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A Simpler Life Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Lord Darlington (LD): I think life too complex a thing to be settled by these hard and fast rules. Lady Windemere (LW): If we had 'hard-and-fast rules' we would find life much simpler. LD: You allow of no exceptions? LW: None! LD: Ah, what a fascinating Puritan you are, LW. LW: The adjective was unnecessary, LD. — Oscar Wilde

A Simpler Life Quotes By Nelson Mandela

This document [the Reconstruction and Development Programme] was translated into a simpler manifesto called 'A Better Life for All', which in turn became the ANC's campaign slogan. — Nelson Mandela

A Simpler Life Quotes By Jerry Heller

He never liked me. So I never liked him. A long time ago I made a decision that made things a lot simpler for me: I wasn't going to like someone who didn't like me. If someone had a problem with me, I wouldn't argue with him or try to change his mind. If he demonstrated he didn't like me, I came to the conclusion that life was too short, so fuck him. This included quite a few people I ran across in the music business, as well as my own brother and the whole nation of France. I wasn't going to turn into Sally Field ("You like me! You really like me!"), but I wasn't going to waste my time with assholes, either. — Jerry Heller

A Simpler Life Quotes By Josh Henderson

In Dallas, life is a little slower. It's a little more day-to-day routine. It's just a simpler life. At the end of the day, I love Texas girls, and I kind of relate to them. — Josh Henderson

A Simpler Life Quotes By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Few would argue that a simpler consciousness, no matter how harmonious, is preferable to a more complex one. While we might admire the serenity of the lion in repose, the tribesman's untroubled acceptance of his fate, or the child's wholehearted involvement in the present, they cannot offer a model for resolving our predicament. The order based on innocence is now beyond our grasp. Once the fruit is plucked from the tree of knowledge, the way back to Eden is barred forever. — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

A Simpler Life Quotes By Philippe Kahn

I build things that I think are exciting from a technology standpoint and will help make life easier, simpler and better for people. — Philippe Kahn

A Simpler Life Quotes By Gail Tsukiyama

Everything seems simpler from a distance. — Gail Tsukiyama

A Simpler Life Quotes By Dave Barry

I'm a humorist. A guy like Paul Simon just makes my life so much simpler. When I was there, he had a hearing against hate. Steven Spielberg came and testified against hate. Paul Simon said hate was bad. Orrin Hatch was there, and he was against hate too. Everyone was opposed to hate. Is this really a wonderful way to spend our tax dollars, to have these men drone away about how against hate they are? — Dave Barry

A Simpler Life Quotes By Cate Blanchett

The more you can remove the obstacles between you and the world as a woman, the easier and simpler life becomes. — Cate Blanchett

A Simpler Life Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

Joey wished there were some different world he could belong to, some simpler world in which a good life could be had at nobody else's expense. — Jonathan Franzen

A Simpler Life Quotes By Various

Maintaining a close relationship with the Savior is the only goal Paul would set. He wasn't perfect at it, but he singlemindedly pursued it. And he encourages us to do so today. Life is much simpler when we choose to pursue only one thing - the race before us. Don't look back. — Various

A Simpler Life Quotes By Dalai Lama

Self-discipline is crucial to a simpler, more contented life. — Dalai Lama

A Simpler Life Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

This was the difficulty with laws and with legal language: they used language which very few people, apart from lawyers, understood. Penal Codes, then, were all very well, but she wondered whether it might not be simpler to rely on something like the Ten Commandments, which, with a bit of modernisation, seemed to give a perfectly good set of guidelines for the conduct of one's life, — Alexander McCall Smith

A Simpler Life Quotes By Charlie N. Holmberg

I think life would be much . . . simpler . . . if a man could believe in one solid thing," he answered, still not looking at her. "Bits and pieces here and there do no good for a man's soul. Thinking all of it is right or all of it is wrong does no good, either. Just as a magician cannot work all materials. He must choose one. But how does he know? How do these people believe in this faith, but not the others? Yet they are happy." Ceony — Charlie N. Holmberg

A Simpler Life Quotes By Louise Penny

An unsuspected yearning uncovered, discovered. For a simpler time and a simpler life. Before Internet, and climate change, and terrorism. When neighbors worked together, and separation was not a topic or an issue or wise. — Louise Penny

