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Top Agile Quotes

Agile Quotes By Filippo Bologna

He would like to be capable of writing as he thinks, quickly, without effort, the word as agile and dynamic as athletes in a race, jumping over hurdles, one after the other, go, go, go, flying towards the finishing post, faster than the disgust limping behind him. — Filippo Bologna

Agile Quotes By Ellen Meloy

To slip beneath the surface and soar along the silent bottom of the sea agile and shining in water honeycombed with light. — Ellen Meloy

Agile Quotes By Steve Martin

A triangle with four points is what Euclid rides into hell. — Steve Martin

Agile Quotes By Eoin Colfer

Oh, how I wish I had already regenerated to become the tall one with the dicky bow, thought the Doctor, who occasionally had visions of his future selves. He is always so fit and agile. I suppose all that incessant running down corridors that he does ... will do ... may do, in one of my possible futures ... is good for something. — Eoin Colfer

Agile Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Of course. Women are agile and fast." Poppy smiled ruefully. "Not enough to elude you, it seems."
- Harry & Poppy — Lisa Kleypas

Agile Quotes By J.B. Priestley

There is romance, the genuine glinting stuff, in typewriters, and not merely in their development from clumsy giants into agile dwarfs, but in the history of their manufacture, which is filled with raids, battles, lonely pioneers, great gambles, hope, fear, despair, triumph. If some of our novels could be written by the typewriters instead of on them, how much better they would be. — J.B. Priestley

Agile Quotes By Chris Voss

Great negotiators are able to question the assumptions that the rest of the involved players accept on faith or in arrogance, and thus remain more emotionally open to all possibilities, and more intellectually agile to a fluid situation. Unfortunately, — Chris Voss

Agile Quotes By Salvador Dali

Photographic fantasy: more agile and faster in discoveries than murky subconscious processes! — Salvador Dali

Agile Quotes By Linda Kohanov

USE EMOTIONS AS INFORMATION. Horses use emotion as information to engage surprisingly agile responses to environmental stimuli and relationship challenges:

(a) Feel the emotion in its purest form
(b) Get the message behind the emotion
(c) Change something in response to the message
(d) Go back to grazing. In other words, let the emotion go, and either get back on task or relax, so you can enjoy life fully. Horses don't hang on to the story, endlessly ruminating over the details of uncomfortable situations

-- from an October 30, 2013 article on the Intelligent Optimist magazine — Linda Kohanov

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Doing agile is a set of activities, but being agile is the state of mind, the ongoing capability, and the cultural adaptability. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Sandi Metz

Agile processes guarantee change and your ability to make these changes depends on your application's design. — Sandi Metz

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Change is not for its own sake, it's the means to the end, not the end. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

IT agility is a mentality, culture, process, and perspective. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Alexander Chee

The secret to being a rider in the hippodrome wasn't just that you must be agile, or that you must be good with horses, or that you must be strong and steady as the horse careens to the far end of the arena and back with you riding on its back. It was that you must hide inside your costume a little of a killer's heart.
The animal will be tender with you, and you with it, but the animal never forgets that when what it wants for survival requires your death, it will become unafraid to kill you. And so you cannot forget this, either.
It is, on reflection, good training to be a courtesan. A woman of any kind. — Alexander Chee

Agile Quotes By Lance Berkman

Agile, athletic, sleek-all these things describe my game! — Lance Berkman

Agile Quotes By Alexandre Dumas

Then Dantes rose more agile and light than the kid among the myrtles and shrubs of these wild rocks, took his gun in one hand, his pickaxe in the other, and hastened towards the rock on which the marks he had noted terminated. "And now," he exclaimed, remembering the tale of the Arabian fisherman, which Faria had related to him, "now, open sesame! — Alexandre Dumas

Agile Quotes By Magda Gerber

Every baby moves with more ease and efficiency if allowed to do it at his own time and in his own way, without our trying to teach him. A child who has always been allowed to move freely develops not only an agile body but also good judgment about what he can and cannot do. — Magda Gerber

