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Top Agent Orange Quotes

Agent Orange Quotes By Denis Hayes

Politicians had always viewed environmental issues as narrow things of no great political consequence. Sort of NIMBY issues. A big part of the reason was that the groups that cared about wilderness didn't talk with the groups that were trying to stop freeways from cutting through inner cities, and neither of them talked to the folks who wanted to stop the military from dumping Agent Orange on Vietnam. — Denis Hayes

Agent Orange Quotes By Hamilton Jordan

I was in Vietnam, and I was exposed to Agent Orange. And there's a high relationship between people that were exposed to Agent Orange and the kind of lymphoma that I had. The prostate cancer was genetic in my family. My father had prostate cancer, my - three of my four uncles had prostate cancer. — Hamilton Jordan

Agent Orange Quotes By Zoe Lister-Jones

At this moment, glyphosate is the biggest threat. And because of its overuse, we are seeing the emergence of superweeds, which have grown resistant to glyphosate. This has led to biotech corporations developing even more toxic herbicides, including 2,4-D, one of the main components of Agent Orange. — Zoe Lister-Jones

Agent Orange Quotes By Jason Myers

There's "Bloodstains" by Agent Orange. "Rise Above" by Black Flag. "Streets of San Francisco" by the Swingin' Utters. "Gimme Danger" by Iggy and the Stooges. — Jason Myers

Agent Orange Quotes By T. Colin Campbell

Much of my early career was spent working with two of the most toxic chemicals ever discovered, dioxin and aflatoxin. I initially worked at MIT, where I was assigned a chicken feed puzzle. Millions of chicks a year were dying from an unknown toxic chemical in their feed, and I had the responsibility of isolating and determining the structure of this chemical. After two and a half years, I helped discover dioxin, arguably the most toxic chemical ever found. This chemical has since received widespread attention, especially because it was part of the herbicide 2,4,5-T, or Agent Orange, then being used to defoliate forests in the Vietnam War. — T. Colin Campbell

Agent Orange Quotes By Paul Dickson

The more innocuous the name of a weapon, the more hideous its impact. Some of the most horrific weapons of the Vietnam era were named 'Bambi', 'Infant', 'Daisycutter', 'Grasshopper', and 'Agent Orange'. Nor is the trend new: from the past we have 'Mustard Gas', 'Angel Chasers' (two cannonballs linked with a chain for added destruction) and 'The Peacemaker' to name but a few.) — Paul Dickson

Agent Orange Quotes By Karl Marlantes

It won't hurt you. It's just to kill plants. It's called Agent Orange ... and it won't bother humans. — Karl Marlantes

Agent Orange Quotes By Michel Chossudovsky

The achievements of past struggles and the aspirations of an entire nation are [being] undone and erased ... No Agent Orange or steel pellet bombs, no napalm, no toxic chemicals: a new phase of economic and social (rather than' physical) destruction has unfolded. The seemingly neutral and scientific tools of macro-economic policy constitute a non-violent instrument of recolonization and impoverishment. — Michel Chossudovsky

Agent Orange Quotes By John Robbins

Monsanto actually emerged as a war chemicals industry. It is known for Agent Orange, and for toxics. It wasn't ever in seed and agriculture. This is a recent entry, because they realized controlling the seed means controlling the entire food chain and the profits they can make from that are so much more than they can make at any other level. So in a way they brought war to our farmlands. They brought war against our farmers. The economics of it are first and foremost the economics of a monopoly, created by a highly undemocratic, international trade treaty, which brought clauses on control over the seed. — John Robbins

Agent Orange Quotes By Jim McDermott

We pretended there was no problem with Agent Orange after Vietnam and later the Pentagon recanted, after untold suffering by veterans. — Jim McDermott

Agent Orange Quotes By Christopher Shays

Yes, there is a story about Agent Orange, and we knew that it harmed our troops and we knew how long it was to get the medical community to accept that, the military to accept it, the VA to accept it. — Christopher Shays

Agent Orange Quotes By Steve Breen

My dad was an FBI agent. My mom and dad were straight arrow types, and I had a conservative, suburban Orange County upbringing. — Steve Breen

Agent Orange Quotes By Gloria Estefan

The reason I'm not more political is because I have music. And from a young age, I needed it. After prison, my father came to America, joined the Army, fought in Vietnam - and was exposed to Agent Orange. He died a slow, horrible death. Music was my escape. — Gloria Estefan

Agent Orange Quotes By Jamie Anne Allman

I came out to California to live with my mom in Orange County for a while, and then I came up to Hollywood. I had just turned nineteen. I took an acting class at Playhouse West and decided, 'Wow, I think I can do this!' I studied really hard for three years before I got an agent. — Jamie Anne Allman

Agent Orange Quotes By Sarah Vowell

For Americans, Acts 16:9 is the high-fructose corn syrup of Bible verses
an all-purpose ingredient we'll stir into everything from the ink on the Marshall Plan to canisters of Agent Orange. Our greatest goodness and our worst impulses come out of this missionary zeal, contributing to our overbearing (yet not entirely unwarranted) sense of our country as an inherently helpful force in the world. And, as with the apostle Paul, the notion that strangers want our help is sometimes a delusion. — Sarah Vowell