A Simpler Life Quotes By Dennis Prager

People who assume that voter ID would suppress the black vote have to believe that millions of blacks are uniquely incompetent citizens. Few things in civic life are simpler than obtaining an ID, and identification is needed almost everywhere in society. One has to believe in widespread black incompetence in order to believe that obtaining an ID is too difficult for a vast number of blacks. And is virtually every democracy in the world racist for requiring voter ID? Again, the answer is no. The idea is absurd. — Dennis Prager

A Simpler Life Quotes By Nando Parrado

I think life is simpler than we tend to think. We look for answers and more answers. But there are no answers. Things happen in life, good things and bad. People say, 'Why did it happen to me?' Well, why not? Some people win the lottery, and others die in a car crash. It happens, and there is nothing we can do about it. The universe doesn't care what happens to you. — Nando Parrado

A Simpler Life Quotes By Jack Heffron

Writing, therefore, is also an act of courage. How much easier is it to lead an unexamined life than to confront yourself on the page? How much easier is it to surrended to materialism or cynicism or to a hundred other ways of life that are, in fact, ways to hide from life and from our fears. When we write, we resist the facile seduction of theses simpler roads. We insist on finding out and declaring the truths that we find, and we dare to out those truths on the page. — Jack Heffron

A Simpler Life Quotes By Harry Haskell

Life would be a darned sight simpler if feelings were as easy to patch up as a piece of sailcloth. — Harry Haskell

A Simpler Life Quotes By Brittany M. Davis

The Greatest Amish Recipes In History Fast, Easy & Delicious Amish Recipes You Will Love (Recipes From a Simpler Life) By Brittany M. Davis — Brittany M. Davis

A Simpler Life Quotes By Lisa Unger

Emily thought maybe it was simpler than that: Some people gave money instead of love because it was all they had to give. A full bank account and a life of good deeds achieved with money didn't mean a full heart or a giving soul - often just the opposite. — Lisa Unger

A Simpler Life Quotes By Daniel J. Boorstin

Not so many years ago there was no simpler or more intelligible notion than that of going on a journey. Travel -movement through space -provided the universal metaphor for change. One of the subtle confusions -perhaps one of the secret terrors -of modern life is that we have lost this refuge. No longer do we move through space as we once did. — Daniel J. Boorstin

A Simpler Life Quotes By James Thurber

Taking a single letter from the alphaber," he said, "should make life simpler."
"I don't see why. Take the F from life and you have lie. It's adding a letter to simple that makes it simpler. Taking a letter from hoarder makes it harder. — James Thurber

A Simpler Life Quotes By Andrei Tarkovsky

I believe in one thing: the human spirit is immortal and indestructible. In the beyond there could be anything, it is of no importance whatsoever. What we call death is not death. It's a rebirth. A caterpillar becomes a cocoon. I think there is a life after death and it is that that is unnerving. It would be so much simpler to conceive of oneself as a telephone cord that is unplugged. Then you could live any way that you wanted. God would have no importance of any kind. — Andrei Tarkovsky

A Simpler Life Quotes By Gregory A. Boyd

Our central job is not to solve the world's problems. Our job is to draw our entire life from Christ and manifest that life to others. Nothing could be simpler - and nothing could be more challenging. — Gregory A. Boyd

A Simpler Life Quotes By Rocco Wachman

In life, genius often finds its home in simplicity. And in the cowboy's world, amid the complications of dealing with cows and cowboys, horses and dogs, and trucks and tractors, there may be nothing simpler, yet more ingenius, than a meal cooked over an open fire and served up behind a chuck wagon. — Rocco Wachman

A Simpler Life Quotes By Gayle Forman

It would've been easier to die. It's not that I want to be dead now. I don't. I have a lot in my life that I get satisfaction from, that I love. But some days, especially in the beginning, it was so hard. And I couldn't help but think that it would've been so much simpler to go with the rest of them. But you - you asked me to stay. You begged me to stay. You stood over me and you made a promise to me, as sacred as any vow. — Gayle Forman

A Simpler Life Quotes By Emily Thorne

Like life, revenge can be a messy business... And both would be much simpler if only our heads could figure out which way our hearts will go. But the heart has its reasons, of which reason cannot know. — Emily Thorne

A Simpler Life Quotes By Graham Greene

In a mad world it always seems simpler to obey. — Graham Greene

A Simpler Life Quotes By Paulo Coelho

than life itself. Then Christ said: 'I will show you a simpler way. If you do one thing, you will do these hundred and ten things, without ever thinking about them. If you love, you will unconsciously fulfill the whole law. — Paulo Coelho

