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Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Dave Ramsey

Anytime you open a business, you have to be effective in promoting whether it's a franchise or not. You'll need to learn to be a Web marketer extraordinaire. There's plenty of material out there. — Dave Ramsey

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Terri Reid

We need to have an escape plan.""
"I'll shoot him," Bradley offered helpfully.
"He has your gun,"Mary replied.
"Oh, then that won't work."
Mary sighed. Somehow she didn't think that Bradley's warrior-police guy was coming back anytime soon.
"So, how do your legs feel?" she asked.
She felt a large hand squeeze her thigh.
"Bradley, that was my leg."
"Oh, sorry, but what a relief, I thought I had lost feeling in my legs. — Terri Reid

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Jennifer McMahon

Honestly, I feel pretty awed anytime I meet just about any writer. I get how hard it is to write and make a living from it, but there's also this almost magical force you need to tap into, and I'm amazed by anyone who can do it. — Jennifer McMahon

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

No one wants to admit we're addicted to music. That's just not possible. No one's addicted to music and television and radio. We just need more of it, more channels, a larger screen, more volume. We can't bear to be without it, but no, nobody's addicted. We could turn it off anytime we wanted. I fit a window frame into a brick wall. With a little brush, the size for fingernail polish, I glue it. The window is the size of a fingernail. The glue smells like hair spray. The smell tastes like oranges and gasoline. — Chuck Palahniuk

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Tullian Tchividjian

Because the church has moved away from the gospel anytime you move away from the gospel, you at the same time move toward pretense, you move toward image-keeping, you move toward the need to pretend. — Tullian Tchividjian

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Leta Blake

I made my first fire last night and I didn't even set myself aflame! It was fantastic". "If you need more, there's plenty where that came from". "Sure, I'll take your wood anytime!" Matty fought the smile that threatened to engulf his face, and he coughed, using it for a cover of his laugh. But Rob laughed outright. "Consider me at your service. Though, technically, It wasn't my wood. So maybe it's more accurate to say that you'll take George's wood anytime. Matty cracked up. "No, definitely not. I'm sure it's aged and gnarled". — Leta Blake

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By A.M. Myers

you make my heart practically beat out of my chest and my entire body tingles anytime you're near. You make me feel your love. Words don't mean much to me anymore if actions don't back them up and you somehow know that. You just know that I need to see your feelings for me instead of just hear them. But the best thing is that you make me feel safe - in every way." His — A.M. Myers

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Christie Cote

Uh, got into a fight with the kitchen or something?" he asked, smirking.
I ran my hands through my hair and felt remains of the fruit as I did and cringed. Well, this must be attractive. I motioned for him to come into the living room and shut the door behind him.
"Something like that," I replied coolly.
He walked past me and went to the kitchen, probably to get a better look. "Well, I see you won. The fruit won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe the apples. Those look like they need some more killing. — Christie Cote

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Shakti Gawain

My inner guidance is there for me to call on anytime I need or want extra clarity, wisdom, knowledge, support, creative inspiration, love, or companionship. — Shakti Gawain

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Beth Moore

God created us all to be part of His body. We function together. Fellowship is a precious gift the Lord gives His children. To neglect fellowship or refuse to draw near those who can make our journey all that it should be is to make ourselves vulnerable to compromise. Anytime we withdraw from wise friends who will hold us accountable, we seek our own desires. We become resistant to "all sound wisdom" (Prov. 18:1) - and that is a precarious place to be. If we are committed to travel toward the heart of God, then we need to move toward the wise friend, of any age, who can help us stay on the journey. Cynthia Heald, A Woman's Journey to the Heart of God — Beth Moore

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Ted Gup

One of the things that will probably need to be addressed is in the treatment of history, i.e. the Presidential Papers Act. If they can act with impunity, if they know that what they're doing is not going to see the light of day anytime in their lifetime, if they have the right to withhold information from the public, then presidents are given a vastly freer hand. — Ted Gup

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Michael Moore

It was the American middle class. No one's house cost more than two or three year's salary, and I doubt the spread in annual wages (except for the osteopath) exceeded more than five thousand dollars. And other than the doctor (who made house calls), the store managers, the minister, the salesman, and the banker, everyone belonged to a union. That meant they worked a forty-hour week, had the entire weekend off (plus two to four weeks' paid vacation in the summer), comprehensive medical benefits, and job security. In return for all that, the country became the most productive in the world and in our little neighborhood it meant your furnace was always working, your kids could be dropped off at the neighbors without notice, you could run next door anytime to borrow a half-dozen eggs, and the doors to all the homes were never locked
because who would need to steal anything if they already had all that they needed? — Michael Moore

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Kenya Wright

Anytime you need me, just call. I'll stop everything for you. Any fucking thing on this earth. — Kenya Wright

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Shane Koyczan

So men and women were born into workers
Because ideas like
Right and wrong
Get outweighed by need
Anytime you've got mouths to feed. — Shane Koyczan

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Laini Taylor

It was hard to imagine feeling that magical tingling sensation in the pit of her belly anytime soon. Best not to worry about it, she thought. She didn't need it. Well. She didn't want to need it. Yearning for love made her feel like a cat that was always twining around ankles, meowing Pet me, pet me, look at me, love me.
Better to be the cat gazing coolly down from a high wall, its expression inscrutable. The cat that shunned petting, that needed no one. Why couldn't she be that cat?
Be that cat!!! she wrote, drawing it into the corner of her page, cool and aloof. — Laini Taylor

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Stanley Hauerwas

Never think that you need to protect God. Because anytime you think you need to protect God, you can be sure that you are worshipping an idol. — Stanley Hauerwas

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Kristin Bauer Van Straten

Anytime you walk onto a stage or something where there's lots of people staring at you, you need to have something inspiring inside your head. Bolstering. — Kristin Bauer Van Straten

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By George R R Martin

I see you had no taste for the wine I sent you."

