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Top Alternative Fuels Quotes

Alternative Fuels Quotes By John F. Kerry

I'm for ethanol, and I think it's a very important partial ingredient of the overall mix of alternative and renewable fuels we ought to commit to. — John F. Kerry

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Virgil Goode

It is important that the United States move with all deliberate speed to develop and get into usage alternative fuels that will allow us to end our dependence on foreign oil. — Virgil Goode

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Nancy Pelosi

I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels. — Nancy Pelosi

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Virgil Goode

Even as we work to develop more sources of petroleum for the United States, we must continue our vigorous pursuit of alternative fuels, so that we can be powered by cleaner, more efficient sources of energy. — Virgil Goode

Alternative Fuels Quotes By James Howard Kunstler

No amount or combination of alternative fuels is going to allow us to continue running what we're running, the way we're running it. — James Howard Kunstler

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Winona LaDuke

We are launching a campaign called Wind, Not War, which is about the alternatives to a fossil-fuels-based economy and looking at wind, an alternative energy, as key to that in terms of issues of global climate change as well as issues of democracy. — Winona LaDuke

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Ken Salazar

With leading research universities, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and private companies like Blue Sun working on developing alternative fuels, Colorado is poised to become an international leader in clean energy. — Ken Salazar

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Rachel Maddow

Carter's renowned 1979 "malaise speech" [ ... ] is little remembered for what it actually was: a call to arms for fixing our nation's dire energy future. "Beginning this moment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did in 1977
never" [ ... ] Carter was going to use all the weapons at his disposal: import quotas, public investment in coal, solar power, and alternative fuel, and [ ... ] "a bold conservation program" where "every act of energy conservation ... is more than just common sense; I tell you it is an act of patriotism. — Rachel Maddow

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Bobby Jindal

We should increase our development of alternative fuels, taking advantage of renewable resources, like using corn and sugar to produce ethanol or soybeans to produce biodiesel. — Bobby Jindal

Alternative Fuels Quotes By David Suzuki

Japan is a model already to the lie that economic growth is the key to our future. If they can really show an alternative to nukes and fossil fuels, then they will be the poster boy for the renewable energy for the future. — David Suzuki

Alternative Fuels Quotes By George Gilder

In a parody of the supply-side economics of creative destruction, advocates of AB 32 envisaged "alternative" energy sources creating new jobs and industries and replacing existing fuels. Thomas Friedman's Hot, Flat, and Crowded3 is the bible of this delusional sect, which has captured much of Silicon Valley. This economic model sees new wealth emerge from dismantling the existing energy economy and replacing it with a medieval system of windmills and druidical sun temples. But the destruction of the workable and efficient energy system we have does nothing to enable a new one. — George Gilder

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Bill Maher

Prop 87 out here in California is about lessening our dependence on oil by using alternative fuels, and Bill Clinton comes on at the end of the ad and says, "If Brazil can do it, America can, too!" Since when did America have to buck itself up by saying we could catch up to Brazil? We invented the airplane and the lightbulb, they invented the bikini wax, and now they're ahead? — Bill Maher

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Christopher Flavin

Improved energy productivity and renewable energy are both available in abundance - and new policies and technologies are rapidly making them more economically competitive with fossil fuels. In combination, these energy options represent the most robust alternative to the current energy system, capable of providing the diverse array of energy services that a modern economy requires. Given the urgency of the climate problem, that is indeed convenient. — Christopher Flavin

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Rick Renzi

We must shift the energy policy debate in America with an increased focus on alternative and renewable fuels and Congress must pass meaningful alternative fuels and incentive programs to help move the U.S. away from dependence on foreign oil. — Rick Renzi

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Lindsey Graham

The sooner we get started with alternative energy sources and recognize that fossil fuels makes us less secure as a nation, and more dangerous as a planet, the better off we'll be. — Lindsey Graham

Alternative Fuels Quotes By Bjorn Lomborg

Even if every major government were to slap huge taxes on carbon fuels - which is not going to happen - it wouldn't do much to halt climate change any time soon. What it would do is cost us hundreds of billions - if not trillions - of dollars, because alternative energy technologies are not yet ready to take up the slack. — Bjorn Lomborg