A Simpler Life Quotes By Rollo May

In all summaries, the problems seem simpler than they actually are. In the following conclusions, anxiety may sound again like an abnormal condition affecting only unfortunate individuals. I would like to emphasize again that anxiety is a life-long challenge. The tradegy of Brown is that his anxiety, which was severe enough at times to remove almost all possibilities from his existence, is mainly destructive and paralyzingly rather than challenging and enlivening. I hope the reader will keep in mind the essential humanness of anxiety. — Rollo May

A Simpler Life Quotes By E. O. Wilson

Daily life is a comprimised blend of posturing for the sake of role-playing and of varying degrees of self-revelation. Under stressful conditions even the "true" self cannot be precisely defined, as Erving Goffman observes ... Little wonder that the identity crisis is a major source of modern neuroticism , and that the urban middle class aches for a return to a simpler existence. — E. O. Wilson

A Simpler Life Quotes By Elisabeth Elliot

My most earnest of all pleas to singles is abandonment of the self, surrender to Christ of all unfulfilled longings, an unequivocal willingness to receive whatever God assigns, and a determination to practice the sacrificial principle of Isaiah 58:10-11. Life becomes not only far simpler, but surprisingly joyful and free. — Elisabeth Elliot

A Simpler Life Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

The simpler explanation,' Emerson with a distinct uvular component in his Sigh, 'may be that none of you people has ever known a moment of Transcendence in his life, nor would recognize one did it walk up and bit yese in the Arse, - and in the long sorry Silence, grows the suspicion that Jesuits are but the latest instance of a true Christian passion evaporated away, leaving no more than the usual hollow desires for Authority and mindless O-bedience. — Thomas Pynchon

A Simpler Life Quotes By Kiefer Sutherland

Westerns just thematically, as a genre, have kind of a few tent poles that I really admire, and one of them is this perception that life was simpler back then. And with that perception goes that people were good or people were bad. You survived by your strengths or you perished by your weaknesses. — Kiefer Sutherland

A Simpler Life Quotes By Mac Anderson

An individual's yearning to reach outside his life is a seed of greatness waiting for a stream of inspiration. Carving that stream to people's hearts is a simpler task if the endeavor you are leading them into is attached to a bigger story. — Mac Anderson

A Simpler Life Quotes By George Orwell

I am a degenerate modern semi-intellectual who would die if I did not get my early morning cup of tea and my New Statesman every Friday. Clearly I do not, in a sense, 'want' to return to a simpler, harder, probably agricultural way of life. In the same sense I don't 'want' to cut down on my drinking, to pay my debts, to take enough exercise, to be faithful to my wife, etc. etc. But in another and more permanent sense I do want these things, and perhaps in the same sense I want a civilization in which 'progress' is not definable as making the world safe for little fat men. — George Orwell

A Simpler Life Quotes By Steve Jones

Too often, the notion of progress is used as a code word for perfection, the chain of being in a different guise. The term should be employed with caution. Some see an arrow of time in biology, as in physics, but in the opposite direction- a relentless tendency to improve, just as a universe has a built-in trend towards chaos and disorder. That is too optimistic. Some lineages get more complicated, some simpler, and much of life has to struggle to stay in the same place. If everyone is evolving, nobody can afford to stop, and there may be constant change with no overall advance at all. — Steve Jones

A Simpler Life Quotes By Steven James

Change is not always a good thing. What I need is not change from one thing to another but transformation from who I am into who I was meant to become. Only when God's transforming power touches me can I begin to live the simpler, freer, fresher, more creative, more patient, more passionate, more sacrificial, riskier, rawer, more real, more love-driven life God intended for me all along. That transformation is what awaits all who dare to enter the story of God. As Paul wrote, 'Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think' (Romans 12:2) — Steven James

A Simpler Life Quotes By Fennel Hudson

Seek a slower, simpler life. — Fennel Hudson

A Simpler Life Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

My sister Emily first declined. The details of her illness are deep-branded in my memory, but to dwell on them, either in thought or narrative, is not in my power. Never in all her life had she lingered over any task that lay before her, and she did not linger now. She sank rapidly. She made haste to leave us. Yet, while physically she perished, mentally, she grew stronger than we had yet known her. Day by day, when I saw with what a front she met suffering, I looked on her with anguish of wonder and love. I have seen nothing like it; but, indeed, I have never seen her parallel in anything. Stronger than a man, simpler than a child, her nature stood alone. The awful point was, that, while full of ruth for others, on herself she had no pity; the spirit inexorable to the flesh; from the trembling hand, the unnerved limbs, the faded eyes, the same service exacted as they had rendered in health. To stand by and witness this, and not dare to remonstrate, was pain no words can render. — Charlotte Bronte

