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A Fine Romance Quotes By Julia Quinn

Felicity," Mrs. Featherington interurupted, "why don't you tell Mr. Brdgerton about your watercolors?"
For the life of him, Colin couldn't imagine a less interesting topic (except maybe for Phillipa's watercolors), but he nonetheless turned to the youngest Featherington with a friendly smile and asked, "And how are your watercolors?"
But Felicity, bless her heart, gave him a rather friendly smile herself and said nothing but, "I imagine they're fine, thank you. — Julia Quinn

A Fine Romance Quotes By Cheryl Sterling

It's you," she murmured, staring at his eyes, a fine, dove gray.
He smiled. "Of course, it's me. Let's get you back to your boat. — Cheryl Sterling

A Fine Romance Quotes By Jane Austen

But I hate to hear you talking so like a fine gentleman, and as if women were all fine ladies, instead of rational creatures. We none of us expect to be in smooth water all our days. — Jane Austen

A Fine Romance Quotes By Susan Meier

Katie leaned forward conspiratorially. Oh, sweetie, I just said that because Alice is an old bag. You go after Devon. The man is fine. I don't blame you for changing your look for a shot at that. When the pool about you two gets going at Petie's Pub, I'm putting my money on you. — Susan Meier

A Fine Romance Quotes By Jill Shalvis

Willa came around to Finn's side of the bar. She was tiny, barely came up to his shoulder, but she was like a mother cat when riled. He knew better than to go toe to toe with her, especially when she was giving him The Look. But he wasn't in the mood. "No," he said.
"You don't even know what I'm going to say."
"You're going to say I'm being a stupid guy," Finn said. "But newsflash, I am a guy and sometimes we're stupid. Deal with it."
"I wasn't going to say that." She paused when he slid her a look and she sighed.
"Okay, fine, I was. But you are being stupid. — Jill Shalvis

A Fine Romance Quotes By Lily Morton

The new stuff's brilliant," I volunteer somewhat hesitantly because I really, really don't want him thinking that I'm trying to kiss his arse, but to my amazement he wrinkles his nose and seesaws his hand. "You don't like it?"
He shifts slightly. "No, it's fine. It's just sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable singing lyrics that seem to be an ode to my sister in law's vagina! — Lily Morton

A Fine Romance Quotes By Herman Melville

The friendship of fine-hearted, generous boys, nurtured amid the romance-engendering comforts and elegancies of life, sometimes transcends the bounds of mere boyishness, and revels for a while in the empyrean of a love which only comes short, by one degree, of the sweetest sentiment entertained between the sexes. — Herman Melville

A Fine Romance Quotes By Avi

In another corner Nathaniel murmured to Maura, "You must know, Miss O'Connell, I ... I loved you even before I saw you. It was your father's way of talking."
Maura shook her head. "You mustn't say that. It's not my dear da's words that should do the wooing," she said gently. "I'd rather be cared for ... for what I am myself."
Nathaniel nodded. "I'll not say more. But I will tell you what I think I'm going to do."
And what is that
I'm going to California to search for gold."
And do you think, Nathaniel Brewster, you'll find it?"
I do. But it won't be as fine as what's here," Nathaniel said with a shy smile. "Maura O'Connell ... will ... will you ... wait for me to come back?"
Maura was silent.
Will you?"
You're a fine young man, Mr. Brewster. I can only say I'll not forget you. — Avi

A Fine Romance Quotes By Sebastian Cole

As I lay there watching Robin sleep beside me, I realized that she was right all along. I didn't need to live in a castle - a shack in the woods with her would do just fine. And for that matter, I didn't need to be prince of the ocean either, because with her by my side ... I was king of the pond. — Sebastian Cole

A Fine Romance Quotes By S.K. Logsdon

Oooo ... He's being a saucy motherfu*ker tonight. He does wrong and I'm the one who gets treated like the whore of Babylon. Fine, he wants a show I'll give him a damn show. — S.K. Logsdon

A Fine Romance Quotes By Nikki Lynn Barrett

This is me. Despite our long separation, I know you. You may pretend to be fine, but I don't buy it." He stopped her from moving by putting his hands on her shoulders. He pulled her closer to him. She didn't resist that much this time. He slid his arms around her and was surprised when she wrapped her arms around him as well. "I miss you," he whispered in her hair, dropping a light kiss there. She smelled so good. Her scent reminded him of all the things he missed about her. How had he ever been so stupid to let her go? — Nikki Lynn Barrett

A Fine Romance Quotes By Jill Shalvis

The special please," she said, waving a coupon from the week's paper. "The young rejuvenating facial. I want to look thirty."
"Mom," Jonathan said. "It's a facial, not a magic wand."
She rolled up the paper and swatted him with it. "Fine, I'll take forty." She gave Lily a hug. "And you! How lovely to see you again!" She turned to Jonathan. "So ... you can make me look forty, right?"
"How about gorgeous?" Jonathan asked his mom. "Does gorgeous work for you? — Jill Shalvis

