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Ability To Succeed Quotes By Edwin Louis Cole

The difference between men who succeed or fail is their ability to handle pressure. — Edwin Louis Cole

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Melinda Bilyeu

It's drive and determination, because that creates talent if you're determined enough and you love something enough. The ability to do it seems to come with that, it doesn't come on its own. It's the determination to succeed that creates talent. — Melinda Bilyeu

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Norman Vincent Peale

Expecting the best means that you put your whole heart (i.e. the central essence of your personality) into what you want to accomplish. People are defeated in life not because of lack of ability, but for lack of wholeheartedness. They do not wholeheartedly expect to succeed. Their heart isn't in it, which is to say, they themselves are not fully given. — Norman Vincent Peale

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Rajasaraswathii

We have to become vast, only then we can succeed;but we confine our thinking ability most of the times — Rajasaraswathii

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Warren Buffett

An investor will succeed by coupling good business judgment with an ability to insulate his thoughts and behavior from the super-contagious emotions that swirl about the marketplace. — Warren Buffett

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Roger Babson

Experience has taught me that there is one chief reason why some people succeed and others fail. The difference is not one of knowing, but of doing. The successful man is not so superior in ability as in action. So far as success can be reduced to a formula, it consists of this: doing what you know you should do. — Roger Babson

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Marianne Williamson

In fact, ambitious tension actually limits our ability to succeed because it keeps us in a state of contraction emotionally and physically. It seems to give us energy but doesn't really. Like the white sugar of mental health, there's a short high followed by a crash. The cultivation of mental rest or surrender is like eating healthy food. It doesn't give us an immediate rush, but over time it provides a lot more energy. — Marianne Williamson

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Niccolo Machiavelli

The wish to acquire more is admittedly a very natural and common thing; and when men succeed in this they are always praised rather than condemned. But when they lack the ability to do so and yet want to acquire more at all costs, they deserve condemnation for their mistakes. — Niccolo Machiavelli

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Jack Donovan

A man is not merely a man but a man among men, in a world of men. Being good at being a man has more to do with a man's ability to succeed with men and within groups of men than it does with a man's relationship to any woman or any group of women. When someone tells a man to be a man, they are telling him to be more like other men, more like the majority of men, and ideally more like the men who other men hold in high regard. — Jack Donovan

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Richard Hatch

I know from personal experience how fear and low self worth can cripple one's ability to succeed in life. But with a little support, caring and inspiration, miracles can happen. — Richard Hatch

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Shiv Khera

People who wish to go into the future should have two skills to succeed - the ability to deal with people and the ability to sell. — Shiv Khera

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Dean Koontz

I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life. — Dean Koontz

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Zhang Xin

We are not very good at this. Our success rests on our international experience and on our ability to read the market. And I contest the notion that you can only succeed in China when you are well-connected. Neither my husband nor I are "princelings" - children of influential people, that is. And yet China has enabled us to succeed. — Zhang Xin

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Morton Blackwell

To succeed inside a political party, one must cultivate an ability to sit still and remain polite while foolish people speak nonsense — Morton Blackwell

Ability To Succeed Quotes By T.F. Hodge

Those who do not succeed do not believe in their ability to exercise the potential power to forge beyond perceptions of limitations. — T.F. Hodge

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Guy Finley

The character of greatness must be measured in two ways, else the measurement is flawed. First, and by far most popular of all, is by one's ability to succeed in times of trial where others may fail. But of no less importance, and perhaps foundational to any form of greatness, is one's willingness to start over in spite of failure, when success seems farthest away. — Guy Finley

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Sania Mirza

I don't play tennis to prove a point to anyone. I play for my country and myself. It's not changing what people say or think. It's about what I can do. If I feel I have the ability to achieve something and haven't used my potential to that end, I'll keep trying till I succeed. — Sania Mirza

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Andrew Carnegie

Give me a man with an average ability but a burning desire to succeed and I will give you a winner in exchange every time. — Andrew Carnegie

