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Top Anneliese Quotes

Anneliese Quotes By Anneliese Van Der Pol

If anybody is a master at improvisation, it would be Ken Jeong. He is hilarious. — Anneliese Van Der Pol

Anneliese Quotes By Megan D. Martin

Yes. Now I'm a partner for one of the biggest law firms in Dallas. — Megan D. Martin

Anneliese Quotes By Joshua Ferris

We found ourselves wanting to hurry time along, which was not in the long run good for our health. Everybody was trapped in this contradiction but nobody ever dared to articulate it. — Joshua Ferris

Anneliese Quotes By Anneliese Van Der Pol

I am pretty sarcastic and pretty dry. — Anneliese Van Der Pol

Anneliese Quotes By Becky Albertalli

There's just something terrifying about admitting you like someone. In a way, it's actually easier when there's no chance of anything happening. But there's this threshold where things suddenly become possible. And then your cards are on the table. And there you are, wanting, right out in the open. — Becky Albertalli

Anneliese Quotes By Anneliese Blakeney

I find a good cliche very comforting in times of stress." said the Sage — Anneliese Blakeney

Anneliese Quotes By Lynda Fisher

A childhood filled with adventures, happiness and unabated love.
If only I could remember ... — Lynda Fisher

Anneliese Quotes By Anneliese Van Der Pol

The Internet, and Google, and everything that goes along with that is awesome for some things, but not so awesome for other things. Because everything gets leaked nowadays. — Anneliese Van Der Pol

Anneliese Quotes By Anneliese Van Der Pol

I love to entertain. I love being able to make people laugh. — Anneliese Van Der Pol

Anneliese Quotes By Anneliese Van Der Pol

I wouldn't say that I was a born performer, because I work very hard at it. — Anneliese Van Der Pol

Anneliese Quotes By Jessica Clare

I'm scared," she told him softly, her voice wobbling. "Every time I love, I get hurt."
"Sometimes love is about hurting, Violet." He brushed the backs of his fingers over her cheeks, dashing away her tears. "But the pleasure in love is greater than the pain. So much greater. You just have to be willing to take that leap. — Jessica Clare

Anneliese Quotes By Karen Armstrong

Alas, all traditions lose their primal purity and we all fail our founders. — Karen Armstrong

Anneliese Quotes By Julie Ann Walker

And maybe it was because she'd been raised around a bunch of rowdy bikers, but she always got a little weak in the knees when confronted with badass tattoos inked into tough, tan skin.
Put it all together, add a pinch of I-haven't-been-laid-in-way-too-long, and what did you come up with? A big ol'dollop of yeehaw, cowgirl! with a side of 'wanna take-a-ride'? — Julie Ann Walker

Anneliese Quotes By Anneliese Van Der Pol

It's important on a comedy to have a fun loving set. — Anneliese Van Der Pol

Anneliese Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

He did not know that Levin was feeling as though he had grown wings. Levin knew she was listening to his words and that she was glad to listen to him. And this was the only thing that interested him. — Leo Tolstoy

Anneliese Quotes By Daniel Keyes

So this is how a person can come to despise himself-knowing he's doing the wrong thing and not being able to stop. — Daniel Keyes

Anneliese Quotes By Vern Sheridan Poythress

New Testament authors all may have been premillennialists, they may all have been amillennialists, or some may not have had a particular worked-out conviction. But all were oriented to the idea of fulfillment in Christ and then in his people, in both his first and his second comings. This central motif rather than the Millennium as such dominated teaching about the future. — Vern Sheridan Poythress