A Fine Romance Quotes By Sara Humphreys

You okay?" He moved past her into the kitchen and deposited his beer bottle in the sink. "You're all flushed."
"I'm fine," she said a little too quickly. "It's hot in here, that's all."
Oh sure. It was a little hot anywhere he was. The kitchen ... the living room ... the polar ice caps ... — Sara Humphreys

A Fine Romance Quotes By Danielle Monsch

The Oracle handed her a small, leather bound booklet, about as thick as a pamphlet, and said, "You are a teacher, yes?"
It was nice of the Oracle to phrase things in the form of a question and let people feel they were imparting information. "Yes, I am."
"Excellent. I know teachers value learning, and this book has very valuable information on gargoyles. If Terak remains part of your life, this you'll want to know."
Larissa weighed it in her hand. "This is a very light history."
The Oracle arched one fine brow. "Why would I bother with that? This, my dear, is about how gargoyles mate. — Danielle Monsch

A Fine Romance Quotes By Sara Raasch

Mather lifts a white eyebrow. "You don't have to actually yell, if you don't want to. Slightly elevated whispering would be fine. — Sara Raasch

A Fine Romance Quotes By Dee Tenorio

Fine!' she snapped, the desperation to have him growing exponentially now. 'I missed you. Only you. No man could ever make me feel like you do. I'm ruined for all others. I renamed all my vibrators after you and none of them get me off like you can. Happy now?'
His eyes glazed for a second. '*All* your vibrators?'
-Convicted — Dee Tenorio

A Fine Romance Quotes By Jamie Farrell

Get back to work."
"Fine way to talk to your wife."
"If you were my wife, I would've slapped your ass too."
She stared at him a beat too long. She did love the feel of his hands on her ass. — Jamie Farrell

A Fine Romance Quotes By Jill Shalvis

Fine. It's your life, but - " "But you're still going to tell me what to do?" he asked, a small smile on his lips. She went into defense mode at his amused tone. "Well, I'm sure as hell not going to be quiet about it." "Duly noted," he said dryly. "And for the record? I never want you to be quiet, Elle. — Jill Shalvis

A Fine Romance Quotes By Colleen Houck

Why, aren't you just about as sweet as syrup on a sundae? I sure would appreciate that, ma'am." He winked. "How'd you like ta stroll the deck of this fine ship with me and watch the sunset? I need a purty girl to put her arm around me and steady this bow-legged cowboy as he finds his sea legs." I raised an eyebrow and affected a southern accent. "Why, I think you're a pullin' my leg there, Texas. You've had your sea legs a lot longer than I have." He rubbed the stubble on his face. "You might be right at that. Well then, how about you taggin' along to keep me warm?" "It's about eighty degrees." "Shoot, you're a smart one, you are. Then how 'bout I jes say that a feller can get pretty lonesome by hisself in a strange country and he'd like to keep compn'y with you fer a while longer. — Colleen Houck

A Fine Romance Quotes By Rachel Gibson

Do you really think that I don't have anything better to do than to spend my time thinking about you? Digging up a little of the goods on Luc Martineau?"
Fine lines appeared at the corners of his eyes and he laughed. "Sweetheart, there is nothing little about Luc's goods. — Rachel Gibson

A Fine Romance Quotes By M.A. George

You're injured." He flicks his chin at my bleeding leg.
"We need to get that cleaned up."
"It'll be fine," I wave it off. "My mom will descend upon me with a bottle of
peroxide the second I hit the door. — M.A. George

A Fine Romance Quotes By Joey W. Hill

Tell me you're not going to do anything stupid." "I'm not that kind of guy, Peter." "Not usually, no. But I've seen the look you've got in your eyes. A guy so consumed with his demons he'd throw himself on a min to escape it. Then they send the little polished medal home to the people who love him. You've got a lot of people who care about you, Ben. Don't do that to them. If you don't trust yourself tonight, then let me shadow you." Ben sighed, looked back out in the darkness. "Fine, but keep a distance. I don't want anyone to think we're dating." "No chance of that. I wouldn't be caught dead dating an ambulance chaser. — Joey W. Hill

A Fine Romance Quotes By Cindi Madsen

I haven't done anything you're supposed to do. Like get so drunk you puke and don't remember the rest of the night."
"Overrated, I swear."
She looked at me, that deadly look on her face, and I held up my hands. "Fine. You wanna get drunk and puke, I'm not gonna stop you."
"But I want to do, like more than just drinking." Her brow furrowed and I could practically see the wheels in her brain spinning. "I should make a list and outline a plan."
I was going to point out that list-making wasn't the best way to let loose, but I decided to let it go. — Cindi Madsen

A Fine Romance Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

Routine comes down like twilight on a harsh landscape, softening it until it is tolerable. The complexity is too subtle, too varied; the values are changing utterly with each lesion of vitality; it has begun to appear that we can learn nothing from the past with which to face the future - so we cease to be impulsive, convincible men, interested in what is ethically true by fine margins, we substitute rules of conduct for ideas of integrity, we value safety above romance, we become, quite unconsciously, pragmatic. — F Scott Fitzgerald

