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Top All Inclusive Quotes

All Inclusive Quotes By Carole Maso

The Voice of the River is a beautifully written, deeply inclusive and profoundly spirtual work of art. I am moved by its great genorosity above all, and its wisdom. It is a gift like no other. — Carole Maso

All Inclusive Quotes By Jane Green

I now realise how liberating all-inclusive resorts are. No carrying huge handbags anywhere. No having to worry about purses being pinched. No totting up the price in your head and fretting that you've spent too much. — Jane Green

All Inclusive Quotes By Jack T. Chick

We live in a world where it has become politically correct to avoid
absolutes. Many want all religions to be given the same honor, and all gods
regarded as equally true and equally fictitious. But take these same
people, who want fuzzy, all-inclusive thinking in spiritual matters, and
put them on an airplane. You will find they insist on a very dogmatic,
intolerant pilot who will stay on the straight and narrow glidepath so
their life will not come to a violent end short of the runway. They want no
fuzzy thinking here! — Jack T. Chick

All Inclusive Quotes By Darin Strauss

Too much contemporary fiction seems purposefully to address small things in small ways. And yet why not try for the all-inclusive, the gripping, for the audacious? — Darin Strauss

All Inclusive Quotes By Rachel Cohn

I don't see why ogling same-sex kissing should be the exclusive domain of frat boys whacking off to lesbian action, that's so sexist. Feminism should be all inclusive- it should be about sexual liberation, equal pay for equal work, and the fundamental girl right of boy2boy appreciation. — Rachel Cohn

All Inclusive Quotes By Sonia Gandhi

To be equitable, economic growth has to be sustainable. To be sustainable, economic growth has in turn to be all-inclusive. All-inclusive is no longer the greatest good of the greatest number. It is actually Sarvodaya or the rise of all. This Mahatma Gandhi saw as essential to Satyagraha itself. — Sonia Gandhi

All Inclusive Quotes By Dallas Willard

The aim of God in history is the creation of an all-inclusive community of loving persons, with Himself included in that community as its prime sustainer and most glorious inhabitant. — Dallas Willard

All Inclusive Quotes By Witness Lee

Our need is to see that our God today has passed through the process of incarnation, human living, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and enthronement to become the all-inclusive life-giving Spirit for us to drink. He is such a compound Spirit, and we have a spirit with which to drink of Him. In spirit we are one with Him. If we see this vision, the focal point of the divine revelation in the Bible, we shall know how to drink the Lord as the water of life. (Life-study of Exodus, pp. 515-518) — Witness Lee

All Inclusive Quotes By Jean Vanier

Those who are weak have great difficulty finding their place in our society. The image of the ideal human as powerful and capable disenfranchises the old, the sick, the less-abled. For me, society must, by definition, be inclusive of the needs and gifts of all its members. How can we lay claim to making an open and friendly society where human rights are respected and fostered when, by the values we teach and foster, we systematically exclude segments of our population? I believe that those we most often exclude from the normal life of society, people with disabilities, have profound lessons to teach us. When we do include them, they add richly to our lives and add immensely to our world. — Jean Vanier

All Inclusive Quotes By Dick Spring

I believe we've spent many years trying to bring about talks which have all the Parties in Northern Ireland involved so that there'd be inclusive talks. — Dick Spring

All Inclusive Quotes By Ivan Illich

Neither revolution nor reformation can ultimately change a society, rather you must tell a new powerful tale, one so persuasive that it sweeps away the old myths and becomes the preferred story, one so inclusive that it gathers all the bits of our past and our present into a coherent whole, one that even shines some light into the future so that we can take the next step ... If you want to change a society, then you have to tell an alternative story. — Ivan Illich

All Inclusive Quotes By Rajneesh

Zen is all-inclusive. It never denies, it never says no to anything; it accepts everything and transforms it into a higher reality. — Rajneesh

All Inclusive Quotes By Kate Bornstein

Safe gender is being who and what we want to be when we
want to be that, with no threat of censure or violence.
Safe gender is going as far in any direction as we wish,
With no threat to our health, or anyone else's.
Safe gender is not being pressured into passing, not
Having to lie, not having to hide.
Sane gender is asking questions about gender - talking
To people who do gender, and opening up about our
Gender histories and our gender desires.
Sane gender is probably very, very funny.
Consensual gender is respecting each others' definition
Of gender, and respecting the wishes of some to be alone,
And respecting the intentions of others to be inclusive in
Their own time.
Consensual gender is non-violent in that it doesn't force
Its way in on anyone.
Consensual gender opens its arms and welcomes all
People as gender outcasts - whoever is willing to admit it. — Kate Bornstein

