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Top A Happy Married Couple Quotes

A Happy Married Couple Quotes By Jeanine Basinger

They could play married, both happy and unhappy, like no other acting couple have ever played married. They're the Lunts of the American marriage movie. — Jeanine Basinger

A Happy Married Couple Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

If married couples did not live together, happy marriages would be more frequent. — Friedrich Nietzsche

A Happy Married Couple Quotes By James Frey

I'm married, I have a couple kids, I've traveled a lot, I've done book tours a lot, I'm happy to stay home and take my kids to school and come to the office. — James Frey

A Happy Married Couple Quotes By Lina Andersson

I wasn't stupid. I knew life wasn't like in the movies, where people struggled to get together, and the happy ever after with a beautiful sunset behind the kissing couple as the movie ended. From what I could, the kiss wasn't the end. The kiss was when things started to get complicated. Or when people got married. That seemed to be the really hard stuff - to make it last. — Lina Andersson

A Happy Married Couple Quotes By Michael Thomas Ford

The worst part is, you know they're not going to be together forever. I mean, come on, she's fifteen. Okay, sixteen. Still. It's not like they're going to get married or anything. Even if they last a couple of years which they won't she'll go to one college and he'll go to another, and pretty soon they'll forget all about each other. That's what always happens. That's why teenage dating is so dumb, because it's doomed to fail. You'd think people would have learned that by now, but I guess they haven't. They go right on falling in love and thinking it's going to survive high school. Allie and Burke, true love always. Whatever.
Anyway, happy birthday, Allie. I hope it was a good one. — Michael Thomas Ford

A Happy Married Couple Quotes By Conan O'Brien

Over the weekend, former Enron executives Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter married each other during a huge ceremony in Houston. The happy couple is planning to honeymoon for three weeks in front of Congress. — Conan O'Brien

A Happy Married Couple Quotes By Michael Buckley

Puck flapped up to the happy couple. "Wait a minute! You have to ask someone to marry you? No one told me that! I thought you just hit them with a club and dragged them back to your cave!"
Henry put his arm around Sabrina. "You're officially grounded from ever getting married."
"Thank you," Sabrina whispered sincerely. — Michael Buckley