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Ad Hominem Attacks Quotes & Sayings

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Ad Hominem Attacks Quotes By Adam Davidson

The world I want to live in is a world where everybody is a bit more uncertain about their arguments and is a bit more open to other people's arguments. I think that we can engage ideas without ad hominem attacks. — Adam Davidson

Ad Hominem Attacks Quotes By Alex Pareene

I love insults, devastating takedowns, things that could be described by Twitter hacks as 'shots fired,' and funny ad hominem attacks. — Alex Pareene

Ad Hominem Attacks Quotes By James G. Stavridis

I've never been in a 'Twitter fight,' though I've witnessed my fair share. I do enjoy vigorous and informed debate, but the benefit is lost when the exchange becomes a series of petty ad hominem attacks. I don't see much value in it. — James G. Stavridis

Ad Hominem Attacks Quotes By Jonah Goldberg

Associational ad hominem attacks remain the left's favorite rhetorical strategy for undermining opponents. — Jonah Goldberg

Ad Hominem Attacks Quotes By Hans Selye

Indeed, not all attacks - especially the bitter and ridiculing kind leveled at Darwin - are offered in good faith, but for practical purposes it is good policy to assume that they are. — Hans Selye