A Simpler Life Quotes By Yvon Chouinard

Going back to a simpler life based on living by sufficiency rather than excess is not a step backward. Rather, returning to a simpler way allows us to regain our dignity, puts us in touch with the land, and makes us value human contact again. — Yvon Chouinard

A Simpler Life Quotes By John Di Lemme

It's simpler to live in a mindset of moving forward, than in a mindset of procrastination! — John Di Lemme

A Simpler Life Quotes By Freeman Thomas

We were promised a simpler life, and technology has only complicated our lives. — Freeman Thomas

A Simpler Life Quotes By David Eagleman

This moment of lucidity does not last long. But it serves as the punishment for your sins, a Promethean entrails-pecking moment, crouching half-horse half-man, with the knowledge that you cannot appreciate the destination without knowing the starting point; you cannot revel in the simplicity unless you remember the alternatives.
And that's not the worst of your revelation. You realize that the next time you return here, with your thick horse brain, you won't have the capacity to ask to become a human again. You won't understand what a human is. Your choice to slide down the intelligence ladder is irreversible. And just before you lose your final human faculties, you painfully ponder what magnificent extraterrestrial creature, enthralled with the idea of finding a simpler life, chose in the last round to become a human. — David Eagleman

A Simpler Life Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Perhaps there may come into my art also, no less than into my life, a still deeper note, one of greater unity of passion, and directness of impulse. Not width but intensity is the true aim of modern art. We are no longer in art concerned with the type. It is with the exception that we have to do. I cannot put my sufferings into any form they took, I need hardly say. Art only begins where Imitation ends, but something must come into my work, of fuller memory of words perhaps, of richer cadences, of more curious effects, of simpler architectural order, of some aesthetic quality at any rate. — Oscar Wilde

A Simpler Life Quotes By Cherrie Lynn

Let it go. That's my philosophy: learn to not give a fuck, at least about petty shit. Life will be much simpler. — Cherrie Lynn

A Simpler Life Quotes By Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

To offer the complexities of life as an excuse for not addressing oneself to the simpler, more manageable (trivial) aspects of daily existence is a perversity often indulged in by artists, husbands, intellectuals
and critics of the Women's Movement. — Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

A Simpler Life Quotes By Francine Prose

Let me digress a moment to talk about beginnings. How much simpler life would be if we were wise enough to stop at the first blush of romance, the start of a business transaction or a casual friendship. If we knew enough to pause and think: this is as good as it gets. Everything will go downhill from this moment on. So once again our instincts are the opposite of what they should be, propelling us forward exactly when they should be holding us back. — Francine Prose

A Simpler Life Quotes By Robert C. Solomon

A woman's death, through much of the same history, was thought to be a simpler thing, preferably quiet and uncomplaining, or tragically in childbirth. Just as women were denied the right and the capacity to a full life, they were denied the right and the capacity to a full death as well. — Robert C. Solomon

A Simpler Life Quotes By George R R Martin

You will die a dozen deaths, boy, and every one will hurt ... but when your true death comes, you will live again. The second life is simpler and sweeter, they say. — George R R Martin

A Simpler Life Quotes By Muriel Barbery

People aim for the stars, and they end up like goldfish in a bowl. I wonder if it wouldn't be simpler just to teach children right from the start that life is absurd. — Muriel Barbery

A Simpler Life Quotes By Jacques Barzun

Can an idea a notion as abstract as Relativism produce by itself the effects alleged? cause all the harm, destroy all the lives and reputations? I am as far as anyone can be from denying the power of ideas in history, but the suggestion that a philosophy (as Relativism is often called) has perverted millions and debased daily life is on the face of it absurd. No idea working alone has ever demoralized society, and there have been plenty of ideas simpler and more exciting than Relativism. — Jacques Barzun

A Simpler Life Quotes By Kiki Archer

Just always be honest about your feelings. If everyone did that then the world would be a much simpler place. — Kiki Archer

A Simpler Life Quotes By Thomas Chalmers

A man's needs are few. The simpler the life, therefore, the better. Indeed, only three things are truly necessary in order to make life happy: the blessing of God, the benefit of books, and the benevolence of friends. — Thomas Chalmers

A Simpler Life Quotes By Sandy Kreps

You can have a less chaotic, simpler life working with what you already have and transforming it into what you really need. — Sandy Kreps