A Fine Romance Quotes By CrushStar Romance

Alexander? Fine. I'll leave you alone so you can call Lover Boy back." "Stop calling him that." Once he was gone, she punched her pillow a few times. It was funny that Sam thought she could have any man she wanted. If she were just looking for guys who wanted to hang out — CrushStar Romance

A Fine Romance Quotes By Ruth Nestvold

Anyone who knew the recipe of the alchemists could make gold, but only the artisans of Murano could make glass so fine, one could nearly touch one's fingers together on either side; cristallo without an imperfection or blemish, clear as the sky, with a sparkle to rival that of diamonds. — Ruth Nestvold

A Fine Romance Quotes By Rachel Blaufeld

Nothing with this woman was meant to be rushed. She was like a fine wine that only improved with age and time. Time she hadn't been given growing up, but I'd waited close to a year.
I could wait some more. — Rachel Blaufeld

A Fine Romance Quotes By Alanea Alder

You can't adopt people like kittens! Aiden growled.
'I wouldn't know; someone wouldn't let me get a kitten', Meryn retorted.
'Fine, you can have a kitten, no people'
'Too late — Alanea Alder

A Fine Romance Quotes By Thucydides

The absence of romance in my history will, I fear, detract somewhat from its interest, but if it is judged worthy by those inquirers who desire an exact knowledge of the past as an aid to the understanding of the future, which in the course of human things must resemble if it does not reflect it, I shall be content.
In fine I have written my work not as an essay with which to win the applause of the moment but as a possession for all time. — Thucydides

A Fine Romance Quotes By Terry Spear

May I rest with you, lass?"
"Are you feverish again?" She sat up at once as if she had neglected to ascertain his health first before she tried to rest.
"Nay, lass. I am well, but you appear to be shivering."
She glanced at Gunnolf, who quickly hid his grin and closed his eyes.
"Aye, you may," she said, and Niall tried not to show how eager he was to hold her close again.
Before she snuggled against his chest, she felt his forehead, just in case, and he took her hand and kissed it.
"No fever, aye?"
"You are fine, thank the Lord." And then she cuddled against his chest, and he believed, despite their circumstances, he had found a bit of heaven. — Terry Spear

A Fine Romance Quotes By Julie Ann Walker

Fine," she hoisted her purse higher and her gaze snagged on the delicious bulge of his male butt hugged so lovingly in a pair of khaki cargo shorts. Wow. Talk about a glutenous maximus that defied gravity. Even though he was a complete jackass, she couldn't help but drool. — Julie Ann Walker

A Fine Romance Quotes By Elle James

I'm concerned about the woman you're holding prisoner in there," Beckett said. "Knock three times if you're being held against your will."
Phoebe gasped and answered, "I'm fine, too."
"Good." Beckett said with a chuckle. "I was afraid I'd have to call the cops on my cop brother. — Elle James

A Fine Romance Quotes By Amy Jarecki

Mm hmmm." His gaze dropped to her lips. "I missed ye." Lordy, he could melt marzipan with that sexy Scottish burr.
With a dip of his chin, he brushed a kiss across her mouth. Hot tingles spread down her back. Eva moved closer and pressed her body flush with his toned, muscular form. If they hadn't been born so many centuries apart, she could have believed they were made for each other, fitting together perfectly as if molded from the same clay.
Closing her eyes, she drank him in, allowing her senses to take over. Hot, spicy male kissed and held her in a tender embrace with arms that could crush a man, let alone her fine bones. Yet he cradled her with incredible tenderness. — Amy Jarecki

A Fine Romance Quotes By M.A. George

Think of mental energy as broadcasting on a certain wavelength," he tried to explain. "People with powers of the mind can tap into that wavelength ... "
"That's all fine and good," I nodded, "but evidently my transmitter is broken. Or much more likely ... I never had one in the first place."
"Ah, yes," he nodded unenthusiastically, "and your nose is mounted upside-down."
"Excuse me?" My forehead creased.
"I do wish you would quit contradicting me," he let out a tired sigh. "It's insulting ... and highly annoying. — M.A. George

A Fine Romance Quotes By William Hjortsberg

I was examining the perfumed, coloured candles guaranteed to bring good fortune with continued use when a lovely mocha-skinned girl came in from the back room and stood behind the counter. She wore a white smock over her dress and looked about nineteen or twenty. Her wavy, shoulder-length hair was the colour of polished mahogany. A number of thin, silver hoops jingled on her fine-boned wrist. "May I help you?" she asked. Just beneath her carefully modulated diction lingered the melodic calypso lilt of the Caribbean. — William Hjortsberg

A Fine Romance Quotes By Virginia Nelson

isn't all about tooth whiteners, hard abs, and hundred-dollar lipstick. Beauty is
about growing old together, remembering when together, laughing together. If my
picture disgusts you, fine. Go look at the faces of women who named a price you
can buy them for. I'm not the kind of woman who will ever be for sale, and shame
on you for not expecting more from a woman, or from yourself. — Virginia Nelson

