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Top Ant Farm Quotes

Ant Farm Quotes By Alien Ant Farm

There's work to do. — Alien Ant Farm

Ant Farm Quotes By Wayne Gladstone

Well, reading Twitter's a lot like staring at an ant farm," Tobey explained while wiping some cheese from his mouth. "Except without all the productivity. — Wayne Gladstone

Ant Farm Quotes By Milton Berle

I just bought a great gift for my boss - a leaky ant farm. — Milton Berle

Ant Farm Quotes By Steven Wright

I used to own an ant farm but had to give it up. I couldn't find tractors small enough to fit it. — Steven Wright

Ant Farm Quotes By Laura Mullen

The performance group The Ant Farm redoing JFK's assassination in Dallas was an event that struck a chord with me, especially when one of the members said they'd only intended to do it once, but the Dallas audience insisted they repeat the performance. — Laura Mullen

Ant Farm Quotes By Steven Wright

I bought an ant farm. I don't know where I am going to get a tractor that small! — Steven Wright

Ant Farm Quotes By Ann Patchett

If someone were to have pressed a sheet of glass down over the top of Alliance, Nebraska, in winter, it would have resembled an ant farm. Everything was a tunnel eaten neatly, carefully into the snow. The tunnel of the streets branching into the narrower tunnels of driveways and carved-out sidewalks. The snow banked over cars, lawn furniture, porches, like frozen animal carcasses stored for future need. — Ann Patchett

Ant Farm Quotes By T. Geronimo Johnson

It was precisely the perverse type of academic thinking that caused the mess in the first place. It was as though academics thought the entire world was some kind of ant farm constructed for their pleasure and enjoyment and strained observations. He had no place in an institution that suggested personal loss be re-wrought, re-vised, re-fashioned as intellectual palaver, as a paper. Not even for honors. — T. Geronimo Johnson

Ant Farm Quotes By John Constantine

God's nothing more than a twelve-year-old kid with an ant farm. He's always watching, but He's never gonna do anything. — John Constantine

Ant Farm Quotes By Mitch Hedberg

I got an ant farm; them fellas didn't grow sh*t. — Mitch Hedberg