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Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By J.R. Ward

He also said that I would never get an apology out of you." There was a long pause. "I want one. Now."
Xcor put aside his soup and found himself searching the wounds he had given himself, recalling all that pain, all that blood - which had dried brown on the floorboards beneath him.
"And then what," he said in a rough voice.
"You'll have to find out."
Fair enough, Xcor thought.
Without grace - not that he had any, anyway - he rose to his feet. At his full height, he was unsteady for too many reasons to count, and the off-balance feeling got even worse as he met the eyes of his ... friend.
Looking Throe in the face, he stepped up and put out his palm. "I am sorry."
Three simple words spoken loud and clear. And they didn't go nearly far enough.
"I was wrong to treat you as I did. I am ... not as much of the Bloodletter as I thought - as I have e'er wanted to be. — J.R. Ward

Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By Tom Peters

Who comes first? Don't be silly, says King Hal; it's employees. That is - and this dear Watson, is elementary - if you genuinely want to put customers first, you must put employees more first. — Tom Peters

Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By Walter Raleigh

All, or the greatest part of men that have aspired to riches or power, have attained thereunto either by force or fraud, and what they have by craft or cruelty gained, to cover the foulness of their fact, they call purchase, as a name more honest. Howsoever, he that for want of will or wit useth not those means, must rest in servitude and poverty. — Walter Raleigh

Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By Frank Shorter

You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming. — Frank Shorter

Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Scars are a warrior's beauty marks. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By Alison Fell

According to Yiannis' sister Irini, who had trained as a hairdresser in London, the British spent their long winters in grey and black, and this was why they chose such gaudy colours for the summer: turquoise with blue, orange with pink, mauve with indigo. Colours that didn't go well with the bleached hair of the women and the reddish flush of tans that resulted from too great a greediness for the sun, as if Mother Nature, who hated to be hurried, had imprinted her exasperation on their skin. — Alison Fell

Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By Anthony Doerr

The star-flooded nights, the dew-soaked dawns, the hushed ambulatories, the enforced asceticism - never has Werner felt part of something so single-minded. — Anthony Doerr

Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By Roman Sebrle

My position in the army is as sport instructor. This allows me generous time off for travel and competition. I also receive a monthly salary from the army. — Roman Sebrle

Anish Kapoor Cloud Gate Quotes By Pam Godwin

And wrapped in Logan was a toe-curling pleasure trip. — Pam Godwin