A Fine Romance Quotes By Susan Branch

Goodbye Darcy, goodbye Jean, goodbye stone cottage, scratchy towels, fields of wildflowers; good bye gorgeous Peak District ... OK English People, for your own good, get off the roads, here we come! — Susan Branch

A Fine Romance Quotes By Nancy B. Brewer

Today's breakfast consist of rice and a piece of bread fried in a bit of salt pork grease. At least I have my memories of grand banquets and fine foods, but this is all the children have ever known. I suppose it is best not to have anything to compare. — Nancy B. Brewer

A Fine Romance Quotes By Carolyn Brown

Wake up every morning and eat a bullfrog first thing, and the rest of the day will go just fine. — Carolyn Brown

A Fine Romance Quotes By JoAnne Kenrick

Ya game is fine, but ya booze-eyes are a problem. Not like ya ta drink this much. I reckon ya banjo'd, so ya are. — JoAnne Kenrick

A Fine Romance Quotes By Ophelia London

We're not thirteen and this isn't a locker room."
"Fine, fine. Just remember, I had to watch Dr. Phil with Mom for two months after I had knee surgery. I'm practically a psychiatrist. — Ophelia London

A Fine Romance Quotes By Vonnie Davis

That girl seemed awful nice. If that bastard did anything to her, I've got a crowbar in my trunk that'll fit might fine up that moron's ass. — Vonnie Davis

A Fine Romance Quotes By Isabelle Joshua

Rachel moans, "Great. Well, he's not the only one sexually frustrated."

I laugh. "Well, then get over these issues so you both can be relieved."

"How's Alex?" She raises an eyebrow at me.

"I'm sure fine," I say defensively. "I haven't seen him in a few weeks."

"Really? I thought he made a nightly appearance."

"Rachel, those dreams aren't him. It's my f'ed up brain replaying my memories as a form of torture... — Isabelle Joshua

A Fine Romance Quotes By Shonali Dey

You'll find more emotions of words in those crumpled & rolled papers thrown in the dustbin than the edited script you jolted down last night in your folder. More splashes of paints lay scattered around your drawing paint-plate, the brushes equally messed up with their romance with the colours before the actual finishing of a fine portrait. Your draft box breathes more words than the real, grammatically -groomed post on your blog. The room smells more of the combined samples of vividly used tropical, musky, floral essences mixed in different ratios to get the exotic cologne at the end.
Gist is spending that extra cent to obtain a perfect blend. That extra counts to the journey of a masterpiece which later finds itself an identity of an extra-ordinary creation.
You're that 'extra' to me who glorifies my existence and makes me feel like a clone-sister of masterpiece or rather a mistress-piece!!!

- Shonali Dey (Shon Alley) — Shonali Dey

A Fine Romance Quotes By E. Jamie

Bree crossed her arms over her protruding belly. "I'm fine. No one has shot at me in the last twenty four hours, and my family is talking to me again. Things are looking up."
He grimaced at the mention of her family. "How fortunate for you."
Bree narrowed her eyes at him, picking up on the derogatory tone. "Well, you should know all about the importance of family. You'd do anything for yours, right? Bernardo says jump, you ask 'how high?' "
Alessandro felt a sick twist of guilt in his chest, "Well, congratulations, Brianna. You've worked very hard for the title of O'Reiley doormat. I hope it's all you've ever wanted. I hope you're happy."
"Blissfully," Bree shot back and turned on her heel, leaving him there filled with anger and regret. — E. Jamie

A Fine Romance Quotes By Jeff Erno

Does it bother you when you see Daddy kissing Josh?" he asked.
Ty shook his head and made a funny face. "No, not really. I guess you really like him a lot."
"I do," Rex agreed. "I love Josh."
"I love Josh too, and so I don't care if you kiss him. But I thought boys only kissed girls."
Rex nodded. "Yeah, well, that's how it is most of the time, but you know some boys kiss other boys and some girls kiss other girls."
"Well, I don't wanna kiss no girls!" Ty said emphatically.
Rex and Josh both laughed. "Maybe someday you will, though. If you do, that's fine, and if you don't, that's fine too. For right now, you can just kiss Daddy." He leaned in and kissed Ty on the forehead. — Jeff Erno

A Fine Romance Quotes By Sabrina Jeffries

Dallying? Dallying, mind you?" She marched up the last few steps. "As if I would ever min a million years dally with you." She wouldn't. Really, she wouldn't!
His low chuckle behind her put the lie to her words. "Never say never, my lady. A vow like that is sure to come back to bit you in the arse. Which would be a shame, given that you have such a fine one. — Sabrina Jeffries

A Fine Romance Quotes By J. Kenner

He is Jason and Hercules and Perseus
a figure so strong and beautiful and heroic that the blood of the gods must flow through him, because how else could a being so fine exist in this world? — J. Kenner

