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Top Abusing Power Quotes

Abusing Power Quotes By Joss Whedon

There are two things that interest me - and they're both power, ultimately. One is not having it and one is abusing it. — Joss Whedon

Abusing Power Quotes By Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

There is no bigger sin than men cruelly abusing their power to keep their own nation in servitude, he said, and he did not need to explain who the sinners were. — Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

Abusing Power Quotes By Martin Luther King Jr.

Even today there still exists in the South
and in certain areas of the North
the license that our society allows to unjust officials who implement their authority in the name of justice to practice injustice against minorities. Where, in the days of slavery, social license and custom placed the unbridled power of the whip in the hands of overseers and masters, today
especially in the southern half of the nation
armies of officials are clothed in uniform, invested with authority, armed with the instruments of violence and death and conditioned to believe that they can intimidate, main or kill Negroes with the same recklessness that once motivated the slaveowner. If one doubts this conclusion, let him search the records and find how rarely in any southern state a police officer has been punished for abusing a Negro. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Abusing Power Quotes By David Ricardo

Neither a state nor a bank ever have had unrestricted power of issuing paper money without abusing that power. — David Ricardo

Abusing Power Quotes By Thomas Babington Macaulay

The highest proof of virtue is to possess boundless power without abusing it. — Thomas Babington Macaulay

Abusing Power Quotes By Sandra Ingerman

The earth will support anything that supports life. What I have found after a soul retrieval is that one cannot "numb out" anymore. Each and every one of us must make personal and planetary decisions to stop abusing life. Whether a person a has to give up an abusive relationship, take a more active political role, or increase awareness of how we continue to abuse our environment, we all now have to be responsible. Being responsible means responding to what is needed. We find a need to wake up and change our reality to a stance of power ... — Sandra Ingerman

Abusing Power Quotes By David Ricardo

Experience, however, shows that neither a state nor a bank ever have [sic] had the unrestricted power of issuing paper money without abusing that power; in all states, therefore, the issue of paper money ought to be under some check and control; and none seems so proper for that purpose as that of subjecting the issuers of paper money to the obligation of paying their notes either in gold coin or bullion. — David Ricardo

Abusing Power Quotes By Samuel Alito

In an era where the White House is abusing power, is excusing and authorizing torture and is spying on American citizens, I find Judge [Samuel] Alito's support for an all-powerful executive branch to be genuinely troubling. — Samuel Alito

Abusing Power Quotes By Robert Kenner

Food is a great metaphor for the consolidation of corporate power in the hands of very few, who are mostly interested in their own profits and not the wellbeing of the animals they're slaughtering, or the land and the water they're using or abusing, or the workforce they're exploiting or even the people eating it. — Robert Kenner

Abusing Power Quotes By Frederick Lenz

How do you overcome the negative karmas and problems and misery that occur to people who abuse power? You stop abusing power. — Frederick Lenz

Abusing Power Quotes By Matt Lanter

A real man wouldn't lay a finger on a woman. He treats his partner with respect, love and support. Men are physically stronger and have no place abusing that power. Everyone has problems, and arguments happen, but that's when a real man uses his intelligence to talk it out. — Matt Lanter

Abusing Power Quotes By Neil Jackson

People abusing their power makes me see red. — Neil Jackson

Abusing Power Quotes By Ted Nugent

There are some power-abusing, corrupt monsters in our federal government that despise me because I have the audacity to speak the truth. — Ted Nugent

Abusing Power Quotes By Madame De Stael

Scientific progress makes moral progress a necessity; for if man's power is increased, the checks that restrain him from abusing it must be strengthened. — Madame De Stael

Abusing Power Quotes By Amy Poehler

This is the part where you apologize to me," I said, getting angry. "You guys screwed up and this is where you make me feel better about it." I like to use this tactic on people. It can work. When someone is being rude, abusing their power, or not respecting you, just call them out in a really obvious way. Say, "I can't understand why you are being rude because you are the concierge and this is the part of the evening where the concierge helps me." Act like they are an actor who has forgotten what part they are playing. It brings the attention back to them and gives you a minute to calm down so you don't do something silly like burst into tears or break their stupid fucking glasses. — Amy Poehler

Abusing Power Quotes By Ronnie McBrayer

We operate under the notion that America actually belongs to us Christians, and that we belong to it. We believe that the church and the state can make beautiful music together if only they would cooperate. We believe that the preaching of the Kingdom of God and the rallying around the red, white, and blue are always compatible. We believe the lie of the Serpent that we can hold to the sacrificial, life-giving, peace-pursuing, cheek-turning way of Christ and hold to the poisonous, domineering, power-hungry, least-of-these-abusing systems of the Empire. But this is impossible. — Ronnie McBrayer

Abusing Power Quotes By Chris Bell

The American people do not begrudge anyone his or her power until they start abusing it. — Chris Bell