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Abuela Quotes & Sayings

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Abuela Quotes By Cristina Garcia

I've started dreaming in Spanish, which has never happened before. I wake up feeling different, like something inside me is changing, something chemical and irreversible. There's a magic here working its way through my veins. There's something about the vegetation, too, that I respond to instinctively - the stunning bougainvillea, the flamboyants and jacarandas, the orchids growing from the trunks of the mysterious ceiba trees. And I love Havana, its noise and decay and painted ladyness. I could happily sit on one of those wrought-iron balconies for days, or keep my grandmother company on her porch, with its ringside view of the sea. I'm afraid to lose all this, to lose Abuela Celia again. But sooner or later I'd have to return to New York. I know now it's where I belong - not instead of here, but more than here. How can I tell my grandmother this? — Cristina Garcia

Abuela Quotes By Pope Francis

Turned toward her and called her abuela, grandmother, as we do in Argentina. "Abuela, do you want to confess?" "Yes," she replied. And since I was ready to leave, I said: "But if you have no sins ... " Her answer was swift and immediate: "We all have sins." "But maybe the Lord can't forgive them," I said. "The Lord forgives everything." "How do you know?" "If the Lord didn't forgive everything, our world would not exist. — Pope Francis

Abuela Quotes By Ted Cruz

My abuela was an incredible cook. — Ted Cruz

Abuela Quotes By Junot Diaz

It's like Abuela says: Every snake always thinks it's biting into a rat until the day it bites into a mongoose. That — Junot Diaz

Abuela Quotes By Charles De Lint

We are wise women," Abuela liked to say. "Not because we are wise, but because we seek wisdom. — Charles De Lint