A Fine Romance Quotes By K.A. Mitchell

You are the opposite of romantic. Did anyone ever tell you that?"
"I am full of romance. I like sunsets and the ocean and beaches and flowers and love songs and Shakespeare in the park and all that kind of shit." Eli's cheeks flushed. It was adorable on him. "I don't get what any of that has to do with sex."
"I'm not talking about sex, Eli. I'm talking about a kiss."
"Fine. I'll kiss the romantic fuck out of you. — K.A. Mitchell

A Fine Romance Quotes By Bemy Wells

a man with edges and shades concealing a fine heart — Bemy Wells

A Fine Romance Quotes By Robert Burton Robinson

Some women like to treat a man like a piece of bubble gum. The poor sap thinks everything's fine. And it is - until the taste runs out. Then she'll just spit him out the car window of her life and never look back. — Robert Burton Robinson

A Fine Romance Quotes By Marcia Fine

I'm an author with a penchant for research. For me the part where I'm learning new facts comes before the story I weave
to make an entertaining read. — Marcia Fine

A Fine Romance Quotes By Ashley Wheels

Ufff! Shit. Anne you okay? Are you hurt?"

Laughter bubbles up. "I'm fine Blake. Although, I'd be better if you moved just a little of your weight off me." I wiggle my hips a little to see if I can help.

"Anne, don't do that again unless you want to finish this right here, out on the beach. — Ashley Wheels

A Fine Romance Quotes By Madison Thorne Grey

Isn't he beautiful? His silky hair, his muscles so strong and powerful yet amazingly, he trembles slightly at my touch, and the more I stroke him, the more he leans into my hand," Keirah said her eyes remaining on the horse. Yes, Keirah, the horse is a fine one," Wharick said as he slowly walked closer to her. "What I said was not to you, Gwarda," she teased, "I was speaking to the horse. — Madison Thorne Grey

A Fine Romance Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

A yesterday missed can never be found even in a fine tomorrow. — Janvier Chouteu-Chando

A Fine Romance Quotes By Janet Elizabeth Henderson

He cleared his throat. "You need to pick a safe word."
"What on earth is a safe word?"
He smothered a sigh. This was proving to be more work than he thought it'd be. "It's a word you use when you want things to stop."
"How about I use the word 'stop'?" She sounded sarcastic.
"That's not how it works. You need a word that you wouldn't normally use during sex."
"Fine. How about 'dumbass'?"
"I don't think you're getting into the spirit of this."
"Really? You think?"
"Fine. Dumbass it is." There was no dealing with her when she was in this mood. "If you use your safe word, everything stops."
"Good." She took a deep breath. "Dumbass," she shouted.
Andrew wasn't sure what to do next. This was not going the way it did in the books. — Janet Elizabeth Henderson

A Fine Romance Quotes By K.D. Wood

Oh my God," Mrs. McIntire screamed. She'd dropped to her knees, the dark sand and water soaking into her jeans. "Neely!"
Mr. McIntire held his wife while she screeched her daughter's name over and over. "She's going to be fine, sweetie," he kept saying.
I really wanted to believe him.
"Is she on the other side?" I paced the shore. I couldn't see anything except a piece of driftwood lying at the water's edge. "I don't see her."
Mr. McIntire didn't answer, only pointed across the rolling water.
A log had washed up on the shore. It looked like maybe the water had rubbed all the bark off and left a naked, saturated trunk behind.
"Tell me where she is." Aggravated, I stared until my eyes blurred with stress. "All I see is a damn log."
"Son," Sheriff Mills said from behind me. "That ain't a log. — K.D. Wood

A Fine Romance Quotes By Anne Rainey

If you'd rather skip lunch, that's fine with me. I've got some things to take care of anyway before I can leave the store to Robin for the weekend."
"I don't want to skip lunch," he bit out. "I'm starving."
Her temper got the better of her. "Fine, but if you plan on snapping at me the whole time then I'd just as soon you eat alone."
His gaze darkened. "I'm not snapping."
She poked him in the chest. "Yes, you are."
Leo started to speak, then paused and let out a huge breath. "Sorry. Damn, I'm just having one of those days."
Amanda smiled and patted his cheek. "You can tell me all about it over a bowl of fettuccine. — Anne Rainey

A Fine Romance Quotes By Sara Furlong Burr

There's a fine line between being brave and just not giving a shit anymore. — Sara Furlong Burr

A Fine Romance Quotes By A.E. Jones

He unfolded his arms and moved to the side. I was fine with that. Again with the glowering, though. Seen that, done it myself. So last year. — A.E. Jones

A Fine Romance Quotes By Gena Showalter

Are you suggesting I'm working with the
zombies? That I paid them to pretend to
attack me so that I'd trick you into letting me join you?""Did you?" Mr. Holland demanded."Yeah, okay," I said in a sugar-sweet tone. "You're right. I was having dinner with Zombie Carl the other night. You know, steaks, rare, and a bottle of vintage type A. He told me all his secrets, but too bad for you I promised him I wouldn't tell. In exchange I asked him to gather his
best undead buddies and stalk me through
my friend's yard. And oh, yeah, it was
totally fine if they wanted to use me as an all-night dinner buffet, because having organs is so last season. — Gena Showalter