All Inclusive Quotes By Ravi Zacharias

I came to Him because I did not know which way to turn. I remained with Him because there is no other way I wish to turn. I came to Him longing for something I did not have. I remain with Him because I have something I will not trade. I came to Him as a stranger. I remain with Him in the most intimate of friendships. I came to Him unsure about the future. I remain with Him certain about my destiny. I came amid the thunderous cries of a culture that has 330 million deities. I remain with Him knowing that truth cannot be all-inclusive. — Ravi Zacharias

All Inclusive Quotes By Martin O'Malley

Doing difficult things like passing marriage equality, passing the Dream Act, doing common sense things that allow new American immigrants to fully participate, pay their taxes, play by the rules and take care of their families. That's the inclusive America that I believe all of us want to move to. — Martin O'Malley

All Inclusive Quotes By Paul Harrison

The pantheist "God" is the community of all beings. It is not a He, or a She, or an It. It is a "We," and a we in the broadest and most inclusive sense, embracing everything from rocks and algae, through butterflies and humans, to suns and planets. — Paul Harrison

All Inclusive Quotes By Robertson Davies

I confess I have been a rake at reading. I have read those things which I ought not to have read, and I have not read those things which I ought to have read, and there is no health in me
if by health you mean an inclusive and coherent knowledge of any body of great literature. I can only protest, like all rakes in their shameful senescence, that I have had a good time. — Robertson Davies

All Inclusive Quotes By Amit Ray

Compassion is all inclusive. Compassion knows no boundaries. Compassion comes with awareness, and awareness breaks all narrow territories. — Amit Ray

All Inclusive Quotes By Sara Bareilles

I think we're at a really rich and fertile time in the zeitgeist about paying attention to diversity of all kinds - racial diversity, gender diversity, making room for a continuum that is more inclusive. — Sara Bareilles

All Inclusive Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

I have nothing of the communalist in me because my Hinduism is all inclusive. — Mahatma Gandhi

All Inclusive Quotes By Charles Fort

I think we're all bugs and mice, and are only different expressions of an all-inclusive cheese. — Charles Fort

All Inclusive Quotes By Daisaku Ikeda

A sense of being part of the great all-inclusive life prompts us to reflect on our own place and on how we ought to live. Guarding others' lives, the ecology and the earth is the same as protecting one's own life. By like token, wounding them is the same thing as wounding oneself. Consequently, it is the duty of each of us to participate as members of the life community in the evolution of the universe. We can do this by guarding earth's ecological system. — Daisaku Ikeda

All Inclusive Quotes By David Bowie

I'm wary of the word glam because I think that became the all-inclusive term with for any bloke with lipstick on, which is fine, you know, and that's what it is when it comes down to the public level. — David Bowie

All Inclusive Quotes By Enrique Pena Nieto

I hope for my children, and for all Mexicans, that they can be proud to be Mexican, proud of their heritage, and proud that they have a peaceful, inclusive, vibrant country that is playing a role in the world. — Enrique Pena Nieto

All Inclusive Quotes By B.C. Forbes

What one thing does the world need most today-apart, that is, from the all-inclusive thing we call righteousness? Aren't you inclined to agree that what this old world needs is just the art of being kind? Every time I visit a factory or any other large business concern, I find myself trying to diagnose whether the atmosphere is one of kindliness or the reverse. And somehow, if there is palpably lacking that spirit of kindness, the owners ... have fallen short of achieving 24-carat success no matter how imposing the financial balance sheet may be. — B.C. Forbes

All Inclusive Quotes By Debbie Ford

Perfect love is to feeling what perfect white is to color. Many think that white is the absence of color. It is not. It is the inclusion of all color. White is every other color that exists combined. So, too, is love not the absence of emotion (hatred, anger, lust, jealousy, covertness), but the summation of all feeling ? It is the sum total. The aggregate amount. The everything. Love is inclusive: it accepts the full range of human emotion - the emotions we hide, the emotions we fear. Jung once said, "I'd rather be whole than good." How many of us have sold ourselves out in order to be good, to be liked, to be accepted? — Debbie Ford