A Simpler Life Quotes By Varg Vikernes

Return to a simpler life, and you will see that behind the expensive cars, the fashionable clothes, the empty celebrities, the fancy houses and the thick layers of make-up life has real meaning. Behind all the lies there is a deep well of wisdom that we can all drink from, and grow wiser, healthier and happier. — Varg Vikernes

A Simpler Life Quotes By Giles Whittell

Yet this was not in fact the strategy that Powers chose. A simpler soul in his position might have seen only a binary decision to make - to talk or not to talk. But the "deluded jerk from Virginia" assumed from the start that if he was to have any chance of saving his life, his honor, and the U-2's most precious secrets, he would have to use his wits. He — Giles Whittell

A Simpler Life Quotes By Henri Mignet

To fly! to live as airmen live! Like them to ride the skyways from horizon to horizon, across rivers and forests! To free oneself from the petty disputes of everyday life, to be active, to feel the blood renewed in one's vein - ah! that is life ... Life in finer and simpler. My will is freer. I appreciate everything more, sunlight and shade, work and my friends. The sky is vast. I breathe deep gulps of the fine clear air of the heights. I feel myself to have achieved a higher state of physical strength and a clearer brain. I am living in the third dimension! — Henri Mignet

A Simpler Life Quotes By Julian Barnes

Back then, things were plainer: less money, no electronic devices, little fashion tyranny, no girlfriends. There was nothing to distract us from our human and filial duty which was to study, pass exams, use those qualifications to find a job, and then put together a way of life unthreateningly fuller than that of our parents, who would approve, while privately comparing it to their own earlier lives, which had been simpler, and therefore superior. — Julian Barnes

A Simpler Life Quotes By Louis D. Brandeis

If you will just start with the idea that this is a hard world, it will all be much simpler. — Louis D. Brandeis

A Simpler Life Quotes By Jon Krakauer

It seems more than a little patronizing for Westerners to lament the loss of the good old days when life in the Khumbu was so much simpler and more picturesque. Most of the people who live in this rugged country seem to have no desire to be severed from the modern world or the untidy flow of human progress. The last thing Sherpas want is to be preserved as specimens in an anthropological museum. — Jon Krakauer

A Simpler Life Quotes By Douglas Coupland

Mom said that people are interested in birds only in as much as they exhibit human behavior - greed and stupidity and anger - and by doing so they free us from the unique sorrow of being human ... I told Mom my own theory of why we like birds - of how birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain. — Douglas Coupland

A Simpler Life Quotes By Jon Stewart

The Republican party is the party of nostalgia. It seeks to return America to a simpler, more innocent and moral past that never actually existed. The Democrats are utopians. They seek to create an America so fair and non-judgmental that life becomes an unbearable series of apologies.
Together, the two parties function like giant down comforters, allowing a candidate to disappear into the enveloping softness, protecting them from exposure to the harsh weather of independent thought. — Jon Stewart

A Simpler Life Quotes By Betsy Woodman

Oh yes," said Jana. "You want the birdbath."
She let him down onto the rim of the birdbath, then watched as he dipped his head, lowered his chest into the water, and raised it. Having finished his bath, he did a dance of sheer joy, flapping his wings and shaking off the water in a circle of drops.
"He enjoys life," said a voice. Mr. Powell the optometrist, a closed umbrella in hand, was letting his two dachshunds chase each other around the park.
"As do your dogs," said Jana.
"Yes," said Mr. Powell,"they have fun in a simpler and more joyous way than most humans do. Their pleasures seem more reliable. All you have to do is say the word 'walk' and they're wiggling from head to toe ... — Betsy Woodman

A Simpler Life Quotes By William Lee

Did you know that there is a condition that appears before any sort of pain, diseases and disorder? It is simpler than you can imagine right now. My dear friend, that condition very much exists, it is very real. In simple words we can call it the 'weak flow of Chi' (life energy). — William Lee

A Simpler Life Quotes By Diane Ackerman

Life becomes a lot simpler for a creative person when he or she finds the routine that works best ... get in the habit of going through the routine every day, and on some of those days, you're going to be lucky and have done some good work ... Go to your study, close the door, invent your confidence. — Diane Ackerman