Agile Quotes By Gene Kim

DevOps and its resulting technical, architectural, and cultural practices represent a convergence of many philosophical and management movements (including): Lean, Theory of Constraints, Toyota production system, resilience engineering, learning organizations, safety culture, Human factors, high-trust management cultures, servant leadership, organizational change management, and Agile methods. — Gene Kim

Agile Quotes By Paul Gibbons

Creating change-agile businesses will eliminate the need for what we today call change management. — Paul Gibbons

Agile Quotes By Barry Boehm

Agile methods derive much of their agility by relying on the tacit knowledge embodied in the team, rather than writing the knowleadge down in plans. — Barry Boehm

Agile Quotes By David Levithan

I had always felt that mittens were a few steps back on the evolutionary scale
why, I wondered, would we want to make ourselves into a less agile version of lobster. — David Levithan

Agile Quotes By Tyson Chandler

Scouts have always been surprised by the way I'm able to move at my size. How fast and agile I am. — Tyson Chandler

Agile Quotes By Sam Guckenheimer

Celebrate Successes, but Don't Declare Victory — Sam Guckenheimer

Agile Quotes By Moises Naim

We know that power is shifting from brawn to brains, from north to south and west to east, from old corporate behemoths to agile start-ups, from entrenched dictators to people in town squares and cyberspace. — Moises Naim

Agile Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Senor Sancho Panza must know that we too have enchanters here that are well disposed to us, and tell us what goes on in the world, plainly and distinctly, without subterfuge or deception; and believe me, Sancho, that agile country lass was and is Dulcinea del Toboso, who is as much enchanted as the mother that bore her; and when we least expect it, we shall see her in her own proper form, and then Sancho will be disabused of the error he is under at present. — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Agility within and of itself is a strategy. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Jim Highsmith

In an agile project the team takes care of the tasks and the project leader takes care of the team. — Jim Highsmith

Agile Quotes By Jalaluddin Rumi

Flowering. Love cannot be held long within categories, likewise the poetry celebrating love. You might say that love loves confusion and not be far wrong. Love is metamorphosis, rapid and radical, agile, full of vigor and levity. Love — Jalaluddin Rumi

Agile Quotes By Brian D. McLaren

What if the Christian faith is supposed to exist in a variety of forms rather than just one imperial one? What if it is both more stable and more agile - more responsive to the Holy Spirit - when it exists in these many forms? And what if, instead of arguing about which form is correct and legitimate, we were to honor, appreciate, and validate one another and see ourselves as servants of one grander mission, apostles of one greater message, seekers on one ultimate quest? — Brian D. McLaren

Agile Quotes By Gail Carriger

Ah, to be young and agile again,' said Primrose.
'We were never that young,' replied Rue.
'More to the point, we were never that agile,' said Prim with a soft smile. — Gail Carriger

Agile Quotes By Anthony Watson

NIKE is focused on elevating and accelerating innovation in our products, services and our digital ecosystem. This requires progressive and agile technology solutions that keep pace with our growth, which is what Juniper's solutions offer. — Anthony Watson

Agile Quotes By Leah Busque

Some people revel in getting their hands dirty. These are the people that make startups grow wildly. People with hustle also tend to be much more agile - they're the water that goes around the rock. These are the people you want around when everything goes wrong. They're also the people you want beside you when everything goes right. — Leah Busque

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Agile does not mean laissez-faire, flexibility and freedom are based on the well-defined principles. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Jim Highsmith

Agile methods don't attempt to describe everything that any development effort might need in thousands of pages of documentation. Instead they describe a minimal set of activities that are needed to create swarm intelligence. — Jim Highsmith

Agile Quotes By Erin Kellison

Homo sapiens simonus, aka Simon Miner. Only one of his kind. Male. Predatory. Highly adaptable. Dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. 6'3. His well-muscled frame was agile and strong. His deadly smile incapacitated his victims. Voice promised safety. Sexual prowess compromised victim's intellect (temporarily). Yet he was intent on one vital organ - the heart. — Erin Kellison

Agile Quotes By Jung Chang

At night I locked my bedroom door, because [my father] could not sleep and would insist on talking to me, endlessly, without making sense. But there was a small window over the door which could not be locked. One night I woke up to see him slithering through the tiny aperture and jumping nimbly to the floor. But he paid no attention to me. He aimlessly picked up various pieces of heavy mahogany furniture and let them drop with seemingly little effort. In his insanity he had become superhumanly agile and powerful. Staying with him was a nightmare. — Jung Chang

