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Afoot Quotes By Anthony Lane

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is now fourteen, and, while he gives little sign of doing what Lord Rochester planned to do at the same age, there are nonetheless changes afoot. Harry's voice, like that of his best friend, Ron (Rupert Grint), sounds like the mating cry of an oboe, and, worse still, the two cease to be best friends. — Anthony Lane

Afoot Quotes By Bobby Wallace

As more speed afoot was constantly demanded for big league ball, I noticed the many infield bounders which the runner beat to first only by the thinnest fractions of a second. — Bobby Wallace

Afoot Quotes By Truman Capote

The police said for Oreilly to get to his feet.

"Certainly," Oreilly said, "though I do think it shocking you have to trouble yourself with such petty crimes as mine when everywhere there are master thieves afoot.

"For instance, this pretty child," he stepped between the officers and pointed at Sylvia, "she is the recent victim of a major theft; poor baby, she has had her soul stolen. — Truman Capote

Afoot Quotes By Jon Meacham

The Jefferson of the cabinet, of the vice presidency, and of the presidency can be best understood by recalling that his passion for the people and his regard for republicanism belonged to a man who believed that there were forces afoot - forces visible and invisible, domestic and foreign - that sought to undermine the rights of man by reestablishing the rule of priests and nobles and kings. His opposition to John Adams and to Alexander Hamilton, to the British and to financial speculators, grew out of this fundamental concern. Like — Jon Meacham

Afoot Quotes By David R. Brower

True wilderness is where you keep it, and real wilderness experience cannot be a sedentary one; you have to seek it out not seated, but afoot. — David R. Brower

Afoot Quotes By Stacey D'Erasmo

As readers, we sense when the game is being played for real and when something else is afoot: pride, showmanship, the pursuit of power, self-aggrandizement, revenge, making money. Not that there's anything wrong with any of that, but I dislike closing a book with the sense that I've been had. — Stacey D'Erasmo

Afoot Quotes By Hilaire Belloc

In the form of security and sufficiency for the men who labor to the profit of others, and in the form of registering and controlling them in the form of an organized public supervision of their labor, slavery is already afoot. When slavery shall succeed it will succeed through the acquiescence of those who will be enslaved, for they will prefer sufficiency and security with enslavement, to freedom, responsibility, insecurity and the threat of insufficiency. — Hilaire Belloc

Afoot Quotes By Richard J. Roberts

Hard as it is to imagine, there's a move afoot in Congress to take away the public's free online access to tax-funded medical research findings. That would be bad for medical discovery, bad for patients looking for the latest research results, and another rip-off of the American taxpayer. — Richard J. Roberts

Afoot Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pride can go without domestics, without fine clothes, can live in a house with two rooms, can eat potato, purslain, beans, lyed corn, can work on the soil, can travel afoot, can talk with poor men, or sit silent well contented with fine saloons. But vanity costs money, labor, horses, men, women, health and peace, and is still nothing at last; a long way leading nowhere.
Only one drawback; proud people are intolerably selfish, and the vain are gentle and giving. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Afoot Quotes By Georgia Cates

There is evil fuckery afoot here. — Georgia Cates

Afoot Quotes By Lord Dunsany

For he had acquired a lore in his youth which taught him ever to avoid the aged when merry plans were afoot; for the aged would come with their wisdom and slowness of thought, and other plans would be made, and there would be, at least, delay. — Lord Dunsany

Afoot Quotes By Fred Alan Wolf

I believe, or sense, that the universe has not been constructed from a purely mechanical, logical, rational point of view, but there is a magic afoot in the universe, that God can be looked at as a kind of a magician in which we get to perform tricks ourselves, without knowing that we're doing so. — Fred Alan Wolf

Afoot Quotes By Walt Whitman

My ties and ballasts leave me - I travel - I sail - My elbows rest in the sea-gaps. I skirt the sierras. My palms cover continents - I am afoot with my vision. — Walt Whitman

