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Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes & Sayings

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Top Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Hannah Rachel Bell

Mowaljarlai rarely answered questions with an abstract explanation; he always told a story. His was not a fragmented world, divided into the convenient disciplinary languages and jargon that seem to be required for the understanding of concepts and principles in, for example, mathematics, physics, art and literature. Not only did he not have these languages; he thought this was a strange way to arrive at understanding the way in which the world lives in itself. It baffled him that whitefellas developed their knowledge by busting things up, reducing things to little pieces separate from everything else that contributes to their nature. For him, everything in creation is not only living and interconnected, but exists in a story and story cycle. Yet his knowledge of what whitefellas call 'science' was extraordinary."
p80-1. — Hannah Rachel Bell

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Patti Callahan Henry

Riley's smile saturated her entire face with beauty. This was the sister Maisy had left all those years ago. The sister with the full laugh and the face of an angel who was unaware of her beauty. Gone was the sister who pulled her hair back into a baseball cap. — Patti Callahan Henry

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Huston Smith

Ancient wisdom and quantum physicists make unlikely bedfellows: In quantum mechanics the observer determines (or even brings into being) what is observed, and so, too, for the Tiwis, who dissolve the distinction between themselves and the cosmos. In quantum physics, subatomic particles influence each other from a distance, and this tallies with the aboriginal view, in which people, animals, rocks, and trees all weave together in the same interwoven fabric. — Huston Smith

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Stephen King

You don't know what's after the desert?"
Kennerly shrugged. "Some might. The coach ran through part of it fifty years ago. My pap said so. He used to say 'twas mountains. Others say an ocean ... a green ocean with monsters. And some say that's where the world ends. That there ain't nothing but lights that'll drive a man blind and the face of God with his mouth open to eat them up. — Stephen King

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Frederic M. Perrin

The time has come for you, your Tribe, and all First Peoples. Together, you must learn, remember, and teach the languages, songs, and stories of your ancestors so you may rise once again as true Shepherds of Earth. Teach your quiet light and wisdom to all that they may know, love, and honor all Spirits and the circle of life. — Frederic M. Perrin

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By James Herriot

At times it seemed unfair that I should be paid for my work; for driving out in the early morning with the fields glittering under the first pale sunshine and the wisps of mist still hanging on the high tops. — James Herriot

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Stanislav Grof

The renaissance of interest in Eastern spiritual philosophies, various mystical traditions, meditation, ancient and aboriginal wisdom, as well as the widespread psychedelic experimentation during the stormy 1960s, made it absolutely clear that a comprehensive and cross-culturally valid psychology had to include observations from such areas as mystical states; cosmic consciousness; psychedelic experiences; trance phenomena; creativity; and religious, artistic, and scientific inspiration. — Stanislav Grof

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Barbara W. Tuchman

The blood libel took possession of the popular mind most rabidly in Germany, where the well-poisoning charge too had originated in the 12th century. — Barbara W. Tuchman

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Chris Crutcher

I don't know why I always felt the need to educate my friends when I learned some new bit of information most of the rest of the world didn't know, such as the secret existence of Jesus' older, smarter brother, or, later, that you could crawl into our coal furnace and freeze or that the water coming out of our C tap was actually warm. But I did, and ended up on the wooden bench outside Mr. Mautz's Sunday school classroom the very next Sunday for what would become the first in a long string of blasphemous statements. — Chris Crutcher

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Trish Marie Dawson

There was no one else left for me to look for, but the urge to keep looking was there. The desire to be found was stronger than ever. — Trish Marie Dawson

Aboriginal Wisdom Quotes By Ryu Murakami

And just because I've written this book, don't think I've changed. I'm like I was back then, really. — Ryu Murakami