Agile Quotes By Jurgen Appelo

Delegation is not a binary thing. There are shades of grey between a dictatorship and an anarchy. — Jurgen Appelo

Agile Quotes By Smedley Butler

I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. — Smedley Butler

Agile Quotes By Tommy Franks

We have learned the need to be flexible or to have flexible forces, agile forces, who can move quickly, secure themselves when they arrive in a location, assess the needs of a given mission, and move to that mission. — Tommy Franks

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

At its core, Agile is a mindset. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Adrian Tchaikovsky

In Collegium it had been the fashion, while he had been resident there, to paint death as a grey-skinned, balding Beetle man in plain robes, perhaps with a doctor's bag but more often an artificer's toolstrip and apron, like the man who came in, at the close of the day, to put out the lamps and still the workings of the machines.
Among his own people, death was a swift insect, gleaming black, its wings a blur - too fast to be outrun and too agile to be avoided, the unplumbed void in which he swam was but the depth of a single facet of its darkly jewelled eyes. — Adrian Tchaikovsky

Agile Quotes By Santosh Kalwar

All what is existing already existed. We are together for a while pondering in agile world. — Santosh Kalwar

Agile Quotes By Nancy B. Brewer

Just yesterday I stood at the window and watched him run across the field like a young deer. He is thin and agile. I think he will be forever young. He cannot be enticed by money or worldly goods; he desires nothing. — Nancy B. Brewer

Agile Quotes By Ben Linders

Retrospectives can make your organization faster, more efficient and innovative. — Ben Linders

Agile Quotes By Todd Park

I take a lean-startup approach: creating agile, interdisciplinary teams that get the minimum viable product to market as soon as possible. It's my job to be entrepreneur-in-residence, an internal change agent. — Todd Park

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Agile is more a "direction," than an "end," a philosophy and mindset at board level. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

An accountability mind has learned to be agile, wise, courageous, resilient, and high-mature. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Jeff Sussna

Agile DevOps Cloud computing Design thinking These practices all share a cybernetic model of control. This — Jeff Sussna

Agile Quotes By Jeff Gothelf

It's often the case that teams working in agile processes do not actually go back to improve the user interface of the software. But, as the saying goes, "it's not iterative if you only do it once." Teams need to make a commitment to continuous improvement, and that means not simply refactoring code and addressing technical debt but also reworking and improving user interfaces. Teams must embrace the concept of UX debt and make a commitment to continuous improvement of the user experience. — Jeff Gothelf

Agile Quotes By John Stenbeck

The first agile principle in this example is that the team must have the necessary skills to complete the project. Agile is not a silver bullet! If a team does not have the required skills, even agile cannot help it successfully complete projects. The second agile principle here is that the team must be self-organized, highly-trusted, and accountable. — John Stenbeck

Agile Quotes By Andrew Curry

People talk about the businesses of the future needing to be more agile and more responsive if they are to be successful. But this requires a deep change in the way organisations work. — Andrew Curry

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

You can only fail better only if you learn from failures. And then failing is something that prompts you to move ahead. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Alistair Cockburn

Agile is an attitude, not a technique with boundaries. An attitude has no boundaries, so we wouldn't ask 'can I use agile here', but rather 'how would I act in the agile way here?' or 'how agile can we be, here?' — Alistair Cockburn

Agile Quotes By Barry Boehm

Management Challenges to Implementing Agile Processes in Traditional Development Organizations, — Barry Boehm

Agile Quotes By Jim Highsmith

The agile movement supports individuals and teams through dedication to the concepts of self-organization, self-discipline, egalitarianism, respect for individuals, and competency. "Agile" is a socio-technical movement driven by both the desire to create a particular work environment and the belief that an adaptive environment is critical to the goal of delivering innovative products to customers. — Jim Highsmith

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Agile and DevOps are for harnessing integration, interaction, and innovation. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Ben Linders

Agile retrospectives give the power to the team, where it belongs! — Ben Linders

Agile Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

An agile but unintelligent and abnormal German, possessed of the mania of grandeur. — Leo Tolstoy