Afoot Quotes By H.M. Forester

Now, sorcery rules the world. Of course, most don't call it sorcery; indeed, many would be horrified by such a notion. Instead, they use words like ideology, politics, defence, security, patriotism, commerce, industry, marketing, consumerism and belief. But where there is power-seeking, especially power over others or for oneself, though also over oneself, and be it wittingly or unwittingly conjured up, make no mistake: there is sorcery afoot. It just comes in different shades and colours, that's all. — H.M. Forester

Afoot Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

If you knew there was somebody out there afoot that had two million dollars of your money, at what point would you quit lookin for em?
That's right. There aint no such a point. — Cormac McCarthy

Afoot Quotes By Wendell Berry

Some of the most memorable, and least regrettable, nights of my own youth were spent in coon hunting with farmers. There is no denying that these activities contributed to the economy of farm households, but a further fact is that they were pleasures; they were wilderness pleasures, not greatly different from the pleasures pursued by conservationists and wilderness lovers. As I was always aware, my friends the coon hunters were not motivated just by the wish to tree coons and listen to hounds and listen to each other, all of which were sufficiently attractive; they were coon hunters also because they wanted to be afoot in the woods at night. Most of the farmers I have known, and certainly the most interesting ones, have had the capacity to ramble about outdoors for the mere happiness of it, alert to the doings of the creatures, amused by the sight of a fox catching grasshoppers, or by the puzzle of wild tracks in the snow. — Wendell Berry

Afoot Quotes By Joyce Carol Oates

At a time when politics deals in distortions and half truths, truth is to be found in the liberal arts. There's something afoot in this country and you are very much a part of it. — Joyce Carol Oates

Afoot Quotes By Michelle Hodkin

Anyway, there's some fuckery afoot, clearly, but I don't think you're possessed. — Michelle Hodkin

Afoot Quotes By Clayton Christensen

Disruption is continuously afoot in every industry, but especially in autos. It is how Toyota, Nissan and Honda bloodied Detroit: They did not start their attack with Lexus, Infiniti and Acura, but with low-end subcompact models branded Corona, Datsun and CVCC. — Clayton Christensen

Afoot Quotes By Dallas Willard

Jesus came among us to show and teach the life for which we were made. He came very gently, opened access to the governance of God with him, and set afoot a conspiracy of freedom in truth among human beings. Having overcome death he remains among us. By relying on his word and presence we are enabled to reintegrate the little realm that makes up our life in the infinite rule of God. And that is the eternal kind of life. Caught up in his active rule, our deeds become an element in God's eternal history. They are what God and we do together, making us part of his life and him a part of ours. — Dallas Willard

Afoot Quotes By Rachel Held Evans

I knew somewhere deep in my bones that a revolution was afoot, that the women of this earth were rising up, and that, in some way great or small, I was going to be a part of it. — Rachel Held Evans

Afoot Quotes By Byron White

It is not better that all felony suspects die than that they escape. Where the suspect poses no immediate threat to the officer and no threat to others, the harm resulting from failing to apprehend him does not justify the use of deadly force to do so. It is no doubt unfortunate when a suspect who is in sight escapes, but the fact that the police arrive a little late or are a little slower afoot does not always justify killing the suspect. — Byron White

Afoot Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

This afternoon I sat at my window and alternately wrote at my new serial and watched a couple of dear, amusing, youngish maple-trees at the foot of the garden. They whispered secrets to each other all the afternoon. They would bend together and talk earnestly for a few moments, then spring back and look at each other, throwing up their hands comically in horror and amazement over their mutual revelations. I wonder what new scandal is afoot in Treeland. — L.M. Montgomery

Afoot Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

Come, Watson, come!" he cried. The game is afoot. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Afoot Quotes By Leonard Cohen

