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Animal Overpopulation Quotes & Sayings

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Top Animal Overpopulation Quotes

Animal Overpopulation Quotes By Winkie Pratney

Our problem with limited resources is not primarily overpopulation; it is greed. Our problem with pollution is not the invention of fluorocarbons or mass transport; it is irresponsibility. The loss of an acre of forest every second, the mass slaughter of elephants for their ivory, the extinction of entire species of plants, insects and animals all over the world is not something that "just happens" because there are more of us human beings. It happens because the race of ruling beings put in charge has almost wholly lost its sense of stewardship. We have turned away from God. — Winkie Pratney

Animal Overpopulation Quotes By Sy Montgomery

I had nixed the idea of having children when I was myself a child, having learned in the 1960s that human overpopulation was literally crowding other species off the planet. Why create another mouth to gnaw at the overburdened earth? — Sy Montgomery

Animal Overpopulation Quotes By Jud Tylor

Each year, millions of animals are euthanized at local shelters because of overpopulation. Almost half of the animals brought into these shelters are euthanized because suitable homes can't be found for them. Animal rescue, a cause close to my heart, can lead to the safety of millions of these lost souls. — Jud Tylor