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Brian Tracy

When you absolutely believe in yourself and your ability to succeed, nothing will stop you. — Brian Tracy

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Cassandra Sky West

Ability, commitment, effort. Those are the three things required to succeed. If you have them, success will happen as sure as the sun will rise.
You just have to give it time — Cassandra Sky West

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Peter Lynch

Your ultimate success or failure will depend on your ability to ignore the worries of the world long enough to allow your investments to succeed. — Peter Lynch

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Jessica Lahey

the ability to attend to a task and stick to long-term goals is the greatest predictor of success, greater than academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, test scores, and IQ. She calls this grit, and first discovered its power in the classroom, while teaching seventh-grade math. She left teaching to pursue research on her hunch, and her findings have changed the way educators perceive student potential. Gritty students succeed, and failure strengthens grit like no other crucible. — Jessica Lahey

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Cheryl Hughes

When people cheat in any arena, they diminish themselves-they threaten their own self-esteem and their relationships with others by undermining the trust they have in their ability to succeed and in their ability to be true. — Cheryl Hughes

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

Good writing does not fail or succeed on the strength of its ability to persuade. Not the kind of writing that you'll find in this book, anyway. It succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else's head
even if in the end you conclude someone else's head is not a place you'd really like to be.
from intro to What The Dog Saw — Malcolm Gladwell

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Matthew Stewart

What do you need to succeed in business? You need the ability to think critically and communicate, and those things you can get just as easily out of a philosophy degree. — Matthew Stewart

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Joe Biden

Why do people like America? They say, well, you have the largest military in the world. Because you have more people, et cetera. They like America for what we stand for. And one of the things, and I feel proud to be, what this president's for, the last seven years, is we have once again aligned our basic fundamental beliefs and principles with our conduct. And it matters. It matters in terms of our security. It matters in terms of our ability to influence the world. It matters in our ability to succeed. — Joe Biden

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Chuck Knox

One of the most important qualities for any young athlete is the ability to believe in oneself. If you have confidence in yourself, in your teammates and your coach, you will succeed. — Chuck Knox

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Vinod Khosla

My willingness to fail gives me the ability to succeed. — Vinod Khosla

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

Good writing does not succeed or fail on the strength of its ability to persuade. It succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else's head. — Malcolm Gladwell

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Stanley Christopher

I do not, can not write just for money. Lord knows I haven't made much. I write because it is what my Father has given me to do. I do not mean that He woke me one morn, put His finger to my forehead and commanded me write. I mean He quietly and gently in His grace, whispered into my head, into my heart: courage to fail, confidence to succeed, belief in my ability to learn and in my own self worth. So in thankfulness I write. — Stanley Christopher

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Adam M. Grant

highly successful people have three things in common: motivation, ability, and opportunity. If we want to succeed, we need a combination of hard work, talent, and luck. — Adam M. Grant

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Steve Maraboli

The best way to succeed is to have a specific Intent, a clear Vision, a plan of Action, and the ability to maintain Clarity. Those are the Four Pillars of Success. It never fails! — Steve Maraboli

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Frank McKinney

Many of us are fortunate to be blessed with the ability to succeed - not for our sole benefit, but so we may apply the result of our success to assist others. — Frank McKinney

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Venita VanCaspel

The ability to make a decision is another characteristic of a winner in money matters. I have found over and over again that those who succeed in making large sums of money reach decisions very promptly and change them, if at all, very slowly. I have also found that people who fail to make money reach decisions very slowly, if at all, and change them frequently and quickly. — Venita VanCaspel

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Dean M. Davies

Essential to our personal faith and development is the unmistakable knowledge that our Father and our Savior want us to succeed. They want us to return to Their presence. Because of Their love for us, They have given us resources to obtain comfort, direction, and strength for our journey home. I speak of prayer, the wonderful and sublime ability to communicate and share our concerns with the Father; the Holy Spirit, which will enlighten and comfort us; and the words of the prophets, both ancient and modern. These resources give us understanding and direction in dealing with our challenges. — Dean M. Davies

