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Top Alleviating Poverty Quotes

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Lewis Thompson Preston

Alleviating poverty would be the Bank's overarching objective. — Lewis Thompson Preston

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Simone De Beauvoir

We always come back to the same vicious circle - an extreme degree of material or intellectual poverty does away with the means of alleviating it. — Simone De Beauvoir

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Peter Singer

Christian magazine Sojourners, likes to point out that the Bible contains more than three thousand references to alleviating poverty - enough reason, he thinks, for making this a central moral issue for Christians. — Peter Singer

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Marc Morial

Poverty, the racial divide and social injustice do not impact only those who suffer most visibly. Alleviating poverty and injustice is a responsibility we must never forget or abandon. — Marc Morial

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Nelson Mandela

Our motto should be: let us make peace so that we can concentrate on the really important work that needs to be done. That is, alleviating the plight of the poor and the defenceless, for as long as most of humanity feels the pain of poverty we all remain prisoners. — Nelson Mandela

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Mark Winne

Food banking as well as other antihunger programs do a good job of managing poverty by alleviating its worst symptom, hunger. — Mark Winne

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Amy Lockwood

Polak, a psychiatrist, has applied a behavioral and anthropological approach to alleviating poverty, developed by studying people in their natural surroundings. He argues that there are three mythic solutions to poverty eradication: donations, national economic growth, and big businesses. Instead, he advocates helping the poor earn money through their own efforts of developing low-cost tools that are effective and profitable. — Amy Lockwood

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Oscar Arias

Free trade will go a long way toward alleviating poverty in Central America. Yet trade alone is not enough. — Oscar Arias

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Jon Meacham

I am a huge admirer of Franklin Roosevelt's, and I believe social security has done untold good in alleviating the once-widespread issue of poverty among the elderly. FDR believed in the greatness and generosity of Americans - but he was also a cold-blooded politician. — Jon Meacham

Alleviating Poverty Quotes By Bruno De Oliveira

Charity has an embedded message of alleviating the consequences of poverty and not of eradicating it. As the evidence suggested, charity seems to be pervert form of social mechanism that validates contemporary social inequality maintained by neoliberalism policies under the capitalist ideology. It seems problematic that the world's current ideology i.e. capitalism alienation is the main contributor of contemporary issues with poverty world-wide and the solution presented to this social problem is charity. In addition, charity seems to be the humanitarian side of a system that advocates and promotes exploitation. — Bruno De Oliveira