"Such sudden generosity seemed somewhat suspect."

"I can have your head off anytime I want. Why should I need to poison you?"

"Death by poison can seem natural. Harder to claim that my head simply fell off. — George R R Martin

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Alexander Payne

Anytime you cast a movie and you need someone famous in the lead part, you're a prisoner of whoever happens to be famous in the six-month window in which you're trying to get a film financed. — Alexander Payne

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Stephen R. Covey

Inevitably, anytime we are too vulnerable we feel the need to protect ourselves from further wounds. So we resort to sarcasm, cutting humor, criticism
anything that will keep from exposing the tenderness within. Each partner tends to wait on the initiative of the other for love, only to be disappointed but also confirmed as to the rightness of the accusations made. — Stephen R. Covey

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Robert H. Schuller

Anytime you get an idea, you need people to help you put it together. That is the beginning of an institution. When you create an institution, levels of authority and boundaries need to be established. If everybody owns it, nobody owns it. If everybody is responsible for it, nobody will be responsible. — Robert H. Schuller

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By J.R. Ward

Man, he wasn't going to need a stress test anytime soon. If his heart could get through a kiss from her, he could probably run a marathon.
While dragging a car behind him.
Sideways to the road. — J.R. Ward

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By David White

Anytime destruction of another is needed in order to advance one's own aims or goals, then the goals need to be reevaluated. — David White

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Suzanne Collins

Lean down a minute first," he says. "Need to tell you something." I lean over and put my good ear to his lips, which tickle as he whispers. "Remember, we're madly in love, so it's all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it." I jerk my head back but end up laughing. "Thanks, I'll keep it in mind. — Suzanne Collins

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Hilari Bell

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people, some of the time, but you can fool yourself anytime you need to badly enough. — Hilari Bell

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Sarah Wayne Callies

Hospitals are great places, and you can learn from them, but you don't necessarily need to go in anytime you get the sniffles. And maybe you shouldn't treat pregnancy as a disease. — Sarah Wayne Callies

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Christopher Myers

The fountain of information lies at your fingertips and is accessible anywhere at anytime and schools need to emphasize this. We are no longer in a world where you need to go seek enlightenment, it is everywhere. — Christopher Myers

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Carlos Condit

I find motivation anytime I need it, no matter how bad I'm hurting I can push through anything — Carlos Condit

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Tina St. John

I'll admit it to you now, and to anyone, anytime. I need you, Elise. I love you. You are mine. My woman, my mate, my beloved. My everything. — Tina St. John

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Stanislaw Lem

The opportunity for evil in itself does not suffice; people need a rationale as well. Consider how unpleasant, how awkward it must be when your neighbor, catching his breath (and that can happen anytime), screams, 'Why?' - or, 'Aren't you ashamed?!' It's embarrassing to stand there without a ready answer. A crowbar makes a poor rebuttal, everybody senses that. The whole trick lies in having the proper grounds to brush aside such aggravating objections. Contemptuously. Everyone wants to commit a villainy without having to feel like a villain. — Stanislaw Lem

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Kerry Wood

I love the slider. I'll throw it anytime. It helps the curve. The last five feet, it dives toward the left-handed hitter's box. It's a pitch that looks like a fastball coming in. It's a pitch I throw when I need a ground ball with a man on base. — Kerry Wood

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Sean Mackin

Anytime I need any type of strength, the relationships that I have had with my closest friends for the majority of my life, is my home. — Sean Mackin

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Patrick Leahy

I'm addicted to the Internet. I admit it. It has transformed the way I work as a senator, communicate with my children, and keep tabs on news and cultural developments ... The Internet is a more direct communications link between legislators and their constituents ... I constantly work at fusing my Senate work into my office home page to make it as useful, timely, and user-friendly as possible for Vermonters and others who may visit ... I look at my Web site, as my 24-hour virtual office, where visitors can send me an e-mail or search for the information they need anytime, day or night. — Patrick Leahy

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Toba Beta

No need to feel guilty if you can't be a good man all the time.
But anytime your heart is feeling so eager to do even a small good deed,
then it might be a good chance for you ...
to be a better man. — Toba Beta

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Anytime you need to watch somebody die, die for real, check out how they get their orgasm at the end of a porn. Their mouth biting to get just one more inhale of air. — Chuck Palahniuk

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Come get some anytime you miss your mama and need your ass spanked.
-Dev — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Anytime You Need Me Quotes By Cora Carmack

Garrick was panting when he replied, "You're not forcing me to do anything. I just want you to be sure. You can say stop at anytime." His lips pulled wide. "You don't need to make up a new pet. — Cora Carmack