G-d is alive. Magic is afoot. G-d is afoot. Magic is alive. — Leonard Cohen

Afoot Quotes By D.C. Fontana

Let's face it, the romantic scene between the Romulan Commander and Spock [in "The Enterprise Incident"] was totally out of context. Any Romulan worth her salt would have instantly suspected Spock because they are related races. That was wrongmy biggest objection is the scene between Spock and the woman, because I really did not believe it. And I did not believe that the Romulan did not suspect Spock of something underhanded. She does know enough about Vulcan and Vulcans to know that something's afoot. — D.C. Fontana

Afoot Quotes By Michael Joseph Oakeshott

A recorded past is no more than a bygone present composed of the footprints made by human beings actually going somewhere but not knowing (in any extended sense), and certainly not revealing to us, how, they came to be afoot on these particular journeys. — Michael Joseph Oakeshott

Afoot Quotes By Craig Silvey

With things like this, when people don't really understand what has happened, they'll assume the worst long before they have to. It's a little like when people are afraid of the dark. Often it's not the darkness they're afraid of, it's the fact that they don't know what's in it. And because they can't see, because they're not sure, they start to imagine there are more sinister things afoot than there ordinarily would be. — Craig Silvey

Afoot Quotes By John Maynard Keynes

It is Enterprise which build and improves the world's possessions ... If Enterprise is afoot, Wealth accumulates whatever may be happening to Thrift; and if Enterprise is asleep, Wealth decays, whatever Thrift may be doing. — John Maynard Keynes

Afoot Quotes By Dallas Willard

In thus sending out his trainees, [Jesus] set afoot a perpetual world revolution: one that is still in process and will continue until God's will is done on earth as it is in heaven ... He has chosen to accomplish this with and, in part, through his students. — Dallas Willard

Afoot Quotes By John Muir

When I first caught sight of (Mount Shasta) over the braided folds of the Sacramento Valley I was fifty miles away and afoot, alone and weary. Yet all my blood turned to wine, and I have not been weary since. — John Muir

Afoot Quotes By James Hollis

Destiny commands ... and imposes a sacred obligation to show up in the face of one's desire for a normal, casual life ... there are other forces afoot of which consciousness has only the dimmest of understandings ... — James Hollis

Afoot Quotes By Dorothea Brande

Old habits are strong and jealous. They will not be displaced easily if they get any warning that such plans are afoot; they will fight for their existence with subtlety and persuasiveness. — Dorothea Brande

Afoot Quotes By Christina Engela

Right now though, there is little that concerns me more than the impending assault on the human rights and equality of women and the pink community in South Africa. Right now there are events afoot in this country which justify my concern. — Christina Engela

Afoot Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Have learned that the swiftest traveller is he that goes afoot. — Henry David Thoreau

Afoot Quotes By William Shakespeare

Now let it work. Mischief, thou art afoot. Take thou what course thou wilt. — William Shakespeare

Afoot Quotes By Robert Grudin

Fast drivers can see no further than slow drivers, but they must look further down the road to time their reactions safely. Similarly, people with great projects afoot habitually look further and more clearly into the future than people who are mired in day-to-day concerns. — Robert Grudin

Afoot Quotes By Alan Armstrong

A major change is afoot as we combine both WPZ and Access into the large scale natural gas infrastructure MLP. And the team here at WPZ is very energized right now as we're on the verge of a major $1 billion boost in our annual cash flows that we expect to come from three major projects Geismar, Gulfstar and the Keathley Canyon Connector all of which have reached the commissioning stage here in the fourth quarter. — Alan Armstrong

Afoot Quotes By Johannes Itten

Learning from books and teachers is like traveling by carriage, so we are told in the Veda. But, the carriage will serve only while one is on the highroad. He who reaches the end of the highroad will leave the carriage and walk afoot. — Johannes Itten