All Inclusive Quotes By Narendra Modi

Gujarat, with its all inclusive, sustainable and rapid growth, is emerging as a globally preferred place to live in and to do business. — Narendra Modi

All Inclusive Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

If our love for each other really is participatory, then all other human relationships nourish it; it is inclusive, never exclusive. — Madeleine L'Engle

All Inclusive Quotes By John Cleese

A good sense of humour is the sign of a healthy perspective, which is why people who are uncomfortable around humour are either pompous (inflated) or neurotic (oversensitive). Pompous people mistrust humour because at some level they know their self-importance cannot survive very long in such an atmosphere, so they criticise it as "negative" or "subversive." Neurotics, sensing that humour is always ultimately critical, view it as therefore unkind and destructive, a reductio ad absurdum which leads to political correctness. Not that laughter can't be unkind and destructive. Like most manifestations of human behaviour it ranges from the loving to the hateful. The latter produces nasty racial jokes and savage teasing; the former, warm and affectionate banter, and the kind of inclusive humour that says, "Isn't the human condition absurd, but we're all in the same boat. — John Cleese

All Inclusive Quotes By Amos Bronson Alcott

Truth is inclusive of all the virtues, is older than sects and schools, and, like charity, more ancient than mankind. — Amos Bronson Alcott

All Inclusive Quotes By Baba Kalyani

I don't think one party has a bad vision over the other party. I have no doubts that every Indian and every Indian political leadership would like to see this country get to a much better level. We would all like to see inclusive growth. — Baba Kalyani

All Inclusive Quotes By Narendra Modi

India's democracy where over 1 billion people have a voice in deciding their future is a world example of how governance can incorporate diversity into a movement for inclusive growth. New modes of democratic engagement, especially through using e-governance are allowing greater access to fundamental rights for all our people. — Narendra Modi

All Inclusive Quotes By James Agee

I believe that every human being is potentially capable within his 'limits' of fully 'realizing' his potentialities; that this, his being cheated and choked of it, is infinitely the ghastliest, commonest, and most inclusive of all the crimes of which the human world can assure itself. — James Agee

All Inclusive Quotes By Iyanla Vanzant

I think as men begin to see things that address them, they will feel that they can relate. They can't relate to 'Basketball Wives,' 'Housewives of Atlanta.' I am not judging or criticizing those shows at all; what I am saying is the perspective is not necessarily the male perspective. 'Iyanla: Fix My Life' is inclusive of everyone. — Iyanla Vanzant

All Inclusive Quotes By Tejomayananda

A narrow vision is divisive, a broad vision expansive. But a divine vision is all-inclusive. — Tejomayananda

All Inclusive Quotes By Rachel Naomi Remen

The spiritual is inclusive. It is the deepest sense of belonging and participation.We all participate in the spiritual at all times, whether we know it or not. — Rachel Naomi Remen

All Inclusive Quotes By N. T. Wright

The point we desperately need to grasp is that forgiveness is not the same thing as tolerance. We are told again and again today that we must be "inclusive"; that Jesus welcomed all kinds of people just as they were; that the church believes in forgiveness and therefore we should remarry divorcees without question, reinstate employees who were sacked for dishonesty, allow convicted pedophiles back into children's work-actually, we don't normally say the last of these, which shows that we have retained at least some vestiges of common sense. But forgiveness is not the same as tolerance. It is not the same as inclusivity. It is not the same as indifference, whether personal or moral. Forgiveness doesn't mean that we don't take evil seriously after all; it means that we do. — N. T. Wright

All Inclusive Quotes By David Sanborn

Jazz music should be inclusive. Smooth jazz to me rules out a certain kind of drama and a certain tension that I think all music needs. Especially jazz music, since improvising is one of the cornerstones of what jazz is. And when you smooth it out, you take all the drama out of it. — David Sanborn

All Inclusive Quotes By Sara Miles

All of it pointed to a force stronger than the anxious formulas of religion: a radically inclusive love that accompanied people in the most ordinary of actions - eating, drinking, walking - and stayed with them, through fear, even past death. That love meant giving yourself away, embracing outsiders as family, emptying yourself to feed and live for others. The stories illuminated the holiness located in mortal human bodies, and the promise that people could see God by cherishing all those different bodies the way God did. They spoke of a communion so much vaster than any church could contain: one I had sensed all my life could be expressed in the sharing of food, particularly with strangers. — Sara Miles

