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Anti Anarchist Quotes & Sayings

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Anti Anarchist Quotes By Ha-Joon Chang

I'm not an anti-capitalist, or anarchist. I want capitalism to work. — Ha-Joon Chang

Anti Anarchist Quotes By Patrick Dunn

The animism paradigm has resurged in magic probably because of
a strong anarchist (or anti-authority) strain in modern magical thought. Animism offers a way to work with the spirit paradigm without issues of hierarchy intruding. — Patrick Dunn

Anti Anarchist Quotes By Jacques Ellul

The biblical teaching is clear. It always contests political power . It incites to "counterpower," to "positive" criticism , to an irreducible dialogue (like that between king and prophet in Israel ), to antistatism, to a decentralizing of the relation, to an extreme relativizing of everything political, to an anti-ideology, to a questioning of all that claims either power or dominion (in other words, of all things political), and finally, if we may use a modern term, to a kind of " anarchism " (so long as we do not relate the term to the anarchist teaching of the nineteenth century). — Jacques Ellul