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Age Challenge Quotes By Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas

The greatest challenge that has surreptitiously arisen in our age is the challenge of knowledge, indeed, not as against ignorance; but knowledge as conceived and disseminated throughout the world by Western civilization; knowledge whose nature has become problematic because it has lost its true purpose due to being unjustly conceived, and has thus brought about chaos in man's life instead of, and rather than, peace and justice; knowledge which pretends to be real but which is productive of confusion and scepticism, which has elevated doubt and conjecture to the 'scientific' rank in methodology; knowledge which has, for the first time in history, brought chaos to the Three Kingdom of Nature; the animal, vegetal and mineral. — Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas

Age Challenge Quotes By Rebecca Pidgeon

We live in such an age of chatter and distraction. Everything is a challenge for the ears and eyes. — Rebecca Pidgeon

Age Challenge Quotes By Johnny Depp

I had never experienced anything like the response I got from people for Pirates of the Caribbean, where you meet a 75-year-old woman who had seen Pirates and somehow related to the character, and then five minutes later you meet a six-year-old who says, 'Oh, you're Captain Jack!' What a rush. What a gift. That was the challenge with Wonka, too
to be, in a sense, like Bugs Bunny. I find it magical that a three-year-old can be mesmerized by Bugs, but so can a 40-year-old or an 80-year-old. It's a great challenge to see if you can appeal to that huge an age range. — Johnny Depp

Age Challenge Quotes By Bruce Schneier

Data is the pollution problem of the information age, and protecting privacy is the environmental challenge. — Bruce Schneier

Age Challenge Quotes By Gretchen Carlson

When people watch me on TV they see part of my life. I wanted to let them know the real me behind the scenes. The child who was a concert violinist from the age of six. The young woman who took on the challenge to compete in the Miss America pageant. The television journalist for twenty-five years. The mother of two who, just like most women, struggles to balance work and family. — Gretchen Carlson

Age Challenge Quotes By Marc Laidlaw

I think it's important to have scaling challenge because there are players who I feel play 'Dragon Age' for the wonder, story and exploration but wouldn't enjoy getting their butts handed to them. We do still have easy mode - it's not a pure story mode in that there's zero combat, but it's not super-challenging. — Marc Laidlaw

Age Challenge Quotes By James A. Michener

We should be most careful about retreating from the specific challenge of our age. We should be reluctant to turn our back upon the frontier of this epoch ... We cannot be indifferent to space, because the grand slow march of our intelligence has brought us, in our generation, to a point from which we can explore and understand and utilize it. To turn back now would be to deny our history, our capabilities. — James A. Michener

Age Challenge Quotes By Richard Grossman

You want sanity, democracy, community, an intact Earth? We can't get there, obeying Constitutional theory and law crafted by slave masters, imperialists, corporate masters, and Nature destroyers. We can't get there, kneeling before robed lawyers stockpiling class plunder precedent up their venerable sleeves. So isn't disobedience the challenge of our age? Principled, inventive, escalating disobedience to liberate our souls, to transfigure our work as humans on this Earth. — Richard Grossman

Age Challenge Quotes By Robert Anton Wilson

That night he wrote in his diary, "Challenge a remaining taboo." It was that simple. He had always wanted to understand genius, and now he had the formula. Freud, living in an age that prized its own seeming rationality, had found one of the remaining taboos and dared to think beyond it: he discovered infant sexuality and the unconscious, among other things. Galileo had gone beyond the taboo "Thou shalt not question Aristotle." Every great discovery had been the breaking of a taboo. — Robert Anton Wilson

Age Challenge Quotes By William J. Clinton

My father left me with the feeling that I had to live for two people, and that if I did it well enough, somehow I could make up for the life he should have had. And his memory infused me, at a younger age than most, with a sense of my own mortality. The knowledge that I, too, could die young drove me both to try to drain the most out of every moment of life and to get on with the next big challenge. Even when I wasn't sure where I was going, I was always in a hurry. — William J. Clinton

Age Challenge Quotes By Warder C. Allee

The mortal enemies of man are not his fellows of another continent or race; they are the aspects of the physical world which limit or challenge his control, the disease germs that attack him and his domesticated plants and animals, and the insects that carry many of these germs as well as working notable direct injury. This is not the age of man, however great his superiority in size and intelligence; it is literally the age of insects. — Warder C. Allee

Age Challenge Quotes By Mary Catherine Bateson

As people grow older, some of the ways they have contributed in the past may no longer be possible, but the challenge to society is not only to provide help and care where these are needed but also to offer the opportunity to contribute and care for others [p. 8] — Mary Catherine Bateson

