. Good information to have, but not useful for finding him.
Antigovernment. Neither here nor there.
Hmm. So far my best plan would be to build a mountain of gasoline cans and explosives, stick a Property of US Government sign on it, and throw a T-shirt over Pierce's head when he showed up to explode it. Yes, this would totally work. — Ilona Andrews

App A Throw Quotes By Walter Dean Myers

Let me think
Thinking is all I have
If wisdom is a pretense
Then let me pretend to be wise — Walter Dean Myers

App A Throw Quotes By John Brant

Indeed, the zeal of Boston's rank-and-file marathoners rivaled, and in some ways echoed, the religious passion of Nathaniel Howe and his congregation. The runners indulged in orgies of self-denial-running 100 miles a week, working junk )ohs in order to have time to train, paying their own way to races, banding together in ascetic cells, forgoing the temptations of an idolatrous world in order to attain grace and salvation out on the road. As in Puritan New England, grace was not blithely attained. A believer-a runner-earned it by losing toenails and training down to bone and muscle, just as the Puritans formed calluses on their knees from
praying. No one made a cent from their strenuous efforts. The running life, like the spiritual life, was its own reward. — John Brant

App A Throw Quotes By Count Basie

Of course, there are a lot of ways you can treat the blues, but it will still be the blues. — Count Basie

App A Throw Quotes By Robert Thier

His lips reached mine and enveloped them, soft as velvet and yet unyielding. — Robert Thier

App A Throw Quotes By Michele Hart

I am quoted as saying this. — Michele Hart