Afoot Quotes By Mao Zedong

I have just drunk the waters of Changsha
And come to eat the fish of Wuchang.
Now I am swimming across the great Yangtze,
Looking afar to the open sky of Chu.
Let the wind blow and waves beat,
Better far than idly strolling in a courtyard.
Today I am at ease.
"It was by a stream that the Master said--
'Thus do things flow away!' "
Sails move with the wind.
Tortoise and Snake are still.
Great plans are afoot:
A bridge will fly to span the north and south,
Turning a deep chasm into a thoroughfare;
Walls of stone will stand upstream to the west
To hold back Wushan's clouds and rain
Till a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges.
The mountain goddess if she is still there
Will marvel at a world so changed. — Mao Zedong

Afoot Quotes By Meg Jay

their own grandchildren. Parents like Kate's are so intent on protecting their kids from their brand of the midlife crisis - their regret over settling down too soon - that these parents fail to see an entirely new midlife crisis is afoot. The postmillennial midlife crisis is figuring out that while we were busy making — Meg Jay

Afoot Quotes By Thomas Henry Huxley

Very few, even among those who have taken the keenest interest in the progress of the revolution in natural knowledge set afoot by the publication of the 'Origin of Species'; and who have watched, not without astonishment, the rapid and complete change which has been effected both inside and outside the boundaries of the scientific world in the attitude of men's minds towards the doctrines which are expounded in that great work, can have been prepared for the extraordinary manifestation of affectionate regard for the man, and of profound reverence for the philosopher, which followed the announcement, on Thursday last, of the death of Mr Darwin. — Thomas Henry Huxley

Afoot Quotes By Zsuzsanna Budapest

The Goddess is Alive. Magic is afoot. — Zsuzsanna Budapest

Afoot Quotes By Meredith Ann Pierce

Greater magics than mine are afoot in this chamber, where blade and cup and dram are met with love such as yours. — Meredith Ann Pierce

Afoot Quotes By George Hodgman

Betty, whom I recently discovered sorting through the contents of my suitcase, turns on the overhead light in my room, wrinkles her brow, and peers in like a camp counselor on an inspection tour, as if she suspects I might be entertaining someone who has paddled in from across the lake. She must keep an eye out. I am a schemer. There are things going on behind her back, plans afoot, she fears. She has no intention of cooperating with any of them. When the phone rings, she listens to every word, not sure if she can trust me with her independence. I don't blame her. I am an unlikely guardian. A month ago I thought the Medicare doughnut hole was a breakfast special for seniors. I am a care inflictor. She's — George Hodgman

Afoot Quotes By T.J. Klune

Hi, my name is Ryan Foxheart. Oh no! There's danger afoot! Let me pull out my sword and pose." I mimed pulling a sword from my side and cocked an eyebrow. "Notice how dashing I am. And immaculate. And today, my hair is parted on the right. Wink. — T.J. Klune

Afoot Quotes By Philip K. Dick

A paranoiac, my friend, is a person who has gone crazy in the most intelligent, well-informed way, the world being what it is. The paranoiac believes that great secret conspiracies are afoot to destroy him. — Philip K. Dick

Afoot Quotes By Sharon Creech

I wondered If things that might seem frightening could lose their hold over you. I wondered If we find the people we need when we need them. I wondered If we attract our future by some sort of invisible force, or If we are drawn to it by a similar force. I felt I was turning a corner and that change was afoot. — Sharon Creech

Afoot Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

Quickly, Watson, the game's afoot, I said, but Deborah was not in a literary mood. — Jeff Lindsay

Afoot Quotes By Michelle Hodkin

There's some fuckery afoot. — Michelle Hodkin

Afoot Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

They plot, they plot, sleeping or afoot they never let up. — Thomas Pynchon

Afoot Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

I have learned that the swiftest traveler is he that goes afoot. — Henry David Thoreau

Afoot Quotes By Phil Lesh

And there was a movement afoot to take another year off, and if we had been able to do that, and rethink everything, I think when we came back it would have been very different. — Phil Lesh