Age Challenge Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

The biggest challenge for a man is to attain the wisdom of 80 years of age in youth! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Age Challenge Quotes By Vera Brittain

It is, I think, this glamour, this magic, this incomparable keying up of the spirit in a time of mortal conflict, which constitute the pacifist's real problem--a problem still incompletely imagined and still quite unsolved. The causes of war are always falsely represented; its honour is dishonest and its glory meretricious, but the challenge to spiritual endurance, the intense sharpening of all the senses, the vitalising consciousness of common peril for a common end, remain to allure those boys and girls who have just reached the age when love and friendship and adventure call more persistently than at any later time. The glamour may be the mere delirium of fever, which as soon as war is over dies out and shows itself for the will-o'-the-wisp that it is, but while it lasts, no emotion known to man seems as yet to have quite the compelling power of this enlarged vitality. — Vera Brittain

Age Challenge Quotes By Chris Hedges

Most of these students are so conditioned to success that they become afraid to take risks. They have been taught from a young age by zealous parents, schools, and institutional authorities what constitutes failure and success. They are socialized to obey. They obsess over grades and seek to please professors, even if what professors teach is fatuous. The point is to get ahead, and getting ahead means deference to authority. Challenging authority is never a career advancer. — Chris Hedges

Age Challenge Quotes By Ken Robinson

Find your Element you may have to challenge your own beliefs about yourself. Whatever age you are, you've almost certainly developed an inner story about what you can do and what you can't do; what you're good at and what you're not good at. You may be right, of course. But for all the reasons we've discussed, you may be misleading yourself. Part of making sense of where you are now is to understand how you got here. So if you do doubt your aptitudes in certain areas, think about how these doubts were first formed. Are there other ways of developing them that you'd — Ken Robinson

Age Challenge Quotes By Rousas John Rushdoony

The end of an age is always a time of turmoil, war, economic catastrophe, cynicism, lawlessness and distress. But it is also an era of heightened challenge and creativity, of issues, and their world-wide scope, never has an era faced a more demanding and exciting crisis. This then, above all else, is the great and glorious era to live in, a time of of opportunity, one requiring fresh and vigorous thinking, indeed, a glorious time to be alive. — Rousas John Rushdoony

Age Challenge Quotes By Radhanath Swami

The challenge of co-operation in today's age of quarrel can be achieved by adjusting every situation according to the higher principle of loving God. — Radhanath Swami

Age Challenge Quotes By Michael Crichton

The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance. — Michael Crichton

Age Challenge Quotes By Melina Marchetta

You're going to go living. Because living is the challenge, Josie. Dying is so easy. Sometimes it only takes ten seconds to die. But living? That can take eighty years and you do something in that time, whether it's giving birth to a baby or being a housewife or a barrister or a soldier. You've accomplished something. To throw that away at such a young age, to have no hope, is the biggest tragedy. — Melina Marchetta

Age Challenge Quotes By Brendan Gleeson

Winston was a bit of a challenge, all right, from a lot of different perspectives. It wasn't just the culture or the class divide or the historical baggage - it was also the age difference. We had to see if I could be aged-up legitimately, without it becoming some sort of hokey acting challenge. — Brendan Gleeson

Age Challenge Quotes By Arnold Palmer

Golf challenges you mentally at any age, and when you become my age, it's a challenge physically to try to make your game work as well as it ever did. That's close to impossible, but that doesn't keep you from trying to hit the ball where you used to hit it and make the putts you used to make all the time. — Arnold Palmer

Age Challenge Quotes By Robert Greene

The human mind is naturally creative, constantly looking to make associations and connections between things and ideas. It wants to explore, to discover new aspects of the world, and to invent. To express this creative force is our greatest desire, and the stifling of it the source of our misery. What kills the creative force is not age or a lack of talent, but our own spirit, our own attitude. We become too comfortable with the knowledge we have gained in our apprenticeships. We grow afraid of entertaining new ideas and the effort that this requires. to think more flexibly entails a risk-we could fail and be ridiculed. We prefer to live with familiar ideas and habits of thinking, but we pay a steep price for this: our minds go dead from the lack of challenge and novelty; we reach a limit in our field and lose control over our fate because we become replaceable. — Robert Greene

Age Challenge Quotes By Miya Yamanouchi

Those of us who have overcome so many adversities from a very young age, are privileged to be able to communicate profound insights and advice to others, speaking from a place of genuine confidence and knowing. — Miya Yamanouchi

Age Challenge Quotes By Karch Kiraly

Physically I'm not as strong as I was, but I try to make up for it mentally. It's a big challenge, and I relish it, competing with guys half my age. — Karch Kiraly

