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Top Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Dinty W. Moore

Not all writing is political or revolutionary, but the very act of giving yourself permission to write, to speak, to share the truth no matter whether the truth you understand is the truth others want to acknowledge, is brave, powerful, and important. — Dinty W. Moore

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By David Levinthal

Toys are intriguing, and I want to see what I can do with them. On a deeper level, they represent one way that society socializes its young — David Levinthal

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Joanne Harris

I don't think that white collar gives you sole right of access to the divine. — Joanne Harris

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Nick Flynn

Everything we do, I'd imagine, influences everything we will do. — Nick Flynn

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Tera Lynn Childs

I am interested in you, Gretchen." When I still won't look at him, he presses his fingers against my jaw and gently turns my face. He is looking straight in my eyes when he says, "I'm interested in you."
His midnight blues burn with an intensity that almost makes me believe him. Makes me want to believe him. He knows just the right thing to say to mess with my mind. He always has. He leans closer, watching me. His lips are a breath away from mine.
This time I'm not buying it.
My knee connects with his soft spot and he doubles over, gasping for air.
"Find your own way home," I snap before turning and marching back to my car. — Tera Lynn Childs

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Derrick A. Bell

A rule without exceptions is an instrument capable of doing mischief to the innocent and bringing grief
as well as injustice
to those who should gain exemptions from the rule's functioning. — Derrick A. Bell

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Thomas Huxley

Protoplasm, simple or nucleated, is the formal basis of all life. It is the clay of the potter: which, bake it and paint it as hewill, remains clay, separated by artifice, and not by nature from the commonest brick or sun-dried clod. — Thomas Huxley

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Philippa Gregory

Them till the very last moment, and then what did I do but protect the family from — Philippa Gregory

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Heather Davis

Go on to your sunny, bright future," Henry said in a quiet voice. "I won't be there. — Heather Davis

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By William Gurnall

To forsake sin, is to leave it without any thought reserved of returning to it again. — William Gurnall

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Tyne O'Connell

The things you see when you're not carrying a gun — Tyne O'Connell

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Joseph Fink

Know that she was a good and hardworking intern, and that she died doing what she loved: simultaneously living and dying in infinite, fractal defiance of linear time. — Joseph Fink

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By Al Purdy

- so much like riding dangerous women
with whiskey coloured eyes -
such women as once fell dead with their lovers
with fire in their heads and slippery froth on thighs — Al Purdy

Apostolopoulos Associates Quotes By J.A. Redmerski

But how can two people who are undeniably more than just attracted to one another not give in? We've been on the road together for almost two weeks. We've shared intimate secrets and we've been intimate in some ways. We've slept next to each other and touched one another, yet still here we are, standing on opposite sides of a thick glass wall. We reach up and touch our fingers to the glass, we look into each others eyes and we know what we want but the glass won't fucking budge. This is either inviolable discipline or pure, unadulterated self-torture. — J.A. Redmerski