Afoot Quotes By Frantz Fanon

For Europe, for ourselves and for humanity, comrades, we must turn over a new leaf, we must work out new concepts, and try to set afoot a new man. — Frantz Fanon

Afoot Quotes By Christine Wicker

Enchantment frightens us for good reason. Whether it's enchantment of the ordinary kind or the magical kind, it may very well change us, and we may not be able to return to our old selves, to our old certainties and our easy understandings. Magical people seem to fear that less than the rest of us. They want to be enchanted and are quite willing to be changed forever as they go deeper and deeper into realms beyond everyday understanding. Most of us wouldn't mind a little more magic ourselves, if we could slip in and out of it. We too want to leave the brab realities of work-a-day life, experience the transcendent, to revel in endless possibility. But most of us have lost any belief in good magic. All that's left is a vague sence that evil is afoot and ready to draw nearer. The only magic most of us believe in is the scary stuff. — Christine Wicker

Afoot Quotes By Ramana Maharshi

Once the current of awareness of the self is set afoot, it becomes everlasting and continuous by intensification. — Ramana Maharshi

Afoot Quotes By Michael Ashcroft

The Conservatives do not want to go into an election with the leaders' relative ratings as they are - but it is depressing to hear that plans are afoot to paint Miliband as the Michael Dukakis of British politics: part of a metropolitan elite with no understanding of mainstream concerns. — Michael Ashcroft

Afoot Quotes By Lish McBride

Minion looked into the fragile belly of the duck for the third time. 'It's still not here, Master.' He shook his head in a slow, confused fashion. 'Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. — Lish McBride

Afoot Quotes By Jack Canfield

If one person tells you you're a horse, they're crazy. If three people tell you you're a horse, there's a conspiracy afoot. If 10 people tell you you're a horse, it's time to buy a saddle." The point is that if several people are telling you the same thing, there is probably some truth in it. — Jack Canfield

Afoot Quotes By Emma Jane Holloway

No one except Sherlock Holmes thought he should be going anywhere, least of all his long-suffering doctor, but the game was afoot. — Emma Jane Holloway

Afoot Quotes By Jim Butcher

Of course Evil's afoot. If it had switched to the metric system it'd be up to a meter by now. — Jim Butcher

Afoot Quotes By David A. Andelman

This scene was little more than a somewhat hollow ceremonial gesture. The real work of the conference had already begun, by a far smaller, more elite, and far less disparate set of individuals. All were white Westerners of elite backgrounds with more congruent temperaments and, as it turned out, goals. The first unofficial meetings between the leaders of the Big Four peacemakers - dubbed the Supreme Council - and their aides had been taking place for a week in a smaller chamber in the same building, and the maneuverings were afoot. It was nine weeks since the armistice — David A. Andelman

Afoot Quotes By George Herbert

To go where the King goes afoot (i.e. to the stool). — George Herbert

Afoot Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

The game is afoot. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Afoot Quotes By William Shakespeare

As many arrows, loosed several ways, come to one mark ... so many a thousand actions, once afoot, end in one purpose. — William Shakespeare

Afoot Quotes By Walt Whitman

Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me. — Walt Whitman

Afoot Quotes By Jeremias Gotthelf

Christine always wanted to know what was afoot, and any matter on which she was prevented from giving her opinion she took to be going badly. — Jeremias Gotthelf

Afoot Quotes By Cate Blanchett

For me, I think the bigger something is, the more difficult it is to make it nimble and fleet afoot. — Cate Blanchett

Afoot Quotes By Molly Hughes

He liked to join in any game that was afoot, so long as it was simple, such as dominoes or draughts, but was so good natured that he always let his opponents win. Not that he said so, but we were always aware of it, and could see him making mistakes on purpose. To poor Arthur we owed our disgust with obtrusively unselfish people, and our understanding of mother's oft-repeated maxim: 'Please yourself, your friends will like you the better. — Molly Hughes

Afoot Quotes By Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.