All Inclusive Quotes By John Bevere

I see a generation comprised of all ages, inclusive of men and women, awakening to the extraordinary qualities hidden within. The power to accomplish remarkable feats and live an exceptional life is not defined by an individual's family, education, or occupation; it's a disposition of the heart. Unless it's suppressed, there is an innate desire to rise above the norm. I encourage you to step into the unknown, embrace the divine empowerment, and live your extraordinary life. — John Bevere

All Inclusive Quotes By Witness Lee

The will of God for us is that we know the all-inclusive Christ, experience Him, and live Him as our life. To know Christ in this way is to have the full knowledge of God's will. — Witness Lee

All Inclusive Quotes By Edward Jenks

But the fact that the word "chattel" has survived as the inclusive legal term for all movable goods, points, not merely to the great importance of cattle in primitive times, but to the importance of the notion of sale or barter in generating the institution of property. — Edward Jenks

All Inclusive Quotes By Hugh Hewitt

Reince has produced a fully funded, superbly staffed and technologically advanced strategy to position the GOP to win in '14 and '16, and he has done so via an inclusive outreach to all branches of the party while staying out of the bunker and in the MSM on a 24/7 basis. The Republicans cannot ask for more from the RNC than they have gotten and the political battlefield is as well prepared as it has been since 2004 as a result. — Hugh Hewitt

All Inclusive Quotes By Mary Ritter Beard

Unless one's philosophy is all-inclusive, nothing can be understood. — Mary Ritter Beard

All Inclusive Quotes By Allan Savory

People and land need healing which is all inclusive - holistic. — Allan Savory

All Inclusive Quotes By Elizabeth Lesser

Read any of the top-selling business books, all of them talk about moving away from a top down manner of leading to a more inclusive one. It's not happening over night, but if you read the winds of change in most of the democracies in the world we are moving toward shared levels of power. — Elizabeth Lesser

All Inclusive Quotes By Howard Zinn

I would prefer to use a very inclusive definition of the working class. I'd like to include all of those people who are, if they're not exploited by an immediate employer over them, they're exploited by the system and therefore have a cause to want to change the system. Having a very inclusive definition of the working class creates a great opportunity for organizing people. — Howard Zinn

All Inclusive Quotes By Ashley Judd

I have a very ecumenical faith. I have a very inclusive faith. There's a quote I love from recovery literature that says, "The realm of the spirit is roomy and broad. It is open to all." I've absolutely staked my life on that. — Ashley Judd

All Inclusive Quotes By Edmond Gagnon

If you want a great vacation, go to an all-inclusive resort"
If you want a great travel adventure, go anywhere else — Edmond Gagnon

All Inclusive Quotes By Amity Shlaes

By playing on people's desire to belong to groups, Facebook creates a new, inclusive society. After all, Facebook is not like Harvard College. Anyone with access to the Internet can sign up. — Amity Shlaes

All Inclusive Quotes By Mark Driscoll

I'm frankly sick of all the books and movies trying to predict when Jesus will return and we'll get to start our eternal vacation at his all-inclusive resort called heaven. I'm also sick of the nerd parade of books and conferences that approach the Bible like scholars whose mission is to get their Masters rather than soldiers who are on mission with their Master. We've got work to do. There are lost people to reach, churches to plant, and nations to evangelize. Hell is hot, forever is a long time, and it's our turn to stop making a dent and start making a difference. — Mark Driscoll

All Inclusive Quotes By Norman Cousins

But we have yet to make peace basic to our education. The most important subject in the world is hardly taught at all. In the spirit of this passage, the editor has taken the liberty of editing Mr. Cousins' language to make it more gender inclusive. — Norman Cousins

All Inclusive Quotes By Danny Martin

My thanks to Hollywood
When you showed me John Rambo
Stitching up his arm with no anaesthetic
And giving them "a war they won't believe"
I knew then my calling, the job for me

Thanks also to the recruitment adverts
For showing me soldiers whizzing around on skis
And for sending sergeants to our school
To tell us of the laughs, the great food, the pay
The camaraderie

I am, dear taxpayer, forever in your debt
You paid for my all-inclusive pilgrimage
One year basking in the Garden of Eden
(I haven't quite left yet)

Thanks to Mum and thanks to Dad
Fuck it,
Thanks to every parent
Flushing with pride for their brave young lads
Buying young siblings toy guns and toy tanks
Waiting at the airport
Waving their flags — Danny Martin