Age Challenge Quotes By Jeff Bridges

Any role that big is going to be a challenge for any actor, but for an actor of a young age, it's going to be even tougher. — Jeff Bridges

Age Challenge Quotes By Joschka Fischer

Transforming the European Union into a single State with one army, one constitution and one foreign policy is the critical challenge of the age — Joschka Fischer

Age Challenge Quotes By Luvvie Ajayi

We have more ways to get our news than ever, which is supposed to be a good thing, because more competition is supposed to challenge you to do better. However, in this social media age, what is has done is allowed the information business to be a free- rein free-for-all. Old rules of journalistic integrity have been thrown out the window. Everyone has been given the conch, and no one knows what to do with it. Instead of using the new-media landscape to spur us to higher quality, we have instead become sloppier than ever: Tweet first, research later. Post first, rescind later. Guess first, confirm later. — Luvvie Ajayi

Age Challenge Quotes By Mark Cuban

To retire by the age of 35 was my goal. I wasn't sure how I was going to get there though. I knew I would end up owning my own business someday, so I figured my challenge was to learn as much as anyone about all businesses. I believed that every job I took was really me getting paid to learn about a new industry. I spent as much time as I could, learning and reading everything about business I could get my hands on. I used to go into the library for hours and hours reading business books and magazines. — Mark Cuban

Age Challenge Quotes By Cathy Freeman

I feel like I've reached an age where I can relax a little bit with the knowledge of what I've been through, take all that experience and use it. I love the challenge of trying to get back to where I've been, and beyond it. — Cathy Freeman

Age Challenge Quotes By Wyatt Tee Walker

The challenge of this age is to resist and conquer in each of our own beings the racist brainwashing that is still active in our minds. — Wyatt Tee Walker

Age Challenge Quotes By Walt Disney Company

To all that come to this happy place, welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America ... with hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. — Walt Disney Company

Age Challenge Quotes By Eraldo Banovac

The age of ex cathedra culture in education is definitely finished. These
days, we use modern teaching methods in line with advances in technology
that changes culture and even society itself. However, the biggest challenge for a modern education system is how to prepare new generations for living in a highly competitive world full of uncertainties. — Eraldo Banovac

Age Challenge Quotes By Amitav Ghosh

There is something strikingly different about the quality of photographs of that time. It has nothing to do with age or colour, or the feel of paper ... In modern family photographs the camera pretends to circulate like a friend, clicking its shutters at those moments when its subjects have disarranged themselves to present to it those postures which they would like to think of as informal. But in pictures of that time, the camera is still a public and alien eye, faced with which people feel bound either to challenge the intrusion by striking postures of defiant hilarity, or else to compose their faces, and straighten their shoulders, not always formally, but usually with just that hint of stiffness which suggests a public face. — Amitav Ghosh

Age Challenge Quotes By Peter Drucker

The young knowledge worker whose job is too small to challenge and test his abilities either leaves or declines rapidly into premature middle age, soured, cynical, unproductive. — Peter Drucker

Age Challenge Quotes By Malcolm Jeeves

In a scientific age, the challenge for the believer is to recognize God's divine upholding of the overall visible process. — Malcolm Jeeves

Age Challenge Quotes By Charles Jennings

Some learning and talent professionals, together with some organisations, are finding it a challenge to make changes from these age-old HR and learning practices. However, it is inevitable that they will need to adopt new ways of learning to support new ways of working sooner rather than later. — Charles Jennings

Age Challenge Quotes By Rebecca MacKinnon

We must all rise to the challenge to demonstrate that security and prosperity in the Internet age are not only compatible with liberty, they ultimately depend on it. — Rebecca MacKinnon

Age Challenge Quotes By Emil Cioran

If utopia was illusion hypostasized, communism, going still further, will be illusion decreed, imposed: a challenge to the omnipresence of evil, an obligatory optimism. A man will find it hard to accommodate himself to it if he lives, by dint of ordeals and experiments, in the intoxication of disappointment and if, like the author of Genesis, he is reluctant to identify the Age of Gold with the future, with becoming. Not that he scorns the fanatics of "infinite progress" and their efforts to make justice prevail here on earth; but he knows, to his misery, that justice is a material impossibility, a grandiose meaninglessness, the only ideal about which we can declare quite certainly that it will never be realized, and against which nature and society seem to have mobilized all their laws. — Emil Cioran

Age Challenge Quotes By David Tang

It was something of a personal challenge for me to come up with a business suitable for the Internet world and the Internet age. — David Tang