Have you ever stopped to realize the disrespect that is afoot in our society? From the White House to God's House, and even Mom's house... Just remember that disrespect creates distance. How far have we strayed from home? — Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.

Afoot Quotes By Jeff Cooper

The decay of the late, great country of South Africa is beginning to become apparent. The name of the Transvaal has been officially changed to 'Gauteng.' (One of our friends has suggested that in view of this its inhabitants in the future should be referred to as Oranggautengs.) ... And now there is a move afoot to wreck the Kruger National Park, one of the wonders of the world, on the notion that a good bit of its land was 'taken from the blacks.' This idea is somewhat akin to giving Yellowstone Park back to the Blackfeet. — Jeff Cooper

Afoot Quotes By John Burroughs

I am not going to advocate ... the abandoning of the improved modes of travel; but I am going to brag as lustily as I can on behalf of the pedestrian, and show how all the shining angels second and accompany the man who goes afoot, while all the dark spirits are ever looking out for a chance to ride. — John Burroughs

Afoot Quotes By William Shakespeare

I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot;
Follow your spirit: and upon this charge,
Cry - God for Harry! England and Saint George! — William Shakespeare

Afoot Quotes By Leonard Cohen

God is alive. Magic is afoot. God is alive. Magic is afoot. God is afoot. Magic is alive. Alive is afoot. Magic never died. God never sickened. Many poor men lied. Many sick men lied. Magic never weakened. Magic never hid. Magic always ruled. God is afoot. God was ruler though his funeral lengthened. Though his mourners thickened Magic never fled ... — Leonard Cohen

Afoot Quotes By Ian Jarvis

The game's afoot, Watson, or quite possibly thirteen inches — Ian Jarvis

Afoot Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

They began to come upon chains and packsaddles, singletrees, dead mules, wagons. Saddletrees eaten bare of their rawhide coverings and weathered white as bone, a light chamfering of miceteeth along the edges of the wood. They rode through a region where iron will not rust nor tin tarnish. The ribbed frames of dead cattle under their patches of dried hide lay like the ruins of primitive boats upturned upon that shoreless void and they passed lurid and austere the black and desiccated shapes of horses and mules that travelers had stood afoot. — Cormac McCarthy

Afoot Quotes By Jim Butcher

There is hinkiness afoot with regard to my, ah, disposition. — Jim Butcher

Afoot Quotes By Clayton Smith

Don't you try to pacify me!" screamed Grandpa Joe, waggling a finger at her. "I know when something's afoot! And something's definitely afoot! — Clayton Smith

Afoot Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

The forces of safety are afoot in the land. I, for one, believe it is a conspiracy - a conspiracy of Safety Nazis shouting "Sieg Health" and seeking to trammel freedom, liberty, and large noisy parties. The Safety Nazis advocate gun control, vigorous exercise, and health foods. The result can only be a disarmed, exhausted, and half-starved population ready to acquiesce to dictatorship of some kind. — P. J. O'Rourke

Afoot Quotes By Jim Butcher

There was a sound like a human yawn, and then the skull turned slightly toward me and asked, "What's up, boss?"
"Evil's afoot."
"Well, sure," Bob said, "because it refuses to learn the metric system. Otherwise it'd be up to a meter by now. — Jim Butcher

Afoot Quotes By Jane Goodall

There are really only two ways, it seems to me, in which we can think about our existence here on earth. We either agree with Macbeth that life is nothing more than a "tale told by an idiot," a purposeless emergence of life-forms including the clever, greedy, selfish, and unfortunately destructive species that we call Homo sapiens - the "evolutionary goof." Or we believe that, as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin put it, "There is something afoot in the universe, something that looks like gestation and birth." In other words, a plan, a purpose to it all. — Jane Goodall

Afoot Quotes By George Eliot

You youngsters nowadays think you're to begin with living well and working easy; you've no notion of running afoot before you get on horseback. — George Eliot