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Stedman Graham

There are always risks when you chase after a dream because growth requires that you leave your comfort zone and enter unknown territory. But without confronting those risks and facing your fears, you'll never, as Nike says, "Just do it." Now the truth is, you may fail in some of your efforts, but you will never succeed if you are not willing to risk failure. And even if you do fail, you can learn from the experience and try again. To do that, you will need courage, and you will also need to have faith in your ability to achieve your goals ... — Stedman Graham

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Eric Ries

The attributes for entrepreneurs cut both ways. You need the ability to ignore inconvenient facts and see the world as it should be and not as it is. This inspires people to take huge leaps of faith. But this blindness to facts can be a liability, too. The characteristics that help entrepreneurs succeed can also lead to their failure. — Eric Ries

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Joan Bennett Kennedy

There is no philosophy that will help us to succeed if we doubt our ability to do so. — Joan Bennett Kennedy

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Brian Tracy

Implement your plans with courage and persistence. Have complete faith in your ability to succeed and never, ever give up. — Brian Tracy

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Danny Meyer

Essentially what's going to determine how you succeed in New York is how people feel about the space, how delicious the food is, how they perceive the value and, most important of all, how they feel treated. My understanding is Stephen Starr is exceptionally good at all of this and his ability to create a transporting experience. — Danny Meyer

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Jack D. Schwager

The ability to change one's mind is probably a key characteristic of the successful investor. Dogmatic and rigid personalities rarely, if ever, succeed in the markets. The markets are a dynamic process, and sustained investment success requires the ability to modify and even change strategies as markets evolve. — Jack D. Schwager

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Sam Sheridan

If you had a yard as a child, you probably remember it with a startling intimacy. You knew that yard: every inch, every bush, each step on the tree you could climb, the whorls and knots in the branches, the bare dirt spots, the sandy gravel, the soft grass. It was deep, profound, intimate local knowledge. You intuitively knew what was happening around you at all times. Primitive man would have felt that way about a much larger stretch of ground, but it was still "his" territory. This very ability is really what allowed Homo sapiens to expand and succeed the way he did. — Sam Sheridan

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Deb Caletti

I didn't know what I wanted to Be ... A sense that I had permanently botched things already, embarked on the trip without the map. and it scared me too, that I might end up as a mother of 3 working in a psychiatrist's office, or renting surfboards ... I guess I saw their lives as failed somehow, absent of the Big Win ... What is fate was an inherited trait? What if luck came through the genetic line, and the ability to "succeed" at your chosen "direction" was handed down, just like the family china? Maybe I was destined to be a weed too. — Deb Caletti

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Maddy Malhotra

The quality of the results we get in our lives depends on the quality of the self-beliefs we hold. — Maddy Malhotra

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Peter J. Carroll

As belief in one's capabilities self-evidently leads to increasing capabilities, magicians consider it worthwhile to believe in their ability to accomplish the impossible, even if they only succeed at this occasionally. — Peter J. Carroll

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Jon Acuff

I know sometimes it's scary to think that you might do the wrong thing. It's terrifying to imagine wasting your "one shot". But let me assure you, nothing you do will be wasted. Every decision you make, every path you take, has the ability to contribute something you need to succeed at your dream. — Jon Acuff

Ability To Succeed Quotes By L. Lionel Kendrick

The Lord gives us a spirit of hope and a feeling of comfort and confidence that we can overcome the obstacles we face. He has shown the way to gain strength during our struggles. With His assistance, we have the ability to succeed. Listen to His words of counsel and comfort: 'Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world and none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost. — L. Lionel Kendrick

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Peter Diamandis

The thing about frontiers, it allows the individuals who are best, whether they're men or women or minorities or whatever, to step to the top. So in traditional societies, old world societies, in the United Kingdom if you would; if you were born into the right stratus, the right class, you had the ability to succeed. — Peter Diamandis