All Inclusive Quotes By Deborah Feldman

I can't bear the thought of living an entire lifetime on this planet and not getting to do all the things I dream of doing, simply because they aren't allowed. I don't think it will ever be enough, this version of freedom, until it is all-inclusive. I don't think I can be happy unless I'm truly independent. — Deborah Feldman

All Inclusive Quotes By Alan Watts

For when you see that the universe cannot be distinguished from how you act upon it, there is neither fate nor free will, self nor other. There is simply one all-inclusive Happening, in which your personal sensation of being alive occurs in just the same way as the river flowing and the stars shining far out in space. There is no question of submitting or accepting or going with it, for what happens in and as you is no different from what happens as it. — Alan Watts

All Inclusive Quotes By Milo Ventimiglia

It's an all-inclusive package, when you get to be creative and run a little country while you're on a set and doing it with people that you enjoy working with and you all have a say in it. — Milo Ventimiglia

All Inclusive Quotes By Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Clearly, when western cultures absorbed Christianity, they got an all-inclusive package: ancient Hebrew rituals and myths steeped in lost purpose, scantily recorded and broadly misinterpreted teachings of Jesus, revisions and distortions by Paul, twisted cosmology and superstitions supplied by priesthoods and bureaucratic/political distortions innate to man's traditional
endeavors. — Thomas Daniel Nehrer

All Inclusive Quotes By Bell Hooks

What has become clear is that education for critical consciousness coupled with anti-racist activism that works to change all our thinking so that we construct identity and community on the basis of openness, shared struggle, and inclusive working together offers us the continued possibility of eradicating racism. — Bell Hooks

All Inclusive Quotes By Prince Hassan Bin Talal

War and it's tragic repercussions are inclusive of all; surely a model for peace should strive for such inclusiveness. — Prince Hassan Bin Talal

All Inclusive Quotes By Sharif Abdullah

By accepting responsibility, we take effective steps toward our goal: an inclusive human society on a habitable planet, a society that works for all humans and for all nonhumans. By accepting responsibility, we move closer to creating a world that works for all. — Sharif Abdullah

All Inclusive Quotes By Slavoj Zizek

This, then, is the truth of the discourse of universal human rights: the Wall separating those covered by the umbrella of Human Rights and those excluded from its protective cover. Any reference to universal human rights as an 'unfinished project' to be gradually extended to all people is here a vain ideological chimera - and, faced with this prospect, do we, in the West, have any right to condemn the excluded when they use any means, inclusive of terror, to fight their exclusion? — Slavoj Zizek

All Inclusive Quotes By Jon Morrison

Religious pluralism is a popular belief in Western culture. At first it sounds very inclusive, but it is really just as exclusive as any other claims. Religious pluralists are those who argue that the "real God" is actually a mix of the gods of all the religions combined (ie. the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jehovah's Witness; and we can even throw in ancient Greek gods). By mixing all the major religions, they are discounting the exclusive truth claims to which religions strictly adhere. — Jon Morrison

All Inclusive Quotes By Sigourney Weaver

People who run environmental groups and things like that, who have to listen to all kinds of nonsense and keep their tempers, are very diplomatic and very inclusive. — Sigourney Weaver

All Inclusive Quotes By Daniel F. Galouye

Doomsday, when it came, wouldn't be a physical phenomenon; it would be an
all-inclusive erasure of simulectronic circuits. — Daniel F. Galouye

All Inclusive Quotes By Richard Moss

True healing means drawing the circle of our being larger and becoming more inclusive, more capable of loving. In this sense, healing is not for the sick alone, but for all humankind. — Richard Moss

All Inclusive Quotes By Henry Paulson

India is a vibrant nation whose strength lies in its commitment to equal rights and to speech, religious and economic freedoms that enrich the lives of all citizens. India is not only the world's largest democracy; it is also a secular, pluralistic society committed to inclusive growth. — Henry Paulson

All Inclusive Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

You compare yourself with somebody, compare yourself with an example, with the ultimate ideal. Comparative judgment makes the mind dull; it does not sharpen the mind, it does not make the mind comprehensive, inclusive, because, when you are all the time comparing, what has happened? You see the sunset, and you immediately compare that sunset with the previous sunset. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

All Inclusive Quotes By Andrew Pain

The world isn't getting smaller. People fly from place to place, take shuttles or taxis to hotels, stay in all-inclusive resorts. Have Skype Meetings. They don't really experience the world, and barely experience parts of it. — Andrew Pain

