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Annicelli V Quotes By Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen

Once, in the South Atlantic, I saw a whaler in the process of killing a female accompanied by one of her offspring. The harpooner, a red-bearded Irishman, kept putting harpoons into the whale. The intestines were hanging out of the mangled body of the huge animal, and nevertheless it continued to swim back and forth in the water made red by its blood, trying with its shattered body to shield the little whale. Since then, and the sight of that harpooner's freckled face as he laughed derisively, and of that poor creature, faithful to the end, I have believed in the existence of Satan as I believe in the existence of God. — Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen

Annicelli V Quotes By Mark T. Barnes

Swap you a song for your thoughts? — Mark T. Barnes

Annicelli V Quotes By Ellen Connor

I don't make vows I don't intend to keep. Will you bind yourself to me tonight? Will you be my wife? — Ellen Connor

Annicelli V Quotes By Michael R. Underwood

Today I acquired a collection of ray guns, posed for a cover spread, and wrote four thousand words of essay, including a reminder for my readers to avoid that terrible gallery show. What have you done?"
"Science," Drake said, annoyance shadowing his face as he crossed to the bar. — Michael R. Underwood

Annicelli V Quotes By Scott Adkins

I personally think a fight scene is the most cinematic thing you can witness because all the elements of filmmaking come together, you know, with the camera speed changes, editing, make up effects and general smoke and mirrors of trying to make it look like you are hitting someone when you're not. It's filmmaking in it's purest form, I think. — Scott Adkins

Annicelli V Quotes By David Levithan

Pink is female - but why? Are girls any more pink than boys? Are boys any more blue than girls? It's something that has been sold to us, mostly so other things can be sold to us. — David Levithan

Annicelli V Quotes By Leon Foucault

The observations, so numerous and so important, of the pendulum as object are especially relevant to the length of its oscillations. Those that I propose to make known to the [Paris] Academy [of Sciences] are principally addressed to the direction of the plane of its oscillation, which, moving gradually from east to west, provides evidence to the senses of the diurnal movement of the terrestrial globe. — Leon Foucault

Annicelli V Quotes By Matthew Henry

Prayer time must be kept up as duly as meal-time. — Matthew Henry

Annicelli V Quotes By Stephen Renneberg

I have considered every logical alternative." Izin's voice was its usual synthesized calmness, but I sensed his helplessness. "Then find an illogical alternative!" "Illogical thinking?" "Yes!" Izin's bulbous eyes blinked slowly. "I will try to think more like you, Captain." "That's the spirit!" I patted Izin's shoulder encouragingly. "You've got eighteen hours. — Stephen Renneberg

Annicelli V Quotes By Jane Stanton Hitchcock

Dating is like campaigning: you don't reveal who you really are or what you're really up to until you get elected. — Jane Stanton Hitchcock