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Doing Agile is just a first step; being agile needs to have a totally different mindset, and multidimensional perspectives. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Ray Kroc

Take calculated risks. Act boldly and thoughtfully. Be an agile company. — Ray Kroc

Agile Quotes By Greg Gutfeld

It's not enough to be right because he [Rick Perry] is right, you got to be persuasively right, got to be intellectually agile, and I think he can do it. — Greg Gutfeld

Agile Quotes By Dennis Christopher

I'm not getting involved in sports anymore, except on film. I'm not agile unless a camera's going. — Dennis Christopher

Agile Quotes By Simone De Beauvoir

An enormous round egg snatching and castrating the agile sperm;
monstorous and stuffed, the queen termite reigning over the servile
males; the praying mantis and the spider, gorged on love, crushing
their partners and gobbling them up; the dog in heat running through
back alleys, leaving perverse smells in her wake; the monkey showing
herself off brazenly, sneaking away with flirtatious hypocrisy. And
the most splendid wildcats, the tigress, lioness, and panther, lie
down slavishly under the male's imperial embrace, inert, impatient,
shrewd, stupid, insensitive, lewd, fierce, and humiliated — Simone De Beauvoir

Agile Quotes By Bess Streeter Aldrich

Thoughts are acrobats, agile and quite often untrustworthy. — Bess Streeter Aldrich

Agile Quotes By Yann Martel

An adult female orang-utan cannot defeat an adult male spotted hyena. That is the plain empirical truth. Let it become known among zoologists. Had Orange Juice been a male, had she loomed as large on the scales as she did in my heart, it might have been another matter. But portly and overfed though she was from living in the comfort of a zoo, even so she tipped the scales at barely 110 pounds. Female orang-utans are half the size of males. But it is not simply a question of weight and brute strength. Orange Juice was far from defenseless. What it comes down to is attitude and knowledge. What does a fruit eater know about killing? Where would it learn where to bite, how hard, for how long? An orang-utan may be taller, may have very strong and agile arms and long canines, but if it does not know how to use these as weapons, they are of little use. The hyena, with only its jaws, will overcome the ape because it knows what it wants and how to get it. — Yann Martel

Agile Quotes By Greg James

I've always been a decent runner so I've never been massively unfit, but for this I've got stronger. I've got rid of a bit of podge and I'm just a bit leaner, which means that I'm just quicker at moving, I'm more agile and I recover much better as well. At the moment I feel ultra-fit and it's been an amazing change. — Greg James

Agile Quotes By Ben Linders

The goal of retrospectives is help teams to continuously improve their way of working. — Ben Linders

Agile Quotes By Hermann Hesse

In the art of love," she said thoughtfully, "you are the best I've ever seen. You are stronger than others, more agile, more willing. Well have you learned my art, Siddhartha. Some day, when I am older, I wish to bear your child. And yet all this time, beloved, you have remained a Samana. Even now you do not love me; you love no one. Is it not so?" "It may be so," Siddhartha said wearily. "I am like you. You, too, do not love - how else could you practice love as an art? Perhaps people of our sort are incapable of love. The child people can love; that is their secret. — Hermann Hesse

Agile Quotes By Maryrose Wood

Elk have not been seen in Switzerland for many a year. In the interests of scientific accuracy, please strike the idea of elk from your mind. If you must, think of ibexes instead, a fierce and agile type of goat with great spiraling horns. Marmots will also do in a pinch, but under no circumstances should you think of elk. No. Elk. The elkless among you may now proceed. — Maryrose Wood

Agile Quotes By Sekar Arum

Being a cat means beautiful, agile, innocent, brave, curious and trust also honorable respect for as much as not so doing bribery. — Sekar Arum

Agile Quotes By Baba Kalyani

We can reorient our products and business strategy because we are an agile organisation. — Baba Kalyani

Agile Quotes By Sriram Narayan

Handoffs are mostly a result of specialization. Organization design cannot reduce these handoffs, but it can make them faster and cheaper by making them occur inside a single team. — Sriram Narayan