All Inclusive Quotes By Bob Harper

The CrossFit program is broad, general and inclusive, and most of all, the movements can be scaled down to any level of athlete. Just watch what I do with it on 'The Biggest Loser.' — Bob Harper

All Inclusive Quotes By Omar Nelson Bradley

Dependability, integrity, the characteristic of never knowingly doing anything wrong, that you would never cheat anyone, that you would give everybody a fair deal. Character is a sort of an all-inclusive thing. If a man has character, everyone has confidence in him. — Omar Nelson Bradley

All Inclusive Quotes By Witness Lee

In Greek the word for covenant is also the word for testament. Every proper covenant eventually becomes a testament. Before the person who enacted the covenant dies, it is the covenant. After he dies, that covenant becomes a testament. A testament in today's terms is a will ... We have a will full of hundreds of bequests. My heavenly Father has given me all these bequests, and they have been covenanted to me as a testament. That is the new testament. We have the New Testament of the Bible in our hands, but this is not the reality. The reality of all the hundreds of bequests in the New Testament is Christ. Without Christ, the Bible is empty, so the real testament, the real will, is Christ. Christ is our title deed, and this title deed is in our spirit as the all-inclusive, life-giving, indwelling, consummated Spirit. — Witness Lee

All Inclusive Quotes By Sonu Nigam

For me, learning is a continuous process and an all-inclusive one - reading a book, learning a musical instrument or learning the martial art called taekwondo. Teach myself something new - that's my prayer. — Sonu Nigam

All Inclusive Quotes By Ken Salazar

Growing up in a very rural and remote area in Colorado's San Luis Valley - one of the poorest counties in the United States - essentially created the framework of values from which I operate. I stand up for the little guy. I fight discrimination at all levels. I fight for an inclusive America. — Ken Salazar

All Inclusive Quotes By Charles Fort

But Truth is that besides which there is nothing: nothing to modify it, nothing to question it, nothing to form an exception: the all-inclusive, the complete - By Truth, I mean the Universal. — Charles Fort

All Inclusive Quotes By Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Let us continue to strive together for a more inclusive, democratic, and peaceful future for us all. — Fernando Henrique Cardoso

All Inclusive Quotes By Colin Powell

Our model of politics is one that it is inclusive of all members of the society; all should be represented. That is the nature of our democracy. — Colin Powell

All Inclusive Quotes By Jack Straw

Holocaust Memorial Day is intended as an inclusive commemoration of all the individuals and communities who suffered as a result of the Holocaust - not only Jews, but also Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, political prisoners and dozens of ethnic and other minorities. — Jack Straw

All Inclusive Quotes By George W. Bush

I think it's really important for this great state of baseball to reach out to people of all walks of life to make sure that the sport is inclusive. The best way to do it is to convince little kids how to
the beauty of playing baseball. — George W. Bush

All Inclusive Quotes By Pratibha Patil

I believe economic growth should translate into the happiness and progress of all. Along with it, there should be development of art and culture, literature and education, science and technology. We have to see how to harness the many resources of India for achieving common good and for inclusive growth. — Pratibha Patil

All Inclusive Quotes By Barbara Jordan

We believe in equality for all, and privileges for none. This is a belief that each American regardless of background has equal standing in the public forum, all of us. Because we believe this idea so firmly, we are an inclusive, rather than an exclusive party. Let everybody come. — Barbara Jordan

All Inclusive Quotes By Jesse Jackson

Music of all arts should be expansive and inclusive. — Jesse Jackson

All Inclusive Quotes By Gloria Steinem

Most of all, I love graduations. They are individual and communal, an end and a beginning, more permanent than weddings, more inclusive than religions, and possibly the most moving ceremonies on earth. — Gloria Steinem

All Inclusive Quotes By Colin Nissan

Do you like flora and fauna? How about plants and animals? Because we have more of that beautiful crap than we know what to do with. Charmingly domesticated troops of monkeys swing freely throughout our orchid-laden property. You're probably thinking that a lot of all-inclusive resorts have monkeys. True, but only one resort packs a monkey for each of their guests to take home. You'll be showing off more than a tan to your friends, you'll be showing off a gibbon. — Colin Nissan

All Inclusive Quotes By Maajid Nawaz

In the United Kingdom, we need to promote an inclusive British identity that involves and empowers people from all ethnic and faith backgrounds. — Maajid Nawaz