A Fine Romance Quotes By Rick Riordan

She led him past the engine room, which looked like a very dangerous, mechanized jungle gym, with pipes and pistons and tubes jutting from a central bronze sphere. Cables resembling giant metal noodles snaked across the floor and ran up the walls.
"How does that thing even work?" Percy asked.
"No idea," Annabeth said. "And I'm the only one besides Leo who can operate it."
"That's reassuring."
"It should be fine. It's only threatened to blow up once."
"You're kidding, I hope."
She smiled. "Come on. — Rick Riordan

A Fine Romance Quotes By Laura Oliva

Even her beauty had sharp edges. Her long ebony hair was cut like a razor blade. Her face was strong and fine.But her eyes. A milky green, they betrayed an air of vulnerability she seemed desperate to hide. — Laura Oliva

A Fine Romance Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

...The world gets blessed every now and then with unique souls who though burdened by their invisible crosses, still have the extraordinary strength to forge ahead in life and give others a helping hand at the same time. Despite their tribulations, most of us think they are fine. Even when the weight of their crosses become unbearable, even when they proceed in a breathless manner, we still have a hard time understanding that they are drowning. In fact, we even condemn them for failing to sacrifice more... — Janvier Chouteu-Chando

A Fine Romance Quotes By Roshani Chokshi

A memory is a fine legacy to leave behind. — Roshani Chokshi

A Fine Romance Quotes By Loreth Anne White

She tied him a fly, using a pattern she'd designed, one that had given her untold luck with those silvery fish, those fighting steelhead. She was anxious for his return.
"Does it have a name?" he said, when she gave it to him.
"The Predator." She smiled. A little embarrassed.
His eyes turned dark, and her heart beat faster. His voice dipped low. "It's a fine name."
He regarded her for several heavy, silent beats. She felt an atavistic pull, the hairs on her arms rising toward him, as if in electrical attraction. He leaned closer and her mouth turned dry. And he told her about the wild blueberries. Down by the bend in the river.
She took the lure.
She went in search of the berries.
She never came home. — Loreth Anne White

A Fine Romance Quotes By A Fine Frenzy

Goodbye my almost lover, goodbye my hopeless dream, I'm tryin not to think about you, Can't you just let me be? So long, my luckless romance, my back is turned on you, should've known you'd bring me heartbreak, almost lovers always do — A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Romance Quotes By Amy Lane

He leaned forward then and put his face in the crook of my neck, so he could smell the warmth rising from it. His nose touched my skin, just enough to make me shiver.
When he spoke again, it was right next to my ear, and his voice was deep, and his breath moved the fine hairs on my ear, starting a vibration deep within my eardrum. "But that smell, right there," He murmured, "That smell is all you. I love that smell too. I want to wear that smell on my skin and roll around in it. I want to live in that smell alone."
(Bracken to Cory) — Amy Lane

A Fine Romance Quotes By Mia Sosa

His height forced her to stand on her toes. For a woman who'd been taller than most of the boys in her class in high school, that particular physical trait provoked a flurry of sensual images to flash through her mind. Sex against a wall. It was a possibility. And given the breadth of his shoulders, she imagined he'd hold her up just fine. Oh, glorious day. — Mia Sosa

A Fine Romance Quotes By Cat Johnson

Emma was a woman on a mission, and Logan was more than fine with that since the mission seemed to be getting alone - and naked - with him. — Cat Johnson

A Fine Romance Quotes By Alberto Manguel

As readers, we are seldom interested in the fine sentiments of a lesson learnt; we seldom care about the good manners of morals. Repentance puts an end to conversation; forgiveness becomes the stuff of moralistic tracts. Revenge - bloodthirsty, justice-hungry revenge - is the very essence of romance, lying at the heart of much of the best fiction. — Alberto Manguel

A Fine Romance Quotes By Lisa Kessler

What if I promise to keep my pants on?" The smile in his voice had butterflies fluttering in her stomach.
She stared up at the ceiling. "Fine. But you'll have to leave mine on, too."
"Well, shit." His laughter warmed her all over. "You drive a hard bargain."
"I'm all about hard things." She ran her tongue along her teeth.
"You do have that effect on me. — Lisa Kessler

A Fine Romance Quotes By Ryan Field

Kadin raised an eyebrow and gave Rob a knowing look. Then he tapped Gregory on the shoulder and said, "It's not that bad. It could be worse."
Gregory shrugged. "I guess I expect too much. All the decent hotels are gone now."
Rob was carrying a delicate white orchid that had been carefully arranged in a low Imari dish. They never visited empty-handed. If it wasn't a special gold box of Gregory's favorite chocolate, it was a small, fine trinket from the antique shop. He placed the arrangement beside Gregory and said, "This is for you. I hope you like orchids. — Ryan Field