A Simpler Life Quotes By C.S. Lewis

It is easy to think that the Church has a lot of different objects - education, building, missions, holding services. Just as it is easy to think the State has a lot of different objects - military, political, economic, and what not. But in a way things are much simpler than that. The State exists simply to promote and to protect the ordinary happiness of human beings in this life. A husband and wife chatting over a fire, a couple of friends having a game of darts in a pub, a man reading a book in his own room or digging in his own garden - that is what the State is there for. And unless they are helping to increase and prolong and protect such moments, all the laws, parliaments, armies, courts, police, economics, etc., are simply a waste of time. In the same way the Church exists for nothing else but to draw men into Christ, to make them little Christs. If they are not doing that, all the cathedrals, clergy, missions, sermons, even the Bible itself, are simply a waste of time. — C.S. Lewis

A Simpler Life Quotes By Bill Gates

Married life is a simpler life. Who I spend my time with is established in advance. — Bill Gates

A Simpler Life Quotes By Kresley Cole

W-we both know your life would be so much simpler without me! I am just a thorn in your paw."
He nodded easily. "And it reminds me of you - every move I make, I think of you."
My lips parted. Again I realized that he was the only thing in my life that made me feel sane, made me want to fight for a future.
"Evangeline, I've got to feel you with my every step." His shaking hand closed over my nape, squeezing. "Or I go a little crazy, me. — Kresley Cole

A Simpler Life Quotes By Charles Eliot Norton

One may sigh for all that one loses in giving up the old religion ... but the new irreligion is the manlier, honester and simpler thing, and affords a better throry of life and a more solid basis for morality. — Charles Eliot Norton

A Simpler Life Quotes By Wendy McClure

I found the world of the Little House books to be so much less confusing, not just because it was "simpler," as plenty of people love to insist, but because it reconciled all the little contradictions of my modern girlhood. On the Banks of Plum Creek clicked with me especially, with its perfect combination of pinafores and recklessness. (I will direct your attention to the illustration on page 31 of my Plum Creek paperback, where you will note how fabulous Laura looks as she pokes the badger with a stick; her style is casual yet feminine, perfect for precarious nature adventures!) At an age when I found myself wanting both a Webelos uniform and a head of beautiful Superstar Barbie hair, On the Banks of Plum Creek was a reassuring book. Being a girl sometimes made more sense in Laura World than it did in real life. — Wendy McClure

A Simpler Life Quotes By Pete Townshend

Like so many addicts, I'd thought that if I could only sort out my life, I could then sort out my drinking. It was a revelation to see that it would be simpler the other way around — Pete Townshend

A Simpler Life Quotes By Ben Gibbard

We all pine for a time in life when things were simpler. Even when they weren't necessarily simpler, hindsight makes them look a lot simpler. The reality of it was that it wasn't. — Ben Gibbard

A Simpler Life Quotes By David Green

We're still family-owned, which keeps life a whole lot simpler. When my wife and kids and I decide to make a business move, we don't have to ask Wall Street about it. — David Green

A Simpler Life Quotes By Richard N. Bolles

Hope can give you wings, persistence, and energy. If you're out of work, and want to stay upbeat, then
greet the sunrise, go for a walk, count your blessings, listen to beautiful music, drink more water than
usual, eat simpler, exercise more, laugh with your family and friends, watch cartoons, take naps in the
daytime if you can't sleep well at night, but for heaven's sakes, don't obsess about depressing statistics.
Just determine to find alternatives for everything you are doing about your job-hunt and your life. You
want to be the exception to whatever the odds are, about anything. Hold on to Hope, and you can beat
those odds. — Richard N. Bolles

A Simpler Life Quotes By Yvon Chouinard

Going back to a simpler life is not a step backwards. — Yvon Chouinard

A Simpler Life Quotes By E. O. Wilson

Human existence may be simpler than we thought. There is no predestination, no unfathomed mystery of life. Demons and gods do not vie for our allegiance. Instead, we are self-made, independent, alone, and fragile, a biological species adapted to live in a biological world. What counts for long-term survival is intelligent self-understanding, based upon a greater independence of thought than that tolerated today even in our most advanced democratic societies. — E. O. Wilson

A Simpler Life Quotes By Virginia Woolf

But beauty was not everything. Beauty had this penalty - it came too readily, came too completely. It stilled life - froze it. One forgot the little agitations; the flush, the pallor, some queer distortion, some light or shadow, which made the face unrecognisable for a moment and yet added quality one saw for ever after. It was simpler to smooth that all out under the cover of beauty. — Virginia Woolf

A Simpler Life Quotes By Leanne Hall

We're all here to take care of ourselves, and ourselves only. This is how I look at it: if a gunman rampaged through the flats, I'd barricade Mum and me in our place and forget about anyone else on our floor. If the gunman broke into our flat then I'm not entirely sure I'd take a bullet for Mum, or vice versa. When it comes down to it, we're all on our own. Once you realise that, life becomes simpler. — Leanne Hall