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

Nothing frustrates me more than someone who reads something of mine or anyone else's and says, angrily, 'I don't buy it.' Why are they angry? Good writing does not succeed or fail on the strength of its ability to persuade. It succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else's head - even if in the end you conclude that someone else's head is not a place you'd really like to be. — Malcolm Gladwell

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Jesse Ventura

I believe in the America people's ability to govern themselves. If government would just get out of the way and allow them to lead their lives as they choose, they will succeed. — Jesse Ventura

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Brad Steiger

Materialistic success can be explained quite simply. Those who succeed focus their attention on success - not on their talent. Remember these words! All of their efforts are focused toward the upward movement rather than the perfection of their artistic ability. Neither do they allow anyone to anything to stand in the way of reaching their goals. This includes wives, families, friends and their children. They are prepared to pay the very high price that success demands. — Brad Steiger

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Abhishek Ratna

A gap in skills and abilities reveal a golden opportunity! — Abhishek Ratna

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Deyth Banger

You never can't put bad down, there is always something tricky... nothing is so easy if it's easy. It's in the state of possibility of the ability to be in a trap which they want to put you... so they succeed. - Better Next time think! — Deyth Banger

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Leslie Lamport

There is a race between the increasing complexity of the systems we build and our ability to develop intellectual tools for understanding their complexity. If the race is won by our tools, then systems will eventually become easier to use and more reliable. If not, they will continue to become harder to use and less reliable for all but a relatively small set of common tasks. Given how hard thinking is, if those intellectual tools are to succeed, they will have to substitute calculation for thought. — Leslie Lamport

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Barbara Corcoran

That ability to pop back up is true of anyone who succeeds in their field. — Barbara Corcoran

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Carol S. Dweck

They were self-effacing people who constantly asked questions and had the ability to confront the most brutal answers - that is, to look failures in the face, even their own, while maintaining faith that they would succeed in the end. — Carol S. Dweck

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Our ability to succeed in life lays on us". — Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Calvin Coolidge

Your ability to face setbacks and disappointments without giving up will be the measure of your ability to succeed. — Calvin Coolidge

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Julia Kristeva

Pregnancy = "the slow, difficult, and delightful apprenticeship in attentiveness, gentleness, forgetting oneself. The ability to succeed in this path without masochism and without annihilating one's affective, intellectual, and professional personality - such would seem to be the stakes to be won through guiltless maternity. — Julia Kristeva

Ability To Succeed Quotes By John Lancaster Spalding

Those who believe in our ability do more than stimulate us. They create for us an atmosphere in which it becomes easier to succeed. — John Lancaster Spalding

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Justin Young

All men are created equal.' That doesn't mean we are born into equal circumstances, or have the same skills. What we do have in common, though, is the ability to apply ourselves to achieving that which we desire. Each of us has the capacity to dream big, to assess and accept the aspects of our reality that are standing in our way, learn from them, overcome them and succeed. — Justin Young

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Dalai Lama

It seems to me that self confidence and the ability to stand one's ground are essential if we want to succeed in life. I am not talking of stupid self-assurance but of an awareness of our inner potential, a certainty that we can always correct our behavior, improve ourselves, enrich ourselves, and that things are never hopeless — Dalai Lama

Ability To Succeed Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

Return to spirituality. Forget about religion. That statement is going to anger a lot of people. People will react to this entire book with anger ... unless they do not. Why do You say, forget religion? Because it is not good for you. Understand that in order for organized religion to succeed, it has to make people believe they need it. In order for people to put faith in something else, they must first lose faith in themselves. So the first task of organized religion is to make you lose faith in yourself. The second task is to make you see that it has the answers you do not. And the third and most important task is to make you accept its answers without question. If you question, you start to think! If you think, you start to go back to that Source Within. Religion can't have you do that, because you're liable to come up with an answer different from what it has contrived. So religion must make you doubt your Self; must make you doubt your own ability to think straight. — Neale Donald Walsch