A Fine Romance Quotes By Rachel E. Carter

I would join Combat or die trying... A fine choice of words. What had been meant as a melodramatic proclamation was now to be my intended irony. — Rachel E. Carter

A Fine Romance Quotes By Mary Calmes

Yes but the point is that you can go to the ballet with me or a baseball game or a concert and wherever is fine. You're like the Swiss army knife friend; you have an attachment for everything. — Mary Calmes

A Fine Romance Quotes By Brynn Myers

What's wrong? Where's Gavin?" Mabellio grabbed my shoulders as I tried to barge through the door. "He's fine." He paused. "Now."
"Oh my God," I cried. "I want to see him."
Golar spoke in a calm, soothing tone. "You may, but understand he will need time to heal before he can journey anywhere. You both are welcome to stay, along with Oliver, of course, until he is able."
I nodded my head quickly. "Thank you." I started to walk through the doorway but turned back towards Golar and Mabellio. "Do you know how or why he is even here? I am utterly confused. This is my dream. My nightmare. How is he a part of that? — Brynn Myers

A Fine Romance Quotes By Debra Holland

Well, not to sound puffed up in my own conceit... I think we make a mighty fine couple," she teasingly echoed.
He lifted his head and stood straight, chest pushed out, making himself appear larger. "You don't think that I'm a mite on the tall side?"
She eyed him, her eyes sparkling. "A mite? — Debra Holland

A Fine Romance Quotes By L.A. Casey

His obvious nervousness at seeing me made
me feel less nervous about seeing him, and I was glad for it.
"Sorry for just droppin' in unannounced,""I said, and gnawed on my lower lip.
Ryder shook his head. "No, no, it's more than fine. It's great actually. Really, really great."
"Ry," Alec said, and when I looked at him I saw him trying not to laugh. "You need to calm down."
"Calm? I am calm."
He so wasn't — L.A. Casey

A Fine Romance Quotes By Rick Riordan

And," Annabeth continued, "it reminds me how long we've known each other. We were twelve, Percy. Can you believe that?"
"No, he admitted. "So ... you knew you liked me from that moment?"
She smirked. "I hated you at first. You annoyed me. Then I tolerated you for a few years. Then - "
"Okay, fine."
She leaned in and kissed: him a good, proper kiss without anyone watching - no Romans anywhere, no screaming satyr chaperones.
She pulled away. "I missed you, Percy."
Percy wanted to tell her the same thing, but it seemed too small a comment. While he had been on the Roman side, he'd kept himself alive almost solely by thinking of Annabeth. I missed you didn't really cover that. — Rick Riordan

A Fine Romance Quotes By Victoria Vane

DeVere smiled. A mistress is a fine thing, Ned, but a married mistress with a compacent husband is the very best bargain. They cost far less tokeep, make fewer demands, and should any inconvenient package arrive, it may easily be presented to the cuckold, an altogether neat arrangement. — Victoria Vane

A Fine Romance Quotes By Dana Marton

Why did you do that?" she asked, weakly, but, hey, the fact that she could talk at all was a minor miracle.
"You needed to be kissed."
For some reason, the tone of masculine satisfaction in his voice needled her. "I needed it? Really?"
"Fine, I needed it. — Dana Marton

A Fine Romance Quotes By Alexander Pope

In this commonplace world every one is said to be romantic who either admires a fine thing or does one. — Alexander Pope

A Fine Romance Quotes By Christina Lauren

I'm not sure she even has a millisecond of time to think about romance, but it's fine; I think about it enough for the both of us. — Christina Lauren

A Fine Romance Quotes By Anton Chekhov

Ivanov: And this whole romance of ours is commonplace and trite: he lost heart, and he lost his way. She came along, strong and brave in spirit, and gave him an helping hand. That's all very well and plausible in novels, but in life ...
Sasha: In life it's the same.
Ivanov: I see you have a fine understanding of life! — Anton Chekhov

A Fine Romance Quotes By Laura Kreitzer

A layer of fine powder coats his skin.
"My lungs are turning to concrete," Rob wheezes, hacking and spitting.
"So are my eyes. How do I always get roped into these things?" Avery coughs and pats Rob's back in sympathy. A poof of dust billows from the contact. — Laura Kreitzer

A Fine Romance Quotes By Ted Schmidt

I always wish for the same thing. a boyfriend, someone to love or love me. This year, I think I'm going to wish for something else. The wisdom and the maturity to realise that I won't find what I want by looking for it, not expect someone else to give me what I never gave myself, that I'm not a half, waiting to be made a whole, and even if that special person never comes along, I'll be just fine. — Ted Schmidt

A Fine Romance Quotes By Terry Spear

He leaned close to her and took a deep breath, unsettling her. "You smell of lavender. I wouldna believe a shepherdess would smell so fine."