A Simpler Life Quotes By Robert Orben

Life was a lot simpler when what we honored was father and mother rather than all major credit cards. — Robert Orben

A Simpler Life Quotes By Jeff Shinabarger

For the next week, every day, listen to the words of your friends or colleagues. Try to hear what others communicate as a need or want. Your goal is to begin to give to others out of things that you already have in your possession. They may just need to borrow something, or you may choose to give them a gift with no strings attached. Listen to statements like this: "I really need _." "I could really use a _." "I have been wanting to get ." Try to think about everyday things in your home that you could give to make a friend's life easier and your life simpler. Match something you have in your possession with a need of a friend. No strings attached. Just let it go. Give it away. Be generous. Give something larger than usual. You will be amazed how others will respond positively and with surprise. Get a taste of what it feels like to give out of your excess this week. — Jeff Shinabarger

A Simpler Life Quotes By Frans De Waal

As in a Russian doll, however, the outer layers always contain an inner core. Instead of evolution having replaced simpler forms of empathy with more advanced ones, the latter are merely elaborations on the former and remain dependent on them. This also means that empathy comes naturally to us. It is not something we only learn later in life, or that is culturally constructed. — Frans De Waal

A Simpler Life Quotes By Kirkpatrick Sale

I'm convinced that the catastrophes of the next two decades will be so vast as to bring about a world where life, if it survives, will be far simpler - and the technologies, too. Then we will have come full circle to something like life on the savanna. — Kirkpatrick Sale

A Simpler Life Quotes By Shweta Ganesh Kumar

Why did they have kids then? Why did they have children if they didn't want to love and nurture them? Weren't you supposed to cherish every moment you got with your kids? The wives sounded like the only reason to have children was to fulfill some ridiculous social contract that apparently was co- signed when we signed away our single status. If all you wanted to do was to get on with your life, while the hired help took care of bringing up your child, why have one? There was a simpler option. Just don't have them. There were enough unwanted children in the world already. — Shweta Ganesh Kumar

A Simpler Life Quotes By Glenn T. Seaborg

The modern technological world appears overwhelming to many people. It drives some to pessimism and despair. It makes others doubt the future of mankind unless we retreat to simpler lives and even to the ways of our ancestors. What these people fail to realize is that we cannot go back to those ways and those days. Furthermore, for all our difficulties, life today is far better for more people and the possibilities for the future can be brighter than ever if we develop not only new knowledge, but a greater faith and confidence in the human mind and spirit. — Glenn T. Seaborg

A Simpler Life Quotes By Grace Slick

If I were gay, life would be a lot simpler. I'm kind of annoyed that I'm not. — Grace Slick

A Simpler Life Quotes By Scott Adams

Simple molecules combine to make powerful chemicals. Simple cells combine to make powerful life-forms. Simple electronics combine to make powerful computers. Logically, all things are created by a combination of simpler, less capable components. Therefore, a supreme being must be in our future, not our origin. What if "God" is the consciousness that will be created when enough of us are connected by the Internet?!! — Scott Adams

A Simpler Life Quotes By Christy Moore

Forty years ago, my life in music was substantially different to today. I went out every night with my guitar seeking a place to sing, a floor on which to lie, some love, some food, a lot of wine. There was no business, no gigs, no questions, no P.R., recording, life was simpler, I was poor and young and hungry. Today I am a lot more focused on The Song. — Christy Moore

A Simpler Life Quotes By Isaac Marion

My first life fled without a fight and left nothing behind, so I doubt it was a loss worth mourning. A man I don't remember mixed genes with a woman I can't recall, and I was called to the stage. I stumbled through the curtain, squinting into the blinding light of the birth canal, and after a brief and banal performance, I died.
This is the arc of the average life - unexamined, unremarked, unremarkable - and it should have ended there. In simpler times, life was a one-act play, and when it was over we took our bows and caught our roses and enjoyed any applause we earned, then the spotlight faded and we shuffled backstage to nibble crackers in the greenroom of eternity. — Isaac Marion

A Simpler Life Quotes By Martha Brockenbrough

But don't you remember being a child?" he said. "How much simpler and clearer everything was? Sometimes I think they're smarter than any of us when it comes to love. They don't doubt it. Not for a second. And they don't doubt that they're loved in return. Something happens to us when we grow up. Misfortune tramples us. We forget how it feels to simply love without throwing the whole mess of life into the stew. We trade love for fear. I'm not willing to do that anymore. — Martha Brockenbrough

