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Top Anger Explosion Quotes

Anger Explosion Quotes By Carolyn Weber

Yes ... I love how the Irish are so comfortable with paradox that they revel in it. In fact, if you took it away from them, I suspect they would start gasping like fish out of water. No wonder their land's name, now removed from its Gaelic notions of abundance in 'eire,' evokes anger, or 'ire,' and yet also the rich, cooling green of a sea-colored jewel. A 'terrible beauty' indeed. They understand oppression and repression and explosion, but they remain a culture of faith-faith that creaks and groans and pulls, but is alive and never dull. And which urges them to art, to poetry, to song-these, too, are forms of action. Of passion. Of conviction. Yes, of love. — Carolyn Weber

Anger Explosion Quotes By Maggie Young

I only knew to treat the male asshole as if it had a grenade buried inside of it that could ignite a deadly explosion of anger, trauma, and sexual confusion. — Maggie Young

Anger Explosion Quotes By Lauren Groff

[Grief is pain internalized, abscess of the soul. Anger is pain as energy, sudden explosion.] This one would be for Lotto. "This will be fun," she said aloud to the empty house. — Lauren Groff

Anger Explosion Quotes By Mick Harris

I love music/sounds that have a passion, a fire, an energy I can connect with. I love angry sounding beat tracks, dark sounds for sure but I also love delicate sounds, they both connect I think. Discharge back in 1980 was a big explosion in sound for me to hear the anger and the energy, still an influence on me. Miles Davis has been an influence, as much as John Coltrane, Brian Eno, John Hassel. So much around me has influenced me: my everyday life, everything around me, the family, etc ... It has an impact. — Mick Harris

Anger Explosion Quotes By Thucydides

Wars spring from unseen and generally insignificant causes, the first outbreak being often but an explosion of anger. — Thucydides

Anger Explosion Quotes By M. L. Stedman - The Light Between Oceans

There are times when the ocean is not the ocean - not blue, not even water, but some violent explosion of energy and danger: ferocity on a scale only gods can summon. It hurls itself at the island, sending spray right over the top of the lighthouse, biting pieces off the cliff. And the sound is a roaring of a beast whose anger knows no limits. Those are the nights the light is needed most. — M. L. Stedman - The Light Between Oceans

Anger Explosion Quotes By Ellen O'Connell

He entered her slowly, determined to keep a tight hold on the lust pounding in his veins. She wrapped her legs higher, took him deeper and deeper. Her hands dug into the muscles of his rear, urging, telling him what she wanted and what he needed were the same. He obeyed and thrust harder, driving into her not with anger but with a desperate raw need. He felt her climax, her body arching, tightening and contracting around him as she cried out against his neck. He shuddered with the intensity of the explosion that wracked his body and spirit and wrung a deep cry from him.
"Katherine." I was afraid. I missed you. I love you. — Ellen O'Connell

Anger Explosion Quotes By Cory Booker

You have to understand the Newark Riots - a lot of people understand that the pain was the initial explosion of anger and alienation, but after that, the response, sending the National Guard troops - a lot of violence was carried out and perpetrated by those who were allegedly coming here to protect residents. — Cory Booker

Anger Explosion Quotes By Linkin Park

Your anger is like the bubbles in a can of soda. The more you're shaken, the more you want to let it out. The longer you keep it in though, the greater the size of the eventual explosion - and the flatter the drink at the end. — Linkin Park

Anger Explosion Quotes By L. Lionel Kendrick

Anger causes anguish to the souls of all of those who experience the feeling as well as to those who are the recipients of this emotional explosion. — L. Lionel Kendrick

Anger Explosion Quotes By Robin Williams

For me, comedy starts as a spew, a kind of explosion, and then you sculpt it from there, if at all. It comes out of a deeper, darker side. Maybe it comes from anger, because I'm outraged by cruel absurdities, the hypocrisy that exists everywhere, even within yourself, where it's hardest to see. — Robin Williams