"I bathed in a tub full of lavender this morning, just for you, so it seems, as I knew you would appreciate the effort. — Terry Spear

A Fine Romance Quotes By Tama Janowitz

At a mixer at the Art and Architecture School, I met Ray Connors. He had small, worried eyes and fine, babyish hair, already receding. His back was hurting him; two years ago he had fallen down an elevator shaft. He was graduating from the Architecture School in January. He went off to get me a glass of wine; by the time he came back, I had practically forgotten his existence. — Tama Janowitz

A Fine Romance Quotes By Kenya Wright

Dante and this Palero were definitely playing some sort of game, and I didn't know the rules, which was fine with me. Whenever a game became too complicated, I just set the board on fire. — Kenya Wright

A Fine Romance Quotes By Laura Anderson Kurk

I've known her long enough to know that this was purely intentional." He peered sideways at me, judging my reaction. "I like her just fine, but you should watch yourself around her. Tennyson is given to obsession, and her obsessions tend to run toward trouble. It's kind of a Wyoming thing to push the whole 'Wild West' routine to its limits. — Laura Anderson Kurk

A Fine Romance Quotes By Katie Reus

Are you trying to tell me you were a virgin before me?" she asked teasingly...
He snorted at the question. "I just wanted to give you fair warning that I'm going to fuck up. Probably a lot."
She shrugged, seemingly unfazed. "Me too. That's what relationships are about. We'll argue, then have incredible make-up sex. And as long as you always concede that I'm right after an argument, we'll be fine. — Katie Reus

A Fine Romance Quotes By Jenny Holiday

Being a pioneering reformer is all fine and good, but it does leave one terribly in want of a
good party! — Jenny Holiday

A Fine Romance Quotes By Carolyn Brown

You like legs?" she asked.
"On you, yes. On a chicken, I prefer wings and breasts."
She picked up both legs with her fingers. "Then we are going to get along just fine. — Carolyn Brown

A Fine Romance Quotes By S.P. Wayne

'Now you're uncomfortable?' Leander smirked, 'After all that?'
'That's different,' Axton said, sitting up and pulling a pillow to his chest, unconsciously hiding.
'Fine,' Leander said, rolling his eyes, 'You have these stupid gold eyes, something something, I love looking into them, PS: fuck you. Is that better?' — S.P. Wayne

A Fine Romance Quotes By Mo Yan

But what sets me apart from other Chinese writers is that I neither copy the narrative techniques of foreign writers nor imitate their story lines; what I am happy to do is closely explore what is embedded in their work in order to understand their observations of life and comprehend how they view the world we live in. In my mind, by reading the works of others, a writer is actually engaging in a dialogue, maybe even a romance in which, if there is a meeting of the minds, a lifelong friendship is born; if not, an amicable parting is fine, too. — Mo Yan

A Fine Romance Quotes By Madison Thorne Grey

You have family, only a brother you clearly don't like to speak about. Fine. That's all right." She ran her fingers through her hair. "But don't ever say dreams are a waste. It's a miracle I can still speak of dreams and futures after all I've been through. There's love in this world, Thristan, love that can encompass the heart abiding in humans' mortal, fragile bodies. And there are stupid little humans like me, dreamers, who believe one day they'll find it. — Madison Thorne Grey

A Fine Romance Quotes By C.L. Wilson

Cool lips touched hers, and a refreshingly icy breeze swept over her, cooling her more. "Do that again," she mumbled. "Feels nice." She was rewarded by more cooling kisses against her closed eyelids and hot brow. "I'll be fine in a few minutes. I'm stronger than I look."
"I know, min ros. I know." Wynter's husky voice whispered in her ear. "Tomorrow, you'll be ready to fight Frost Giants barehanded, but for now, just rest. — C.L. Wilson

A Fine Romance Quotes By Hannah More

Just at that moment, Lucilla happened to cross the lawn at a distance. At sight of her, I could not, as I pointed to her, forbear exclaiming in the words of Sir John's favorite poet,
There doth beauty dwell,
There most conspicuous, e'en in outward shape,
Where dawns the high expression of a mind.
"This is very fine," said Sir John, sarcastically. "I admire all you young enthusiastic philosophers, with your intellectual refinement. You pretend to be captivated only with _mind_. I observe, however, that previous to your raptures, you always take care to get this mind lodged in a fair and youthful form. This mental beauty is always prudently enshrined in some elegant corporeal frame, before it is worshiped. I should be glad to see some of these intellectual adorers in love with the mind of an old or ugly woman. I never heard any of you fall into ecstasies in descanting on the mind of your grandmother. — Hannah More

A Fine Romance Quotes By John Keats

How glorious to be introduced in a drawing room to a Lady who reads Novels, with "Mr. So-and-so - Miss So-and-so; Miss So-and-so, this is Mr So-and-so, who fell off a precipice and was half-drowned." Now I refer to you, whether I should lose so fine an opportunity of making my fortune. No romance lady could resist me - none. — John Keats

A Fine Romance Quotes By Dorothy Gravelle

Fine. Fine. Let's try. You asked why bad things happen to good people. Well, the simple answer is, there are no bad things and there are no good people. Nothing bad ever happens to anyone and people are neither good nor bad. A person is nothing. A person does not exist. There are no people. — Dorothy Gravelle