Agile Quotes By J. Lynn

Keep your arms dow." He let go of the shirt and slipped his arms around me. A second later, his agile fingers unclasped my bra.
"What are you doing?"
He laughed as the straps slid down my arms, making me shiver. "Like I said before, get your mind out of the gutter. Your virtue is safe with me."
"My virtue?" I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be safe with him.
He peeked up. "For now. — J. Lynn

Agile Quotes By Donald G. Reinertsen

The more detailed we made our plans, the longer our cycle times became — Donald G. Reinertsen

Agile Quotes By Jim Highsmith

The iterative piece of agile can be defined by four key terms: iterative, feature-based, timeboxed, and incremental. — Jim Highsmith

Agile Quotes By Tim Bray

For heavens sake, if you haven't gotten comfy with Agile techniques and thinking, get on it right now. — Tim Bray

Agile Quotes By Jamie Lee Curtis

If I can challenge old ideas about aging, I will feel more and more invigorated. I want to represent this new way. I want to be a new version of the 70-year-old woman. Vital, strong, very physical, very agile. I think that the older I get, the more yoga I'm going to do. — Jamie Lee Curtis

Agile Quotes By Elizabeth Camden

His hands were the first thing she saw. Callused and blunt, they grasped the sides of the ladder as he raised himself the final few rungs. He was grinning by the time he cleared the base of the roof. "Hello, Liberty Sawyer," he said casually. She nodded in his direction, mimicking his nonchalant air. "Michael." He was about to step onto the roof when he paused to sniff the air. The expression on his face was sheer masculine satisfaction. "You are wearing my perfume." "Every day." His grin deepened. "Good." For a big man, he was surprisingly graceful as he stepped onto the roof. With an agile twist he turned and sat beside her. "I have traveled nine hundred miles to see that smile again. It was worth every step. — Elizabeth Camden

Agile Quotes By Jim Highsmith

Self-organizing teams form the core of APM. They blend freedom and responsibility, flexibility and structure. In the face of inconsistency and ambiguity, the teams strive to consistently deliver on the product vision within the project constraints. Accomplishing this requires teams with a self-organizing structure and self-disciplined individual team members. Building this kind of team is the core of an agile project leader's job. — Jim Highsmith

Agile Quotes By Jennifer Garvey Berger

In a simpler world, perhaps unilateral power held by a single, smart, capable leader could rule the day. In a complex world, as we'll explore together, it takes a collective sharing of power, creativity, and perspectives to become agile and nuanced enough to lead into the uncertain future. — Jennifer Garvey Berger

Agile Quotes By Margot Atwell

When I first started playing with Gotham in 2008, I learned that my team wanted me to jam in my first bout, when we'd be facing off against the Queens of Pain - the team that included Suzy Hotrod, Donna Matrix, and many other legendary skaters. I was so nervous that I was feeling a little queasy every time I thought about it, even a few weeks before the bout. Finally, I asked myself what skills I'd need to be able to face off against Suzy and win. I decided that I'd need to be fast, agile, and fearless. So I started to tell myself that I already was. Every time I thought about the bout and started to get nervous, I'd repeat those words. I'd repeat them in my head when I took the line at practice. I'd say them out loud before I went to bed. The day of the bout, I was nervous, but not quite as much as I expected to be. — Margot Atwell

Agile Quotes By Bess Streeter Aldrich

...The last name had been entered by Samuel Peters' agile pen with much shading of downward strokes and many extra corkscrew appendages... — Bess Streeter Aldrich

Agile Quotes By Laini Taylor

That boy could wear a banana leaf and a propeller beanie and look beautiful."
"That how you like your boys, Kiz?" asked Cactus.
"Oh yes. All my boys. I'll issue him a banana leaf and a propeller beanie at once and induct him into my boy-harem."
Evie snorted. "Boy harem! Imagine - their little propellers all spinning as they fan you with palm fronds."
"While they satisfy my every whim," added Cactus. Kizzy snorted.
"Forget it. I don't lend out my boys."
"Come on, no one likes a greedy slave owner."
"My boys aren't slaves! They stay because they want to. I give them all the elk meat they can eat. And Xbox, you know, to keep their thumbs nice and agile. — Laini Taylor