All Inclusive Quotes By Bruce Lee

Voidness is that which stands right in the middle between this and that. The void is all-inclusive, having no opposite
there is nothing which it excludes or opposes. It is living void, because all forms come out of it and whoever realizes the void is filled with life and power and the love of all beings. — Bruce Lee

All Inclusive Quotes By CeeLo Green

My varied listening palette is all-inclusive of all walks of life. No one individual is exempt from the human experience, so it is that intangible that is a universal truth. In that regard, I've had success in encapsulating something cosmic. — CeeLo Green

All Inclusive Quotes By Marlene Dietrich

Logic is the key to an all-inclusive spiritual well-being. — Marlene Dietrich

All Inclusive Quotes By Fitz Hugh Ludlow

There is reason to fear that men love better to investigate how muslins, hay-rakes, and, above all and inclusive of all, money may be made, than how their own minds are constructed — Fitz Hugh Ludlow

All Inclusive Quotes By Walter Martin

Truth by definition is exclusive. If truth were all-inclusive, nothing would be false. — Walter Martin

All Inclusive Quotes By Laura Weakley

Judaism teaches us the sentence, "The Lord is One," is not exclusive to Adonai, but rather inclusive of everything, everything, everything! Did you get that? Everything is One. This means far more than the teaching we are all connected. That teaching could be speaking biologically, or even atomically. I am talking about more than even the microscopic connection we all share. More than our DNA. — Laura Weakley

All Inclusive Quotes By Baird T. Spalding

By first KNOWING that this power does exist, then using it with absolute confidence, you soon become wholly conscious of it. You soon know that it is all-inclusive in and through you. If you will but let it flow, it will rush to you in every instance. It flows to you as you let it flow from you. Stand forth as God and give it out. This is God your Father in you and you and your Father are one. Not servants but SONS, Sons of First Primal Cause. All that I AM has, is yours; for you are I AM. — Baird T. Spalding

All Inclusive Quotes By Frankie Boyle

I think life is a lot different for alternative kids nowadays. Texting and the internet mean that being a Goth or something means you're part of a big social scene, it's an inclusive thing. Back then, we all just went our different ways in the afterglow,wishing each other all the best with the next ten years of bullying. — Frankie Boyle

All Inclusive Quotes By Mark Hopkins

The very act of faith by which we receive Christ is an act of the utter renunciation of self, and all its works, as a ground of salvation. It is really a denial of self, and a grounding of its arms in the last citadel into which it can be driven, and is, in its principle, inclusive of every subsequent act of self-denial by which sin is forsaken or overcome. — Mark Hopkins

All Inclusive Quotes By Maajid Nawaz

One does not need to be brown to discuss racism, one does not need to be Muslim to discuss Islam. Ideas have no color, or country. Good ideas are truly universal. Any attempt to police ideas, to quarantine thought based on race or religion, and to pre-define what is and what isn't a legitimate conversation, must be resisted by all. — Maajid Nawaz

All Inclusive Quotes By Pam Houston

Praise Roxane Gay for her big-hearted self-examining intelligence, for her inclusive and forgiving stance, for her courage and determination ... for saying out loud the things we were thinking, for guiding us back to ourselves and returning to us what was ours all along. — Pam Houston

All Inclusive Quotes By Narendra Modi

We must build an agenda for speedy yet sustainable economic growth that is inclusive of all, is respectful of individuals, responsive to innovation and responsible towards the future generations. — Narendra Modi

All Inclusive Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

So you have the ownership of the Phoenix Suns, the Los Suns, and whoever - "We don't want to offend the portion of our fan base. We want to appear to be politically correct. We want to appear to be all-inclusive" and so forth. Well, fine and dandy, but what happens when that contributes to the overall deterioration of the culture of this society? — Rush Limbaugh

All Inclusive Quotes By Anne Fadiman

His books commingled democratically, united under the all-inclusive flag of Literature. Some were vertical, some horizontal, and some actually placed behind others. Mine were balkanized by nationality and subject matter. — Anne Fadiman

All Inclusive Quotes By Benito Mussolini

The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian, and the Fascist State
a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values
interprets, develops, and potentiates the whole life of a people. — Benito Mussolini

All Inclusive Quotes By Amos Smith

The spirit of the Gospels is the all inclusive love of Jesus, which jumps off the pages. — Amos Smith