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Allergic To Work Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

You know, my sister and I can't understand what Dawson sees in you. You're just a silly little human." His arm shot out so fast it was a blur, picked up a strand of her hair. "And you're really not even that pretty."
Oh ... oh, that stung more than it should have. Tears burned her eyes as she fought to keep her voice level. "I guess it's a good thing, then. A relationship between us would never work."
His eyes narrowed. "And why is that?"
"Because I'm allergic to assholes. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Allergic To Work Quotes By Napoleon Hill

Some individuals appear to be "allergic" to honest work, but opportunity is equally allergic to them. — Napoleon Hill

Allergic To Work Quotes By Cornelia Parker

If I'm not doing the work I want, I usually suffer a psychological allergic reaction and get ill. It niggles when things get out of my control. — Cornelia Parker

Allergic To Work Quotes By Sloane Crosley

If you have to ask someone to change, to tell you they love you, to bring wine to dinner, to call you when they land, you can't afford to be with them. It's not worth the price, even though, just like the Tiffany catalog, no one tells you what the price is. You set it yourself, and if you're lucky it's reasonable. You have a sense of when you're about to go bankrupt. Your own sense of self-worth takes the wheel and says, Enough of this shit. Stop making excuses. No one's that busy at work. No one's allergic to whipped cream. There are too cell phones in Sweden. But most people don't get lucky. They get human. They get crushes. This means you irrationally mortgage what little logic you own to pay for this one thing. This relationship is an impulse buy, and you'll figure out if it's worth it later. — Sloane Crosley

Allergic To Work Quotes By Liane Moriarty

Toxic' was actually an accurate description of the feelings Clementine had so often felt in Erika's presence: the intense aggravation she had to work so hard to resist and conceal, the disappointment with herself, because Erika wasn't evil or cruel or stupid, she was simply annoying, and Clementine's response to her annoyingness was so completely disporportionate, it embarassed and confounded her. Erika loved Clementine. She'd do anything for her. So why did she inflame Clementine so? It was like she was allergic to her. — Liane Moriarty