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Top Alternative Rock Music Quotes

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Shreya Ghoshal

I listen to a wide range of music, from country to pop to alternative rock, as well as Indian music. You know, what excites me are new ideas. And with a lot of the international hits - from Lady Gaga to Rihanna and others - you'd find excellent production and groundbreaking ideas that lift the music to a greater realm. — Shreya Ghoshal

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Al Yankovic

I don't want to pooh-pooh modern pop. I appreciate that as well, but my personal favorite kind of music is guitar-based rock. I like grunge and garage bands and alternative music, but that's more my personal taste. — Al Yankovic

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Simon Cowell

I have total respect for anyone who discovers a band like Snow Patrol. I would be hopeless at signing a rock band, or anything alternative, cause I don't know what that audience are into and I don't particularly like that kind of music. — Simon Cowell

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Nate Ruess

We grew up listening to alternative music from the '90s, and there was no shame in being on a major label and still making the music you wanted to make. I feel like rap rock came around and drew a line in the sand, and everybody that was like me ran away from that and started making indie-rock. — Nate Ruess

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Ednita Nazario

Latin music has many international influences - pop, rock, country, Brazilian sounds, and alternative styles. — Ednita Nazario

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Green Day

Punk is not just the sound, the music, punk is a lifestyle. — Green Day

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Ann Marie Frohoff

Creativity is the catalyst to the future. — Ann Marie Frohoff

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Brad Paisley

I'm sure there are a few things in my CD collection that might surprise people. I like classical music, the blues, and I'm a big fan of alternative rock. — Brad Paisley

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By John Legend

I listen to all those kinds of music, from classic soul to hip-hop to Brazilian music to, you know, jazz to indie to alternative. So whatever. I listen to all if it. Classic rock and classic pop, all of that. — John Legend

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Branford Marsalis

I haven't heard anything new that I've liked on the show. A lot of the bands we play with are just bad, especially those alternative rock bands. They can do it in the studio but they can't play live... I see the audience applauding while they're playing, and I wonder if it's just because they're fans of the band and don't care, or out of spite. Because it certainly isn't because they sound good.

Branford Marsalis on the musical acts booked on The Tonight Show. — Branford Marsalis

Alternative Rock Music Quotes By Billy Corgan

When alternative music - which is supposed to be the standard-bearer of where white rock is headed - becomes either too cute or too manufactured, that's just really not good. — Billy Corgan