Age Challenge Quotes By Jessica Zafra

The challenge for all of us in this day and age is to distinguish between the merely surprising and the truly amazing. — Jessica Zafra

Age Challenge Quotes By Bobbie Kinkead

Never, Never give up, no matter what is you age, magick always is there. Use it! — Bobbie Kinkead

Age Challenge Quotes By Allan E. Goodman

As in the case of the economy, an 'invisible hand' will often be a better cultivator of ideas and allocator of effort. The challenge for intelligence officials in the Information Age is to understand how to integrate these indirect mechanisms into their operations — Allan E. Goodman

Age Challenge Quotes By Albert Camus

Slave camps under the flag of freedom, massacres justified by philanthropy or the taste of the superhuman, cripple judgment. On the day when crime puts on the apparel of innocence, through a curious reversal peculiar to our age, it is innocence that is called on to justify itself. The purpose of this essay is to accept and study that strange challenge. — Albert Camus

Age Challenge Quotes By Robert Kroese

provoke a challenge from Clovis, the Prince of Blinsk, who was widely known as a master swordsman. And of course, anyone familiar with the history of Dis will know that she got her wish.[5] Why would Shelly deliberately provoke the encounter that was result in her own doom? Perhaps she feared that in her old age, her natural tendencies would overcome her training, or perhaps she had simply decided that she had lived long enough. Either way, far from being proof of Tobalt's failure, Shelly's — Robert Kroese

Age Challenge Quotes By Glenn Allison

Age doesn't matter. Obstacles don't matter. Winning is the challenge. Bottom line, inspiring others is the goal. — Glenn Allison

Age Challenge Quotes By Robert J. Crane

A path. A career. Maybe even ... a purpose," Ariadne said. "Something you can do that you can believe in, that will challenge you, that won't leave you hating your life and questioning why you're even doing what you're doing." She laughed, a low, quiet laugh that had no real mirth behind it. "Unless you'd like to get to age forty and wake up to wonder where your life went. — Robert J. Crane

Age Challenge Quotes By Erika Tamar

I think it'll be interesting. The Aborigines certainly are, Lizabeth said. They have a tradition called the walkabout. It's a challenge for boys when they come of age. I don't know about the girls-the book didn't say. And grown men walkabout, too, when they're troubled.
What's a walkabout?
The book said it's to find your true self, but I don't really know what that means Lizabeth said. — Erika Tamar

Age Challenge Quotes By Betty Friedan

Development can indeed continue beyond childhood and youth, beyond the seventies. It can continue until the very end of life, given purposes that challenge and use our human abilities ... In sum, our development does not necessarily end at any age. We can continue to develop into our eighties, even to our nineties. — Betty Friedan

Age Challenge Quotes By Neal Stephenson

At this point, all of the responsible adults in Lawrence's life seemed to arrive at a tacit agreement that the best way to raise him - certainly the easiest - was to leave him alone. On the rare occasions when Lawrence requested adult intervention in his life, he was usually asking questions that no one could answer. At the age of sixteen, having found nothing in the local school system to challenge him, Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse went off to college. He matriculated at Iowa State College, which among other things was the site of a Naval ROTC installation in which he was forcibly enrolled. The — Neal Stephenson

Age Challenge Quotes By John Kenneth Galbraith

The present age of contentment will come to an end only when and if the adverse developments that it fosters challenge the sense of comfortable well-being — John Kenneth Galbraith

Age Challenge Quotes By Philip Roth

At a certain age, he thought, it is better for one's health not to do what I am about to do. At a certain age, a man's outlook is best tempered by moderation, if not resignation, if not outright capitulation. At a certain age, one should live without either harking too much back to grievances of the past or inviting resistance in the present by embodying a challenge to the pieties that be. Yet to give up playing any but the role socially assigned, in this instance assigned to the respectably retired - at seventy-one, that is surely what is appropriate, and so, for Coleman Silk, as he long ago demonstrated with requisite ruthlessness to his very own mother, that is what is unacceptable. — Philip Roth

Age Challenge Quotes By Ursula Burns

Race and gender definitely came up, occasionally, in my life at work. But the bigger challenge that I had was age. I took roles earlier in my career than people expected, and so a lot of what I got was, 'Do you actually know enough to do this?' — Ursula Burns

Age Challenge Quotes By Natasha Trethewey

It is a tremendous honor to be named poet laureate, but one that I find humbling as well, because it's the kind of thing that makes me feel like - even as it's been bestowed upon me - I must continue to live up to what it means ... Being the younger laureate in the age of social media is a new challenge. — Natasha Trethewey