Afoot Quotes By Evelyn Cullet

When is a game not a game? When the game is afoot. — Evelyn Cullet

Afoot Quotes By H.L. Mencken

There is, it appears, a conspiracy of scientists afoot. Their purpose is to break down religion, propagate immorality, and so reduce mankind to the level of brutes. They are the sworn and sinister agents of Beelzebub, who yearns to conquer the world, and has his eye especially upon Tennessee.] — H.L. Mencken

Afoot Quotes By Daniel Woodrell

Love and hate hold hands always so it made natural sense that they'd get confused by upset married folk in the wee hours once in a while and a nosebleed or bruised breast might result. But it just seemed proof that a great foulness was afoot in the world when a no-strings roll in the hay with a stranger led to chipped teeth or cigarette burns on the wrist. — Daniel Woodrell

Afoot Quotes By Bram Stoker

There is certainly something to ponder over in this man's state. Several points seem to make what the American interviewer calls "a story," if one could only get them in proper order. Here they are: Will not mention "drinking." Fears the thought of being burdened with the "soul" of anything. Has no dread of wanting "life" in the future. Despises the meaner forms of life altogether, though he dreads being haunted by their souls. Logically all these things point one way! He has assurance of some kind that he will acquire some higher life. He dreads the consequence, the burden of a soul. Then it is a human life he looks to! And the assurance ... ? Merciful God! The Count has been to him, and there is some new scheme of terror afoot! — Bram Stoker

Afoot Quotes By Edgar Rice Burroughs

As a matter of fact I presume I gave little attention to seeking an excuse, for I love a good fight too well to need any other reason for joining in when one is afoot. So — Edgar Rice Burroughs

Afoot Quotes By Elizabeth Aston

Why did she want to stay in England? Because the history she was interested in had happened here, and buried deep beneath her analytical mind was a tumbled heap of Englishness in all its glory, or kings and queens, of Runnymede and Shakespeare's London, of hansom cabs and Sherlock Holmes and Watson rattling off into the fog with cries of 'The game's afoot,' of civil wars bestrewing the green land with blood, of spinning jennies and spotted pigs and Churchill and his country standing small and alone against the might of Nazi Germany. It was a mystery to her how this benighted land had produced so many great men and women, and ruled a quarter of the world and spread its language and law and democracy across the planet. — Elizabeth Aston

Afoot Quotes By Helen Keller

I trust, and I recognize the beneficence of the power which we all worship as supreme- Order, Fate, the Great Spirit, Nature, God. I recognize this power in the sun that makes all things grow and keeps life afoot. I make a friend of this indefinable force ... this is my religion of optimism. — Helen Keller

Afoot Quotes By Horace Kephart

The man who goes afoot, prepared to camp anywhere and in any weather, is the most independent fellow on earth. — Horace Kephart

Afoot Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

The cheapest way to travel, and the way to travel the farthest in the shortest distance, is to go afoot, carrying a dipper, a spoon, and a fish line, some Indian meal, some salt, and some sugar ... Any one of these things I mean, not all together. I have traveled thus some hundreds of miles without taking any meal in a house, sleeping on the ground when convenient, and found it cheaper, and in many respects more profitable, than staying at home. So that some have inquired why it would not be best to travel always. But I never thought of traveling simply as a means of getting a livelihood. — Henry David Thoreau

Afoot Quotes By Caitlin Moran

I have a rule of thumb that allows me to judge, when times is pressing and one needs to make a snap judgment, whether or not some sexist bullshit is afoot. Obviously, it's not 100% infallible but by and large it definitely points you in the right direction and it's asking this question; are the men doing it? Are the men worrying about this as well? Is this taking up the men's time? Are the men told not to do this, as it's letting the side down? Are the men having to write bloody books about this exasperating retarded, time-wasting, bullshit? Is this making Jeremy Clarkson feel insecure?
Almost always the answer is no. The boys are not being told they have to be a certain way, they are just getting on with stuff. — Caitlin Moran