Agile Quotes By Salvador Dali

Photographic data ... is still and ESSENTIALLY THE SAFEST POETIC MEDIUM and the most agile process for catching the most delicate osmoses which exist between reality and surreality. The mere fact of photographic transposition means a total invention: the capture of a secret reality. — Salvador Dali

Agile Quotes By Steve Ballmer

This is all about having great leaders who can drive agile innovation and agile decision-making. — Steve Ballmer

Agile Quotes By Ed Catmull

But I should caution that if you seek to plot out all your moves before you make them - if you put your faith in slow, deliberative planning in the hopes it will spare you failure down the line - well, you're deluding yourself. For one thing, it's easier to plan derivative work - things that copy or repeat something already out there. So if your primary goal is to have a fully worked out, set-in-stone plan, you are only upping your chances of being unoriginal. — Ed Catmull

Agile Quotes By Michelle Yeoh

It's all choreographed; it's a routine. So I told everyone I really wanted to try fighting in action films. I had no stunt experience, but I had the dance background, and I was very agile and coordinated. And the best thing about being a newcomer to acting is you can afford to try new things. — Michelle Yeoh

Agile Quotes By James Baldwin

Secrets hidden at the heart of midnight are simply waiting to be dragged to the light, as, on some unlucky high noon, they always are. But secrets shrouded in the glare of candor are bound to defeat even the most determined and agile inspector for the light is always changing and proves that the eye cannot be trusted. — James Baldwin

Agile Quotes By Julia Cameron

Owning something also means owning up to something. It means accepting responsibility, which means, literally, responsibility. When we write about our lives we respond to them. As we respond to them, we are rendered more fluid, more centered, more agile on our own behalf. We are rendered conscious. Each day, each life, is a series of choices, and as we use the lens of writing to view our lives, we see our choices. — Julia Cameron

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

The beauty of agile comes in with its incremental nature and use of empiricism to focus on three "I"s - Interaction, Iteration, and Improvement. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Luis Goncalves

Rituals bring people together, allowing them to focus on what is important and to acknowledge significant events or accomplishments. — Luis Goncalves

Agile Quotes By Jim Highsmith

Agile project leaders help their team balance at the edge of chaos - some structure, but not too much; adequate documentation, but not too much; some up-front architecture work, but not too much. Finding these balance points is the "art" of agile leadership. — Jim Highsmith

Agile Quotes By Justin Timberlake

My step-dad is probably the greatest man I've ever known. The best advice I've ever been given was when he told me to enjoy my life because one day I'm not going to be as agile as I am now. — Justin Timberlake

Agile Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Agile is not just a methodology, but a set of principles and philosophy. — Pearl Zhu

Agile Quotes By Luis Goncalves

A retrospective's huge potential for learning should not be off-limits to any team member. — Luis Goncalves

Agile Quotes By Tilo Linz

Most literature on the subject of agile methodology... is written from the viewpoint of software developers and programmers, and tends to place its main emphasis on programming techniques and agile project management - testing is usually only mentioned in the guise of unit testing and its associated tools. ...However, unit tests alone are not sufficient and broader-based testing is critical to the success of agile development processes. — Tilo Linz

Agile Quotes By Robert C. Martin

The LSP makes clear that in OOD the ISA relationship pertains to behavior. Not intrinsic private behavior, but extrinsic public behavior; behavior that clients depend upon. — Robert C. Martin

Agile Quotes By Fiona Helmsley

You tripped over my baggage, when it could have been easily navigated by more agile feet. — Fiona Helmsley

Agile Quotes By Ben H. Winters

He laughs like, what can you do? Laughs and spreads his palms as if revealing himself, Cortez the thief, as he is and always was, the person I always knew was there but never wanted to see. I am surprised, but why am I surprised? I decided at some point that he had made my road his road, given over to me the last two months of preimpact existence, because I was on my cockamamie hero's quest and required an able and agile sidekick - I reached that conclusion without thinking about it much and put the question aside. But everybody does everything for a reason. That's lesson number one of police work; it's lesson number one of life. — Ben H. Winters

Agile Quotes By Luke Goss

I need to be agile because I do all my own stunts. — Luke Goss