A Simpler Life Quotes By Ross Douthat

Many of the overlapping crises in American life, from our foreign policy disasters to the housing bubble to the rate of out-of-wedlock births, can be traced to the impulse to emphasize one particular element of traditional Christianity - one insight, one doctrine, one teaching or tradition - at the expense of all the others. The goal is always progress: a belief system that's simpler or more reasonable, more authentic or more up-to-date. Yet the results often vindicate the older Christian synthesis. Heresy sets out to be simpler and more appealing and more rational, but it often ends up being more extreme. — Ross Douthat

A Simpler Life Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

It's hard to explain. I mean ... I don't know. I don't know anything anymore. When we were young, things were so much simpler ... You have to understand that I'm not the girl I used to be. I'm a wide and a mother now, and like everyone else I am not perfect. I struggle with the choices I've made and I make mistakes, and half the time I wonder who I really am or what I'm doing or whether my life means anything at all. I'm not special at all, and you need to know that. You have to understand that I'm just ... ordinary. — Nicholas Sparks

A Simpler Life Quotes By Andrew J. Bernstein

What's taking place during stress is actually much simpler than a transaction between stressful life events and you. There aren't two parties involved in stress. There is only one - your own mind. — Andrew J. Bernstein

A Simpler Life Quotes By Gregory David Roberts

They couldn't understand that every time I entered the slum I felt the urge to let go and surrender to a simpler, poorer life that was yet richer in respect, and love, and a vicinal connectedness to the surrounding sea of human hearts. They couldn't understand what I meant when I talked about the purity of the slum: they'd been there, and seen the wretchedness and filth for themselves. They saw no purity. But they hadn't lived in those miraculous acres, and they hadn't learned that to survive in such a writhe of hope and sorrow the people had to be scrupulously and heartbreakingly honest. That was the source of their purity: above all things, they were true to themselves. — Gregory David Roberts

A Simpler Life Quotes By Michel Faber

The highway looked different to him now, as they drove on. In theory it was the same stretch of tarmac, bounded by the same traffic paraphernalia and flimsy metal fences, but it had been transformed by their own intent. It was no longer a straight line to an airport, it was a mysterious hinterland of shadowy detours and hidey-holes. Proof, once again, that reality was not objective, but always waiting to be reshaped and redefined by one's attitude. Of course, everybody on earth had the power to reshape reality. It was one of the things Peter and Beatrice talked about a lot. The challenge of getting people to grasp that life was only as grim and confining as you perceived it to be. The challenge of getting people to see that the immutable facts of existence were not so immutable after all. The challenge of finding a simpler word for immutable than immutable. — Michel Faber

A Simpler Life Quotes By Hilary Mantel

The weight of the old world is stifling, and trying to shovel its weight off your life is tiring just to think about. The constant shuttling of opinions is tiring, and the shuffling of papers across desks, the chopping of logic and the trimming of attitudes. There must, somewhere, be a simpler, more violent world. — Hilary Mantel

A Simpler Life Quotes By James Gleick

The macromolecules of organic life embody information in an intricate structure. A single hemoglobin molecule comprises four chains of polypeptides, two with 141 amino acids and two with 146, in strict linear sequence, bonded and folded together. Atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and iron could mingle randomly for the lifetime of the universe and be no more likely to form hemoglobin than the proverbial chimpanzees to type the works of Shakespeare. Their genesis requires energy; they are built up from simpler, less patterned parts, and the law of entropy applies. For earthly life, the energy comes as photons from the sun. The information comes via evolution. — James Gleick

A Simpler Life Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Elegance isn't a superficial thing, it's the way mankind has found to honor life and work. That's why, when you feel uncomfortable in that position, you mustn't think that it's false or artificial: it's real and true precisely because it's difficult. That position means that both the paper and the brush feel proud of the effort you're making. The paper ceases to be a flat, colorless surface and takes on the depth of the things placed on it. Elegance is the correct posture if the writing is to be perfect. It's the same with life: when all superfluous things have been discarded, we discover simplicity and concentration. The simpler and more sober the posture, the more beautiful it will be, even though, at first, it may seem uncomfortable. — Paulo Coelho

A Simpler Life Quotes By Ally Carter

Our world is built on adrenaline and getting away with it. Different cities different names. Its a far simpler life to lead when there is one around to tell you when you are being stupid. Believe me dear cousin I know better than anyone.
- Gabrielle — Ally Carter